Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer
1909, Primghar, IA
Internet preparation by Don Harrington

V-Z Vance Through Zechman

Vance, Lewis Perry. Born December 9, 1837, in Indiana; father, George W. (born 1811, in Virginia), mother, Elizabeth (born in Virginia, 1812). Married Elizabeth Pearcy Heron May 6, 1868; children: Minnie A., George C., Blanche L., Jessie M., Harold N., Oscar P. Enlisted August 16, 1862, at Oxford, Mo., in Thirty-fifth Missouri Infantry; promoted Second Lieutenant July 15, 1863, and Captain April 12, 1865; discharged June 28, 1865, at Little Rock, Arkansas. Settled in O’Brien County, at Sutherland, September, 1890. Died May 5, 1902, and buried at Sutherland, Iowa.

Vancampen, John C. Born October 9, 1838, at Elmira, N. Y.; father, Elijah (born Chemung County, New York), mother, Sarah (born in New York). Married Amanda M. Lowing; children: F. E., V. E. and J. A. Enlisted September 30, 1861, in Company E, Ninety-third New York Infantry; discharged for disability September 27, 1862, at Elmira, N. Y.; re-enlisted as veteran February 18, 1864, Company K, Fiftieth New York Engineers; promoted artificer July 21, 1864; served in battles at Williamsburg, Spottsylvania, Wilderness, Hatcher’s Run, Fredericksburg; was shot through right side; discharged June 13, 1865, at Fort Barry, Va. Settled in O’Brien County in 1873. Member McKenzie Post, G. A. R., No. 72.

Vanderlip, Harrison. Resides at Sanborn; born at Concord, N. Y.; a son of Truman and Carolina Vanderlip, who were born in Vermont. Married wife, Hattie, November 9, 1892; children: Nellie M., Harry L. Enlisted June 1,1861, at Danville, Ill., in Company B, Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry; served in battles at Pea Ridge, Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Peach Tree Creek, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, etc.; discharged September 5, 1864, at Springfield, Ill. Settled in O’Brien County November 1, 1893, at Sanborn. Member A. F. & A. M.; 0. E. S., and G. A. R., at Sanborn.

VanEpps, George. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born at Albany, N. Y.; father, Charles (born in 1783 at Schenectady, N. Y.), mother, Angelica Vedder (born same place). Married Belle M. McElroy September 15, 1867; children: Maggie May and Erwin M. Enlisted February, 1864, at Davenport, Iowa, in Company A, Mississippi Marine Brigade; served in battles at Coleman’s Cross Roads and Old River Lake, Ark.; discharged September 28, 1864, at Vicksburg, Miss. Settled in county in 1871; homesteaded southeast 1/4 section 10, Carroll Township. Afterwards resided at Sheldon. Has been familiarly known as “Doc” VanEpps. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Vanhorn, Richard M.  Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born January 30, 1845, at Kenosha, Wis.; father, John J. (born New York, 1800), mother, Mary S. (born New York, 1812). Married Amy J., his wife, June 10, 1883; children: Everett J., Verla J. Enlisted December 30, 1863, at Waukegan, Ill., in Company I, Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Seventh Army Corps; served in battles at Little Osage, Little and Big Blue River, including all engagements in October, 1864, on Price’s Raid; discharged November 23, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871, Liberty Township. Member E. 0. C. Ord Post No. 219, G. A. R.

Vanness, Britton.Enlisted September 5, 1861, in Company K, Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry; wounded November 25, 1863, at battle of Missionary Ridge, Tenn.; discharged November 9, 1864. Formerly member McKenzie Post, G. A. R., at Sheldon, Iowa

Viers, Sidney.  Resides at Alton, Osborne County, Kansas; born April 9, 1836, in Coventry Township, Summit County, Ohio; father, James (born in same county, December 19, 1809), mother, Elizabeth Shook (born April 4, 1813, Stark County, Ohio). Married Statira M. Higbee September 12, 1857; children: Julia, Anna, Mary, Eunice. Enlisted August 13, 1862, at Indianola, Iowa, in Company C, Thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; served in battles at Chickasaw, Bayou, Arkansas Post, Siege Vicksburg, Yazoo City, Fort Gaines, Fort Morgan, Graham’s Plantation, Fort Blakely; transferred to Company B, Consolidated Battalion, Thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry, November 12. 1864; discharged August 15, 1865, at Houston, Texas. Settled in O'Brien County December, 1869, northeast 1/4 section 28, Liberty Township. Member General H. C.Bull Post No. 106, G. A. R., at Alton, Kan.

