Compiled by Geo W. Schee and O.H. Montzheimer
1909, Primghar, IA
Prepared by Don Harrington

(A-B)  Adkins through Butler

Adkins, Sampson. Resides at Scott's Mills, Ore.; born April 18, 1846, in Morgan County, Ky., a son of Richard Caswell Adkins and Margaret Cormoly Adkins, both of whom were born in the same county. He was married to Elizabeth Jane Clark March 27, 1869; fourteen children were born. Enlisted at Lancaster, Wis., February 20, 1862, in Company B, Fifth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Third Brigade, First Division, Sixth Corps. Later enlisted as member Company I same regiment. Took part in following battles: Second Bull Run, first and second Fredericksburg, Cold Harbor, Antietam, Gettysburg, South Mountain, Wilderness, Winchester, Petersburg, Hay Market; was wounded by shell in 1864; discharged July 11, 1865, at Jeffersonville, Ind. Settled in O'Brien County in 1888, residing at Sheldon. Member I. O. O. F. and G. A, R.

Alexander, Thos. J. Resides at Winterset, Iowa; born in 1842; enlisted February 19, 1864, at Madison, Wis., in Fifth Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery: served Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Army Corps. Engaged at battles of Island No. 10, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Rocky Face, Kingston, New Hope Church, Big Shanty, Marietta, Chattanooga, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, March to Sea, Goldboro, N. C., and Review at Washington., D. C.; discharged at Madison, Wis., June 6, 1865. Was member E. O. C. Order Post, G. A. R. at Sutherland and McKenzie at Sheldon, Iowa; County Auditor O'Brien County 1884 to 1886; County Treasurer 1878 to 1883, inclusive.

Alexander, J. Hartley. Resides at Royal,. Iowa; born December 16, 1843, in Warren County, Ind., son of Geo. W. and Ruth Little Alexander. His parents were natives of Ohio. Married February 8,1856, and eight children were born as follows: J. S., G. J., Effie M., Glenn, Alex., Nellie, Frank and Vern E. Enlisted August 11, 1862, at Juda, Wis., in Company K, Twenty-second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Corps. Engaged in following battles: Resaca, Burnt Hickory, Altoona, Lost Mountain, Kenesaw, Peach Tree Creek, Siege of Atlanta. Scout for left wing of Sherman's Army from Atlanta to the Sea. Received sunstroke July 20, 1864. Discharged at Milwaukee, Wis., June 12, 1865. Settled in O'Brien County September 12, 1869, in Liberty Township. Member Annette Post G. A. R., Spencer, Iowa.

Algyer, David. Resides at Paullina, Iowa; born April 5, 1849, at Amsterdam, N. Y., a son of David and Elizabeth Selmser Algyer, who were each born in Fulton County, N. Y., in 1811. Married Marie S. Gowan November 17, 1874; five children are as follows: Durwin Ray, Helen M., Edith M., Harold M., and Malcolm D. Enlisted at Albany, N. Y., April 4,1865, in Company A, One Hundred and Fifteenth Volunteer Infantry, and June 17, 1865, was transferred to Company A, Forty-seventh New York Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Tenth Army Corps. Served in no engagements; in the summer of 1865, under provisional government of Gov. Holden, was engaged in camp duty and guarding property at Raleigh, N. C.; by exposure contracted asthma in swamps of North Carolina and Virginia, and has suffered with the disease since; discharged August 30, 1865, at Raleigh, N. C. Settled in O'Brien County, February 25, 1872; afterwards resided a short time in Clay County, and returning to this county, has resided here since; original settlement was on S. W. Sec. 1/4 Sec 10. Grant Township. Member Congregational Church at Primghar and later of the Presbyterian at Paullina; A. F. & A. M.; Royal Arch Masons, and formerly member G. A. R. at Primghar; County Superintendent of Schools, 1882 to 1886 inclusive; County Coroner 1890 to 1895. Now engaged in practice of law at Paullina, Iowa.

Algyer, Hiram. Born April 13, 1836, son of David and Elizabeth Selmser Algyer, both of whom were born in Fulton County, N. Y., in 1811. Married Annie Boyd November 14, 1865; seven children: Clarence, Mary, Maud, Ides, Claude, Shirley, Katherine. Enlisted January 15, 1864, at Elmira, N. Y., in Battery L, Seventy-first New York Artillery; later served in Company A, same battery; discharged August 31, 1865, at Elmira, N. Y. Settled in O'Brien County in 1876 and died at Sanborn February 3, 1887. Member I. O. O. F.

Albee,Anson. Born April 15, 1839, near Buffalo, N. Y., a son of Adolphus and Margaret Short Albee. Married to Helen H. Barry January 2,1867; children are Ina V. C., Edith A., Mattie L., Cora A. Enlisted at Springdale, Wis., February 16, 1865, in Company D, Fiftieth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; discharged June 12, 1866, at Madison, Wis. Settled in the county spring of 1876 on Section 2, Grant Township. Resides at Clay Town, Clay County, Iowa.

Albright, Charles F. Born September 22, 1839, at Danville, Pa. Married March 23, 1865, to Adaline C. McElwain; children: Esther A. Winterble and LeRoy. Enlisted April 24, 1861, at Davenport, Iowa, Company C, Second Iowa Volunteer Infantry; at battles of Ft. Donelson, Shiloh and Corinth; discharged May 27, 1864, at Pulaski, Tenn. Settled in this county spring of 1871, homesteading N. W. 1/4 Sec. 6, Township 95, Range 40. Member German Reformed Church; A. F. & A. M.; S. F. Jordan Post No. 417, G. A. R. Was County Supervisor 1873 to 1876, inclusive, and first Mayor of Primghar. Died May 10, 1902, and buried at Primghar.

