e> Old Soldiers Who Lived in O'Brien County
Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer
1909, Primghar, IA
Internet preparation by Don Harrington

(S-T)  Salisbury through Tuttle    

Salisbury, Russel. Born February 7, 1835, in Summit County, Ohio; father, William, and mother, Sylvia (both born in Rhode Island). Married Sarah Jane Bethel September 12, 1861; children: Norman W., Hubert D. Enlisted March 19, 1864, at Winona, Minn., in First Minnesota Light Artillery, Fourth Division, Seventeenth Army Corps; served in siege and battles of Atlanta, Ezra Church, March to Sea and Cheraw, S. C.; taken prisoner at Bentonville, N. C., March 20, 1865; released June 22, 1865: discharged July 1, 1865, at Fort Snelling, Minn. Settled in this county June 18, 1875, on southeast 1/4 section 30, Highland Township. Died September 22, 1903, and buried at Paullina.

Sanford, George. Born December 24, 1840, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; father, Robert (born May 26, 1811), mother, Eliza (born May 24, 1814). Married Harriet A. Reed September 16, 1868; children: Edwin G., Charles B. and Franklin L. Enlisted August 11, 1862, at Binghamton, N. Y., in Company B, One Hundred Ninth New York Infantry; served as wagoner most of the time; discharged June 4, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in spring of 1873, residing on southwest 1/4 section 6, Center Township. Killed by lightning May 5,1884, and buried at Warren, Ill. Member G. A. R. Post.

Schee, James. Resides at Lincoln, Neb.; born in 1845 in Ohio. Enlisted March 31. 1864, in Company I, Thirty-third Iowa Infantry; transferred to Company I, thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry as consolidated, July 12, 1865; served in siege of Spanish Fort and capture of Mobile in March and April, 1865; discharged August 15, 1865, at Houston, Texas; paid off at Davenport, Iowa, September 5, 1865. Never resided in O’Brien County.

Schee, George W., of Primghar, Iowa, was born in June, 1847 or 1848. in Missouri. He was an only child of Arnold Schee and Martha Schee; his grandfather Schee was a Scotchman; his father was born in Ohio and his mother in Kentucky. George W. Schee enlisted the last time on March 21, 1864, and was mustered in on the same day in Company C. Thirty-third Iowa Infantry, and sent at once to the regiment in Arkansas; he was in all marches and engagements of that regiment; was at the siege of Spanish Fort and capture thereof about 1 o’clock at night; at the capture of Mobile; at Swisler Station and at Fort Blakeley, but not in much of the danger of the last two engagements; discharged and paid off at Davenport, Iowa, September 5, 1865. Came to O'Brien County June 5, 1871, homesteading southeast 1/4 section 26, 96, 42. Married October 1, 1877, to Miss L. A. Dunning; children: Mavis, Wm. S., George A., and Arlie; the last died March 1, 1888, and was the first person buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Primghar. His youngest uncle, John Schee, was in the Union Army in a Missouri regiment and several times wounded. His cousins, Oliver M. and James Schee, were in the Thirty-third Iowa Infantry and his cousin, James S. Webster of Hartley, was also in the Union Army.

Scott, Ephraim. Born April 3, 1832, in Columbia County, Pennsylvania; father, Ephraim (born in Scotland), mother, Hulda Tingly (born in America). Married Martha Anderson October 30, 1853; children: William A., Thomas E., James H., Walter W., Charles E. and Ella M. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Ottawa, Ill., his residence being at Mission, Ill., in Company G, One Hundred Fourth Illinois Infantry, First Division, Fourteenth Corps; wounded in head in service; discharged June 6,1865, at Washington, D. C. Settled in this county in March, 1873, Center Township. Member of M. E. Church and S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, Primghar, Iowa. Died November 22, 1902, at Jennings, La.

Scott, Henry A. Born June 13, 1840, in Maine, a son of Daniel and Jane Scott. Married Frances Hicks August 6, 1864; children: W. E., Susie, Willard, Grace. Enlisted November 1, 1861, at Chicago; re-enlisted in 1864 in Company A, Fifty­eighth Illinois Infantry; served as Sergeant and also as Corporal; discharged April 1, 1866, at Montgomery, Ala. Settled in O’Brien County October 28, 1870, residing at Sheldon at time of his death, May 10, 1907. Member, and at one time commander of McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa.

Seeley, William H. Resides at Geddes, S. D.; born November 16, 1839, at Buffalo, N. Y.; father, William H. (born Oneida County, New York, October, 1811), mother, Mary Ann Loucks (born in Germany, 1815). Married Nancy E. McClure April 7, 1868; children: Nettie, Hattie, Archie, Willia, Loring, Ida, Earle, Lloyd. Enlisted January 25, 1862, in Niagara County, New York, in Company I, Seventy-eighth New York Infantry; mustered in as Corporal; company assigned to Third Brigade, Second Division, Twelfth Corps; re-enlisted as a veteran February 16, 1864, and transferred to company I, One Hundred Second New York Infantry, June 12, 1864; served at battles Harper’s Ferry, Cedar Mountain, Pope’s Campaign, Antietam, Winchester, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Atlanta, Savannah, including March to Sea; discharged July 21, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County April 17, 1882, residing in Grant and later in Center Township.

Seidell, Joseph. Born March 25, 1835, in Pennsylvania. Married his wife, Lydia, in 1853; children: Ellen, Sarah, Mary, Emma and Harvey. Enlisted September 6, 1861, at Fort Madison, Iowa, in Company F, Fifth Iowa Cavalry; taken prisoner May 5,1862, at Lockridge Mills, Tenn.; escaped and returned to company June 10, 1862; discharged September 25, 1862, for disability. Settled in county March 25, 1884, section 10, Center Township. Died November 25, 1891, and buried at Sheldon.

