Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer
1909, Primghar, IA
Prepared by Don Harrington

(N-R)  Neff through Ryan

Neff, Albert H. Born October 15, 1843, at Panama, Chautauqua County, New York; father, Lucius E. Neff (born September 9, 1812, at Holden, Mass.), mother, Susan S. Neff (born April 8, 1813, at Auburn, Mass.). Married Celesta Neff February 7, 1874. Enlisted July 17, 1861, at Westfield, N. Y., to serve three years, in Company G, Seventy-second New York Volunteer Infantry, Sickles’ Brigade, Hooker’s Division; served in battles at Stafford Court House, Williamsburg, Fair Oaks (seven days’ fight), Pittsburg Landing, Culpepper, Manassas, Harper’s Ferry. Settled in O’Brien County September 23, 1881, at Sheldon, Died October 14, 1908, at Sheldon. His wife died November 10, 1902, being a member of the W. R. C. at Sheldon.

Nelson, George. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born September I4, 1843, at Bristol, Wis.; father, Underhill Nelson (born in Maine, September 21, 1798), mother, Harriet (born in New York February 14, 1804). Wife, Ann Eliza. Married March 27, 1873; children; Elias B., Alma B., Beach H., Elva, Grace, Elizabeth, Berton and George W. Enlisted August 19, 1862, at Milford, Wis., in Company F, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry, First Brigade, First Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; served in battles Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson and others; discharged June 22, 1865, at Shreveport, La. Settled in O’Brien County June1871, Liberty Township. Member Masonic Lodge; I. O. O. F., and E. O. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Newell, William. Resides at Knoxville, Neb.; born August 7, 1844, at Springfield, Ill.; father, William, mother, Jane Archer. Married Mary J. Johnson January 18, 1868; children: William, George, Guy, Irving, Myrtle, Merle, Van. Enlisted August 20, 1864, Company I, Eleventh Minnesota Infantry; served principally in guarding railroads and bridges in Kentucky and Tennessee; discharged at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, January 26, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County 1867, residing in Grant Township. Member M. E. Church and G.A.R.

Nicodemus, George. Born February 17, 1831, Bedford County, Pennsylvania married Margaret Fouse, October 12, 1851; children: Susan, Mary, Sarah, Ida, Barbara, Adam, Edwin, John, Isaac. Enlisted March 7,1865, Company K, Fifteenth Illinois Infantry; discharged July 31, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Settled in O’Brien County, 1890, residing at Hartley. Died July 5, 1900, and buried at Hartley. Member Presbyterian Church and G. A. R. Post at Hartley.

Nott, Thomas B. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born February 10, 1841, Devonshire, England; father, Thomas (born in England, 1806), mother, Ann Lucy Bucknell (born Devonshire, England). Married Flora A. Kelley August 23, 1870; children: Fred S., Lewis, Charles, Ray J. and Frank. Enlisted August 25, 1864, Company H, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry, Third Brigade, First Division, Sixth Army Corps; served as Corporal; engaged in battle at Petersburg and others; in hospital at City Point three months with lung fever; discharged June 20, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in O’Brien County May, 1870, in Liberty Township. Member E. 0. C. Ord Post, G. A. R. at Sutherland.

Olinger, William. Born 1832. Enlisted February 23, 1865, Company D. One Hundred and Eighty-ninth Ohio Infantry: discharged September 28, 1865. Resided at Sheldon, where he was member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., about 1880.

Oliver, William. Born January 10, 1838, Clinton County, Ohio; a son of William and Lavina Nelson Oliver. Married Martha A. Kelly August 23, 1862; children: Arminta, E. J., Minnie A., 0. K., Emma M., Katie M., 0. W. and M. Belle. Enlisted September 6, 1862, Company I, One Hundred and First Indiana Infantry; served with Sherman in March to Sea; received severe bayonet wound December 1, 1864; discharged June 25, 1865, at Louisville, KY.; held rank as Sergeant. Settled in O’Brien County, June, 1873, Center Township. Died April 8, 1908, and buried at Primghar. Member M. E. Church since 1862; at one time member G. A. R. Post; County Supervisor 1879, and 1890 to 1892 inclusive.

Oppelt, William H. Resides at Aitkin, Minn.; born December 10, 1845, Tuscarora County, Ohio; father, Charles H. (born January 6, 1800, Canada), mother, Rachel S. Belling (born November, 1800, in Pennsylvania). Married Sarah E. King March 12, 1868; children: Virgie Z., Mabel C., Leslie V., Grace E., Glenn F., Ethel E., Clifford M., Clinton L., Frank, Halcyon A. Enlisted December 17, 1863, at Vinton, Iowa, in Company D, Twenty-eighth Iowa Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Thirteenth Army Corps, and Nineteenth Army Corps; served in battles at Sabine Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill, Middle Bayou, Cane River, Yellow Bayou, Alexandria, La.; discharged July 31, 1865, Savannah, Ga. Settled in O’Brien County, Lincoln Township, 1883; later residing at Hartley. Member General Sumner Post No. 65, G. A. R.. Department of Minnesota; belongs German Reform Church.