Allen, James V.Born in 1841 a native of New York. Enlisted August 15, 1862, Company K, Fourth Wisconsin Infantry; later Company F, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry; discharged November 8, 1865. Member Sanborn Post G. A. R.

Allen, Ruel W. Resides at North Yakima, Wash.; born February 22, 1835, Antrium, N. H., a son of Alvin Allen (born April 2, 1804), and Charlotte Brown Allen (born at Rochester, N. Y., October 28, 1802). Married August 4, 1860, to Sarah Elizabeth Allen; seven children: Ethan, Flora, Hattie, Verna, Alice, Elfie, Lottie. Enlisted at Brandon, Vt., October 7, 1861; Second Battery Vermont Light Artillery; was promoted Sergeant January 1, 1863; engaged at Siege of Port Hudson; arrived home on crutches after discharge, which occurred at New Orleans, February 20, 1864. Settled in O'Brien County, at Sheldon, in 1894. Member McKenzie Post No 72, Sheldon, Iowa; Relief Corps; Mead Post No. 9, North Yakima. Settled in Lyon County, Iowa, in 1871.

Allen, Thomas F. Born August 21, 1841, Philadelphia, Pa, son of Harrison and Anne Hudson Collins Allen, his father being born in New Jersey, May 15, 1815, and mother born in Philadelphia, Pa., February 11, 1813. Married January 4, 1870, to Jennie A. Bentley at Chicago; three children: Marietta B., Charles F., and Clara E. Enlisted August 25, 1862, at Clinton, Iowa, in Company D, Twentieth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division of Thirteenth Army Corps. Service at Prairie Grove, Vicksburg, Fort Morgan and Blakely, Ala. Injuries to right ankle and lungs; discharged July, 1865, at Mobile, Ala. Settled this county April, 1881, section 22, Franklin Township. Died April 29, 1907, and buried at Roseland Cemetery, Sanborn, Iowa. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Onyx Lodge No. 419, A. F. & A. M.; Coral Chapter No. 41, O. E. S.; Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R.; M. W. A.; Iowa Legion of Honor.

Allison, Levi M. Member of Captain Weeks' Company, Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Settled Section 18, Baker Township.

Anderson, William  J. Born February 27, 1842, at Clayton, N. Y., a son of John and Lucinda S. Anderson, his father being born in Jefferson County, N. Y., and mother in Fuller County, N. Y. Married Francilia A. Gould July 26, 1865; children: Jennie M., and Herbert W. Enlisted August 27, 1861, at Watertown,  N. Y., Company F, First New York Light Artillery. Entered army as private and mustered out as First Lieutenant, having been successively Corporal and Second Lieutenant; discharged June 17, 1865, at Elmira, N. Y. Settled in county 1881, at Sheldon. Died June 8, 1902, at Pasadena, Cal. Member Masonic Lodge and G. A. R. Post at Sheldon, serving one year as Commander of latter.

Andrews, Orrison E. Resides at Glenham, S. D. Born September 3,1847, in St. Lawrence County, N. Y. His father, Geo. W., was born January 5, 1818, in New York, and mother, Rachel Dole Andrews, was born in New York March 10, 1821. Married Maggie Durant October 20, 1880; children: Maude, Lodema, Alice, Ella, Willie. Enlisted May 5,1864, at Marengo, Ill., in Company K, One Hundred and Forty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry wounded in calf right limb at Hogback Ridge in Kentucky, southeast of Union Hill on Ohio River; discharged October 10, 1864, at Chicago. Resided in O'Brien County at Sanborn and later Sheldon. Member of Methodist Church; McKenzie Post G. A. R., Sheldon.

Appleton Abel. Born September 18, 1839, at Shandon, Ohio, son of Pierson and Margaret Mahaffy Appleton. Married Mary Ann Bridgeford January 22, 1868; children: William P., Charles E., Lulu A.. Robert J., Addie M., Clarence L., Thomas E.. Emma M.. and R. C. Enlisted May 2, 1864, at Hamilton, Ohio, in Company B, One Hundred and Sixty-Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry; discharged September 8, 1864. Settled in O'Brien County April 19, 1871. Homesteaded Northwest 1/4 Section 36, Township 96, Range 42. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, Sheldon, and prior to that of S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., at Primghar. Died May 16, 1901, and buried at Sheldon, Iowa.

Arend, George. Born September 7, 1845, Prussia, Germany, a son of Nicholas Arend. Married Elmira Joslin February 2, 1869. Enlisted at Springfield, Ill., February 5, 1864, in Battery G, Second Illinois Light Artillery; discharged September 4, 1865, at Springfield, Ill. Settled in county November 6, 1887, at Sheldon. Died January 14, 1901. Member of Roman Catholic Church; McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon.

Ashalter, Isaac P. Is reported as having been enlisted in the Civil War, but his company and regiment are unknown. Lived on S.1/2 N. E. 1/4 and N 1/2 S. E. 1/4, Section 26, Grant Township.

Ayers, Robert W. Resides at Hartley, Iowa. Born September 15, 1844, in Michigan. Father, Alonzo D., born in New York; mother, Mary Shaddolt Ayers, born in New York. Married to Ella Hicks in 1877; children: George E., Robert W., William A. Enlisted June 1, 1861, at Ashkum, Ill., in Company G, Twenty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; later Company K, Forty-third Illinois Volunteer Infantry (February 28, 1865). Took part in battles Pea Ridge, Corinth, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Big Shanty, Noon Day Creek, Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta; discharged November 30, 1865, Springfield, Ill. Settled in county September 13, 1881, at Hartley, Iowa. Member Hartley Post, G A R.