Vincent, Joseph M. Born 1836 in Pennsylvania. Enlisted September 2, 1861, at East Galena, Ill., in Company C, Forty-fifth Regiment Illinois Infantry, as First Sergeant; promoted April 23, 1863, to rank as First Lieutenant as of May 9, 1862; promoted to Captain to rank as of April 20, 1865; discharged May 29, 1865; formerly member Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., at Sanborn. Settled in O’Brien County in 1887.

Virgil, William G. Resides near Gaza, Iowa; born September 11, 1843, Saratoga County, New York; father, G. William (born in 1833 at Saratoga, N. Y.), mother, Hannah Bevins (born in 1832 at Saratoga, N. Y.). Married Rebecca Kegley November 8, 1866; children: Mary, George, Annie, Grace and Carrie. Enlisted December 18, 1863, in Company M, Seven­teenth Illinois Cavalry: served in battles at Willow Creek, Springfield and Price’s Raid; discharged November 23, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County March, 1869, homesteading on section 28, Highland Township. Still resides on old homestead and has never lived elsewhere since coming to the county. Member E. 0. C. Ord Post No. 219, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Vrooman, David K. Born at Hamlin, Ohio. Married Polly L. Morton; children: Lydia, James, Addie and Frank. Enlisted at Baraboo, Wis., February 4. 1865, in Company E, Forty-Ninth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged November 8, 1865, at Benton Barracks, Mo. Settled in O’Brien County, 1896. Is dead and buried at Sheldon. Formerly member G. A. R. Post at Sheldon.

Waldsmith, Henry M. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born September 18, 1836, at Prov. Nassau, Germany; father, John (born in 1798), mother, Philipena (born in Germany). Married wife, Charlotte, October 1, 1864; children: Harry C., Ed. W., Arthur J., Fred, Nellie. Enlisted August 15, 1861, at Aurora Ill., in Company F, Thirty-sixth Illinois Infantry; transferred to Battery H, Fourth United States Artillery, December 18, 1862; served in battles at Pea Ridge, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Buzzard’s Roost; left foot broken and knee dislocated by fall of horse; discharged August 15, 1864, at Nashville, Tenn. Settled in O’Brien County January 18, 1882 southeast 1/4 section 11, Summit Township. Member M. E. Church; Mistletoe Lodge No. 376, A. F. & A. M.; Locust Lodge No. 367, 1. 0. 0. F., and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Walker, 0. W. Enlisted October 5, 1864, at Dubuque, Company F, Fifth Iowa Cavalry; discharged August 11, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. Formerly member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Walker, Warren. Resides at Des Moines, Iowa; born April 11, 1847, near Sandwich LaSalle County, Illinois; father, Washington (born June 16, 1813, in Pennsylvania), mother, Anna Warren (born August 23, 1815, at Rochester, N. Y.). Married Mary A. Knale, daughter of Rev. William H. Knale, December 30, 1866; children: Edith (Burns), Roy A. Enlisted April 15, 1861, at Sandwich, Ill., in Company H, Tenth Illinois Infantry, but not mustered in on account of age; re-en­listed May 5, 1864, at Sandwich, Company F, One Hundred and Forty-first Illinois Infantry; mustered out October 10, 1864; made his third enlistment at Somonauk, DeKalb County, Ill., February 22, 1865, in Company H, One Hundred and Fifty-sixth Illinois Infantry, Third Brigade, Second Division Army of the Cumberland. his first enlistment was made the same day President Lincoln made his first call for troops, and Company H was in Cairo, Ill., within forty-eight hours afterwards, having gone to Chicago and thence to Cairo; served with Sherman, Grant and Thomas; wounded seven times and finally discharged from hospital under general orders, May 16, 1865, at Chattanooga, Tenn. Settled in O’Brien County, April, 1871; pre-empted land on section 8, Carroll Township, and homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 6, Baker Township. Later resided at Primghar, and then at Sanborn. Was a practicing attorney in the county and editor of a newspaper until 1895, when he removed to Des Moines. Served as County Supervisor, 1874 to 1876. Member G. A. R. and U. V. U. Claims to be the youngest soldier who actually carried a musket, considering the date of enlistment.