Osborn, Robert E. Resides at 511 Magnolia Avenue, Long Beach, Cal.; born February 16, 1832, Honesdale, Pa.; father, Woodruff (born near Elizabeth, New Jersey, February 17, 1803), mother, Susan C. Humes (born Newark, N. J., 1806). Married Prudence E. Falor November 1, 1855; children: Eva, Addie and Pearl C.; second marriage, March 14, 1898, to Mrs. S. A. Wilson. Enlisted October 8,1862, at Akron, Ohio, in Company K, Seventy-sixth Ohio Infantry as musician; served in battles at Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Jackson, Black River, Vicksburg, Nashville, Fort Fisher, Wilmington, Goldsboro, Raleigh, Gainsboro and at surrender of Johnson’s army; discharged August, 1863; re-enlisted August 4, 1863. Company G, One Hundred and Seventy-seventh Ohio Infantry as musician; discharged July 3,1865. Settled in O’Brien County June, 1871, homesteading northwest 1/4 section 14, Floyd Township: later residing at Sheldon. Member G. A. R. and W. R. C.

Owen, Chauncey F. Resides at Wolcott, Colorado; born October 26, 1843, DeKaIb County, Indiana; father, Jesse (born Oc­tober 9, 1809, Broome County, New York), mother, Lamy Kark (born June 14, 1814). Married Amanda Brown, April 7,1868; children: Fred B. and E. Claude. Enlisted April 27, 1864, Davenport, in Third Battery Iowa Artillery, Captain Lyon, Seventh Corps; on detached service at Little Rock, Ark., in office of Chief of Ordnance, Seventh Army Corps; discharged October 23, 1865, at Davenport. Settled in O’Brien County July, 1880, at Sanborn. Member Onyx Lodge No. 419, A. F. & A. M., at Sanborn; Chapter O. E. S.; M. W. A.; formerly postmaster at Sanborn and now postmaster at Wolcott, Colo.

Paisley, Robert. Resides in McLean County, North Dakota; born 1845 at Buffalo, N. Y.; father, Samuel (born 1819 in Scotland), mother, Mary Ann Deasing (born 1824 in Ireland). Married Catherine Arnold March 29, 1867; children: David A., William, Sadie, Carrie, Enid, Maggie. Enlisted May 29, 1864, Company E, One Hundred and Forty-second Illinois Infantry; served in various skirmishes with Forrest in Tennessee; discharged October 26, 1864, at Chicago, Illinois. Settled in O’Brien County May, 1884, in Hartley Township. Member Presbyterian Church and G. A. R. Post at Hartley.

Palen., David. Resides Fulda, Minn.; born December 7,1844, in Ulster County, New York; father, Silas (born same county May 26, 1821), mother, Martha (born same county January 31, 1826). Married wife, Polly, February 28, 1870; children: Martha, Alice, Silas, Lowell, Marian. Enlisted February 5, 1864, Sullivan County, New York, Company E, Eightieth New York Infantry; served in battle at Petersburg April 1, 1865; discharged January 29, 1866, at Portsmouth, Va. Settled in O’Brien County August, 1870, northwest ¼ section 12, Center Township. Member A. F. & A. M. No. 170, Fulda, and G. A. R. Post No. 42, Fulda, Minn.

Palen, Silas. Born May 26, 1821, in Ulster County, New York; father of David Palen, last above. Married wife, Martha, and had children as follows: Maria, H. D., John, C. H., Mary K., Sarah A., Ella, Lida, William, David. Enlisted September 25, 1861, Company E, Eightieth New York Infantry. Re­enlisted February 18, 1864, as Veteran; served in battles at North Ford, Sulphur Springs, Gainesville, Bull Run, Chantilly, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg; promoted Corporal December 1, 1864; discharged January 29, 1866, Portsmouth, Va. Settled in O’Brien County August, 1870; homesteaded northeast 1/4 section 12, Center Township. Belonged to G. A. R. Post at Hartley. Died August 17, 1901, and buried at Hartley, Iowa.

Pancoast, Israel. Born 1826, Fayette County, Ohio. Married Lydia Showalter January 22, 1850. Enlisted April 5, 1865, in Company K, One Hundred and Ninety-seventh Ohio Infantry; discharged July 31, 1865, at Camp Bradford, Md. Settled in O’Brien County in 1884. Died March 9, 1902, and buried at Everly, Iowa.