Bache, Edmund W. Enlisted November 17, 1864, in Company D, Forty-eighth Illinois Infantry; discharged August 15, 1865. Settled in Floyd township prior to 1881. Is living with son, Fred S., at Eye Brow, Saskatchwin, Canada.

Bailey, Peter R. Born April 1, 1844, at Harrisburg, Va., son of William and Nancy Bailey. Married Anna B. Benner September 26, 1867, at Oregon, Ill.; children: J. Frank, Mattie E., Hattie B., Will H., Nellie R., Howard E., Benner S. Enlisted August 13, 1862, at Lima, O., Company A, One Hundred and Eighteenth Ohio Infantry, Second Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-third Army Corps; appointed Corporal March 1, 1865; wounded in foot at Kenesaw Mountain; served in battles of Kingston, Tenn.; Resaca, Kingston, Ga.; Big Shanty, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Altoona, Franklin, Fort Sugar Loaf, N. C.; Salisbury, N. C.; discharged Salisbury, N. C., June 24, 1865. Settled in O'Brien County February, 1880, and located in practice of law at Primghar and Sheldon. Died March 12, 1907, and buried at Sheldon. Member Joe Hooker Post, G. A. R., Sioux Falls, S. D.; S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., Primghar; McKenzie Post, G. A. R., Sheldon; also Union Veterans' Union.

Balcom, Abel H. Resides at Eldora, Iowa; born December 1, 1826, at Shirley, Mass. His father, Reuben Balcom, was born in 1784 at Sudbury, Mass; mother, Elizabeth Hartwell Balcom, was born in 1786 at Shirley, Mass. He married Jennie V. Donovan October 16, 1867; one son, James A., was born. Enlisted August 11, 1862, at Grafton, Mass.; was member Company F, Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry; transferred February 15, 1865, to Fifth Regiment Volunteer Rough Cavalry, Massachusetts; served at First Battle of Antietam, Fredericksburg, Bowling Green, Siege of Vicksburg, Harper's Ferry, Newport News; in hospital at Vicksburg seven months; discharged July 5, 1865, at Indianapolis, Ind. Settled in O'Brien County May, 1871, on Southeast quarter section 12, Baker Township Member Buckner Post, G. A. R., and M. E. Church.

Ballard, Henry D. Resides at Primghar; born May 11, 1842, Allegany County, N. Y.; father, Moses R., born Franklin County, N. Y.; mother, Eliza Beecher, born Southampton, Conn. Married Mary M. Corcoran November 2, 1884; children: Guy W., and Joy; a son, R. B. Ballard, by first wife. Enlisted at Davenport August 8, 1861, in Company B, Second Iowa Cavalry; was taken sick and not mustered; second enlistment December 12, 1863, at Nevada, Iowa, Company A, Twenty-third Iowa Infantry, Thirteenth Corps, First Brigade, Second Division; served in Red River Campaign under General Banks, and Mobile Siege and Campaign at various places in Louisiana and Texas; discharged at New Orleans and paid off at Davenport August 10, 1865. Settled in O'Brien County May 1, 1909, at Primghar. Formerly Post Commander and now a member of G. A. R. Post No. 66, Webster City, Iowa; member Sons of American Revolution No. 257 at Des Moines; grandfather, Moses Ballard, served in War of Revolution.

Barnes, William W. Born September 23, 1829, at Lockport, N. Y. Father, Burton, born October 20, 1803; mother, Barbara Wingert, born July 29, 1810. Married Mary Wiard June 16, 1858; children: Herbert, William, Lucy, Minnie. Enlisted February 14, 1862, in Company G, Twelfth Michigan Infantry; discharged February 14, 1865. Settled in O'Brien County fall of 1869, residing Section 30, Grant Township; later at Primghar and Sibley, Iowa. Died May 25, 1905, and buried at Milwaukee, Wis. Member Congregational Church, McKenzie Post, G. A. R., at Sheldon, and later member G. A. R. Post at Sibley.

Barmore, David R. Resides at 2284 North Forty-fourth Avenue, Chicago; born April 9, 1845, at Athens, Ohio; father, Alfred Barmore (born in Green County, Pa., 1815), mother, Ann Barmore (born in same county in 1817). Married Mary F. Alexander September 17, 1867, one son, Virgil A., being born. Enlisted September 17, 1863, at Spring Grove, Wis., Company D, First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery; held office as corporal; engagements at Berwick's Bay, Brashear City; in charge of mails between Brashear City and New Orleans; company suffered loss of 81 men by sickness; discharged September 12, 1865, at Madison, Wis. Settled in county September, 1869, Section 24, Liberty Township. Was at one time postmaster at Sheldon. Member Baptist Church and Custer Post, G. A. R., Chicago.

Barrett, Orsmond M. Born May 28, 1837, at Oswego, N. Y. Married to Ellen C. Waggoner in 1864. Enlisted at Burr Oak, Iowa, August 15, 1862, Company D, Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry; commissioned First Lieutenant November 4, 1862; served on staff of Major-General Herron at New Madrid and Siege of Vicksburg: resigned June 6, 1863. Was for many years engaged in practice of law at Sheldon. A Representative in the nineteenth General Assembly; Senator in twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-third General Assemblies of Iowa; member Loyal Legion. Died and buried at San Diego. Cal.. March 1. 1899.