Walston, Henry M. Born February 12, 1838, Stockholm, N. Y. Married Nancy J. Bullock August 26, 1865; children: Herbert W., Charles J. After death of first wife he married Julia A. Lathan; children: Leon L., Eugene H., Iad M., Ida A., Clara E.; afterwards married Helen L. Lich; again married Maria L. Walston, who survives him. Enlisted August 31, 1864, in New York, in Company I, Ninety-first New York Infantry; suffered in service from chronic diarrhea and hernia; discharged May 17, 1865, at U. S. General Hospital, York, Pa. Settled in O’Brien County September 1, 1896, at Sanborn. Died April 25, 1905, and buried at Algona, Iowa. Member Prudence Lodge, A. F. & A. M. No. 205, and J. C. Taylor Post, G. A. R., at Algona, Iowa.

Ward, Edwin A. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born 1837 in New York; father, William (born in 1802 in Vermont), mother, Sophia (born in 1807, in New York). Married wife, Henriette R., October 7, 1868; children: Emilie G., Ed A. Enlisted August 10, 1862, at Prairieburg, Iowa, in Company G, Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Nineteenth Army Corps; transferred to First Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps; first served in Fourth Brigade, Twelfth Division, Thirteenth Corps; detailed in Thirteenth Corps, hospital, and further detailed United States barracks, New Orleans. La.; discharged April 18, 1865, at United States General Hospital, New Orleans, La. Settled in O’Brien County October 12, 1871; homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 30, Floyd Township. Member Mistletoe Lodge No. 376, A. F. & A. M., and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Washburn, Lester C. Resides at Council, Idaho; born April 17, 1848, at Sterrettania, Erie County, Pa.; father, Seymour (born June 12, 1816, in Otsego County, New York), mother, Lydia B. (born October 12, 1819, at Otsego, N. Y.) . Wife, Charlotte E.; married January 1, 1868; children: Elmer E., Lydia E., Ira E., Seymour, Elsie. Enlisted March 27, 1865, Ridgway, Pa., Company G, Eighty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fifth Corps; promoted Corporal June 11,1865; discharged June 30, 1865, at Washington. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870, east 1/2 northwest 1/4 section 28, Liberty Township. Church member and belongs to Blue Lodge of Masons.

Waterman, Almeron.Resides at Deer Creek, Minn.; born January 31, 1831, at Cattaraugus County, New York; father, Simon, and mother, Annie, both born in Vermont. Married wife, Julia, March, 1851; children: Frank A., Minnie B., Ernest T., Sarah F., Lida M., and John L. Enlisted March 1, 1865, at Moline, Ill., in Company H, Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry, First Brigade, Third Division, Sixteenth Army Corps; served in Siege of Spanish Fort; discharged January 21, 1866, at Springfield, Ohio. Settled in Waterman Township, this county, October, 1875.

Waters, William W. Born March 22, 1840, at Milford, N. Y. Married Eleanor M. Warn November 4, 1863; children: Jesse W., Josephine L., and Mary B. Enlisted August 20, 1862, at Lyons, N. Y., in Company D, One Hundred and Eleventh New York Infantry; discharged February 28, 1864, at Convalescent Camp, Va., on account of disability. Settled in O’Brien County, May, 1871, in Baker and Floyd Townships. Died September 15, 1908, and buried at Forest Home, Ill. was member G. A. R. Post at Sheldon, Iowa.

Webster, Homer H. Resides at Burlington, Kan.; born April 10, 1847, at Rockland, Ill.; father, Charles A., and mother, Olive Campbell Webster. Married to Ruth Alexander; nine children being born, of whom five boys and three girls are living. Enlisted January 21, 1864, at LaCrosse, Wis., in Company G. Twenty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry, Fourth Division, Sixteenth Corps, and Second Division, Seventeenth Corps; transferred to Company F, Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry, June 2, 1865; served in battles at Resaca, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, etc.; discharged July 16, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Came to the county in 1870; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 32, Highland Township.

Webster, James S. Resides at Hartley, Iowa; born in Clark County, Mo.; father, Charles (born in 1824 in New York), mother, Anna Schee (born in Ohio in 1827). Married to Viola Holty in 1873; to Emma Beach in 1887; two adopted daughters: Helen and May. Enlisted February 14, 1865, at Tuscola, Ill., in Company B, One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Illinois Infantry; discharged September 18, 1866, at Springfield, Ill. Settled in O’Brien County in 1883, residing at Hartley. Member M. E. Church and G. A. R. Post.