Parker, Edward W. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born 1845, Pittsburg, Pa.; father, B. C. (born in New York, 1819), mother, Nancy Patterson (born 1818, in Pittsburg). Married Gertrude Clark in 1903. Enlisted August 1, 1861, at Madison, Wis., in Company A, Seventh Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, First Brigade, First Division, First Army Corps; served in all battles along Rappahannock, Cedar Mountain, Gainesville, Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville. Brandy Station, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Siege of Petersburg, Mine Run; in Iron Brigade charge at Fitzhugh Crossing; prisoner at Gainesville; wounded at Gettysburg; discharged July 3, 1865, at Jeffersonville, Ind. Settled in O’Brien County in 1890, residing at Sutherland; originally settled in Cherokee County, Iowa, in 1865. Is a practicing physician. His brother, James W. Parker, was First Lieutenant in Company F, Thirty-first Wisconsin Infantry; Grandfather Patterson was in War of 1812; great-grandfather was in Revolutionary War.

Parkhurst Edmund F. Born June 16, 1845, at Guilford, Ill.; father, Edmond (born Dunstable Mass.), mother, Elmira Morse (born Westfield N. Y.). Married Annis J. Riddell, March 5, 1867; children: Sherman, Franklin, Frances and Margaret. Enlisted August 5, 1862, Company A, Seventy fourth Illinois Infantry; wounded in shoulder at Murfreesboro, serving in several other battles; discharged May 6, 1863, on account of wounds received in service. Settled in O’Brien County in 1871, residing at Sheldon. Was Representative from this district in the Twenty-second General Assembly of Iowa. Member Masonic and Elks orders. Died April 17, 1901, and buried at Salem, Ore.

Parks, James Jr. Resides at Sutherland Iowa; born August 10, 1841, in Knox County, Ohio; father, James (born March 4, 1809), mother, Christine Ely (born January 1, 1812, in Pennsylvania. First married January 28, 1864, to Martha W. Hilton; children Wentworth T., Byron D. second marriage to Elizabeth Clifton; children: Lucy May. Enlisted September 9, 1861, at Monroe, Wis., in Fifth Wisconsin Battery of Light Artillery, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Corps; served in battles at Island No. Ten, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Second Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Rocky Face, Kingston, New Hope Church, Big Shanty, Marietta, Chattanooga, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, March to the Sea, Goldsboro, N. C., and Grand Review at Washington; discharged at Madison, Wis., June 6,1865. Settled in O’Brien County March, 1887, at Sutherland. Member Christian Church; Masonic Lodge, including Chapter and Commandery, at Cherokee, Iowa; Eastern Star; I. 0. 0. F.; Rebekah Lodge; Commander E. 0. C. Ord Post No. 219, and member W. R. C. at Sutherland.

Partridge, Wallace. Resides at Woodburn, Ill.; born September 14, 1843; a son of James and Sarah Pendleton Partridge. Married Isabella G. Edington October 6, 1881; children: Winfred, Clarence, Harriet G., Herbert J., Perry, George and Frank. Enlisted April 17, 1861, Bunker Hill, Ill., Company F, Seventh Illinois Infantry, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Fifteenth Corps; battles at Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Altoona; wounded in leg at Corinth; served on March to Sea; discharged August 1, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1882, residing on section 2, Highland Township. Member Baptist Church.

Patterson, George. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born September 6, 1833, in Ohio, a son of George and Elizabeth Nolan Patterson. Married wife, Elizabeth O., April 19, 1857; children: Andrew, J. S., Felix, Louise, and Pamelia. Enlisted September 7, 1861, at Philadelphia Ohio, in Company A, Fifty-first Ohio Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Fourth Corps; served in battles at Murfreesboro, Stone River, Resaca, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Jonesboro, Big Shanty; shot in head and right leg; discharged November 16, 1864, at Columbus, Tenn. Settled in O’Brien County October 1, 1882, section 18, Floyd Township, later residing at Sheldon.

Peaker, Charles. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born October 18, 1846, at Pittsburg, Pa.; a son of Peter and Katherine Peaker. Married Eunice L. Morse October 20, 1866; children: Cora M., Minnie C., Frank E., Elsie R. Enlisted March 2, 1864, in Company G, Sixtythird Ohio; discharged July 8, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio. Settled in county, Waterman Township, 1870. Died and buried at Sutherland October 1, 1901. Member Christian Church; A. F. & A. M.; I. 0. 0. F., and E. 0. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Peanor, James H. Born 1839 in New York. Enlisted November 3,1861, while residing at Stevens Point, Wis., in Eighth Wisconsin Battery Light Artillery; discharged March 24. 1865. Settled in O’Brien County about 1890, on section 1, Omega Township. Member G. A. R. Post at Hartley.

