Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer
1909, Primghar, IA
Prepared by Don Harrington

(C-D)  Campbell though Durgin    

Campbell, Benj. F. Resides Waterman Township, O�Brien County, at Old O�Brien; born September 12, 1845, Huntington, Ohio; father, William Campbell (born in Scotland), mother (born Pittsburg, Pa.). Wife, Mattie; children: Mae, Howard, Carl, Glen. Enlisted January 4, 1864, in Company H, Sixty-seventh Ohio Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Tenth Army Corps; served in battles at Chester Station, Deep Bottom, Chapins Farm, Fort Gregg, Petersburg, Appomattox and was at Lee�s surrender; discharged December 7, 1865, City Point, Va. Settled at Old O�Brien in 1907. Member Custer Post, G. A. R.

Campbell, John W. Resides Primghar; born June 1, 1840, at Barnesville, Ohio; father, Samuel (born Guernsey County, Ohio, 1809) mother, Matilda A. Mead (born Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in 1814). Married Eliza E. Lyles November 24, 1864; children: Oscar L., Samuel H., Anna M. (Robinson), and Martha J. (Powers). Enlisted November 12, 1863, at Erie, Pa., in Captain Eaton�s Company of Emergency State Militia, Departmental Corps of Monongahela Volunteers, under command of General Brooks; discharged March 26, 1864. Settled in O�Brien County March, 1892, at Primghar. Member S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R., at Primghar.

Canfield, Asa G. Born in 1846, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Enlisted August 31, 1864, in Company K, One Hundred and Seventy-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry; discharged June 24, 1865, at Greensboro, N. C. Resided in Floyd Township, O�Brien County, and member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa, in 1889.

Canfield, Luther H. Resides Sanborn, Iowa; born April 24, 1833, at Ashtabula County, Ohio; father Acel Canfield (born Montpelier, Vt., 1805), mother, Sylvia M. (born Ashtabula County. Ohio, 1812). Married his wife, Charlotte Ann, July 29, 1860; children: Pearl, Francoise, Edward, Almon and Arthur. Enlisted August 14, 1861, at Ashtabula, Ohio, in Company A, Twenty-ninth Ohio Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division; transferred to Regimental Band September 20, 1861; First Drummer Regimental Band; served at Winchester, Culpepper Court House, Shenandoah Valley, Nashville, Guard on L. & N. R. R.; lost right ear and had right eye injured. Five generations of his family have served in every war in which the United States has been engaged. Discharged July 2,1862, at Galveston, Texas. Settled in O�Brien County March, 1881. Member Methodist Church, Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., at Sanborn. He had four brothers and three brothers-in-law in the Civil War.

Carmen, Andrew. Lives at Cherokee, Iowa. Born February 16, 1835, Green County, N. Y.; father, Nathan (born March 1784, at Hempstead, L. I.), mother, Mary Gaibbard (born April 30, 1789, at Bristol, R. I.). Married to Emaline Graves November 20, 1866; one step-daughter, Mrs. Emma Wellman. Enlisted October 31, 1864, at Grinnell, Iowa, Company C, Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry; discharged July 17, 1865, Savannah, Ga. Settled in O�Brien County, southeast 1/4 section 6, Dale Township, fall of 1871. Member Lutheran Church and Custer Post, G. A. R.

Carmichael, Solomon E. Born 1826 in North Carolina. Children John A., Charles, James, Eva, Mary and Lydia. Enlist August 4, 1862, at Chariton, Iowa, in Company K, Thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry; discharged May 23, 1863, at Brenton Barracks, Mo. Settled in the county in 1878, Grant Township. Died March 11, 1898, and buried at Primghar. Member S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., Primghar.

Carpenter, Thomas B. Born 1836 in Maine. Enlisted August 2, 1862, in Company K, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry; made Corporal and Sergeant; discharged July 14, 1865. Settled at Hartley in this county and member G. A. R. Post at that place about 1880.

Carroll, Hugh Erwin. Born May 24, 1830, at Scranton, Pa.; son of George and Lydia Carroll. Married Mary Barrett August 24, 1895. Enlisted September 16, 1864, at Caledonia N. Y in Company K, Fifteenth New York Engineer Corps; participated in battle Wilderness and wounded in leg and back served as private artificer from December 24, 1864; discharged June 13, 1865, at Fort Barry, Va. Settled in county 1880 at Sanborn. Died April 11, 1904. Member Methodist Episcopal Church: I. O. O. F. Lodge, and G. A. R. Post at Sanborn.

Carson, J. W. Born 1833, Bolivar, N. Y. Enlisted December 15, 1863, Company K, Second Wisconsin Cavalry; discharged May 15, 1865. Member McKenzie Post No 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon, Iowa.

Carter, Samuel A. Resides at Ash Creek, Minn; born February 16, 1846, at Windsor, N. Y.; father, H. W. Carter (born at Lynn, Mass., 1803), mother, Nancy English (born Dutchess County, N. Y., 1803). Married to Sarah Drake December 20, 1866; children: Frank A., Fred L., Lillian (Winter), Charles. Enlisted August 22, 1862, Osage, Iowa, in Company K, Twenty-seventh Iowa, Second Brigade, Third Division, Sixteenth Corps; battles, Jackson, Corinth, Holly Springs, Little Rock, Tupelo, Old Town Creek; crossed Mississippi with Sherman, Red River Expedition with Banks, and with Price near Kansas City, Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., Fort Blakely and Mobile; promoted Corporal June 17, 1865; discharged August 18, 1865, at Clinton, Iowa. Settled at Primghar in 1889. Member Congregational Church; Masonic Lodge; Royal Arch Masons; Knights Templar; A. A. 0. N. M. S.; Washburn Post No. 10, G. A. R., Egan, S. D. Mayor of Primghar 1892 and Sheriff of O�Brien County four years.

Casey, John M. Born July 19, 1825, in Ohio. Married Melinda Saylor November 11, 1856; children: M. J., E. C., G. F., W.H.Enlisted August 9, 1862, at Iowa City, Company A, Twenty-second Iowa, First Brigade, First Division; served in about twenty battles, sieges and skirmishes; discharged at Davenport August 3,1865. Settled in O�Brien County spring of 1869, northeast 1/4 section 32 Highland. Died May 12, 1902; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Cherokee, Iowa. Member Methodist Episcopal Church since childhood; Custer Post No. 25, G. A. R.

Castledine, William. Born May 27, 1827, Lincolnshire England, father Samuel (born England, 1794), mother born in England, 1804. Married first to Hannah Gadd in 1854; children: Anna M., and W. S.; second marriage to Anna Nichols; no children. Enlisted August 14, 1862, at Walworth, near Elkhorn, Wis., Company K, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry, and transferred to Company F, Twelfth United States Infantry January 28, 1863; served at Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna River, Bristow�s Station, Laurel Hill, Bethesda Church, Petersburg, Weldon R. R., People�s Farm and Chapel House; discharged August 14, 1865, at Richmond, Va. Settled in county April, 1887, residing at Primghar. Died January 7, 1897, and buried at Primghar. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., at Primghar.