Wellman, Horace. Born March 11, 1823, at Milford, N. Y.; father, Alfred (born in Vermont in 1797), mother, Nancy Stanton (born in Massachusetts in 1797). Married Lepha Stowel Boynton, June, 1848; children: Emmer J., Clarence E., George T. and Fannie H. Enlisted October 1, 1861, Cooperstown, N. Y., in Battery M, Third New York Light Artillery; served in battles at Newbern, N. C.; Spring Hill, Va.; Fort Powhattan, Wilson’s Landing, Siege of Petersburg, Bermuda Hundreds; he was the sole survivor of the battery; discharged November 16, 1864, at Hatcher's Farm, Va. Settled in O’Brien County about 1891. Resided at Sheldon. Died February, 1902. Member Crockett Post No. 10, G. A. R., at Oneonta, N. Y., and Masonic Lodge at Laurens, N. Y.

Wells, Nelson. Enlisted March 16, 1864, at Pleasant Grove, Company M, Second Iowa Cavalry; discharged September 19, 1865, at Selma, Ala. Formerly resided at Sutherland.

Welton, George H. Resides at Letcher, S. D.; born January 8, 1846, at Lowell, Mass.; father, L. C. (was born in Vermont), mother, Mary E. (born in Maine). Married wife, Betty, November 12, 1869, at Sigourney, Iowa; children: Mary, Leonard, Samuel, Mark and Lawrence. Enlisted January 4, 1864, at Janesville, Wis., in Company H, Thirteenth Wisconsin Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps and Fourth Army Corps; served guarding property and suffered from exposure and poor food; discharged November 24, 1865, at San Antonio, Texas. Settled in O’Brien County March 25, 1882, at Hartley. Member Hartley Post, G.A.R.

Wheeler, Hiram C., who homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 8, Liberty Township, and received patent February 10, 1876, is said to have been a soldier in the Union Army in the Civil War. He enlisted on the first call, April, 1861.

Wheeler, Martin D., who homesteaded southwest 1/4 section 8, Liberty Township, is said to have been a soldier in the Union Army in Civil War.

White, Tobias D. Born February 29, 1840, in Harlan County, Ohio; a son of John and Sarah White, who were born in Pennsylvania. Married Mary J. Frink December 1, 1860; children: Ida, Eddie, Hattie, Nellie, John, Maud and Dallas. Enlisted August 15, 1861, at Shellsburg, Iowa, in Company B, Eighth Iowa Infantry, serving as First Lieutenant; was discharged for disability at St. Louis, Mo. Settled in O’Brien County, 1878, residing at Sanborn. Died November 4,1903, and buried at Sanborn. Member Kenyon Post, G. A. R.; I. O. O. F., and A. F. & A. M., Sanborn, Iowa.

Whitman, Orlando M. Born October 17, 1842, in New York; father. Nathan (born July 2,1801, in New York state), mother, Elizabeth Waterhouse. Married Lydia Gano September 16, 1865; children: Lizzie, Guy, Ernest, Lillie. Enlisted August 29, 1861, at Waupaca, Wis., in Company A, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry (Eagle Brigade): wounded at Lake City, Ark., and taken prisoner; discharged September 16, 1864, at Madison. Wis. Settled in county about 1871, residing northeast 1/4 section 14, Center Township and later at Hartley. Died February 17, 1905, and buried at Tacoma, Wash. Member M. E. Church twenty-five years, and member Custer Post, G. A. R., in Tacoma, Wash.

Whitney, Charles E. Born November 11, 1835, in Maine; father, Samuel (born in Scotland), mother, Delinda Howard (born in Scotland). Married Lusetta, his wife, 1867; one child: Ina M. Enlisted February 22, 1865, Madison, Wis.; residence at that time Lincoln, Wis.; served in Company I, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged at St. Louis, Mo., November 8, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1882, and has since resided at Sanborn. Member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., and B.L. E.

Wicks, William. Born January 29, 1846, at Brunswick, Ohio; father, William (born in New York state), mother, Ruenna Bogue (born May 16, 1821, in Ohio). Married Emma J. Brooks March 4, 1868, at Mentor, Lake County, Ohio; children: Mrs. DeEtte Cooper and William E. Enlisted February 1, 1864, Cleveland, Ohio, in Company G, Second Ohio Cavalry; served in Army of the Potomac, including battles of the Wilderness, Strasburg, destroying railroads near Lynchburg; Five Forks and at Lee’s surrender; was given poisoned milk by Rebel commissary’s wife; discharged September 11, 1865, at Benton Barracks, Mo. Settled in O’Brien County in 1886, section 31, Omega Township. Died June 15, 1901, and buried at Primghar. Member S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R., at Primghar; was active member in Church of Christ at Primghar and contributed largely to its support.