Peasley, Bradford J. Resides at Primghar; born December 19, 1846, Crawford County, Pennsylvania; father, Rufus L. (born in New Hampshire May 5, 1815), mother, Matilda Lord. Married Rachel F. Bailey February 15, 1871; children: Jessie, Fred, Clarence, Edith, Rufus, Bert, Tip and Laura. Enlisted September 30, 1863, in Company M, Ninth Iowa Cavalry, serving as trumpeter; discharged February 3,1866, at Little Rock, Ark. Settled in county July, 1894, at Primghar; member S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R. Rufus Peasley served as drummer boy in Regular Army during Black Hawk War and Fife Major with the Twenty-third Iowa Infantry during War of Rebellion.

Peck, John H. Resides Grant Township, post office, Royal, Iowa; born May 16, 1843, Waukesha County, Wisconsin; father, Winthrop D. (born August 15, 1815, in New York), mother, Sarah A. (born January 29, 1816, in New Hampshire). Married to wife, Lewanna, January 16, 1868; children: Charles P., Tartus H., and Ida M. Enlisted May 3, 1864, at Keokuk in Company F, Forty-fifth Iowa Infantry; discharged September 16, 1864, at Keokuk. Settled in O’Brien County, 1882, residing on “Cedar Cliff Farm,” Grant Township. Member G. A. R. Post at Spencer, Iowa.

Peckham, G. F. Resides at 1811 F Street, Lincoln, Neb.; born April 11, 1843, Allegany County, New York; father William A. (born December 10, 1810, in New York), mother, Lydia M. Chapin (born August 25, 1819, in New York). Married Rosella Lyons February 7, 1866; children: Amine, William, Nellie, George, Cornelia, Eva, John and Ralph. Enlisted September 24, 1861, at Madison, Wis., in Company C, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade, First Division, Thirteenth Corps; served as wagoner; engaged in battles at Peach Orchard, Cash Creek, Ark.; Vicksburg, Jackson and Mobile; discharged September 4, 1865, at Mobile, Ala. Settled in O’Brien County October, 1879, at Sanborn. Member Farragut Post No. 25, G. A. R., Department of Nebraska.

Peden, James. Sheldon, Iowa; born December 29, 1830, in Gallia County, Ohio; father, Samuel (born Pittsburg), mother, Mary Lewis (born same place). Married Eliza Everett November 3, 1853; children: Orrin, Allen, Mary, Eliza, Fannie, James, Eli, Arthur, Joseph, Charles. Enlisted August 17, 1861, in Company E, Third Iowa Cavalry; served at Tupelo, Little Rock, Selma, Columbus; promoted Third Corporal January 1, 1864; re-enlisted as Veteran January 1, 1864; discharged August 19, 1865, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in O'Brien county September, 1904. Has been resident of Iowa sixty-three years.

Perkins, Francis M. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born June 14, 1839, Genesee, N. Y.; father, A. P. (born September 5,1800, in Vermont), mother, Sarah Wonsey (born in New York). Married Sarah S. Roberts December 7, 1868; children: Claribel, Dora M., Kate I., Mabel M., Frank H., Walter R. Enlisted September 3, 1861, at Grand Rapids, Mich., in Company E, Second Michigan Cavalry, Cavalry Corps, Army of Cumberland; served in battles Boonville, Corinth, Perryville, Chickamauga, Mossy Creek; wounded and taken prisoner October 30, 1864, near Florence, Ala; kept in prison at Cahawba, Ala., until close of war; survivor of Sultana disaster April 27, 1865; promoted Corporal November 10, 1863; re-enlisted January 5, 1864; made Sergeant March 1, 1864; discharged June 27, 1865, at Detroit, Mich. Settled in O’Brien County November 25, 1892, at Sheldon.

Perry, J. I. Born June 6, 1837, at Niles, Mich.; father, Titus E. (born at Lenox, Mass.), mother, Phoebe Jodbin (born Lenox, Mass., 1815). Married Miranda V. Warner, 1861; children:  Albert and Luena. Enlisted September 3, 1863, at Berlin, Wis., in Company D, First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery; discharged June 30, 1865, at New Orleans. Settled in O’Brien County about 1893, having homesteaded in Osceola County in 1881. Resided at Sanborn, in this county. Died August 14, 1901, and buried in Osceola County. Member M. B. Church and Kenyon Post, G. A. R., Sanborn.

Pfitzenmaier, George P. Enlisted July 10, 1861, Company C, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry; wounded at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps January 5, 1864; discharged May 15, 1865. Formerly resided in Center Township, southeast 1/4 section 26. Died April 15, 1871.