Chandler, Charles E. Resides at Soldier�s Home, California. Born March 29, 1836, at Avon, Maine; father, Addison (born at Concord, N. H.), mother, Mary Sweet (born at Strong, Maine). Married Susan M. Edwards; children: Lavina and Leroy L. Enlisted July 1, 1861, Marion, Iowa, Company A, Sixth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, Army of Tennessee; promoted to Fourth Corporal January 1, 1864; re-enlisted January 26, 1864; promoted to Fifth Sergeant April 30, 1865; battles: Athens, Mo., Shiloh, Coldwater, Miss., Black River, Miss., Siege Jackson, Missionary Ridge, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Siege Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy, Atlanta, Columbia, S. C.. Bentonville, S. C.; discharged July 21, 1865, Louisville, Ky. Settled in O�Brien County April, 1869, residing in east ½ northeast 1/4 section 32 Center, and east ½ southeast 1/4 section 24 Grant Township. Member Hiawatha Post, G. A. R., in Kansas; Commander Gordon Grange Post Orange, Cal., in 1888; member Stanton Post No. 55, Los Angeles.

Chapman, Dewitt C. Resides at Primghar; born February 12, 1826 in Medina County, Ohio; father, Cyrus (born at Cavendish, Vt., 1789) mother, Jerusha Hosmer (born at Springfield, Mass., 1801). Married to Ellen Kennedy, January 1, 1851; children: Weston, Frank, Orrin, George, Elmer, Arthur, Jay, Roy. Enlisted February 24, 1864, at New Hampton, Iowa, in Company I, Second Iowa Cavalry; service at Franklin and Nashville discharged September 19, 1865, at Selma, Ala. Settled in O�Brien County June, 1871, on east 1/2 northwest 1/4 and west 1/2 northeast 1/4 section 32 Center Township. Member Adventist Church and S. F.Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R.

Charlton, Samuel R.Enlisted August 9, 1862, Company H, One Hundred and Twenty-third Pennsylvania Infantry; absent on sick leave at muster out of company in 1865. Settled in O�Brien County, northeast ¼ section 4 Center Township, 1878. Member Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., Sanborn.

Clark, Charles J. Resides at Talent, Ore.; born 1835 in Ashtabula County,Ohio; father, John (born in New York), mother, Sylva Huff (born in Connecticut). Married Sarah M. Gaylord, 1861; children: Rozell, Bertha, George J., Mary, Mark, Florence, Violet, Helen, Ruby, Fred. Enlisted August 14, 1862, at Boscobel, Wis., in Company B, Thirty-third Wisconsin Infantry, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Seventeenth Army Corps; transferred to Company H, June 5, 1864; served at Vicksburg, Coldwater, Black River, Champion Hill; attacked with blindness but recovered; discharged December 27, 1864, Cleveland, Ohio, on account of disability. Settled in O�Brien County, 1870, Center and Waterman Townships. Member G. A. R. Posts at Primghar and Medford, Ore.

Clark, W. F. Formerly residing at Paullina, Iowa, is reported as having served in Union Army in Civil War.

Cleghorn, A. M. Born in Indiana. Married to Mary Saylor October 11, 1856; children: Clarence, Will, Alpha, Carrie, Charlie, John, Lelia, Festus and Winfield. Enlisted August 7, 1862, at Iowa City in Company A, Twenty-second Iowa Infantry; served in battles at Winchester, Fisher�s Hill, Cedar Creek, Vicksburg; was ruptured in service; discharged July 25, 1865, at Savannah, Ga. Settled in county, section 28 Highland Township, 1870. Died September 13, 1901, and buried, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Primghar. Member G. A. R.

Clements, Isaac. Resides at Primghar; born January 15, 1842, Sangamon County, Illinois; father, John (born 1800), mother, Lyda Smick (born 1804). Married Lydia M. Willert December 20, 1865; one child: Ella D. (Johnston). Enlisted August 27, 1862, at Dubuque, Company H, Sixteenth Iowa Infantry, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Seventeenth Army Corps (Crocker�s Iowa Brigade); at battles Lafayette and Memphis, Tenn.; Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, and Meridian, Miss.; Rome, Kenesaw Mountain, Marietta, Atlanta, and Sherman�s March to Sea; through Carolinas and at Johnson's surrender and in Grand Review at Washington; promoted Fifth Corps January 19, 1865; discharged May 30, 1865, at Washington, D. C. Settled in county May 14, 1871, southwest 1/4 section 6, Floyd Township. Member G. A. R.; A. F. & A. M.; M W. A. Settled at Dubuque in 1846 and since resided in Iowa; County Recorder 1886 to 1890. Member Soldiers� Relief Commission of O�Brien County.

Clements, John. Born July 3,1844, Sangamon County, Illinois; father, John (born in Virginia, 1800), mother, Lyda Smick (born Kentucky, 1804). Married to Lotta Canfield 1866; children: three boys and three girls. Enlisted July 28, 1862, Dubuque County, Iowa, in Company C, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry; wounded in thigh at Black River Bridge in rear of Vicksburg, Miss., May 17, 1863. Promoted Fourth Sergeant May 15, 1865; discharged Baton Rouge, La, Jul 15, 1865. Settled in county 1873, northwest ¼ section, Carroll Township Died October 19, 1903. Member church; G.A.R. and I.O.O. F. at Strawberry Point, Iowa.

Cleveland Erastus T. Resides Lake Villa, Illinois; born August 26, 1844, at Columbia County New York; father, John C. (born July 24, 1807, in New York state), mother, Mary Ann Tyler (born November 13, 1813). Married Caroline Marble November 30 1867; children John S., Katherine and Mary A. Enlisted July 13, 1862, at Avon, Lake County, Ill., Company B, Ninety-sixth Illinois Infantry; wounded in hand at Kenesaw Mountain, losing one finger of left hand; discharged May 13, 1865, Nashville, Tenn. Settled in county March, 1882, at Sutherland. Member Ord Post, G. A. R., Sutherland.

Coats, A. D. Born 1847, Dekalb County, Illinois. Enlisted May 17, 1864, Company A, One Hundred Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry; discharged October 28, 1864, Peoria, Illinois. Settled at Sheldon and member McKenzie Post, G. A. R., at that place in 1897.

Coats, John S. Born January 2, 1844, at Independence Ind. Married to Lizzie Briggs; children: Wilbur, William, Minnie. Enlisted August 21, 1862, Company C, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry. Promoted to wagoner December 8, 1862; discharged August 8. 1865, at Clinton, Iowa. Settled in county February 26, 1901, at Sheldon. Died November 8, 1905, Sheldon. Member Christian Church, Mckenzie Post, No. 72, G. A. R.

Cobb, Albert T. Born 1845, Orleans County, New York. Enlisted February, 1862, at Dowagiac in Company A, Nineteenth Michigan Infantry; made Corporal August 5, 1862; mustered out September 5, 1862; re-enlisted Company M, First Michigan Cavalry, February 18 1864; received bayonet wound in left leg; discharged June 21, 1865, Danville, Ky. Settled at Sheldon, in this County, and member McKenzie Post, No. 72, G. A. R., at that place.

