Sgt. Wayne Tanner

O'Brien County Bell, 12 Apr, 1950, p. 1

Receives Word Of Death Of Little Grandson

Word has been received here by Mr. and Mrs. Verness Tanner that their little grandson, Ronnie, son of Sgt. and Mrs. Wayne Tanner, passed away Saturday, March 28th. Sgt. Tanner and his wife, a German girl, reside in Germany and the little youngster, 5 months old, was buried at his mother's home in Darmstadt, Germany. Following is the letter which Mr. and Mrs. Tanner received informing of their grandson's sudden passing.

Allenbach, Germany
March 26, 1950
Dear Dad, Mom and Larry,
This is going to be a hard letter to write. I have some very bad news so brace yourselves before I go further.

Our little Ronnie passed away early Saturday morning 01:15. We took him to the doctor last Wednesday and he told us he just had a cold. Friday he was worse, so we took him to the hospital. The doctor still said it wasn't too serious. He wasn't even in the hospital twelve hours before he was gone.

He had an acute case of indigestion plus what the Germans call grippe. I think that's a serious cold. It all hit him at one time and his little heart couldn't stand it. We always took such good care of him that it's hard to understand.

They took him to Darmstadt this morning. Friede went along. I'll go on the day of the funeral. Maneuvers are starting again, so I can't get a furlough right now. I think the funeral will be Tuesday. Say a prayer for the boy will you.

Well, I'll close now. Friede will stay in Darmstadt to get her papers for us to come home.


Transcribed by Alan Nicholson

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