Shaffner, Thomas T. Resides at Sanborn; born October 2,1837, at Bucyrus, Ohio; father, Martin (born January 27, 1787), mother, Susanna Bear (born at Harrisburg, Pa.). Married to Mary J. Curtis October 12, 1865; children: Luella, Martin, Edward, Lizzie, Walter, Ira, Clara, Roy. Enlisted at Winona, Ind., July 26, 1862, in Company B, Eighty-seventh Indiana Infantry, Third Brigade, Second Division, Fourteenth Army Corps; served with regiment from Louisville to Chickamauga; Perryville, Nashville, Stone River; wounded in left shoulder October 20, 1863; discharged February 4, 1864, and re-enlisted as a veteran, serving as hospital steward in Regular Army; finally discharged April 7, 1866. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871, on southwest 1/4 section 6, Dale Township; moved to Sanborn in 1882, where he has since resided. Member M. E. church; Kenyon Post, G. A. R., and A. F. & A. M.

Sharar, Joseph. Resides at Dunnell, Minn.; born at Keithsburg, Ill.; father, John, and mother, Margaret Sharar (both born in Germany). Married Amanda J. Johnson September 16, 1866; children: Ernest, Byron, Fred, Amy, Joseph L. and Raymond. Enlisted December 29, 1863, at Eldora, Iowa, in Company G, First Iowa Cavalry; discharged February 14, 1866, at Davenport. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871, on section 2, Grant Township. Member of M. E. Church.

Shaw, Jonathan T. Born 1839 in Ohio. Enlisted August 15, 1862, in Company D, One Hundred and Fourth Ohio Infantry; discharged February 20, 1864, at Knoxville, Tenn., on account of disability. Formerly resided at Sheldon.

Shea, Edward. Resides at Blencoe, Iowa; born July 20, 1845, near Boston, Mass.; father, John, and mother, Ellen (born in Ireland). Married Harriet A. Gibbs October 8, 1871; children: Edward A., Clara, Nettie, John, Ina, Ernest and Walter. Enlisted April 15, 1864, at Madison, Wis., in Company E, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry; discharged September 4, 1865, at Mobile, Ala. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870 on section 10, Highland Township.

Sheldon, Daniel M. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born December 4,1846, at Belvidere, Ill.; father, Daniel (born March 16, 1799, in New York), mother, Harriet Melvin (born September 26, 1809, in New York). Married Catherine E. Davis January 29, 1874; children: Frederick E., Charles M., Edna B., Ethel I., Frank M., Roy H. Enlisted August 14, 1862, at Cherry Valley, ill., in Company E, Seventy-fourth Illinois Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Fourth Army Corps, Army of Cumberland; served in battles at Perryville, Murfreesboro. Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Resaca, Dalton, Kenesaw Mountain, New Hope Church, Franklin, Nashville; wounded in face by musket ball July 4,1864, at Marietta, Ga.; discharged June 10, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn.; served as Corporal. Settled in O’Brien County at Sutherland in July, 1882. Has been engaged in mercantile business over thirty years. Member of E. 0. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., at Sutherland; Abiff Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; member Board of Supervisors, 1884 to 1886 and 1894 to 1899 inclusive.

Shepard, Edwin T. Born March 7, 1840, in Cook County, Illinois; father, Thompson Shepard (born May 25, 1812, at Montreal, Canada), mother, Lucretia Barry (born April 7, 1813, in Vermont. Married Ruth Ella Long February 9, 1867; children: James E., Mabel I. (deceased) and Thomas C. Enlisted December 23, 1861, New Lisbon, Wis., in Tenth Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery; served in battles at Corinth. Wilderness. Stone River. Resaca, Red Oak, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, Durant Bridge, Glass Bridge, Atlanta, Powder Springs, Buffalo Town, Van Wert, Bear Creek Station, Macon. Griswoldville, Waynesboro, Buckhead Church, Reynold’s Cross Roads, Savannah, Bentonville, N. C., and others; wounded twice; discharged April 26, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in Grant Township, O’Brien County, February, 1877. Died in April, 1895, and was buried at Primghar. Member G. A. R. Post at Primghar.

Shine, John. Enlisted October 12, 1864, at Milwaukee, in Company H, Forty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry, his name being spelled on the muster rolls as “Schine”; discharged July 17, 1865. Formerly belonged to G. A. R. Post at Sanborn.

Short, Charles M. Born March 25, 1825, in Tennessee; father, William, and mother, Sarah Sproddle Short (both born in Virginia) . Married Nancy A. Wood January 10, 1847; children: C. William, Sarah, Mae, Thomas W., Amy A. and Joseph J. Enlisted February 21, 1865, at New Diggings, Lafayette County, Wis., in Company C, Fiftieth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged June 16, 1866, at Fort Price, Darlington, Wis. Settled in O’Brien County in 1884, at Sutherland. Died in August, 1907, and was buried at Primghar. Member of M. E. Church and G. A. R. Post.

Short, William. Resides in Osceola County, Iowa, getting mail at Melvin; born June 28, 1843, in Germany; a son of Henry and Margaret Short. Married his wife, Susan, March 29, 1872; children: Emma, Miles, William, Albert, Alta, Mable, Mae, Oscar, Clara, Luella and Nathan. Enlisted at Dixon, Ill., September 20, 1864, in Company I, Ninety-second Illinois Infantry; served in battles at Kingston and Raleigh and others; discharged June 21, 1865, at Concord, N. C. Settled in O’Brien County in March, 1900, residing in Baker Township.