Barry, Don Carlos . Born June 26,1812, at Burlington, Vt. His father, John Barry, was born at Sheffield, Mass., June 30, 1775; mother, Hannah Rewlson, born September 19, 1791. Married Eliza Spoor June 17, 1834; children as follows: Almira, Helen, John, Lucy, Agnes and Alice (twins), Edgar and Edwin (twins). Enlisted December 28, 1861, at Hillsboro, Wis., Tenth Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery; discharged December 13, 1862, and settled in this county about 1870 on N. E. 1/4 Sec. 28, Grant Township. Died June 8, 1893; buried at Trimello Cemetery in Clay County, Iowa.

Bascom, Sylvanus C. Born 1830 in Brown County, Ohio. Married to Mary Brown, and one son, George, born. Enlisted  August 25, 1862, at Indianola, Iowa, Company D, First Iowa Volunteer Cavalry; discharged April 10, 1863, at St. Louis, Mo. Resided at Primghar and Sanborn. A member of the M.E. Church and minister of gospel for sixteen years. Died May 3,1895.

Bateman, John F. Born January 25, 1837, at Edensburg, Pa.; father, Wesley Bateman (born January 24, 1812, Center County, Pa.); mother, Jane Thomas (born February 23, 1815, Edensburg, Pa.). Married to Louisa M. Carmon October 10, 1864; wife died April 3, 1869, leaving a daughter (Winnie Grace Brown). Enlisted April 26, 1861, at Farmington Iowa, in Company F, Second Iowa Infantry; was Seventh Corporal when he was discharged February 7, 1862, at St. Louis, Mo., on account of disability. Settled in County December 13, 1892, at Sheldon.

Beacom, James Born in Ireland December 13, 1834. Married Ann McLaughlin in 1863 children: W. H., John, Thomas, Anna, Susan, James A., George, Catherine, P. A. and C. B. Enlisted September 27 1864, at Anamosa, Iowa, in Company C, Second Iowa Infantry; was with Sherman on March to Sea; discharged at Washington D. C., June 1,1865. Settled in O'Brien County October 28, 1878, at Sheldon. Died January 11, 1903, at Sheldon Iowa. Member Catholic Church.

Beebe, William Wallace Resides Paullina Iowa; born May 17, 1841, in Michigan; his father, Daniel P. (born September 26, 1809, in New York); mother Eliza Jane Beebe (born September 25, 1814, in New York). Was married (Ellen Amelia) December 21, 1887; children; Frank Wallace, Bertha Amelia, Gladys, Fredanna. Enlisted August 5, 1862, at Essex, Ill., Company B., One Hundred and Thirteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry; served at Hollow Springs, Vicksburg, first attack; Arkansas Post, all through siege of Vicksburg and Jackson, Miss.; was shot and taken prisoner; in Libby prison; hospital at Richmond; four months in prison; paroled and returned to Chicago January 1, 1864, returning to regiment May 19, at Memphis, Tenn.; afterwards in fight at Guntown, Miss.; taken prisoner and held in Andersonville and other prisons nine months; discharged at Springfield, Ill., July 1,1865. Settled in O'Brien County March 1,1883, living in Baker Township. Member McKenzie Post, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa.

Bennett, Erastus W. Born 1845, McHenry County, Ill. Enlisted September 30, 1863, Davenport, Iowa, in Company C, Second Iowa Cavalry; discharged June 17, 1865, at Eastport Miss. Member McKenzie Post 72, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa Came to the county in 1873.

Bennett, Leander F. Born 1830, Oswego, N. Y. Enlisted April 11, 1865, at Auburn, N. Y., Company K, One Hundred and Ninety-third New York, and on May 15, 1865, transferred to Company H, One Hundred and Ninety-third New York Infantry; discharged January 18, 1866, at Harper's Ferry Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., Sheldon. Settled in O'Brien County about 1873.

Berray, George E. Resides 2302 North Sixty-second Street, Seattle, Wash.; born in Franklin, N. Y.; father, Edward Berray (born at Walton N. Y., 1815), mother, Losetta McIntire (born same place 1818). Married Kate Lefevre June 12 1870; children: Mabel V., Maud, Anna, Benjamin E. Enlisted February 3, 1865, Berlin, Wis., Company B, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry; was engaged on detached service in southwestern Missouri, guarding army trains; discharged November 1, 1865, St. Louis, Mo. Settled in county 1875 residing at Sheldon. Member Baptist Church, Green Lake Post 112, G.A. R. (post Commander); Echo Lodge No 209, I. O. O. F. (past Noble Grand); Patriarchal Branch, I. O. O. F.; Chief Patriarch at present time in Encampment No. 62; member W. R. C.

Bethel, William Thomas. Born May 18, 1846, Paoli, Wis.; his father, Thomas Bethel, born in England. Married to Eunice Bethel; children: Frank M., Albert and Velma. Enlisted February 8,1864, Madison, Wisconsin, Company H, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry; at battle of Gettysburg; mustered out September 5, 1865, on account of disability. Settled in county December, 1876, residing in Liberty and Union Townships. Died in 1905 ; buried at Aurelia, Iowa.