Wildrick, Nelson P. Born 1840. Enlisted October, 1861, Company L, Fifty-ninth Regiment (Second) Pennsylvania Cavalry; discharged May, 1865. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon, Iowa.

Wiley, James J. Resides at Estero, Lee County, Fla.; born May 18, 1843, at Piqua, Ohio; father, Robert (born in Piqua, Ohio), mother, Brilla Crozier (born in Scotland). Married Louisa Liston October 1, 1873; children: Albert, Brilla and Gussie. Enlisted September 5,1862, at the old Day homestead in Sidney, Ohio, in Company C, Ninety-ninth Ohio Infantry, serving under Buell; engaged in battle at Perryville; discharged March 11, 1863, at Sidney, Ohio. settled in O'Brien County March 1,1879, northwest 1/4 section 26, Carroll Township.

Wiley, William J. Resides at Topeka, Kan.; born December 26, 1841; at Piqua, Ohio; father, Robert, and mother, Brilla Crozier Wiley. Married Nancy J. Munday October 3, 1867; children: Elmer C., Louisa B., Francis, William A., Jesse L., Thomas E., Richard M., Samuel R., Alice B., John W. Enlisted August 27, 1861, at Piqua, Ohio, in Company I, First Ohio Cavalry; served in Buell’s campaign, battles Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Bardstown, Ky.; Stone River, Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Knoxville, Dalton, Moulton, Atlanta, and others; discharged October 6, 1864, at Columbia, Tenn. Member Sheldon Post, G. A. R. Settled in Sioux County, Iowa, June 11, 1879, near Sheldon, but never resided in O’Brien County.

Wilkins, Melvin C. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born March 7, 1842, in Calhoun County, Mich.; father, Ira J. (born St. Lawrence County, New York), mother, Susan Willis (born Calhoun County, Mich.). Married Hanna M. Rice February 12, 1864; children: Hattie, George D., Willard T., Lulu, Jessie, Alberta, Ira and Earle. Enlisted June 24, 1861, at Marengo, Iowa, in Company G, Seventh Iowa Infantry, Fourth Brigade, Second Division, Sixteenth Army Corps. Re-enlisted December 30, 1863, and remustered January 5, 1864; served in battles at Belmont, Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Lay’s Ferry, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Boonesboro, March to the Sea, Grand Review at Washington; received sunstroke at Second Battle Corinth; discharged July 12, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Settled in O’Brien County spring of 1871, northeast section 18, Center Township. Member Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., Sanborn. Had a brother, James H., who served in Company G, Four­teenth Iowa Infantry and was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Pleasant Hill, La., April 9,1864.

Willcox, Ransom R. Born June 25, 1816, Sherbrooke, Canada; a son of Joseph and Sapha Willcox. Married Lottie C., his wife, December 28, 1865; children: Emma, Mina, Joseph, Err, Otto, William, Kittie, Henry, Edward, Sarah, Guthrie and Charles. Enlisted at Durand, Ill., September 8, 1861, in Company C, Fifty-fifth Illinois Infantry; suffered from rheumatism incurred in service; discharged October 31, 1864, at Chicago. Settled in O’Brien County in 1897 at Sanborn. Died May 31, 1908, and buried at Milford, Iowa. Member M. E. Church and Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn.

Wiley, Clement M . Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born March 26, 1847 in Medina County, Ohio; father, Merrill (born in Connecticut), mother, Bevah (born in New York). Married Abbie Z. Monts. Enlisted May 18, 1864, at Tipton, Iowa, in Company I, Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry, under Colonel Henderson; discharged September 23, 1864, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in county July, 1899, at Sutherland.

Williams, Edward D. Born Haley Head, North Wales; a son of Thomas and Mary Williams. Married wife, Margaret; children: William, Mary, Ellen, Hannah, Maggie, Thomas, Joshua, Hugh, John, Robert. Enlisted August 21, 1862, at Cambria, Wis., Company F, Thirty-second Wisconsin Infantry; his residence at that time was Cortland; served as Corporal; served battles at Memphis, Chattanooga, Corinth, Lookout Mountain, and March to the Sea; lost sight of one eye and injured in back during army service; discharged May 5, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1881, January, at Hartley. Member G. A. R. Post at Hartley. Died Novem­ber 21, 1904, and buried at Hartley.