Philby, Enoch. Post office, Sheldon; born March 26, 1841, in Franklin County, Indiania; a son of J. J. and Sidney Ann Lyons Philby. Married wife, Martha, December, 1872; children: Enos W., Nevada, E. L. and W. E. Enlisted October 26, 1861, at Winterset, Iowa, Company I, Fourth Iowa Cavalry; discharged April 13, 1862, at Springfield, Mo., on account of disability. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870, homesteading northwest 1/4 section 10, township 95, range 42. Resided in same place thirty-nine years.

Philby, J. J. Born in Virginia. Married Sidney Lyons; children as follows: John, Enoch, Green, Sarah, Melissa, Alex., James, Lucinda, Walker. Enlisted October 26, 1861, at Winterset, Iowa. in Company I, Fourth Iowa Cavalry; discharged June 20. 1862, at Batesville, Ark., on account of disability. Settled in Baker Township, O’Brien County, 1889. Died January 16, 1892. He was father of Enoch Philby, last above, father and son serving in same company.

Pool, Silas. Said to have been a soldier in the Union Army, serving in the War of the Rebellion. Settled in this county in 1871, on northeast 1/4 section 26, Carroll Township. He married a daughter of John Sheets, who lived on section 14, same township.

Pool, Ira G. Resides at 2531 Jackson Street, Minneapolis; born July 28, 1844, at Clymer, N. Y.; father, John (born November 18, 1808), mother, Adaline A. (born November 14, 1818); father’s nativity was New York; mother’s, Connecticut. Married wife, Christie, August 4, 1880; children: Leonard J., John E., Sarah E., Luella M., Edward, Ira G., Harry R. Enlisted February 12, 1864, at Monroe, Wis., in Company M, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry, serving as Corporal; transferred to Company B, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry, August 23, 1865; also served as sergeant; participated in Siege of Mobile; discharged May 28, 1866, at Brownsville, Texas. Settled in O’Brien County November, 1879, residing at Sanborn. Member William Downs Post No. 68, G. A. R.. and I. 0. O. F.

Powers, Ai Seeley. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born June 20, 1835, in Lorain County, Ohio; father, Samuel (born April 6, 1803, in Vermont), mother, Lydia Powers. Married Emeline Chase, December 13, 1857: children: Gertrude, Nettie, Lydia, Fred, Frank and Harry. Enlisted August 11, 1862, in Medina County, Ohio. in Company B, One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry, General Hazen’s Division of the Fourth Corps; served in battles as follows: Franklin, Nashville, Chattanooga and others; discharged June 9,1865, at Cleveland, Ohio; resided in O’Brien County since 1888, at Sheldon. Member Christian Church and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Pratt, David W. A son of Jonah and Hannah Spencer Pratt. Married Sarah Hall May 30, 1867; children: Harry, Frank, Fred, Herbert, Clay. Enlisted September 4, 1861, at Monroe, Wis., his residence being Mount Pleasant, in Fifth Wisconsin Battery of Light Artillery, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Corps; re-enlisted at expiration of his term, serving as veteran; participated in battles at Island No. 10, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Rocky Face, Kingston. New Hope Church, Ackworth, Big Shanty, Pine Mountain, Marietta, Chattanooga, Peach Orchard, Atlanta, Jonesboro and on March to the Sea; discharged June 6, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled at Sutherland in the early 80s. Died December 6, 1904, and buried at Monroe, Wis. Member M. E. Church; A. F. & A. M.; Eastern Star; E. 0. C. Ord Post No. 219, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Pratt, R. G. Born 1839 in Maine. Enlisted December 14, 1863, at Allamakee County, Iowa, in Company B, Twelfth Iowa Infantry; discharged January 25, 1866, at Davenport, Iowa. Member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn.

Pringle, Caleb. Born 1839 in Pennsylvania. Enlisted November 4, 1861, Company G, Fifty-second Pennsylvania Infantry; discharged November 5, 1864, at expiration of term. Formerly resided at Sanborn, where he was member Kenyon Post, G. A. R.

Protexter, John G. Resides at Sibley, Iowa; born September 7, 1834, at Gleiberg, Germany; father, Adam (born August 10, 1812, in Germany), mother, Catharina Ehler (born in Ger­many). Married Charlotte Ehrke, June 20, 1857; children: George, John, William, Henry, Walter, Daniel, Ellen and Flora. Enlisted September 29, 1864, at Davis, Ill., in Company D, Twelfth Illinois Infantry, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Fifteenth Corps; served in battle of Atlanta; injured and returned to accompany new recruits to the front; discharged June 3, 1865, at Washington, D. C. Settled at Sanborn April 10, 1881, later living at Sheldon. Member M. E. Church, BcKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., Sheldon, and later a member of G. A. R. Post at Sibley. Wife is member W. R. C., at Sibley.