Betz, Michael. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born May 1, 1840, in Germany; father, John Betz, and mother, Katharina Macatory (both born in Luxemburg, Germany). Married to Elizabeth Genger, July 4, 1870; children: Anna, Maria, Antone, John, Christina, Sarah, Katharina, Frank, Nicholas, Michael, Elizabeth. Enlisted August 18, 1862, at Franklin, Wis., Company K, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Twentieth Corps; two months in hospital at Lookout Mountain battles, Chancellorsyille Gettysburg, Chattanooga and from there to the sea; discharged June 13, 1865, at Washington, D. C. Settled in O'Brien County March 4,1895, living in Grant Township and Sutherland. Member Catholic Church

Bidwell, Benjamin. Born November 21, 1823, Chautauqua, N. Y; father, Daniel (born March 23, 1797, Cattaraugus County, New York), mother Maria Howland (born September 20, 1804, Chautauqua County, New York). Married Minerva A. Barton February 1848; children: Ervin, Elva, Fletcher, Eugene, Effie, Guy, Elma. Enlisted at Rochester, Minn., March 20, 1865, Company F, First Minnesota Battalion Volunteer Infantry, First Brigade, Second Division, Second Army Corps; engaged in battles at Deep Bottom, Reams Sta. Hatcher�s Run; at taking of Richmond was in hospital discharged July 14, 1865; paid off at Fort Snelling, Minn. September 25, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County March 1, 1895, Section 20, Liberty Township. Died December 9, 1898; buried at Waterman Cemetery, Sutherland. Member G.A.R.

Bidwell, Francis L. Resides at Sutherland, Iowa; born April 27, 1843, Chautauqua County, New York; father, Daniel (born March 23, 1797, Cattaraugus County, New York), mother Maria Howland (born September 20, 1804, Chautauqua County, New York). First married to Margaret Pritchart October 6, 1867; to Martha L. Banks January 24, 1897; children: Ora, Francis F., Olive M., Oscar S., Delbert, Everett and Lester. Enlisted August 12, 1862, at Lancaster, Wis., Company C, Twenty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry, Second Brigade, First Division, Seventeenth Corps; service, suppressing Indian outbreak in Minnesota, Siege of Vicksburg, Spanish Moss Bend, skirmishing, Resaca to Atlanta, Kenesaw to Pine Mountain, Jonesboro No. 15; engagements S. Edisto River, Cape Fear River, Bentonville; marched over seven thousand miles through fifteen states; discharged June 7, 1865, Washington, D. C. Settled in the county January, 1881, Liberty Township. Member Odd Fellow and Masonic Lodges; G. A. R. Post.

Billings, John D. Resides at LeMars, Iowa; born May 26, 1838, at Allegan, Mich.; father, John H. Billings, and mother, Mary Barrager Billings (both born in New York state). Married to Alma E. Moore, October 26, 1865; children: Morton D., John S., Finly C., Charles H., Perry A., Mary A., Carrie L., Emma C., Jessie M., Franklin, George K. Enlisted at Laporte, Ind., September 5, 1861; Company F, Ninth Indiania Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, First Division, Fourth and Twentieth Corps, Army of Cumberland; engagements of Green River, Buffalo Mountain, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Danville, Stone River, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta; discharged September 6,1864, at Chattanooga, Tenn. Settled in O�Brien County, October, 1879; homesteaded on section 18-98-42 Osceola County, in November, 1871; later resided at Sheldon. Member Mower Post, G. A. R., LeMars, Iowa.

Bishop, John F. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born at Fredonia, N.Y.; father, John F. Bishop (born at Belleville, N. Y., in 1808), mother, Allena Brown (born at Lorraine, N. Y., 1810). Married Ann Augusta Pinney in 1865; children: Frankie, Belle, Leroy K., Albert H., Ella, Walter J., Florence, George H., Mabel and Arthur E. Enlisted February 10, 1862, at Fort Snelling, Minn., Company B, Fifth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps; re-enlisted at Black River Bridge, Mississippi, February 12, 1864; was in thirty-three engagements and sieges, including Vicksburg, Nashville, Spanish Fort, Ala.; in Banks� Red River Expedition; wounded at Redwood Ferry, Miss., August 18, 1862, and at Spanish Fort, Ala., March 29, 1865; commissioned First Lieutenant, July 13, 1863; discharged September 6, 1865, at Fort Snelling. Settled in O�Brien County, 1884. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., and Iowa Commandery of the Loyal Legion. Commander N. W. Iowa Veterans� Association, 1907-1908.

Blood, Jared P. Resides at Sioux City, Iowa; born January 18, 1844, at Whitefield N. H., father, Arnold Blood (born February 24, 1799, Ackworth N. H.), mother, Lavina Newton (born 1800, at Unity, N. H.). Wife�s name, Jennie Hewitt; married June 21, 1870. Enlisted September 20, 1864, at Concord, N. H., in Company I, First Heavy Artillery, New Hampshire Hardin�s Division; Twenty-second Army Corps, stationed at forts around Washington; discharged June 15. 1865 at Washington D. C. Settled in O�Brien County March, 1871, on southeast 1/4 section 4, Center township. Member A. F. & A. M.; General Hancock Post No. 22, G. A. R. Practicing attorney at Sioux City.

Boat, Ira. Born 1829 in Holland. Enlisted August 15, 1862, at Mendon, Ill., in Company A, One Hundred and Nineteenth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry; discharged October 7, 1862. Settled in O�Brien County 1876, northwest section 6, Center township.

Bollenbeck, Gustavus. Born in Germany. Married Margaretha Weiburch December 15, 1868; children: Emma, Herman, Claud, Gustavus. Enlisted September 5, 1862, at Avon, Ill., Company B, Ninth Illinois Cavalry; suffered poor hearing from artillery; discharged June 10, 1865. Settled in O�Brien County, 1881, section 25, Baker Township. Died March 27, 1903, at Kingfisher, Okla. Member G. A. R. and Lutheran Church.