Cobb, George H. Resides at Eldora, Iowa; born February 25, 1843, at Paw Paw, Mich.; father, Don A. (born 1811, in Connecticut), mother, Mary Jane Newcomb. Married Elizabeth Sarah Walker April 9, 1867; children: William A. Revalle, Frank, Amos. Azetta, Jeanette, Bessie, Josephine and Nellie. Enlisted September 16, 1861, at Eldora, Iowa, Company A, Twelfth Iowa Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Sixteenth Corps; wounded and taken prisoner April 6, 1862, at Shiloh; served battles Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Raymond, Jackson, Black River Bridge, Vicksburg, Brandon, Brownsville, White River, Spanish Fort; promoted from Eighth Corporal to Fourth Sergeant; re­enlisted December 25, 1863; discharged January 20, 1866, at Memphis, Tenn. Settled in O�Brien County July, 1871, Grant Township, section 24. Member E. C. Buckner Post, No. 154, Eldora, Iowa.

Colburn, Stephen A. Born 1844 in New York state. Enlisted July 11, 1862, Company C, Fourth Michigan Cavalry; re­enlisted August 15, 1864, Company C, Thirteenth Michigan Infantry; discharged at Washington, D. C., June 8. 1865. Member McKenzie Post, No. 72, Sheldon, Iowa.

Colcord, George F. Born March 9, 1845, son of John L. and Mary Webster. Wife, Mary L. Windus; married May 7, 1872; children: Grace B., Jessie C. Enlisted December 16, 1863, Boston, Mass., Company L, First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery; wounded June 16, 1864, before Petersburg in his first engagement; had been guarding Washington, D. C.; lay in hospital eleven months, till discharged, June 26, 1865, at Portsmouth Grove. R I. Settled in this county March, 1873, first locating at Sheldon, later at Sutherland where he died February 9, 1902. Member I. O. O. F.; M. W. A.; G. A. R. Practicing attorney and at time postmaster at Sutherland.

Cole, Felix G. Resides at Minneapolis, Minn. Born September 15, 1840, Shaftsbury, Vt.; father, David G. Cole (born at Shaftsbury, Vt., December 25, 1805), mother, Caroline Stickel (born Hillsdale, Ky., May 29, 1807). Married to Caroline M. Beebe November 14, 1863; children: David G., Minne A., John F., Robert L., Fred M., Edward C., Max 0., Nellie M. Enlisted August 19, 1861, at Bennington, Vt., Company A, Fourth Vermont Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Sixth Corps; promoted Corporal June 6, 1863; battles, Bull Run, Savage Station, Antietam, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Spottsylvania, Cedar Creek, Fisher�s Mill; wounded in leg at Wilderness; taken prisoner at Petersburg; in Belle Island, Libby and Andersonville prisons until June 23, 1864; paroled at close of war; discharged April 24, 1865, at Brattleboro, Vt. Settled in O�Brien County, at Sheldon, October, 1879. Member Appomattox Post, Minneapolis, Minn.

Cole, Jesse. Resides at Marshalltown, Iowa; born Lincolnshire, England; father, Thomas (born May 16, 1803, in England), mother, Elizabeth Brown (born August 15, 1805, in England). Married Chloe E. Stewart September 30, 1868; children: Clark S., Grace A., Harris B., Clara E., Merrill H., Willis B., Earl S. Enlisted September 21, 1861, at Greenbush, Wis., as Brigade and Commissary Sergeant, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, Second Brigade, First Division, Sixteenth Army Corps; participated in forty-three battles and skirmishes at Fredericktown, Mo.; New Madrid, Island No. 10, and assaults on Corinth, Iuka and Vicksburg; promoted to Commissary Sergeant from Company B November 1, 1864; discharged at Madison, Wis., September 5, 1865. Settled at Sheldon in O�Brien County, October, 1887. Member Northwestern Iowa Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, being presiding elder of the Sheldon district for six years; now Chaplain Iowa Soldiers� Home, Marshalltown; Department Chaplain of Iowa one year; Chaplain in Chief, G. A. R., one year.

Coleman, Philo G. Born June 28, 1821, North Lansing, New York; father, Nathaniel (born at Urange, N. Y.), mother, Polly Guernsey (born July 8, 1785, Connecticut). Married Rachel Baldwin April 13, 1848; children: Helen, Mary, Henry, Wellington, Ida. Enlisted August 13, 1862, North Lansing, N. Y. in Company G, One Hundred and Ninth New York Infantry: served in battles Wilderness, Petersburg, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor; injured while on duty at City Point; discharged June 4, 1865, at Delaney House, D. C. Settled O�Brien county, 1872, Waterman Township. Died September 19, 1893, and buried at Sutherland. Two grandfathers were in Revolutionary War; one brother in Civil War; three grandsons in Spanish-American War.

Collett, George Washington, Darlington Mo.; born August 1, 1841, at Lexington, N. C.; father, John (born at Greensburg, N. C., 1800), mother, Sallie Green (born Randolph County. North Carolina). Married Frankie Winslow March 13, 1866; children: Jane, Sophia, Anna, Eliza. Enlisted January 27, 1864, at Salem, Ind., Company B, Sixteenth Indiana Infantry, First Division, Thirteenth Corps; transferred to Thirteenth Indiana Cavalry June 29, 1865; service at Richmond, Ky., Mansfield, La.; Nelson Hill, Ark.; shot through right leg at Richmond; shot through left thigh at Donaldsonville, La.; discharged November 24, 1865, at Vicksburg, Miss. Settled in O�Brien County about 1882, at Primghar. Member G. A. R. Post No. 311, Ford City, Mo.; K. of P., and I. 0. 0. F. at Darlington, Mo.

Compton, W. A. Resides at Hartley, Iowa; born July 22, 1836, Indiana County, Pennsylvania; father, John (born New Jersey, 1802), mother, Susana (born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania). Married to Margaret A. Smith March 10, 1859; children: Wesley and Laura (Scott). Enlisted August 21, 1862, Company B, Eleventh Pennsylvania Infantry, Second Division, Fifth Army Corps; later consolidated with Company A, One Hundred and Ninetieth Pennsylvania Infantry; battles, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Second Battle Wilderness; seven weeks to Richmond and Appomattox; in army service contracted dysentery, stomach and liver trouble and bleeding piles; discharged June 1, 1865, at Arlington Heights, Harrisburg, Pa. Settled in O�Brien County May 1, 1871, and homesteaded southeast 1/4 section 12, Grant Township. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, and G. A. R.

Conaway, Adolphus. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born December 14, 1841, Knox County, Ohio; father, B. Conaway (born in Maryland), mother, Nancy (born in Washington, Pa.). Married Alice V., his wife, January 23, 1868; children: Fred, Nancy, Ruth, Earl, Isabelle, Pearl, Charley. Enlisted May 14, 1864, Iroquois, Ill., Company B, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Illinois Infantry; discharged October 25, 1864, Chicago. Settled in O�Brien County, 1882. Member Primghar Lodge, I. 0. 0. F.