Wilmuth, J. C. Born 1843 at Warren, Ohio. Enlisted August 15, 1862, in Company G, Ninety-ninth Ohio Infantry, and discharged August 15, 1865. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R. at Sheldon. Present residence unknown.

Wilsey, George W. Resides at Cherokee, Iowa; born April 3, 1843, at Boonville, Oneida County, N. Y.; father, Hiram (born at Herkimer, N. Y.), mother, Cordelia Denslow (born Aldercreek, N. Y.). Enlisted June 20, 1861, at Richland Center, Wis., Company H, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged April 1, 1863, for disability; re-enlisted as veteran Company B, Twenty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry, on January 1, 1864; served as bugler; transferred Company I, Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry June 2, 1865; discharged on July 16, 1865, at Louisville, KY.; he served as Corporal in Company H, Fifth Wisconsin. Settled in O’Brien County in 1887, at Sheldon, Iowa. A member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Wilson, James M.   Resides at Ocheydan, Iowa; born April 20, 1833, at Philadelphia; parents, J. F. and Jane Wilson; born in Scotland. Married wife, Agnes, 1860; children: John, Charles, Burt, George, Arthur, Mary and Alice. Enlisted March 29, 1864, at Washington, Iowa, in Company H, Thirty-third Iowa Infantry; transferred to Company I, Thirty-fourth and Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry, consolidated July 12, 1865; served at Siege of Spanish Fort and other battles; mustered out August 15, 1865, at Houston, Texas, but paid off at Davenport, Iowa, September 5,1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1880, at Hartley. Member Congregational Church.

Wiltse, William H. Resides at Eugene City, Ore. Married Emaline Bethel January 12, 1870; children: May, Meda, Mandy and Minnie. Enlisted October 12, 1861, at Fort Snelling, Minn., in First Minnesota Light Artillery, Fourth Division, Seventeenth Army Corps; on expiration of his en­listment he re-enlisted as veteran; served at Siege of Atlanta; when General McPherson was killed at Atlanta his horse was caught by William H. Wiltse and Charles Horton; discharged July 1, 1865, at St. Paul. Settled in O’Brien County, section 4, Liberty Township. He was a minister of the Christian Church. Came to the county about 1871.

Winter, Mathias. Born 1818, in New Jersey. Enlisted July 1, 1863, Company G, Fifty-ninth Pennsylvania Militia; discharged September 9, 1863. Formerly resided at Hartley, where he was member of G. A. R. Post.

Winters, Henry H. Born 1841 Oswego, N. Y. Enlisted September 12, 1861, Company I, Tenth Wisconsin Infantry; taken prisoner at Chickamauga; discharged May 30, 1865. Formerly resided at Sheldon, where he was member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R. Died in Sheldon about the year 1900.

Wolf, Jacob H. Resides at Primghar, Iowa; born July 3, 1841, near Washington, Pa.; father, John H. (born August 26, 1813, near Washington, Pa.), mother, Maria A. Alter (born 1824, Washington, Pa.). Married Sarah J. Mickey, September 14, 1865; children: Fannie E., Harry E., Herbert A., William F. and Frederick B. Enlisted July 14, 1863, at Washington, Pa., in Company H, Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry, First Brigade, First Division, Twelfth Corps, and Twentieth Corps; served in Mine Run Campaign, 1863, in Virginia; in Hospital No. 4, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; in Atlanta Campaign, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Carolina Campaign, in 1865, Averysboro and Bentonville, N. C.; discharged July 16, 1865, Arlington Heights, Va. Settled in O’Brien County April 19, 1873, being second settler in Franklin Township; first located on southwest 1/4 section 14, later removed to Sanborn, where he engaged in newspaper business, later removing to Primghar, where he is at present publishing the “OBrien County Bell.” Is an exhorter, steward and class leader in M. E. Church; has been Sunday school superintendent for thirty-two years; master Onyx Lodge, A. F, & A. M., for five years; High Priest in Samara Chapter, Royal Arch Masons No. 105 for eight years: Prelate Crusade Commandery, Knights Templar, at Cherokee, Iowa; member Rising Star Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Eastern Star and S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., at Primghar; Past Commander S. F. Jordan Post. Was a member Board of Supervisors, 1879 to 1881 inclusive.