Bonner, William. Resides at Sanborn, Iowa; born in Yorkshire, England, son of Robert and Mary Bonner. Wife�s name Ellen; married December, 1860; children: W. L., J. E., Robert, Thomas, Mary, Anna, Elizabeth and Nora. Enlisted February 20, 1865, at New Diggings, Wis., in Company C. Fiftieth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; discharged at Madison, Wis., August 29, 1865. Settled in this county March, 1883, Franklin Township. Member Kenyon Post No. 339, G. A. R., Sanborn, Iowa.

Bouton, Byron C. Resides at Fulda, Minn.; born September 9, 1840, in New York state; father, Cyler Bouton (born at Stephentown, N. Y., January 18, 1813), mother, Caroline Bouton (born Rensselaer County, New York, September 8, 1822). Wife�s name, Adora; married November 27, 1873; children: Henrietta, Cyler, Thurslow, James B., Nancy E., Warren, Sophia. Enlisted August 12 1862, at Juda, Wis., In Company K, Twenty-second Wisconsin Infantry, Third Division. Twentieth Army Corps, taken prisoner March 25, 1863, discharged February 26, 1864 at Murfreesboro, Tenn, on account of disability. Settled in Omega township, this county, April 6, 1864. Member Baptist Church, Masonic Lodge, and Zach Taylor Post No 42, Fulda, Minn.

Bowen, William T. Resides at Bernardo, Cal.; born October 16, 1846, at Laporte, Ind.; father, Thomas Bowen (born in New York state December 8, 1817), mother, Jane Slocum (born in New York state in 1816). Married to Eva M. McKay October 9, 1872; children: Arthur M., Eva M., Emily, Will T., Jessie. Enlisted December 28, 1863, at Delhi, Iowa, Company B, Fourth Iowa Cavalry; served in engagements at Guntown, Miss.; Tupelo, Blue River, Mo.; Osage, Fort Scott, and with General Wilson in Alabama and Georgia; discharged August 8,1865, at Atlanta, Ga. Settled in O�Brien County at Sanborn April, 1880. Formerly a member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa.

Bowers John N. Resides at Granville, Iowa; born February 13, 1846, at Navarre, Ohio; his father (Christian Bowers) and mother (Christina Kline) were both born in Germany, Married to Helen A. Parsons December 13, 1868; children: Orland, Will, Bert, Roy, Floyd, Blanche, Grace and Susan. Enlisted May 2,1864 at Wilmont Ohio, in Company K, One Hundred and Sixty-third Ohio Infantry, Third Brigade Third Division, Tenth Army Corps; re-enlisted in Company C, One Hundred and Eighty-forth Ohio Volunteer Infantry after expiration of his One hundred days� service in Company K. Served in engagements at battles of Wilderness, Appomattox, etc. Was in Army of the James, Gen B. F. Butler, commanding corps; discharged September 20, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. Settled in Paullina, this county, November 1, 1886. Member M. W. A. and formerly member P. M. Coder Post, Vinton, Iowa, No. 580

Bowne, Walter B. Resides at Sheldon, Iowa; born March, 1845, Mansfield, N. J.; father, Edward Bowne (born at Flushing, L. I.) and mother, Elizabeth(born in New Jersey). Married Edith N. Bowne; children: Effie G., Francis J., Edith N., Hannah J., Anna Mabel. Enlisted August 26, 1862, at Beverly, N. J., Company D, Twenty-third New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, First Brigade, Sixth Corps; was in First and Second Battles of Fredericksburg, Va.; discharged June 27, 1863, at Beverly, N. J. Settled in Sheldon, this county, April, 1881.

Boyce, Samuel. Residence, Hartley, Iowa; born November 17, 1839, Allegany County, New York; father, Samuel, and mother, Betsey Ann Hall Boyce, born in Ireland. Married to Philena Young February 6, 1886; children: Thomas, Adam, William and Charles. Enlisted, Allamakee County, Iowa, February 18, 1862, in Company H, Sixteenth Regular United States Army, Third Brigade, Second Division, Fourteenth Corps; served three years and participated in engagements of Stone River, Marietta, Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain. Atlanta, Jonesboro; was wounded in thigh at battle of Stone River; discharged February 18, 1865, at Lookout Mountain. Settled at Hartley, in O�Brien County, October 2, 1883. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; G. A. R. Post, and Relief Corps, at Hartley.

Boyd, Fletcher C. Resides at Lucas, S. D.; born June 9, 1847, at Moline, Ill.; father, John A. Boyd (born February 12, 1810, at Plattsville, Pa.), mother, Elizabeth Boyd (born same place June 18, 1810). Married to wife, Eleanor E., November 12, 1873; children: Maud E., Mabel E., Charles U. and Ladie E. Enlisted at Davenport, Iowa, in Company A, Eighth Iowa Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Sixteenth Corps; participated in battles at Fort Pillow, Memphis, Siege of Mobile, Spanish Fort, Ala.; wounded in foot and lost left thumb and metacarpal bone in last named battle, April 8, 1865; discharged April 20, 1866, at Selma, Ala. Settled at Paullina, O�Brien County, Iowa, July, 1888. Member of M.W.A. and G.A.R.

Boyd, Richard M. Resides at Sanborn; born May, 1843, a son of Robert and Mary A. Boyd, each of whom was born in Ireland. Married Eliza J. Boyd November 16, 1866, and six children were born. Enlisted October 12, 1861, at Marion, Linn County, Iowa, in Company H, Fourteenth Iowa Infantry, Sixteenth Army Corps; engagements at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Tupelo, Miss., and in Meridian Raid; received bayonet wound in side at Columbus, Ky.; promoted to Third Corporal April 1,1863; discharged November 16, 1864, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in O�Brien County, on northwest 1/4 section 22, Grant Township, November, 1871. Member G. A. R.; I. O. O. F. Postmaster at Sanborn for two terms.