Conrad, W. H. Resides at Pomona, Cal.; born December 10, 1843, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Married Hattie Bank September 9, 1866; children: Jessie, Lyman, Lillie, Mattie, Levina, Blanche. Enlisted December 28, 1863, La Crosse, Wis., Company B, Fourteenth Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade, First Division, Sixteenth Corps; battles at Vicksburg, Tupelo, Spanish Fort, Nashville, Pleasant Hill; discharged October 9, 1865, Madison, Wis. Settled in O�Brien County August 16, 1881, at Hartley. Member Methodist Episcopal Church.

Cook, George H. Resides at Primghar; born November 29, 1823 Newark, N. J.; father, Epophras Cook (born October 4, 1801, in New Jersey), mother, Abbie M. Bacorn (born November 24, 1802, in New Jersey). First wife, Katherine M.; married May 4, 1845; one child: John B.; second wife, Harriet S.; married July 19, 1890. Enlisted August 9, 1862, Shabney Grove, Ill., Company E, One Hundred and Fifth Illinois Infantry; transferred to Engineer Corps, August 15, 1864; battles, Stone River, wounded and lost hearing; shot in left arm Coon Mountain, Tenn.; shot in right thigh Maxson Ridge, Tenn; discharged June, 1865, Chattanooga, Tenn. Settled in Primghar November, 1887. Member I. 0. 0. F., S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., Primghar.

Cook, Harmon. Born 1842, Hendricks County, Indiana. Enlisted May 20, 1864, Dallas County Iowa, Company C, Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry; discharged September 23, 1864, Davenport, Iowa. Member McKenzie Post, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa. Came to O�Brien County, 1871.

Cook, Uriah. Born 1842 in Indiana. Enlisted September 7, 1864, Company K, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry; discharged June 2, 1865, Washington, D. C. Resided at Sheldon. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R.

Cookinham, C. 0. Resides at Ayreshire, Iowa; born June 30, 1846, Watertown, N. Y.; son of John and Diantha Farley Cookinham. Married Elizabeth McDonald December 23, 1870; children: Charles, John, Edna, Guy, Glenn, Ivo and Leo. Enlisted August 12, 1862, Rome, N. Y., Company F, One Hundred and Seventeenth New York Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-fourth Army Corps; service at Fort Ripley on Potomac; here received broken arm; at Fort Fisher, Raleigh, Petersburg Heights, Bermuda Hundred, and all engagements of the Army of the James; discharged June 8, 1865, Raleigh, N. C. Settled O�Brien County spring of 1881, first in Omega Township and then in Primghar. Member Congregational Church and S. F, Jordan G. A. R., at Primghar.

Copping, Edward J. A survivor of the Civil War. Settled in O�Brien County south 1/2 Southwest 1/4 section 24, Floyd Township, 1880.

Copping George W. Resides at 735 First Street Pasadena Cal.; born in England August 12, 1844; son of Thomas and Ann Copping, who were born in England. Married to wife, Mary E., February 7, 1867. children: Thaddeus G., Millicent B., Wallace H. and Carleton W. Enlisted October 18, 1861, Walworth, N. Y., in Company F, Ninety-eighth New York Infantry; served in Peninsula Campaign; Peach Orchard, Yorktown, Parkersburg, Seven Pines. Fair Oaks, seven days� fight at Malvern Hill, Drury�s Bluff, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg; slightly wounded at Drury�s Bluff by having gun shot to pieces in hand; discharged October 18, 1864, Capin�s Farm, Virginia. Settled in O�Brien County, 1872, southwest ¼ section 14, Floyd Township. Member Marvin Mills Post, G. A. R., Central City, Iowa.

Cottle, Charles. Born at Bucksport, Me.: father, Clark (born in Maine) , mother, Almira (born in Massachusetts). Married wife, Emma, 1873: one child: Ethel. Enlisted October 16, 1861, Company B, Eighteenth Wisconsin Infantry; taken prisoner at Shiloh; ruptured in service; discharged as Sergeant, March 14, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County, 1875, at Sheldon. Died 1893, at Eugene, Ore. Member I. O. O. F.

Cottle, F. S. Resides at Colville, Wash.; born at Bucksport Me.; son of Clark and Almira Cottle, who were born in Maine and Massachusetts respectively. Married his wife, Kate, 1866; children: Earl and May. Enlisted April 6,1865, Company E, Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry; discharged December 6, 1865. Settled in O�Brien county at Sheldon about 1875.

Countryman, Elias H. Resides at Paullina, Iowa; born January 10, 1843, at Liberty, N. Y.; father, Cornelius (born at Ulster County, New York), mother, Rachel Scott (born Orange County, New York). Married Lydia U. Bailey September 4, 1866; children: Walter A., Mae U., Rachel P., Cora E., Logan L. Enlisted November 11, 1861, Avoca, Wis., in Company K, Fourteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Seventeenth Corps; wounded in Corinth and took part in following battles: Shiloh, Corinth, Siege Vicksburg, Iuka, Big Shanty, Baker�s Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain, Nashville, Spanish Fort; wounded at Atlanta July 16, 1864; discharged October 9, 1865, at Mobile, Ala. Settled in Paullina, this county, April, 1907. Member Lyon Post No. 11, G. A. R., Grand Island, Neb. His service includes a re-enlistment in same company, December 11, 1863.

Cowan, Joseph. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born Robinstown, Me.; father, James S. (born in Scotland), mother, Mary Jane Pickell (born Eastport, Me.). Married Elizabeth Cleveland October 25, 1855. Enlisted Oshkosh, Wis., December 21, 1861, Company B, Third Wisconsin Cavalry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Seventh Army Corps; Commissary Sergeant; battles, Perry Grove, Pea Ridge; transferred to reorganize Company B February 1,1865; discharged September 8, 1865, Madison, Wis. Settled in O�Brien County January 1, 1871, at Sutherland. Member E. 0. C.; Ord Post, G. A. R.

Crain, John C. Resides at Atwood, Ill.; born March 1, 1845, Piatt County, Illinois; father, William H. (born in Kentucky), mother, Eliza (born in Indiana). Married Elizabeth Clapp; children: Thomas, Otis, Charles, Virgil, Walter and Arthur. Enlisted August 13, 1862, at Bement, Ill., Company H, One Hundred and Seventh Illinois Infantry, Fourth Brigade, Third Division, Twenty-third Army Corps; wounded in right leg at Atlanta, on the March to Sea; Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga; discharged; July 3, 1865. Settled near Hartley in O�Brien County, October, 1882. Member First Church of Christ and G. A. R., Atwood, Ill.

Crampton, Palmer. Born 1831. Enlisted August 10, 1863, Company F, Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry; gunshot wound right fore arm at Jonesboro, Ga., August 31, 1864, and again wounded September 1,1864; promoted Fourth Corporal September 4, 1864; discharged January 25, 1865, St. Louis, Mo. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon, Iowa, in 1892.