Wollenberg, John. Resides at Germantown, Iowa; born December 29, 1844, in Germany; father, Joseph, and mother, Anna Wollenberg (both born in Germany). Married wife, Mary, December 25, 1872; children: Annie and Mary. En­listed August 14, 1862, at Chicago, Ill., in Company A, One Hundred and Thirteenth Regiment Illinois Infantry; made Corporal April 1, 1865; served at Siege of Vicksburg and minor engagements; discharged June 20, 1865, at Memphis, Tenn. Settled at Germantown, O’Brien County, Iowa, March 1, 1883. Member German Lutheran Church.

Wood, Edwin R Born 1844, Oswego, Ill.; father, Reuben R. (born 1819 in Maine), mother, Rebecca Teteswote (born in Oswego, Ill.). Married Mary Frances Tift January 9, 1876; one child, Nellie, adopted. Enlisted October 28, 1861, Patch Grove, Ill., in Company C, Second Wisconsin Cavalry; re-enlisted in Company A, Fifty-third Wisconsin Infantry, as a veteran; served as Corporal, Sergeant, and promoted First Lieutenant April 9, 1865; discharged September, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County, 1872, residing first in Center Township, then Sanborn and later Primghar. Member I. O. O. F.; Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn; elected County Clerk of Courts 1901 to 1903, inclusive. Died November 25, 1906, and buried at Sanborn.

Wood, John, Jr. Born Albany, Wis. Enlisted May 14, 1864, at Albany in Company A, Fortieth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged September 16, 1864, at Madison, Wis. First settled in O’Brien County, residing in Baker township. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon. Came to the county about 1871.

Wood, Samuel C. Resides at Primghar, Iowa; born January 3, 1847; father, Edward (born in Ohio) , mother, Elizabeth Shomer (born in Indiana). Married Sarah Jimmerson February 8, 1865; children: Elizabeth, Philip H., Stella F., Adelia and Nettie. Enlisted September 17, 1864, at Spring Creek, Blackhawk County, Iowa, in Company F, Seventh Iowa Cavalry; served in engagements with Indians on Tongue River, Montana, and from Julesburg, Cob., west; discharged November 30, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Settled in O’Brien County April, 1895, residing at Primghar. Member M. E. Church and S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, Primghar, Iowa.

Woodard, John. Born 1817 in Connecticut. Enlisted December 5, 1861, at Florence, N. Y., in Company C, Ninety-seventh New York Infantry. Enlisted as musician; discharged November 28, 1862, on account of disability, at Alexandria, Va. Formerly member McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa.

Woodman, William H. Resides at Des Moines, Iowa; born in London, Canada; father, Frank (born Buxton, Me.), mother, Maria Reynolds (born London, Canada). Married Eunice M. Thomas June 2, 1879. Enlisted March 1,1865, at Green Bay, Wis., Company K, Twenty-second Wisconsin Infantry; transferred to Third Wisconsin Infantry June 10, 1865; dis­charged June 24, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in Sanborn, O’Brien County, 1881. Member Masonic Lodge and Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R.

Woods, Warren J. Born 1839 in Grant County, Wisconsin. En­listed January 11, 1864, in Company C, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps June 25, 1865; received gunshot wound in head at Laurel Hill., Va.; discharged July 26, 1865. Formerly member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Worden, Hiram A . Born June 14, 1841, Cambria, N. Y.; father, Paul (born Seneca County, New York), mother, Sarah Eleanor Dillingbaugh. Married wife, Fannie A., April 28, 1861; children: Emma J., Edith, Florence E., Frances P. and Shirley B. Enlisted August 6, 1862, Twenty-third New York Independent Battery, Light Artillery; was in post hospital at Washington, D. C., with typhoid fever; discharged July 14, 1865, at Buffalo, N. Y. Settled in O’Brien County spring of 1869, southeast 1/4 section 34, Liberty Township. Died October 17, 1905, and buried Cedar Cemetery, Cherokee County, Iowa.