Shrenk, John M. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born March 3, 1848, at Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio; father, John (born January 14, 1820), mother, Jane Faloon (born at Bucyrus, Ohio, August 11, 1823); father was born at Harrisburg, Pa. Married his wife, Catherine, March 25, 1875; one child: Datus M. Enlisted October 10, 1863, at Republic, Seneca County, Ohio, in Company I, Ninth Ohio Cavalry; served in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia with Sherman on March to the Sea and through the Carolinas; discharged August 20, 1865, at Columbus. Ohio. Settled in Sheldon in 1901.

Shryock, Seymour. Resides at Aberdeen, S. D.; born July 6, 1840, at Hamilton, Ind.; mother, Mary (born in 1813 in New York), father, John (born in 1810 in Maryland). Married his wife, Mary, in 1869; children: Alfred I., M. Belle, B. Roscoe, Ira M. and Josie. Enlisted July 15, 1861, at Earlville, Delaware County, Iowa, in Company K, Fifth Iowa Infantry, Third Division, Seventeenth Army Corps; served in battles at Springfield, Mo., Iuka, Champion Hill, Black River, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Mission Ridge; wounded severely in right groin by gunshot September 19, 1862, at Iuka, Miss.; promoted to Fourth Corporal July 26, 1863; Third Corporal July 27, 1863; discharged July 30, 1864, at Chattanooga, Tenn. Settled in county in September, 1871, on northwest 1/4 section 8, Floyd Township.

Sill, George. Born in 1840. Enlisted August 30, 1862, at Fort Edward, N. Y., in Company L, Second New York Cavalry; wounded June 1, 1863; discharged July 27, 1863, for dis­ability. Formerly resided at Sheldon. Died July 20, 1904, and was buried at Soldiers’ Home, Marshalltown.

Sisson, James F. Born January 1,1828, in Albany County, N. Y.; father, Bennett, and mother. Mercy Wing Sisson (both born same place). Married his wife, Mary E., December 13, 1860; children: Lydia and Dehave. Enlisted September 26, 1864, at Manitowoc, Wis., in Company K, Twenty-Seventh Wisconsin Infantry; discharged July 14, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County October 15, 1884, at Sanborn. Died July 9, 1900, and was buried at Reading, Minn.

Skipworth, James P. Born in 1842 in Kentucky. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Bunker Hill, Allamakee County, Iowa, in Company I, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry; discharged August 14, 1863. Settled in O’Brien County about 1871 on north­west 1/4section 30, Center Township.

Slack, William. Born July 22, 1817, in Delaware County, New York; father, William Slack, and mother, Lucy C. Slack (born in Tioga County, New York, October 29, 1824). Married Lucy C. Deland March 4, 1844; children: Edwin P., Charles, Anna A., Ida, Helen and William D. Enlisted September 1, 1862, at Maine Village, N. Y., in Company E, Fiftieth New York Engineers under Captain Hines; discharged from hospital on account of disability April 16, 1863. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871, homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 6, Grant Township. Died February 14, 1874, and was buried in Grant Township Cemetery. Member of Congregational Church.

Slocum, Charles H. Resides at Boulder, Colo.; born at Albany, Whiteside County, Ill., February 29, 1844; father, Stephen B. (born in White County, Illinois, in 1811), mother, Letitia McCall (born in Scioto, Ohio). Married his wife, Dora E. Rust, in July, 1887; children: Mabel L. and Cecil H. Enlisted September 7, 1861, at Sterling, Ill., in Company A, Thirty-Fourth Corps; re-enlisted as veteran December 23, 1863; served in battles at Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville. Stone River. Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Atlanta; wounded through the right shoulder, left thigh, and through the head, a musket ball passing through both cheeks; taken prisoner at Stone River and in Libby Prison, from December 31, 1862, to June 2, 1863; served as corporal of his company. Settled in Primghar in 1888 and for nearly twenty years was actively engaged in banking business, being president of the First National Bank at Primghar. Member of S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R.; A. F. & A. M., and Royal Arch Chapter at Primghar, and Knights Templar at Cherokee. Served as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Iowa.

Smith, Edwin R. Born in 1846 in Ohio. Enlisted May 4, 1864, Homer Township, Benton County, Iowa, in Company D, Forty-fourth Iowa Infantry; discharged September 15, 1864. Settled in O’Brien County about 1870; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 8, Grant Township.

Smith, Charles H. Born in 1840 at Wauwatosa, Wis. Enlisted March 28, 1864, at Hartford, Wis., in Company B, Fifty-second Wisconsin Infantry; discharged July 28, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa.

Smith, Ezra F. Resides at Waukee, Iowa; born February 14, 1849, in Emmet Township, Calhoun County, Michigan; father, Erastus (born in New York City), mother, Rachel L. Spaulding (born at Lisle, Broome Co., New York). First married Susan R. Gentry October28, 1872; one child: Myrtle O.; second marriage occurred February 10, 1881, to Sarah A. Drake; children: Madison, Eva, Wallace, Arthur and Raymond. Enlisted January 31, 1865, at Peoria. Ill., in Company D, Eighty-third Illinois Infantry; transferred in June, 1865, to Company D, Sixty-first Illinois Infantry; engaged in defending supply trains; discharged September 8, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870; homesteaded southeast 1/4 section 18, Center Township. First wife died September 24, 1873. Member of M. E. Church and G. A. R.

Smith, John N. Enlisted February 27, 1864, at Richland Center Wis., in Company A, Thirty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry; served as corporal; discharged July 13, 1865. Formerly resided at Hartley in 1881. Died August 16, 1887.

Smith, William H. Resides at Lake View, Wash.; born October 30, 1830; father, Ephraim J. (born at Bennington, Vt., August 22, 1794), mother, Helen (born at Sidney, N. Y., May 7, 1799). Married his wife, Laura, February 19, 1864. Enlisted at Stevens Point, Wis., April 31, 1864, in Company D, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry, Third Brigade, First Division, Sixth Corps; served in battles at Hatch’s Run, Petersburg, Appomattox; discharged June 20, 1865; paid off at Madison, Wis., July 7,1865. Settled in O’Brien County June 20, 1872, in Center Township. Member of Custer Post No. 6, G. A. R., at Tacoma, Wash., and has been such for twenty-eight years.