Pruyn, Henry. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born 1845, Oswego County, New York; a son of Daniel and Mary Ann Pruyn. Married Mary Frances Freeman October 23, 1867; children: Howard F., Jessie M. Enlisted February 24, 1864, at Baraboo, Wis., Company L, Third Wisconsin Cavalry; served in engagements near Fort Gibson, Ark., and Fort Lamed, Kan.; was ruptured in service; discharged November 24, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled at Sanborn in 1884. Member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn, and I. 0. 0. F.

Pumphrey, John R. Born 1846 at Fairview, Guernsey County, Ohio; his father bore the same given name and his mother’s maiden name was Mary Elizabeth Bradshaw. He married his wife, Nellie Chrysler, May 9, 1872; children: Mary E. Eugene R.. William and Maud. Enlisted in 1863 at Wheeling, W. Va., in First West Virginia Light Artillery; discharged at Wheeling June, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1869, northeast ¼ section 24, Liberty Township. Afterwards he removed to Primghar and still later to Sanborn; was in banking business at Primghar; was County Treasurer, 1870 to 1875. He was also engaged in mercantile business at Sanborn and Primghar. He died February 13, 1909, and is buried at Soldiers’ Home, Marshalltown, Iowa.

Pursel, William. Born August 29, 1831, at Crawfordsville, Ind.; father, Basil (born in Madison County, Kentucky), mother, Ann Nicholson (born in Ross County, Ohio). Wife, Jane Sturman; children: Ada, Jessie, Kate, Georgie and Imogen. Enlisted at Winterset, Iowa, June 10, 1861, Company D, First Iowa Cavalry; transferred October 1, 1861, to First United States Lancers and promoted to Captain Company I, Fourth Iowa Cavalry November 16, 1861; served in battles at Jackson, Champion Hill, Vicksburg, Guntown, Tupelo, Selma, Montgomery, Pea Ridge, Chancellorsville; resigned as Captain October 26, 1864, on surgeon’s certificate of disability; discharged April 10, 1865, at Atlanta, Ga. Settled in O’Brien County April 15, 1871, northeast 1/4 section 4, Baker Township. Died January 17, 1909, and buried at Minneapolis, Kan. He was a member of Minneapolis Lodge No. 143, A. F. & A. M., and Kenesaw Post No. 43, G. A. R., at Minneapolis, Kan. Served as Clerk of District Court, Madison County, Iowa, while he lived in that county.

Reager, J. H. Born 1847 in Indiana; father born in Virginia and mother in Indiana. Enlisted January 21, 1864, while residing in Center Township, Madison County, Iowa, in Company D, Second Iowa Infantry; promoted Corporal January 1, 1865; discharged July 12, 1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1885, residing at Sutherland. Member E. O. C. Ord Post at Sutherland.

Redman Hiram W. Resides at Cherokee, Iowa; born at Ypsilanti, Mich. Married Violet Watkin February 9, 1873; children: Myrte I., Edith M., Henry W., Pearl M., Jessie A. Enlisted March 24, 1864, Waushara County, Wisconsin, in Company D, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry, but transferred to Company E, Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry, First Brigade, First Division, Ninth Army Corps, April 28, 1864; served at Petersburg, blowing up mine, and at capture of Petersburg; served as one of the guards of the assassin of President Lincoln; discharged July 24, 1865, at Washington. Settled in O’Brien County in 1878, in Liberty Township; later resided in Waterman Township.

Regan, Joseph W. Resides at Sibley, Iowa; born August 29, 1843, Johnson County, Indiana; father, Samuel H. (born October 1,1813, in Ohio), mother, Ruth Cook (born November 13, 1815, in Ohio). Married first wife, Mary F., July 1, 1874; children as follows: Samuel H., Cecelia E., Nellie J., Amos B., Frances L.; married second wife, Harriet, May 21, 1901. Enlisted August 12, 1862, at Mooresville, Ind., in Company D, Seventieth Indiana Infantry, First brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps; served in battles at Russelville, through Atlanta Campaign and with Sherman on March to Sea, through Carolinas to Washington; discharged June 8,1865, at Washington, D. C. Settled in O’Brien County, September, 1881, at Sheldon. Belongs to Friends’ Church and G. A. R. Post at Sibley. Was a charter member of McKenzie Post, Sheldon.

Remington, Newman. Born January 8, 1842, Oswego, N. Y.; father, Solomon (born in New York), mother, Mary Ostrander (born in New York). Married E. M. Himebaugh September 18, 1869; one child: Merton C. Enlisted at Monticello, Iowa, August 19, 1861, in Company D, Ninth Iowa Infantry, First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps; served in battles at Pea Ridge, Arkansas Post, Jackson, Vicksburg, Cherokee, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Resaca, Dallas, New Hope, Big Shanty, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy and Columbia; discharged at Louisville, Ky., January 3, 1864. Settled in O’Brien County March 1871 residing on section 6, Grant Township Died February 15, 1906, and buried at Troy Mills, Iowa. Member M. E. Church; G. A. R.; I. 0. 0. F.; Rebekah Lodge, and I. 0. G. T. Re-enlisted January 23, 1864, and discharged at Louisville Ky., July 18, 1865.