Creamer, Ancil L. Resides at Primghar, Iowa; born February 16, 1846, at Waldoboro, Me.; father, Charles (born 1801), mother, Mary Achorn (born 1811), both at same town. Married Frances M. Stanley November 17, 1868; children: Clarence H. Charles B., Edson L., Mary E. and Ancil B. Enlisted September 10, 1862, at Waldoboro, Me., in Company A, Twenty-first Maine, Chapin�s Brigade, Center Division of Banks� Army; service, main engagements at Baton Rouge and Port Hudson; discharged September 25, 1863, at Augusta, Me. Settled in county in 1872, residing till 1900 on northeast 1/4 section 20, Center Township. He had a brother who enlisted in the Civil War from Maine.

Creamer, John H. Born 1836. Enlisted October 2, 1861, Atchison, Kan., Company C, Eighth Kansas Infantry. Re-enlisted January 1, 1864 at Strawberry Plains; discharged November 28, 1865, San Antonio Tex.

Crist, Jobe H.  Resides at Eldora, Iowa born June 5, 1842, at Rock Island, Ill.; father, William (born April 15, 1796, Marion County, Indiana), mother, Catherine DeFord (born May 10, 1808). Married Louisa Adams November 27, 1864; children. Augustus, Harvey, Nettie, Cora, Clara, Jessie. Enlisted September 26, 1861, Eldora, Iowa, Company A, Twelfth Iowa Infantry, Third Brigade, First Division, Fifteenth Corps; engagements at Army, Miss.; Fort Henry, Tenn.; Fort Donelson, Tenn.; wounded October 4, 1862, at Corinth, Miss.; discharged April 5, 1864, Mound Valley, Ill. Settled O�Brien County, 1871, in section 14, Grant Township.

Crocker, H. M. Resides at Aberdeen, S. D.; born April 1, 1844, Madison, Lake County, Ohio; father, Alonzo (born April 20, 1819, Amherst, Ohio), mother, Marie H. Sweatland, Madison, Ohio. Married to C. Elizabeth Sherman June 9, 1869; children: Frank and Helen (Metcalf). Enlisted May 30, 1862, at Elyria, Ohio, Company I, Eighty-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; mustered out September 20, 1862; re-enlisted December 18, 1863, Company E, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was never in battle; guarding prisoners on Johnson�s Island; father in same company; was First Sergeant of Company E; acting Sergeant Major when mustered out of service, September 20, 1865, at Camp Chase, Ohio. Settled at Sheldon February, 1887. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R.; K. of P.; 0. E. S.; Blue Lodge Masons; Knights Templar; A. A. 0. N. M. S.

Croson, Thomas H. Resides at Winterset, Iowa; born September 26, 1844, at Alexandria, Va.; father, T. J. (born Prince William County, Virginia), mother, Maranda M. (born April 18, 1818, in Maryland). Married M. J. Macreight; children: Harry V., H. L. Hoffa, H. R. and S. E. Rhodes. Enlisted January 14, 1864, Aledo, Illinois, Company A, Thirtieth Illinois Infantry, First Brigade, Third Division, Seventeenth Corps; wounded at Kenesaw Mountain; service under Sherman in March to Sea; discharged June 2, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County, 1881, on farm in Franklin Township. Charter member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn; member Presbyterian Church and G. A. R. Post at Winterset, Iowa.

Culbertson, John S. Resides 126 East Sixty-fifth Street, Seattle, Wash. ; born March 19, 1844, Lawrence County, Illinois; father, Robert B. (born in Ohio); mother, Lavina David. Married Sarah J. Thomas, February 16, 1849, at Mineral Point, Wisconsin; children: Solon H., Robert B., May A., Mabel H., Albert B., Luther P., Leonard, Mattie C., Julia A., Irvin I., Floyd F., Guy R. Enlisted July 16, 1862, at Mufflin, Wisconsin, in Company F, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; engagements at Prairie Grove, Van Buren, Vicksburg, Yazoo City, Fort Morgan, Mobile; was in hospital with chronic diarrhea; discharged July 14, 1865, Galveston, Tex. Settled in O�Brien County April 1871, southeast 1/4 section 4, Highland Township. Member Methodist Episcopal Church.

Culp, James R. Resides near Paullina, Iowa. Born September 10, 1844, in Virginia. Father , Edward (born February 26, 1820; mother, Catharine (born December 16, 1818). Married to wife, Georgia; children: Elmer , Albert, Edward, Rachel, and Catherine. Enlisted August 15, 1865, Denver Cob., Company B, Third Colorado Cavalry; discharged at Denver, Colo., December 28, 1865. Settled in this county, Union Township, March 20, 1885.

Cummings, Robert. Enlisted August 12, 1862, at Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa, as Seventh Corporal Company I, Twenty-sixth Iowa Volunteer Infantry; promoted to Third and First Corporal, Second and First Sergeant, and November 28, 1863, promoted to First Lieutenant; served with his regiment in all battles in Sherman�s March to the Sea, Bentonville, N. C., and others; discharged with regiment June 6, 1865, at Washington D. C. Formerly lived in Sutherland in O�Brien county, Iowa; came to county, 1882; removed to Colorado where he died.

Damon, Ammon H. Born in 1838 in New York state. Enlisted January 10, 1865, at Davenport, Iowa, Company A, Eighteenth Iowa, for one year�s service. Formerly resided in Floyd Township, this County.

Daniels, Isaac. Resides at Idaho Falls, Idaho. Born May 5, 1845, at Harford, Pa.; father, Isaac, and mother, Emlira (both born in Orange County, N. Y.). Married to Patience Vance March 9, 1865; children: Ettie M., Elvira A., Frank E., Edna C. Enlisted September 25, 1861, Nicholson, Pa., in Company I, Fiftieth Pennsylvania Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Ninth Army Corps; engagements at Port Royal, White Sulphur Springs, Groveton, Gainesville, Second Battle of Bull Run, Chantilly, White House; wounded at Chantilly, Va., September 1, 1862; sick at hospital until discharged, September 26, 1864, at Washington, D. C. Settled in O�Brien County March 9, 1874, living in Franklin Township for 32 years. Member Onyx Lodge, A. F. & A. M., at Sanborn, and Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., at same place.

Daniels, James E. Resides at Genoa Junction, Wis.; born August 26, 1826, Franklin, Delaware County, N. Y. Married his wife, Sarah E., August 9,1867; children: Jennie, May, Lucy. Enlisted April 17, 1861, at Kenosha, Wis., in Company G, First Wisconsin Infantry; later assigned to Company E, same regiment; made sergeant; engagements at Martinsburg, Va., etc.; discharged April 21, 1861, at Milwaukee; re­enlisted and discharged April 25, 1862, for disability. Settled in county at Primghar, 1874; belonged to four G. A. R. posts at different times: Sutherland, Primghar, Sanborn and Sheldon. Mrs. Daniels is a member of the W. R. C. and Daughters of Liberty.

Darnell, Mortimer B. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born in Champaign County, Ohio father, Wm. Darnell (born in Mason County Ky., (1796); mother, Mary Latta (born in Maryland, 1805). Married; children; Mortimer, Lettie, Caroline, Sarah and Homer L. Enlisted October 2,1861, at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in Company E, First Iowa Cavalry; on November 1, 1861, was transferred for promotion as sergeant to Company B, Eighteenth United States Infantry; served a little over two years, at Shiloh, Mill Springs, Perryville, etc.; discharged at Louisville, Ky., on account of disability. Settled at Sheldon in 1883.