Snider, John M. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born June 30, 1837, at Wheeling, W. Va.; father, Jess (born December 28, 1814, in Greenbrier County, West Virginia), mother, Catherine McLaughlin (born January 8, 1818, at Brownsville, Pa.). Married Katherine Yahne August 31, 1865; children: Minnie and Annie. Enlisted March 11, 1862, at Muncie, Ind., in Company O, Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry, Third Brigade, Second Division, Fourth Army Corps; afterwards transferred to Company H, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry as reorganized; served in battle at Corinth; wounded in left leg at Stone River; also served in battles at Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Ringgold, Atlanta campaign. Nashville, Franklin, and Kentucky campaign after Bragg; discharged March 20, 1865, at Strawberry Plains, Tenn. Settled in O’Brien County on southeast 1/4 section 25, Liberty Township, May 20, 1872. Belongs to E. 0. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., Sutherland.

Soucey, Francis. Born in 1833 in Canada. Is shown by the records of Hartley Post No. 451, G. A. R., to have enlisted in 1862 in Company B, Thirteenth Illinois Infantry and discharged February 25, 1863. Was a member of that post and formerly resided at Hartley.

Sperry, H. C. Enlisted June 11, 1861, in Company B, Third Wisconsin Infantry; served as Sergeant; re-enlisted as veteran; discharged July 18, 1865. Formerly resided near Sutherland.

Sprague, Charles W. Born October 2,1839, in Illinois; father, Isaac (born June 12, 1801, in Vermont), mother, Nancy Jaquith (born November 23, 1799). Married Emma Saylor. Is said to have been an old soldier, serving in the Union Army during War of the Rebellion. Settled in this county in 1885 at Paullina. Died February 28, 1901, and was buried at Princeton, Ill.

Sprague, Isaac. Born July 22, 1827, in Bennington, County, Vermont; father, Isaac (born June 12, 1801, at Winhall, Vt.), mother, Nancy Jaquith (born November 23, 1799, at Lynn, Mass.). Married Mary Kidder November 28, 1853; children: Hubert, Adell, Frank W., Fred K. and Jessie. Enlisted August 8, 1862, in Putnam County, Illinois, in Company B, Seventy-seventh Illinois Infantry; served as Sergeant; in battles of Fort Pickens, Black River, Champion Hill, Vicksburg; discharged for disability June 15, 1863, at Vicksburg. Settled in O’Brien County May 1, 1871, homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 34, Carroll Township. Died February 27, 1909, and was buried at Paullina, Iowa. Member of M. E. Church: mayor of Paullina 1886 and 1889.

Sprague, Tyler Edward.Residence. Alta, Iowa. Born December 21, 1845, at North Stratford, N. H. Father's name, Edward Sprague Jr. Born May 1, 1808, at East Randolph, Vt. Mother's name, Clarissa Tyler. Born January 30, 1813, at East Randolph, Vt. His wife's name was Charlotte A. Potter. Was married March 7, 1871. Children's names: Augustus P. Sprague, Tyer Edward Sprauge, Jr., Effie J.,Ira J., and Clara Sprague. Enlisted at Randolph, Vt., January 24, 1862, in Company G, Eighth Vermont, Second Brigade, Second Divison, Nineteenth Corps. Was in engagements as follows: Bishland, April 11, 1862; Port Hudson, from May 27 until July 9, 1862; taken prisoner at Bayou Des Allemands,La., September 4, 1862. Re-enlisted January 5, 1864. Discharged at Washington, D. C. June 28, 1865. Settled in O'Brien County, Iowa, April 1870; living on the southwest 1/4 section 22, Liberty Township. Member of S. A. Hulbert Post No. 82, Alta, Iowa.

Squire, William M. Resides at Esbon, Jewell County, Kansas; born March 24, 1833, at Lincolnshire, England; father, George (born January 19, 1779), mother, Elizabeth (born February 20, 1797). Married Lillie Brander October 29, 1856; children: Chester G., Frank G., Lottie E., Homer W. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Madison, Wis., in Company K, Twenty-third Wisconsin Infantry, First Brigade, Tenth Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; discharged January 6, 1864, on account of disability; re-enlisted February 2, 1865, in Company A, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry; served in battles of Vicksburg, Port Gibson, Champion’s Hill, New Orleans; injured at Vicksburg; discharged November 18, 1865, at St. Louis, Mo. Settled in O’Brien County, June 10, 1870; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 34, Highland Township. Member Christian Church and G. A. R.

Stansbury, Charles H. Resides at Orting, Wash.; born October 28, 1845, in New York City, a son of Erskine and Abby H. Stansbury. Married wife, Mahala J., in November, 1898; children: Helen B. and Howard E. Enlisted August 13, 1862, at Oconomowoc, Wis., in Company C, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged at Helena, Ark., April 14, 1863, on account of disability. Settled in O’Brien County in November, 1885, at Sanborn. Belongs to Griffith Post, G. A. R., at Eagle Grove, Iowa.

Stebbins, John. Formerly of Sanborn, was a member of the G. A. R. Post at that place, but his record is not shown by the Post books.

Steece, James. Born in 1822 in Ohio. Enlisted October 1,1861, in Company G, Fourth Ohio Cavalry; served as Sergeant; discharged January 29, 1862, for disability. Died January 3, 1898, and was buried at Soldiers’ Home, Marshalltown, Iowa. Formerly member of G. A. R. Post at Hartley about 1888.