Boyd, Robert W. Resides at Sutherland; born June 14, 1845; a son of Robert Boyd and Mary Pogue. Married Hannah Snider September 28, 1879. Enlisted October 10, 1862, at Marion, Iowa, in Company K, Sixth Iowa Cavalry; discharged February 10, 1863, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in Grant Township, this county, in 1871.

Boyd, William 0. Resides at Ames, Iowa; born December 18, 1836. at Stuartstown, Tyrone, Ireland; father, James Boyd (born at Armoy, County Antrim, Ireland), mother, Elizabeth Walker (born Stewartstown, County of Tyrone, Ireland). Married to Ella Doney, January 4, 1870; children: Emma Helen, Stuart Douglas, Edith May, Alice Ellen. Enlisted August 16, 1864, at Rochester, Minn., Company H, Eleventh Minnesota Infantry, Twentieth Army Corps, under General Thomas; served in battle at Nashville; principally engaged in guarding railroad bridges in Kentucky and Tennessee; appointed Corporal and Sergeant; discharged June 26, 1865, at Fort Snelling, Minn. Settled in Caledonia Township, O�Brien County, Iowa, 1876, moving family here five years later. His birthplace was near the ancestral home of William McKinley.

Brander, William. Born 1832. Enlisted December, 1863, in Company A, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, discharged August, 1865. Settled northwest ¼ section 4, Center Township, O�Brien County, Iowa, in 1873. Member McKenzie Post No 72, G. A. R., Sheldon, IA.

Breneman, John. Resides at Wichita, Kan.; born May 19, 1840, in Maytown, Pa.; father, Frederick Breneman (born 1814, at Maytown, Pa.), mother, Elizabeth Breneman (born 1817 at Maytown, Pa.). Married to his wife, Paulina Breneman, January 18, 1869; children: Frederick, Benjamin, Maggie, Edward and Frank. Enlisted August 9, 1862, at Iowa City, Iowa, in Company E, Twenty-eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Second Brigade, Third Division, Thirteenth Army Corps; suffered a broken knee at Port Gibson, Miss.; other battles: Champion Hill, Black River, Vicksburg, Winchester, Va.; Strasburg, Va.; Cedar Creek, Va.; taken prisoner at last named battle, October 19, 1864, and served six months and thirteen days in Libby Prison; discharged July 31, 1865, at Savannah, Ga. Settled at Sheldon, Iowa, 1874. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and Garfield Post No. 25, G. A. R.

Breyfogle, William M. Resides at Primghar, Iowa; born August 27, 1843, Delaware County, Ohio; father, Solomon P. (born in Pennsylvania), mother, Margaret Hagerman (born in Delaware County, Ohio). Married to Abigail Myers December 6, 1873; children: Wi1liam A., Margreta, Maud, Luella, Grace, Joseph, Ernest, Charles, Queena, Cecil, and Georgie M. Enlisted May 2, 1864, Polo, Ill., in Company I, One Hundred and Forty-second Illinois Infantry; service consisted of guarding railroad, and suffered disability from exposure; discharged October 26, 1864, at Chicago. Settled in this county, section 20, Liberty Township, in 1870. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and S. F. Jordan Post, G. A. R., at Primghar.

Brock, Andrew J. Born October 13, 1843, at Bono, Lawrence County, Indiana; father, Ephraim, (born in Kentucky), mother, Hannah Brewer (born in Virginia). Married to Florence A. Healy September 18, 1872; one son, Herbert E. Enlisted October 25, 1861, at Milledgeville, Ill., in Company H, Fifty-fifth Illinois Infantry, First Division, Fifteenth Corps; served in battles at Chickasaw Bayou, Shiloh, Arkansas Post, Champion Hill, Siege Vicksburg, Jackson, Missionary Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Bentonville, Goldsboro, Knoxville; held office First Sergeant; discharged October 30, 1864. at Chattanooga, Tenn. Settled in O�Brien County, July 27, 1864, and later resided at Primghar. Died May 24, 1906 buried at Milledgeville, Ill. Member Congregational Church; the first Masonic lodge in the county (Abiff, at Sutherland) and G. A. R.; county surveyor of the county from 1872 to 1876, and platted an addition to Primghar that bears his name; county recorder of deeds, 1873 to 1877 inclusive, in O�Brien County.

Brooks, David H. Born 1838 in Michigan. Enlisted March 11, 1865, in Company D, Fifty-second Wisconsin Infantry, and discharged July 28, 1865. Member Kenyon Post, G. A. R., at Sanborn.

Brown, Aaron. Born 1843, in Ohio. Enlisted October 13, 1864, Indianola, Iowa, Company G, Fifteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry; discharged July 24, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Settled southwest ¼ section 34. Liberty Township, this county, in 1875.

Brown, Edward C. Resides at Thermopolis, Wyo.; born October 26, 1846, Marion, Mich,; father, Joseph, and mother, Rosetta Warburton, were born in England. Married his wife, Catherine 5., April 24, 1869; children: Willard J., Matilda B., Earl W., R. Emmett, Edward C., Charles E., Ernest A. Enlisted March 25, 1865, Marion, Mich., Company C, Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry; transferred to Company E, Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourth Army Corps; made Corporal September 1, 1865; Sergeant, January 1, 1866; overcome by heat at Victoria. Texas. September 13, 1865; discharged March 24, 1866, at Galveston, Texas. Settled in Waterman Township, O�Brien County, February, 1870, later living at Primghar and Sheldon. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., at Sheldon; A. F. & A. M.; Royal Arch Masons, and Commandery. Postmaster at Sheldon, and state Railroad Commissioner, serving three years.