Renville, Julius. Enlisted August 11, 1862, in Company F, Eighty-eighth Illinois Infantry; discharged June 11, 1865; settled in O’Brien County about 1881. Member E. 0. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., at Sutherland.

Renville, Louis. Born March 7, 1834, Naperville, Canada; father, Louis (born in Canada, 1810), mother, Amelia (born in Canada, 1816). Married his wife, May, 1871; one child born, but died in infancy. Enlisted August 8,1862, in Company K, Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry; November 9, 1863, transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps; discharged October, 1864, at Vicksburg, Miss. Settled in Grant Township about 1881. Died January 24, 1899.

Renville, Napoleon. Born September 22, 1844, Naperville, Can­ada; father, Louis (born 1810, in Canada), mother, Amelia Reugnier (born 1816, in Canada). Married Adelle Pouton August, 1872; children: Jennie and Oregenia O. Enlisted August 8, 1862, at Loda, Ill., in Company K, Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry; was disabled at Siege of Vicksburg, through loss of an arm; discharged August 15, 1864, on account of wounds. Settled in O’Brien County September, 1881, in Grant Township. Died February 13, 1892, and buried at Trimello, Clay County, Iowa. Member Catholic Church and E. O. C. Ord Post, G. A. R., at Sutherland,

Renville, Nicholas. Born April 24, 1836, Naperville, Canada; father, Louis (born 1810, in Canada), mother, Amelia Reugnier (born 1816, in Canada). Married Margaret Duton in 1883; five children. Enlisted August 8, 1862, in Company K, Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry; lost one eye in service; discharged May 23, 1865, at Vicksburg, Miss. Settled in O’Brien County in 1881. Died in 1905, and buried at Kanakakee, Ill.

Rerick, Isaac L. Resides at Primghar, Iowa; born May 4, 1834, in Indiana; father, Henry (born 1804, in New York), mother Julia Ann Lamb (born in Ohio, 1807). Married Samantha Clark March 22, 1867; children: Henry, Manford, Ida, Belle, Mary, Dora, Bertha, Ross. Enlisted as Corporal September 28, 1861, at Vandalia, Iowa, in Company E, Fourteenth Iowa Infantry, Third Brigade, Second Division, Sixteenth Army Corps; wounded April 9, 1864, at Pleasant Hill, La. The injury was in left shoulder and very severe; served in battles at Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Tupelo, Meridian, Jackson, Pilot Knob, Fort de Russy; captured April 6, 1862, at Shiloh; in prison at Macon, Ga., fifty-two days; discharged December 12,1864, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in O’Brien County, March 6,1871, in Liberty Township; later resided at Paullina and then Primghar. Member M. E. Church; S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R. Grandfather Rerick was in War of 1812. Comrade Rerick served as Recorder of O’Brien County for four years, 1899 to 1902; was Mayor of Paullina, 1883; County Supervisor, 1872.

Rhinehart, William. Enlisted January 7, 1862, in Company M, Second Iowa Cavalry; served as Sergeant; discharged March, 1865. Member E. O. C. Ord Post, at Sutherland, about 1884.

Rich, Peter. Resides at Somerville, Tenn.; born 1844 in Lake County, Illinois; father, David (born 1814 in Vermont) mother, Maria (born in Vermont. in 1817) First wife, Maggie E. was married in 1870; children: Guy W., Ralph D., Edith, Judson J., Charles, Harry; second marriage was to Ella F. Donelly, November 24, 1887; children: Delbert, Ray, Peter and Albert. Enlisted at Chicago February 10, 1861, in Company C, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry; served in battles at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Vicksburg and Fort Blakely; discharged May 15, 1866, as Sergeant. at Springfield, Ill. Settled in O’Brien County March, 1883, residing at Paullina

Richardson, Jonathan. Born at Chazy, N. Y. Enlisted January 14, 1862, at Avoca, in Company I, Nineteenth Wisconsin Infantry; served as Sergeant; discharged April 29, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in county in 1870, section 22, Highland Township. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Rickey, Jasper H. Born 1845 in Indiana. Enlisted October 11, 1861, at Marshalltown, Iowa, in Company H, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry; discharged March 5, 1863, at Providence,La., and re-enlisted August 5, 1863, in Company I, Eighth Iowa Cavalry; discharged August 26, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Settled in O’Brien County about 1880, residing at Sanborn. Member Kenyon Post. G. A. R., at Sanborn