Davids, George B. Born July 4, 1834, Rutland Vt. Married Sarah A. Rogers March 10, 1864; one daughter: Louise (McNeill). Enlisted from New York state and served in the navy, including three months on ship Tennessee, watching for blockade runners off Charleston, S. C. Settled in O�Brien County July 2, 1880, northeast 1/4 section 7 and southwest 1/4 section 5, Summit Township Member Masonic order and G. A. R. at Sanborn.

Davis, George W. Born August 27, 1835, in Ohio; father, Cyrus (born in New York state); mother Sarah A., Willits (born in Ohio) Married Nancy R. Marmon December 25, 1856; children: Gertrude A., Chester, Annie, Ada J., ., Leona, Clayton A., Fred C. Enlisted December 29, 1863, Marion Township, Henry County Iowa, in Company K, Fourth Iowa Cavalry; promoted to farrier July 1, 1864; discharged August 8, 1865 in Atlanta Ga. Settled 1879 at Primghar, residing at that place and later in Sheldon. Died March 1, 1905 and buried at Shenandoah, Iowa. Member McKenzie Post No 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon and later at the Post at Shenandoah. Member Chistian Church.

Davis, Edgar J. Sheldon, Iowa; born April 5 1844, Winnebago County, Ill.; father, Nathan (born1817 in Canada) ; mother, Bessie Hawkins (born in England, 1822). Married Mariette Mitchell, March, 1869; children; Eva A., Frank E., Inez M. Fanny A., Leroy L. Enlisted January 7, 1862, at Pecatonica, Illinois, in Company A,Twelfth Illinois Cavalary, First Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac; re-enlisted as veteran and sent West February 29, 1864, being transferred to Company A, as consolidated, as sergeant; engagements: Darksville, Va., Harper�s Ferry, Antietam; shot in foot here and in hospital six weeks; in Stoneman raid ; cavalry fights and Kelly�s Ford, Aldie Gap, Gettysburg; in Red River campaign; in Tennessee at close of war and then Texas; discharged at Springfield, Ill., June 15, 1866. Settled in O�Brien County March 1, 1882, at Sheldon. Member G. A.R. Post at Sanborn.

Davis, Jerome B. Born in Maryland; father, Middleton, and mother, Mary (both born in same state). Married and children as follows: Wm. H., Albert G., Middleton F., Mary M., Levina and Caroline. Enlisted August 11, 1862, Hartford, Iowa, as musician in Company B, Thirty-fourth Iowa, Second Brigade, Second Division, Thirteenth Corps; participated in siege and capture of Arkansas Post September 11, 1863; battles: Vicksburg, Brownsville, Mobile, Fort Esperanza; siege of Fort Morgan, August 23, 1864; promoted to drum major May 1, 1864; transferred to Thirty-fourth Iowa November 12, 1864, on consolidation of companies; discharged February, 1865. Settled in section 26, Liberty Township, March, 1870. Died February 2, 1899. Member Kinsman Post No. 27, G. A. R., Des Moines, Iowa.

Davis, Joshua, W. Resides at Eagle Rock, Missouri; born September 1, 1838, Fayette County, Ohio, a son of David and Hannah Davis. Married wife, Susanna H., June 13, 1859. Enlisted at Benton County, Iowa, September 24, 1862, in Company H, Sixth Iowa Cavalry, serving as Second Farrier discharged October 17, 1865, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in the county June, 1872, residing at Primghar and later at Sheldon.

Davis, L. E. Born 1840. Enlisted December 4, 1861, in Company C, Eighteenth Wisconsin Infantry; received gunshot wound in head at Shiloh, Tenn., April 7,1862; discharged March 14, 1865. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon, Iowa.

Davis, Thomas E. Born August 19, 1826, in Wales. Married Sarah Lawson, 1866; children: John, Mary, Rachel, William J., Fred. Enlisted September 15, 1861, at Oro City, Colo in Company E, First Colorado Cavalry; discharged November 28, 1864, at Denver. Settled in county May 1, 1881, at Hartley. Died June 6,1907. Belonged to A. F. & A. M. and G. A.R. Post at Marshalltown. Buried at Hartley.

Day, Harley. Born 1842. Enlisted June 28, 1862, at Canton in Company K, One Hundred and Sixth New York Infantry; made first sergeant August 27, 1862; captured July 9,1864, at Monocacy and paroled April 16, 1865; commissioned but not mustered as Second Lieutenant June 29, 1865; discharged July 3, 1865, at Washington. Settled in county, 1871, northwest ¼ section 26, Carroll Township, afterwards residing at Primghar and Sanborn; was a practicing attorney, a county supervisor, 1873 and 1874; county superintendent of schools, 1878 to 1881 inclusive. Died February 7,1903, and buried at Minot, N. D.

Deacon, John R. Born in Ireland, a son of David and Margaret Deacon; first wife, Annie; second, Cornelia Tuttle Tippling; three children by first wife: William, James and Thomas. Enlisted August 15, 1861, at Ripon, Wis., in Company C, First Wisconsin Cavalry; transferred to Field and Staff as Regular Hospital Steward of First Wisconsin Cavalry, June 1,1864; discharged September 1, 1864, at Cartersville, Ga. Resided at Sheldon and died and was buried there in 1888. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R. at Sheldon.

DeLong, Abram. Resides at Salem, Ore.; born March 9, 1844, at Ripley, N. Y.; father, Awry DeLong (born at Herkimer, N. Y., January 10, 1807); mother, Polly Fox (born same place May 11, 1806). Married to Emma Ludwick, January 1, 1867; children: Laure, Willia, Grace, Jay, Augusta, Earl, Myra, John, Bernard, Mildred, Blanche and Adra. Enlisted August 13, 1862, at Clinton County, Mich., in Company G, Twenty-third Michigan Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-third Corps; battles of Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, Buzzard�s Roost, Burnt Hickory, Big Shanty, Atlanta, Dallas, Altoona, Snake Creek, Jonesboro, Nashville, Franklin, Strawberry Plains, Wilmington, Rome, Spring Hill; discharged June 28, 1865, at Salisbury, N. C. Settled in county 1879 at Sanborn. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and G. A. R.

Denny, George. Born 1847. Enlisted February, 1864, in Company K, Eleventh Michigan Infantry; discharged August, 1865.

Denny, Henry. Born in England, 1833. Married and had three children, a daughter and two sons. Enlisted January 4, 1865, at Mattoon, Ill., in Company E, Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry; made sergeant; discharged November 23, 1865. Settled in county 1876, Floyd Township. Died 1879 and buried in Sheldon Cemetery.

Dewey, Cyrus I. Resides at Osceola, Mo.; born 1847, in Manchester, Mich.; father, Cyrenus J. Dewey (born in Vermont); mother, Beulah Wilcox (born in Vermont). Married Rhoada, his wife, 1878; children: Harlan, Esther, Fred, Nellie. Enlisted February 26, 1864, at Detroit, in Company K, Eleventh Michigan Infantry; transferred to Company K, as reorganized April 15, 1865; made corporal May 8, 1865; served in battles at Peach Tree Creek and Kenesaw Mountain; discharged September 16, 1865, at Detroit, Mich. Member Christian Church and G. A. R. Post. Settled in county at Primghar in 1873.