Worth, Lionel A. Born January 6, 1842, at Van Buren, Ind.; father, Lionel (born June 5, 1805, in Vermont), mother, Asenath Martin born Kingston, Canada, February 2, 1804). Enlisted April 20, 1861, at Davenport in Company B, Second Iowa Infantry; promoted Eighth Corporal March 1, 1863; Fourth Corporal. June 25, 1863; Fifth Sergeant September 30, 1863; Fourth Sergeant, November 15, 1863; served in battles at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth and others; discharged April 28, 1864. Settled in O’Brien County June, 1869, residing in Waterman Township. Died April 19, 1903, and buried at Sutherland. Member I. O. O. F. and K. of P.

Wright, Jesse H. Resides at Little Rock, Iowa; born February 21, 1833, in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania; father, Enoch born in New York). mother, Ann Hoover Merlind. Married Fedelia Work August 6, 1857; children: Sarah A., Ed. H., Jesse E., Louise J., Henry W., Frank M., William S., Obe, Belle, Grant H.. and Delia. Enlisted September 4, 1861, Farmers Creek, Jackson County, Iowa, in Company M, Second Iowa Cavalry; served in battles New Madrid, Farmington, Boonville. Blackland, Coffeyville, Jackson, Guntown, Nashville, “Island No. 10,” Memphis, and others; discharged October 3, 1864, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in O’Brien County, June 4, 1870, on section 10, Liberty Township. Member First Christian Church, Red Oak, Iowa; member G. A. R. Posts at Sutherland, Sibley and Red Oak, Iowa.

Wyatt, William S. Born 1834, in New York; father (born in England), mother (born in New Hampshire). Enlisted August 17, 1861, in marine service, as Ordinary Seaman, steamer Seminole discharged June 19, 1863.

Wykoff, James. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born January 11, 1843, Ontario County, New York; father, Daniel, and mother. Evelin Howe, (each born in New York). Married wife, Lyda A., December 24, 1868; children: Esther A., Inez O., J. Earle. Olive G. and W. S. Enlisted December 19. 1863, at Hopewell, N. Y., in Company L, Fiftieth New York Engineers; discharged June 13, 1865, at Fort Berry, Va. Settled in O’Brien County, July 2,1872, at Sheldon, Iowa.

Wyman, Frank E. Resides at Mountain View, Cal.; born May 7, 1848, Hartford, Conn.; father, C. D. (born at Shrewsbury, Mass.); mother, M. A. (born at Northboro, Mass.). Married Ada A. Pursell October 12, 1873; children: W. P., J. L., Frank E., A. B., P. B., and Ada D. Enlisted May 13, 1864, Fulton, Ill., Company D, One Hundred and Fortieth Illinois Infantry; discharged October 29, 1864, at Chicago. Settled in O’Brien County, September 20, 1872, residing in Baker Township and Sheldon. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., and W. R. C.

Wynn, Hiram. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born June 10, 1838, Warren County, Pennsylvania; father, Isaac (born 1808 in Livingston County, New York), mother, Roxena Johnson (born Ashtabula County, Ohio, 1810). Married Helen Drake, July 4, 1862; children: Guy, Gertie and Charles. Enlisted August 11, 1862, Osage, Iowa, Company K, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry; served in battles at Pleasant Hill, Tupelo, Guntown, Nashville, Fort Blakely, Big Blue River; discharged August 8,1865, at Clinton, Iowa. Settled in O’Brien County in June, 1905, at Sanborn. Member G. A. R. Post No. 19, Aberdeen, S. D.

Yeoman, John M. Born 1843 in New York. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Morris, Ill., in Company D, Ninety-first Illinois Infantry; discharged July 12, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County about 1884, residing at Hartley. Died at Excelsior Springs, Mo., about 1908. Member G. A. R. Post at Hartley.

Young, E. M. Born 1839, at Clinton, Iowa. Enlisted March 16, 1864, at Center Township. Madison County, Iowa, in Com pany H, Twenty-third Iowa Infantry; transferred to Twenty-ninth Infantry; discharged August 10, 1865, at New Orleans, La. Formerly member McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa.

Zechman, Charles. Resides at Sanborn; born Williamsburg Pa.; father, John, and mother, Nance (born in Germany). Married Elizabeth Royer, 1865; children: Emma, Cora, Harry and James. Enlisted at Lewisburg, Pa., February 11, 1864, in Company H, Fifty-first Pennsylvania Infantry; served in battles Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Appomattox; discharged July 27, 1865, at Washington. Settled in O’Brien County in 1876, residing in Franklin Township, later at Sanborn. Member M. E. Church and Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn.

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