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Floyd Township No. 9 was Sheldon's first school. was built in 1873 on the outskirts of Sheldon, through the efforts of Benjamin Jones, an early pioneer. As the settlement grew and enrollment increased, a larger 2 story school was built. The school was closed in 1880. Through a number of moves it was used it as a dance hall, lecture and debate hall, church services meeting place. It even became Sheldon's first Fire Hall. It was also used as a milk house and workshop for a dairy.

In 1935 Dick Wasnick bought the school and it moved it to his farm where it was used as a wash house and later remodeled into a garage. In 1983 Mr. Wasnick donated the property to the Prairie Arts Council. It was restored as a schoolhouse 1988-1991. Its intended use was to be used as an art classroom. Miss Elizabeth Den Hartog suggested that it become a museum of early country school education. The community then donated the desks, school books, equipment, etc.

The building is now used as a country school museum. Area schools are encouraged to bring their classes for a "Day of Country School." A volunteer is on hand to tell them about the structure of the school day and the games the children played.

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