Dewey, James T. Resides at Primghar; born August 8, 1842 at York, Mich.; father, C. J., and mother, Beulah Wilcox (born in Vermont); is a brother of Cyrus Dewey last above. Married wife, Lizzie E., April 10, 1867; children: Hattie B., Nellie M., and Eddie. Enlisted August 1,1861, in Company H, First Michigan Infantry, Fifth Corps; from January, 1863, to April, 1864, was attached to Company K, Fifth United States Artillery; served in battles at Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Gaines Mills, Malvern Hill, Spottsylvania C. H., North Anne River, Petersburg, Gettysburg; wounded at Malvern Hill August 12, 1862; re-enlisted March 15, 1865, in Company H, Eighteenth Michigan Infantry, and joined regiment at Huntsville, Ala., March 26, 1865; transferred to Company E, Ninth Infantry, June 25, 1865; discharged August 31, 1864, at North Weldon, Va., under first enlistment; finally mustered out September 15, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County April, 1871, homesteading land on section 12, Highland Township. Member Methodist Episcopal Church.

DeWitt, Clinton. Resides at Lennon, S. D.; born December 12, 1837, in Holmes County, Ohio; son of David and Rachel DeWitt; married wife, Melissa R., June 12, 1892; adopted children: Edgar, Frederick, Maude. Enlisted June 1,1861, at Oxford, Mahaska County, Iowa, in Company H, Third Iowa Infantry, Second Brigade, Fourth Division, Fifteenth Corps; transferred to Company I, July 8, 1864; enlisted as private and mustered out as Captain; served in battles of Blue Mills, Shiloh, Corinth, Siege Vicksburg, Jackson, Grand Bluff, Fort Gibson, Champion Hill, Atlanta, March to Savannah and Grand Review at Washington; wounded four times; re-enlisted December 17, 1863: taken prisoner March 27, 1865, near Goldsboro N. C.; discharged July 12, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Settled in county at Sanborn in 1887. Member of Presbyterian Church, I. O. O. F., and G. A. R.

Dewitt, James A. Born 1822, a son of Mathew and Jane Ammerman DeWitt. Married Phoebe Streeter July, 1842; children: John M., Russell M., Willard W., Abbie J., Charles H. Enlisted August 14, 1862, at Auburn, N. Y., in Company C, Ninth New York Heavy Artillery; mustered in as corporal in Company C, One Hundred Thirty-eighth New York Infantry, August 14, 1862; was wounded at Cedar Creek; discharged July 6, 1865, at Washington. Settled in county in 1873 at Old O�Brien. Died May, 1878. Member of Methodist Episcopal Church.

DeWitt, Russell. Born October 17, 1848, at Auburn, N. Y., a son of James A. DeWitt last above. Married Nellie Taylor May, 1878; children: Russell and Olive. Enlisted August 30, 1864, at Auburn. N. Y., in Company C, Ninth New York Heavy Artillery; participated in battles at Cedar Creek and Petersburg; discharged July 12, 1865, at Washington. Settled in county in 1870 at Old O�Brien; died January 14, 1894, at Des Moines. Member G. A. R., K. P., and M. W. A.

DeWitt, William C. Born 1840 in Ohio; first wife, Betty Selix, whom he married in 1862; second wife, Amelia McDonald, married June 3, 1877; children by first wife: Mary, Jennie, Willie, Dora, Belle, Lettie; by second wife: John, Sherman, Maggie and Agnes. Enlisted March 21, 1864, in Company B, Ninety-first Ohio Infantry; discharged June 24, 1865. Settled in this county 1882 at Sanborn; died January 12, 1908, at Sanborn. Member G. A. R. at Sanborn.

Didiott, Charles A. Enlisted December 19, 1861, at Hillsboro, Wis., in Tenth Wisconsin Light Artillery; on March 31, 1862, he was transferred to Ninth Battery Light Artillery; after his discharge he re-enlisted as veteran volunteer in the Ninth Battery Light Artillery May 1, 1864; made corporal February 10, 1865; discharged September 30, 1865, at Fort Leavenworth, Kans. Settled in O�Brien County about 1869, on northwest ¼ section 36, Grant Township.

Diggins, Geo. H. Resides at Spencer, Iowa; born September 4, 1843, at Harvard Ill. ; father, Franklin, and mother Lucinda Diggins (born in Vermont) Married Alice E. Barry in 1869; children: Ida E., Lottie A., Lula A., Addie A., Eddie and Kate. Enlisted April 15, 1862, at Chicago in Battery M, Second Illinois Light Artillery; served at Harper�s Ferry, Strawberry Plains, Rogersville etc.; discharged June 6, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. Settled in county in 1877, Grant Township, and later in 1890 at Primghar. Member Christian Church, Annett Post, G. A. R., Spencer, Iowa.

Dingley, C. B. Born 1821. Enlisted September 13, 1861, at Stoughton, Mass., in Company A, Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry; discharged June 3, 1864, for disability. Settled in county about 1869 on northeast 1/2 section 6, Baker Township.

Doling, Julius C. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born June 2, 1830, in New York; father, Thomas (born in Washington County, New York), mother, Annie (born in Canada). Married Ellen Dodge, Sept. 7, 1858; children: Henry W., Lillie M., William H., Thomas C., Huston, Roma E., Kittie M., Agnes E. Enlisted Aug 21, 1862, at Oshkosh, Wis., Company D, Thirty-second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; served with Price and VanDorn through Tennessee and Mississippi and in the principal engagements; held office as Corporal; discharged March 13, 1865, for disability. Settled in county June 1, 1870. Charter member Abiff Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Chapter No. 20, R. A. M., at Ripon, Wis.; O. E. S., No. 82, at Sutherland; Andrew Mills Post, No. 219, G. A. R., and E. O. C. Ord Corps. No. 105, W. R. C., Sutherland. Mr. Doling held office of county treasurer of the county during 1874 and 1875.

Donaldson, Ireneus. Born 1833. Enlisted Jan. 5, 1864, Carlton, Tama County, Iowa, in Company E, Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry; discharged July 17, 1865, at Savannah, Ga. Was member G. A. R. Post at Sanborn.

Donohue, Timothy. Resides at Sheldon; born July 12, 1839, in Ireland. Enlisted Aug. 27, 1863, at Boston, in Company E, Third Massachusetts Heavy Artillery; served in the forts near Washington, D. C. Settled in the county June, 1878, in Floyd Township. For years he was an active Republican, often a delegate to county and state conventions; served as representative in the Twenty-ninth General Assembly of Iowa.