Steelman, John W. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born February 7, 1843, at Springfield, Ohio; father, E. Ashton Steelman (born in New Jersey in 1815), mother, Margaret Cullen (born in 1813 in Ireland). Married Margaret J., his wife, April 15, 1898. Enlisted in July, 1861, in Company I, One Hundred and Tenth Ohio Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Third Corps; re-enlisted September 22, 1862, for three years; served in battles at Winchester, Antietam, Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg; wounded in left knee at battle of Sailor’s Creek; wounded in battle of Monocacy, Md., July 9, 1864; appointed Sergeant August 13, 1864; discharged on account of disability, wounds received in action May 30, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in March, 1902, residing at Sheldon. Past Commander McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Stephens, Henry C. Born in 1841 in Bradford County, Tennessee. Enlisted April 22, 1861, in Company I, Sixth Regiment P. R. V.C.; appointed Sergeant April 22, 1861; commissioned Second Lieutenant September 2,1863: discharged June 11, 1864. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Stephenson, Charles M. Resides in Spring Township, Cherokee County, Iowa; born June 10, 1839, in Ashtabula County, Ohio; father, Daniel D. (born at Lynn, Conn., May 12, 1794), mother, Maria Gibbs (born at Palmyra, N. Y., October 10, 1807). Married his wife, Arthella Kella, September 3, 1869; children: Theodore M., Otis A., Alonzo H., Martin L., Laura E. and John A. Enlisted July 25, 1862, in Oskaloosa, in Company E, Thirty-third Iowa Infantry; served in battles at Helena, Little Rock, Saline River, Mobile and others; discharged September 17, 1865, at New Orleans. Settled in O’Brien County at Old O’Brien, Waterman Township, in 1865; afterwards lived in Grant Township; homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 4, Grant Township. Served as County Sheriff 1866 and 1867.

Stevens, Philo. Born May 19, 1837, in Oneida County, New York; father, Matthias (born March 19, 1837), mother, Elizabeth David (born in Pennsylvania April 4, 1811). Married Julia High August 1, 1864. Enlisted August 19, 1862, in Muffin, Wis., in Company B, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged April 15, 1864, at Milwaukee on account of disability. Settled in county in May, 1871, Center Township. Died in October, 1872, and was buried in Center Township. Member of M. E. Church.

Stewart, James M. Settled in the county about 1876, residing on northwest 1/4 section 30, Liberty Township, which he homesteaded; was a soldier in the Union Army in Civil War, but his record has not been secured. Enlisted in 1861, in Company E, Twenty-third Illinois Infantry, Irish Brigade.

Stewart, Thomas G. Resides at Primghar; born July 3, 1823, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; father, William Stewart (born in Pennsylvania), mother, Mary Gravatt (born in New Jersey). Married Sarah J. Black March 27, 1845; children: William J., Samuel B., Mary J., G. W., John H., Clarinda, Isolina and Frances. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Vandalia, Iowa, as Corporal in Company G, Twenty-third Iowa, Second Brigade, Thirteenth Corps; served as Corporal; transferred September 4, 1864, to Invalid Corps; served in battles of Magnolia Church, Fort Gibson, Champion’s Hill, Black River Bridge; at last named battle was shot through both cheeks May 17, 1863; discharged while on duty at Washington, D. C., June 29, 1865; Company discharged July 26, 1865, at Harrisburg, Texas. Settled in O’Brien County in 1876, on section 28, Liberty Township. Member of S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R., at Primghar; his father was in Revolutionary War, serving nearly seven years; his son, William J. (next below), also served in an Iowa regiment.

Stewart, William J. Born February 5, 1846, at Pittsburg, Pa; father, Thomas G. (born July 3,1823, in Allegheny County, Pa.), mother, Sarah J. Black (born November 25, 1823, in Ireland). Married to Marsali G. Clark September 20, 1866; children: Mary Ellen, Albert L., Myrtle M. Enlisted July 16, 1863, at Newton, Iowa, in Company L, Ninth Iowa Cavalry, Seventh Corps, under General Banks; received a sunstroke while in service; discharged February 3, 1866, at Little Rock, Ark. Settled in O’Brien County March 11, 1871; homesteaded northwest 1/4 section 20, Liberty Township; later resided at Primghar where he is now a member of S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R., and Relief Corps. Father, Thomas G. (mentioned above), was a soldier in an Iowa regiment; grandfather, William Stewart, was a soldier in same war, Company I, Thirty-seventh Iowa Infantry, the Greybeard Regiment from Jasper County, Iowa. Great-grandfather was in Revolutionary War, serving six years and seven months.

Note: The photo on the right is from the front of a commemorative card, submitted by Colleen Boose.

Stockwell, J. H. Born February 28, 1828, in Canada. Married Hannah Farrand. Enlisted August 12, 1862, at Strawberry Point, Iowa, in Company D, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry; discharged for disability at Houston, Mo., December 15, 1862; re-enlisted September 10, 1864, in Company L, Sixth Iowa Cavalry; discharged October 17, 1865, at Sioux City. Settled in O’Brien County in 1881. Died May 8, 1905, and was buried at Sutherland. Was a member of G. A. R. Post at Sutherland.

Stokes, Samuel J. Resides at Freeport, Ill.; born December 22, 1843, at Chambersburg, Pa., a son of George and Ann Stokes, both of whom were born in England. Married his wife, Mary E., September 21, 1870; one child: Guy D. Enlisted October 6, 1864, at Adeline. Ogle County, Ill., in Battery K, Second Illinois Light Artillery; discharged July 14, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County April 6, 1881, at Sanborn. Member of Masonic Lodge and G. A. R. Post while in Sanborn.