Riddell, Eugene. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born September 4, 1847, in Boone County, Illinois; father, William O. (born Chautauqua County, New York, 1819), mother, Caroline Wilcox (born in New York, 1828). Married Nellie Fitzmorris in 1873; children: Mae and Gertrude. Enlisted May 2, 1864, in Cherry Valley, Illinois, in Company E, One Hundred and Forty-first Illinois Infantry; discharged October 10,1864, at Camp Fry, Chicago. Settled in Sheldon, 1882. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Rider, Joseph. Born 1842 in Stark County, Ohio; parents born in Virginia. Enlisted April 8, 1865, in Company K, Fourteenth Illinois Infantry, as re-organized; discharged September 16, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Formerly resided at Sheldon and a member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G.A.R.

Riley, William H. Born January 16, 1827, Shelby County, Illinois; father, Jonathan Riley (born in Kentucky). First married Julia Ann Crow; October 15, 1855, he married Nancy E. Anderson; children: Julia, Nancy, Lincoln, Lucia, George, Mary. Enlisted July 5, 1861, in Company C, Thirty-fifth Illinois Infantry; wounded in right knee at Chickamauga; discharged September 27, 1864, at Springfield, Ill. Member of Baptist Church and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon. Died July 21, 1897, and buried at Soldiers’ Home at Leavenworth, Kansas.

Rinker, Wallace E. Born in Ogle County, Illinois, a son of Elijah and Judith Drumond Rinker. Married Margaret Sutter; children: Luella M., George, Charles, Andrew. Enlisted at Willow Grove, Ill. (his residence then being at Ogle) on December 26, 1863, in Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry; he was not assigned to any company in this regiment, but was transferred to Company K, Eighty-ninth Illinois Infantry, and later to Company L, Fifty-ninth Illinois Infantry; discharged June 18, 1865, at Chicago. Settled in O’Brien County in 1870, on southwest 1/4 section 2, Baker Township. Member of Evangelical Church. Died February, 1881, and buried at Stanton, Kansas.

Roberts, James. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born September 13, 1843, in Mercer County, Pennsylvania; father, Thomas (born in same county October 29, 1803); mother, Lenna Waters (born in same county in 1806). Married Clarissa Lauretta Winchester October 4, 1874. Enlisted May 29, 1862, at Warren, Ohio, in Company C, Eighty-fourth Ohio Infantry; was wounded in right ankle in the service; discharged September 20, 1862, at Camp Delaware, Ohio. Settled in Waterman Township in O’Brien County in 1871, being one of the original owners of the town site of Primghar, platted in 1872; later he removed to Carroll Township and then Sheldon. Member of M. E. Church, McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R. and W. R. C.

Robinson, Alanson Clark. Resides at Hardingrove, S. D.; born August 12, 1838, in Geneva, N. Y.; father, Nathan (born March 19,1793,at Ontario, N.Y.), mother, Polly Booth (born December 28, 1798, same place). Married Amelia Durffie in 1863; children: Nellie and Mrs. Cora Yeoman. Enlisted October 8, 1864, at Rochester, Minn., in Company H, First Minnesota Heavy Artillery; served as Sergeant; contracted rheumatism and heart trouble in service; discharged October 9, 1865, at St. Paul. Settled in O’Brien County in Grant Town­ship in 1878 and afterwards resided at Hartley. Member of G. A. R. Post at Hartley.

Roden, Henry. Formerly resided at Sanborn and is said to have been a soldier in the Union Army in the War of the Rebellion. When last heard of was living in Colorado. His wife, Marie Roden, lives at Appleton, Wis.

Royce, Edwin Y. Born June 3, 1825, at Berkshire, N. Y., son of Deodatus and Emily Royce. Married first wife, Sophia B., in April, 1853; second wife, Susan B., married May 23, 1871; children: Frank B., Addison, Margery C. and William. Enlisted at Stevens Point, Wis., February 18, 1862, in Eighth Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery; discharged September 18, 1862, at Madison, Wis., on account of disability. Settled in O’Brien County in 1883 at Sheldon. Member of McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon. and served as Mayor of Sheldon, 1894 and 1895. Died January 27, 1907.

Rutherford, George W. Born 1830 in Indiana. Enlisted August 8, 1862, at Camp Macon, Ill. (his residence being Decatur), in Company B, One Hundred Sixteenth Illinois Infantry; discharged June 7,1865. Settled in O’Brien County in 1873.

Ryan, Thomas. Entered service at Canton, Minn., January 5, 1865, in Company H, Fourth Minnesota Infantry, First Brigade, Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps; discharged at Louisville, Ky.. July 19, 1865. Formerly resided at Sheldon.

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