Donovan, A. J. Born July 14, 1838, at Canton, Pa.; father, Jeremiah Donovan (born Westboro, Mass., May 26, 1810), mother, Mary E. Bullard (born Aug. 15, 1814, at Milford, Mass.). Married to Ada L. Harrington, December 25, 1871; children: Maud, Mary and Fay. Enlisted November 18, 1861, at Westboro, Mass., Company A, Thirty-second Massachusetts Infantry; discharged January 4, 1864, and re-enlisted January 5,1864; engaged in a number of battles in forepart of war, with slight wounds; was Colonel Preskel�s right hand man of the Thirty-second and accompanied the Colonel�s remains to Boston, after he was shot; discharged July, 1865, at Washington. Settled in Baker Township, this county, 1870; later resided at Sheldon, where he died on August 11, 1889, and was there buried. Member G. A. R. Post at Sheldon.

Donovan, Albert. Born August 18, 1854, at Holliston, Mass.; a brother of A. J. Donovan, last above. Married to Eliza Richardson in 1853, and July 16, 1888, again married, to Maria G. Chapman; children: Mary A., Henry A., Alice S., Ella F., Clarissa S., Lottie A., and one son, who died in infancy. Enlisted August 27, 1861, at Canton, Pa., Company D, One hundred and Sixth Pennsylvania Infantry; served as Corporal. Settled in O�Brien County 1884; died September 20, 1905, and buried in Chicago. Member G. A.R. Post in Chicago.

Donovan, Byron. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born July 11, 1842, at Canton, Pa.; a brother of the three other Donovans named herein. Married Lucy Kallenberg, April 2, 1872; children: Ada, Mable and Eva May. Enlisted August 2, 1862, at Worcester, Mass., Company C, Thirty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry, Twenty-fourth Army Corps; saw hard service, participating in eight or ten battles, but was not severely wounded; had charge of 75 Rebel prisoners at Martinsburg, W. Va.; last year�s service was as clerk in medical headquarters at Annapolis; discharged July 1, 1865, at Annapolis, Md. Settled in O�Brien County October 15, 1870, residing on northeast ¼ section 20, Baker Township. Member and Commander McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R.; M. B. A.; member city council of Sheldon.

Donovan, J. W. Born March 18, 1847, at Canton, Pa.; a brother of the three other Donovans named herein. Was married twice, first to Addie Curtis, in 1871, and later to Katherine Kuhn; children: Carrie and Byron E. Enlisted at Wellsboro, Pa., February 10, 1864, Company A, One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry; discharged August 31, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County, southwest 1/4 section 12, Baker Township, October, 1870. Died June 23, 1908, and buried at George, Iowa. Member G. A. R. and I. O. O. F. Formerly an officer in the Massachusetts Reform School.

Dorman, Christian. Resides at Melvin, Iowa; born 1839 in Germany; children: Louisa, Fred, William, Christian, Elizabeth, Barnarline, Minnie, Henry, Augusta, Carl, Mary. Enlisted October 8, 1861, in Clinton County, Iowa, Company B, Sixteenth Iowa Infantry, Seventeenth Corps; battles of Shiloh, Iuka, Corinth, Atlanta; taken prisoner April 6, 1862, at Shiloh; exchanged and returned to company September 22, 1864; discharged November 13, 1864, at Nashville, Tenn. Settled in this county in 1891. Member G. A. R. at Hartley.

Dorsey, Willard H. Said to have been a survivor of the Union Army in Civil War; came to the county in 1871, residing on southeast ¼ section 2, Carroll Township. He was a brother of the Dorsey of Star Route fame in United States post office affairs.

Dorward, William H. Resides at Modesto, Cal.; born May 21, 1838, at Little Hampton, England; father, Wm. A. Dorward (born in Scotland 1812), mother, Eliza S. Andrews (born in England 1809). Married Amareen Stewart, October 4, 1876; children: Lillian M., Howard P. Enlisted Fox Lake, Wis., August 15, 1862, in Company E, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Third Brigade, Hovey�s Division, Thirteenth Corps; battles of Champion Hill, Black River, Vicksburg, Red River Expedition, Sabine Cross Roads, Alexandria, Fort Blakely, Spanish Fort, Mobile, Ala., Shreveport, La.; served as Sergeant; discharged June 22, 1865, at Shreveport, La. Settled at Sheldon, in O�Brien County, September, 1884. Pastor First Baptist Church at Sheldon; member G. A. R. Post, twice elected commander of Grant Post G. A. R., Modesto, Cal.

Drake, John Edwin Born September 22, 1814, Buckfield, Me., son of John S. and Sarah Spiller Drake (both of whom were born in Maine). Married Sylvia Lillian Bacon May 25, 1874; children: Edwin E., Charles B., Grant H., and Marian Adelaide. Enlisted November 26, 1863, at Augusta, Maine, in Company B, Second Maine Cavalry; served as bugler; discharged December 6, 1865, at Barrancas, Fla. Settled in O�Brien County January, 1881, at Sanborn. Died September 15, 1908, and buried at Des Moines. Member A. F. & A. M. at Sanborn.

Dummett, William H. Resides Sanborn, Iowa; born September 23, 1841, Millville, N. J.; a son of Henry J. and Christina Wescott Dummett. Married Mary A. Daly September 23, 1869; children: Mary E., Henry J., Sarah A., Elmer B., William H., George A., Minnie B., Charles L. Enlisted September 24, 1862, at Vinton, Iowa, in Company H, Sixth Iowa Cavalry; served in battles of White Stone Hill and Falling Springs; promoted to Seventh Corporal August 4, 1865; discharged October 17, 1865, at Sioux City, Iowa. Settled in the county, homesteading on section 8, Franklin Township, in 1872. Member of Kenyon Post G. A. R. at Sanborn.

Dunn, James B. Resides at Callaway, Neb.; born March 5,1844, in Warren County, Indiana; father, Wm. N. Dunn (born Warren County, Ohio, November 18, 1818), mother, Ruth Dunn (born Green County, Ohio). Married Maria M. Hiatt November 18, 1865; children: William H., Martha H., Hiram W., Francis E., Samuel L., James A., Charles W., Lawrence C., Clarence L. Enlisted September 4, 1861, at Monroe, Wis., in Fifth Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Army Corps; served in the Army of Cumberland at Corinth, Perryville, Stone River Tullahoma, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, Jonesboro, Bentonville, through Atlanta campaign and March to Sea; discharged June 6,1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in O�Brien County about December 1, 1880, residing at Primghar, Sutherland and Sheldon. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, G. A. R. and Masonic Order. Was county attorney of O�Brien County January 1, 1887, to January 1, 1893; resided in Taylor County, Iowa, 1893 to 1907, and attorney of that county 1903 to 1907. Is now practicing attorney at Callaway, Neb. Two sons, Samuel L. and Hiram W., served in the Fifty-first Iowa in the Spanish War, and both died from wounds and sickness.

Durgin, John V. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born January 20, 1840, at Dixmont, Me.; father, Andrew (born at Effingham, N. H.), mother, Delana Wright (born at Farmington, Me.). Married Ellen Durgin October 26, 1867; children: Lida B., Ethelyn, Lillian, Allard, Edna. Enlisted August 21, 1862, Milwaukee, Wis., in Company D, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade. Third Division, Fourth Army Corps; discharged June 10, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. Settled in county April, 1880, at Sanborn. Member G. A. R.

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