Stone, J. F. Born March 25, 1837, at New Paris, Ohio. Married Josephine Griffith, who died in 1893; children: Lossa, Morton and Lyle; married Clara C. Goodyear September 9, 1895, by whom he had two children: Curtis and Alice. Enlisted October 1. 1861, at Marshalltown, Iowa, in Company H, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry; knee injured in service; discharged February 28, 1863, at St. Louis. Settled in O’Brien County in 1873; homesteaded southeast 1/4 section 8, Carroll Township; later resided at Sheldon. Member of G. A. R. Post at Sheldon. Died January 16, 1904, and was buried at Sheldon.

Stone, L. S. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Delhi, Iowa, in Company K, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry; enlisted as Wagoner; served as Corporal; promoted to Musician December 28, 1863; taken prisoner December 24, 1862, at Beaver Creek, Mo. paroled and transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps; discharged June 17, 1865. Resided on northwest ¼ section 18, Floyd Township. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R.. at Sheldon. Came to county about 1871.

Story, John I. Born 1843, at McHenry, Ill. Enlisted February 6, 1865, in Company I, One Hundred Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry; discharged January 21, 1866. Formerly resided at Hartley, where he was a member of the G. A. R. Post in 1888.

Stratton, William P. Born in 1843 in Illinois. Enlisted August 10, 1862, at Carlinville, Ill., in Company D, One Hundred Twenty-second Illinois Infantry; at time of enlistment his residence was given as Brighton, Ill.; discharged July 15, 1865, at Camp Butler, Ill. Formerly resided at Paullina, Iowa. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa. Settled in O'Brien County in 1883.

Streeter, Enoch R. Resides at Marshalltown, Iowa; born May 22, 1842, at Westfield, Pa.; father, Sheldon E. (born in Connecticut), mother, Harriet (born in New York). Married his wife, Artinza Ellen, February 18, 1872; children: Lulu, Clara May, Valorous G., William S., Octavia, Harriet N. Enlisted February 27, 1864, in Company D, Tenth New York Cavalry, Second Brigade, Second Division; his residence was then given as Rome, N. Y.; mustered in as saddler; served in battles of Spottsylvania, Whitehouse Landing, Cold Harbor, in front of Richmond; disabled in right elbow joint by fall from horse July 3,1864; discharged May 26, 1865, at Elmira, N. Y., on account of disability. Settled in O’Brien County in May, 1869; homesteaded southeast 1/4 section 14, Grant Township. Member of Masonic order since 1873.

Streeter, James. Resides in Waterman Township, post office Sutherland, O’Brien County, Iowa; born April 15, 1845, at Victory, Cayuga County, N. Y.; father, John (born at Elbridge, N. Y., in 1818), mother, Charity Ammersman (born at Ira, Cayuga County, N. Y.). Married Roxanna McNutt February 6, 1866; children, W. H., Annie M., Abner M., Ida M. Enlisted April 5, 1865, at Detroit, Mich., in Fourteenth Michigan Infantry; unassigned to any regiment; sent to hospital and discharged from service May 15, 1865, at Hart Island, New York Harbor. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871 in Grant Township. Member of I. O. O. F.

Strong, William N. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born January 28, 1840, at Whiting, Vt.; father, Harmon, and mother, Polly Needham (each born at Whiting, Vt., in 1798). Married Lucena D. Johnson July 4, 1869; children: Harmon A., Sherman F. Enlisted August 22, 1861, at Cleveland, Ohio, in Company C, Fourteenth Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery; appointed Corporal January 14, 1862; First Sergeant January 31, 1865; served in battles at Ft. Donelson, Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Resaca, Nashville, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain and others; his service included a second enlistment as a veteran; discharged August 11, 1865, at Camp Denison, Ohio. Settled in O’Brien County in 1874; been engaged in lumber business at Sheldon for many years; served as clerk of the District Court of O’Brien County in 1881 and 1882. Member of A. F. & A. M., Congregational Church and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Sutter, Henry. Born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania; father, Daniel (born in same county). Enlisted December 28, 1861, at Harrisburg, Pa., in Company D, Fifty-fourth Pennsylvania Infantry; wounded in left leg at Chancellorsville and also wounded at Head Grove; shot at Fisher’s Hill, Virginia; discharged January 30, 1865, at Harrisburg. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 14, Baker Township. Died April 30, 1903, and was buried in the National Cemetery in Springfield, Mo.

Sutter, Samuel G. Resides at Diamond, Mo.; born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, February 14, 1843; father, George (born in same county March 20, 1820), mother, Catherine Weimer Sutter. Married Catherine C. Hunter November 9, 1871; children: Beulah, George R., Thomas C. Enlisted at Dixon, Ill., August 12, 1862, in Company H, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry; transferred to Company F, First United States Veteran Volunteer Eng. July 1, 1864, at Chattanooga; served as Artificer; discharged June 27, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870, on northeast section 2, Baker Township. Member of M. E. Church; O. P. Morton Post, G. A. R., at Joplin, Mo., and I. 0. 0. F., at Diamond, Mo.

Sutton, Orville A. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born April 8, 1842, at Gilbert’s Mills, N. Y.; father, Himan (born September 7, 1794, at Bristol, Vt.), mother, Olive Scott (born January 8 1800. in New York state). Married Adalaide F. Putnam October 5, 1862; children: L. W., Olive M., C. D., J. L., D. D. and Addie H. Enlisted August 31, 1862, at Phoenix, N. Y., in Twenty-first Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery, Third Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; afterwards in the Nineteenth Army Corps; served in battles at Siege of Port Hudson, Spanish Fort and others; discharged September 8, 1865. Settled in Grant Township, this county, section 14, in March, 1872. Member of M. E. Church for forty-nine years; A. F. & A. M.; E. 0. C. Ord Post No. 219, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Tarr, Rufus. Born March 11, 1824, near Bangor, Maine; father, John (born in Maine September 26, 1777), mother, Mary Pettingill (born in Maine October 15, 1781). Married his wife, Sarah J. Bates, May 21, 1861; children: William K., Marian A., Harriet E., Herbert, Chester and Lucy. Enlisted November 16, 1864, at Waupaca, Wis., in Company E, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry; his residence at that time was Amherst, Wis.; served in two battles at Hatch’s Run; discharged February 7,1865. Settled in O’Brien County in April, 1888, at Hartley. Member of G. A. R. Died May 25, 1898, and was buried at Crystal Lake, Wis.

Taylor, Joseph W. Born 1844 in Jackson County, Iowa. Enlisted October 22, 1862, in Company K, Second Nebraska Cavalry; received gunshot wound at battle of White Stone Hills; discharged December 1, 1863. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Tenant, Joel W. Resides at Hartley, Iowa; born October 11, 1838, in Clinton County, New York; father, Amarest, and mother, Louisa (both born in New York state). Married Ella A. Dickerson August 17, 1864; children: M. L., Della, Lottie, Laura and Earl. Enlisted October, 1861, at Grand Rapids, Wis., in Company B, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry; re-enlisted February 6, 1865, in Company B, Forty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged September 27, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in O’Brien County in April, 1883, residing in Hartley. Member of James C. Taylor Post No. 172, G. A. R., at Algona, Iowa; member A. 0. U. W.

Terry, George. Born March 24, 1839, in Canada. Married Julia F. Ward October 25, 1864; children: Elmer and Lucy. En­listed August 29, 1862, at West Fairlee, Vt., in Company A, Fifteenth Vermont Infantry; mustered in October 22, 1862, at Brattleboro. Served in battle of Gettysburg and others; discharged at Brattleboro, Vt., August 5, 1863. Settled in O’Brien County in 1874 at Sheldon; first wife died in 1880; married to Mrs. B. A. Mills June 2, 1883. Member and trustee in M. E. Church. Died April 22, 1894, and was buried at Selma, California, where his widow now lives.

Thomas, James. Born July 28, 1843, in Jefferson County, New York; father, E. K., and mother, Emeline Brown (both born in New York). Married his wife, Elizabeth H., December 27, 1866; children: Lillie M., Laure E., Clara E., Cora A., Myrtle E., Maud B. Enlisted November 14, 1861, at Kingston, Wis., in Company C, Third Wisconsin Cavalry; re-enlisted as veteran to reorganize Company H, March 3, 1865; was wounded in left arm and side while in service; was sick at Milwaukee when discharged, June, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in fall of 1871; homesteaded in section 8, Baker Township; had tree claim in Carroll Township; removed to Sheldon in 1886. Died July 6, 1902, at Dexter, Iowa. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon and Congregational Church at Sheldon; later member of M. E. Church at Dexter, Iowa.

Thomas, John W. Born January 21, 1844, in Coles County, Ill.; father, Eli D. (born August 16, 1817), mother, Sarah Gaston (born November 16, 1820). Married Clara Arnold March 18, 1865; children: M. Odessa (Williams), E. Stephen, Edna G. (Tracy). Enlisted May 18, 1864, at Courtland, Company E, 142 Illinois Infantry; was continuously sick while in service; discharged October 26, 1864. Settled in O’Brien County 1882 at Hartley. Died February 15, 1900, and buried at Ocheydan, Iowa.

Thomas, Lewis D. Resides at Minneapolis, Minn. Born February 20, 1834, Utica, N. Y; father, Daniel (born September 8, 1808, at Newport), mother, Elizabeth Davis (born September 15, 1808, at Newport). Married Mary L. Stiles September 3, 1857; children: Ida I., Cora E., Mamie L., Reuben, Benjamin, Veva S. Enlisted August 6, 1862, Lebanon, Mo., Company L, Third Iowa Cavalry; on detached service at Hartsville and through to Little Rock; went to Memphis and in Wilson’s last raid at Atlanta; served at battles of Selma, Columbus and Macon; promoted Corporal May 28, 1863, but reduced to ranks at his own request, February 1, 1865; discharged August 9, 1865, at Atlanta, Ga. Settled in O’Brien County July 4, 1876, residing at Primghar and Sanborn. Charter member G. A. R. Post and Odd Fellow Lodge.

Thompson, John J. Born February 10, 1844, in Hendricks County, Indiana; a son of Daniel and Mary Griggs Thompson. Married Nancy Baughman November 9, 1865; children: Mary, Hiram, Latilla, Emma, Benjamin, Henrietta and Ora. Enlisted July 28, 1862, at Montezuma, Iowa, in Company B, Fortieth Iowa Infantry. Served in battles at Belmont, Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Siege Corinth, Resaca, Lay’s Ferry, Dallas, Iuka, Kenesaw, Marietta, Atlanta, Altoona, Savannah, Jonesboro, Bentonville, N. C.; promoted First Sergeant March 12, 1865; discharged August 2, 1865, at Fort Gibson, N. C. Settled in O’Brien County, 1894, Omega Township, later residing at Hartley. Died February 2, 1905, and buried at Hartley. Member G. A. R. Post; A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; Yeoman, and Rebekah. He was very proficient in Blue Lodge Masonry, being commissioned as lecturer and qualified to instruct by the Grand Lodge custodians.

Thornton, Milton. Born in Ohio, a son of James and Mary E. Thornton. Married Elizabeth Ward. Enlisted May 1, 1861, under name Milton Tifft in Company D, First Kentucky Infantry; re-enlisted under right name in Company E, One Hundred and Eighty-fifth Ohio Infantry; discharged July 18, 1864, at Covington, Ky. Settled in O’Brien County in 1876, residing in Center Township, and later at Sanborn. Died, and buried at Sanborn.

Tiffany, Herman. Born in New York state; a son of George and Mary Tiffany. Married Mabel Swailes in 1871; children: Hattie, James, William, Charles and Lillie. Enlisted September 30, 1861, at Madison, Wis., in Company K, Fourteenth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged January 30, 1865. Settled in county 1871; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 34, Highland Township. Died August 6, 1886, and buried at Esbon, Kan. Formerly member G. A. R. Post at Sutherland.

Tift, Claudius. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born March 27, 1817, in Madison County, New York; father, Reuben (born in Rhode Island), mother, Betsy Decolan (born December 25, 1829, in New Jersey). Married Mary E. Mullen May 9,1846; children: Mary F., Tena, Scott, Kate and Annie. Enlisted October, 1861, at Newport, Ky., as Lieutenant Company B, Twenty-third Kentucky Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Corps; promoted to Captain Company H, November 20, 1862; served in battles Stone River, Winchester, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and others; was wounded four times; discharged October 17, 1864, on account of injuries received in battle. Settled in O’Brien County in Center Township, March. 1871: later resided in Sanborn; Member I. O. O.F. Lodge, and Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn. He also served in the Mexican War, enlisting September 10, 1845, serving as Captain Company B, Third United States Light Artillery; discharged September 10, 1850.

Todd, John W. Born March 22, 1841, at Dubuque, Iowa; a son of Henry Todd, who was born in England. Married Louisa J. Crawford May 8, 1867; children: Fred E. and Edith M. Enlisted August 31. 1861. in Company H, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry; transferred December 12, 1863, to Company C, Twentieth Veteran Reserve Corps, serving as Corporal; wounded at South Mountain, Md.; discharged September 2, 1864, at Washington. Settled in O’Brien County, April 17, 1888, residing at Sanborn. Died November 25, 1907, and buried at Sanborn. Member Onyx Lodge No. 419, A. F. & A. M.; Coral Chapter No. 41, 0. E. S., and Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., at Sanborn.

Todd, Samuel S. Resides at Sutherland; born August 31, 1838, in Knox County, Ohio; father, William S. (born at Wheeling, W. Va.), mother, Margaret Stewart (born at Hagerstown, Md.). Married Melissa D. Rigby October 1, 1871; children: Margaret M., Florence B. Enlisted July 14, 1862, Mechanicsville, Iowa, in Company B, Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry; served in battles Grand Gulf, Magnolia Hill, Port Gibson, Champion’s Hill, Black River Bridge, Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Sabine Cross Roads, Yellow Bay, Winchester (Second), Cedar Creek, Fisher’s Hill; mustered out July 17, 1865, at Savannah, Ga., but paid off September, 1865, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in O’Brien County August 28, 1905; has resided in Iowa most of the time since 1864. Was formerly a Methodist minister; now a member of the church; member Masonic Lodge. He had three brothers in the Civil War: B. F., in an Illinois regiment; J. H., Deputy Provost Marshal, enlisted in Ohio Regiment. and George S., in Company B, Twenty-fourth Iowa.

Toothaker, Charles W. Resides at Palo Alto, Cal.; born May 13, 1846, at Danville, Iowa; father. Nathaniel E. (born Searsmont, Me., January 31, 1821), mother, Lucy L. (born same place, September 22, 1826). Married wife, Jennie, March 6, 1879: children: Nellie J., Alva Ray, Lucia May, Lottie Estella, Lillie Bella, Minnie Fern. Enlisted January 20, 1864, Lockridge, Iowa, in Company M, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, First Brigade, Fourth Division, Cavalry Corps of Georgia; was in fourteen engagements; knocked out for awhile near Vicksburg, Miss.; assisted the regiment during time of service in making more captures than there were men in the regiment at any time, including one hundred and forty-six Rebel officers, twenty-one pieces artillery, two thousand small arms, and one thousand horses and three battle flags; discharged August 8, 1865, at Atlanta, Ga. Settled in O’Brien County in the spring of 1871, living on northwest 1/4 section 12, Carroll Township.

Toreson, Peter. Enlisted August 15, 1863, at Ridgeway, Wis., in Company M, Third Wisconsin Cavalry; transferred to Company F, March 23, 1865; discharged May 16, 1865, on account of disability. Formerly resided at Primghar.

Treaster, Andrew J. Born 1842, in Stark County, Ohio. Enlisted November 27, 1861, in Company K, Sixty-eighth Ohio Infantry; discharged July 10, 1865. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Trulock, Thomas J. Resides at Primghar; born June 27, 1843, in Scott County, Indiana; father, Abraham (born in Virginia), mother Sophia Weaver (born in Kentucky). Married Mary Margaret Peacock December 25, 1872. Enlisted February 3, 1865, Company C, One Hundred and Forty-fifth Indiana Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Army of the Cumberland; discharged January 1, 1866, at Macon, Ga. Settled in O’Brien County April 1, 1883, southwest section 2, Dale Township.

Tuffree, Frank. Resides at Marshalltown, Iowa; born March 12, 1840, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; father, Joseph (born New Castle County, Delaware, February 10, 1810, and still living), mother, Mary Ann Woolston (born New Jersey, January 25, 1818). Married Euphemia Shryock March 4, 1866. Enlisted October 26, 1864, in Eden Township, Marshall County, Iowa, in Company H, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry; discharged July 21, 1865. Formerly member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon; he was paid of at Davenport with his regiment, August 1, 1865, but formally discharged at Louisville, KY; served in battle near Kingston and Raleigh; injured right ankle at Raleigh. Settled in O’Brien County June, 1878, residing in Floyd Township.

Tuttle, Daniel. who settled in this county about 1870, residing southwest 1/4 section 28, Liberty Township, where he had a government homestead, is said to have been a soldier in the Union Army in the War of the Rebellion.

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