Brown, John A. Born April 5, 1836, at Corinth, Vt.; father, James (born May 20, 1871, Thornton, N. H.), mother, Emeline Slafter (born September 20, 1799, Norwich, Vt.). Married in 1874; children: Bertha Shipley, Allie Bingenheimer, Ernest. Enlisted August 19, 1862, Company M, Third Ohio Cavalry; First Sergeant: at Kenesaw Mountain sickness sent him to hospital and was there during most of his later service; discharged June 17, 1865, at Nashville Tenn. Settled in the county in 1873, northeast 1/4 section 8, Floyd Township. Died September 27, 1886, and buried in Sheldon cemetery. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; A. F. & A. M.; McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., Sheldon; Relief Corps at Sheldon.

Brown, William H. Resides at Primghar; born July 12, 1842, Ross County, Ohio; father, Samuel Brown (born March 10, 1811, in Virginia, mother, Margaret Clark (born 1811 in Pennsylvania). Married to Anna Robinson July 16. l874; children: Frances, Samuel L. Hugh E. Alice, Edith, Clara, Will R. Enlisted August 7, 1862, and re-enlisted December 13, 1863, Company H, Twenty-fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Fourth Brigade, Second Division, Nineteenth Army Corps; under General Banks up Red River; at Mansfield, Moss Lane, Pleasant Hill; crippled in the right knee; under General Sheridan at Winchester Opecon, Cedar Creek, and Fisher Hill; discharged July 17, 1865, Savannah, Ga. Settled in O�Brien County, homesteading southwest 1/4 section 8, Center Township in April, 1871, living there thirty-three years and nine months, since which time he has lived in Primghar. Member A. F. & A. M. since 1868; G. A. R. Post at Sanborn.

Brown, Walker W. Born Morgan County, Indiana, May 30, 1846; father, Coleman B. (born in Kentucky), mother, Nancy E. Willhite (born in Virginia). Married to Odessa F. Brown, January 13, 1875; children: Lewis H., Victor F. Enlisted February 13, 1864, at Indianapolis, Ind., in Company G, Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; served with Sherman on March to the Sea; received gunshot wound at Kenesaw Mountain; discharged May 10, 1865, at Indianapolis, Ind. Settled in O�Brien County, October 10, 1888, holding pastorates in Methodist Episcopal Church at Hartley and Sheldon. Died January 18, 1909, and buried in Floyd Cemetery, Sioux City, Iowa. Was a member of Methodist Episcopal Church thirty-seven years, and pastor twenty-five years. Member G. A. R.

Bryan, George. Born in Center County, Pa. Enlisted August 31, 1864, in Company C, Two Hundred and Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; discharged June 1, 1865, at Alexandria, Va. Member McKenzie Post No. 72, G. A. R., Sheldon, Iowa.

Bryant, Joseph J. Resides near Sutherland, Iowa; born October 30, 1840, in Lewis County, Kentucky; father, G. W. (born 1811), and mother, Nancy Spence (born 1812), both in Lewis County, Kentucky. Married his wife, Annie, in 1885; children: William, Ora, Roy, Frank, Harry, Charles, Ralph, Otto, Gertie, and Betsey. Enlisted in Company K, Thirty-second Iowa Volunteer Infantry, July 13, 1862, at Albion, Iowa. Served in battles at Pleasant Hill, Mansfield, Fort Donelson, Nashville, Mobile, Greentown, Spanish Fort, Ala.; discharged August 24, 1865, at Clinton, Iowa. Settled in O�Brien County December 1, 1888, on section 10, Grant Township.

Bryson, David. Resides at Hastings, Neb.; born November 10, 1844, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; father, Thomas (born in 1804 in Pennsylvania), mother, Susanna (born in 1808 in Pennsylvania). Married to Mary Jane Fitzgerald October 24, 1866; children: Lewis Edward, Elva Jane, Benjamin F. Enlisted August 8, 1862, Hopkins, Ill., in Company I, Seventy-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Third Brigade, First Division, Fourth Army Corps, Army of Cumberland; served at Perryville, Crab Orchard, Stone River, Dalton, Resaca, Cassville, Dallas, Pine Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Culp�s Farm, Rough Station, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Lovejoy Station, Columbia, Nashville, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Franklin; appointed Corporal; discharged June 12, 1865, at Camp Harker, Tennessee. Settled in O�Brien County, April 16, 1877, on southeast 1/4 section 12 Baker Township. Member Presbyterian Church; I. O. O. F.; Commander of Sila A. Strickland Post No. 13, Department of Nebraska, and member W. R. C.

Buchanan, Wallace. A former resident of the county; is said to have been a member of a company in the Thirteenth Missouri Cavalry, but his record has not been secured.

Buell, D. W. Born 1839. Enlisted September 13, 1861, at Central City, Col., in Company M, First Colorado Cavalry; discharged October 31, 1864, at Denver, Col. Died 1905 at Soldiers� Home. Leavenworth, Kan.

Bunce, Joseph D. Born March 17, 1840, Crawford County, Pennsylvania: father, Platt Bunce (born February 2,1809), mother, Marietta Petit Bunce (born January 13, 1815). First married to Sarah F. Barrett; alter her death, to Mary E. Gibson; children: Kenny, Cora, Bradiste, by first wife; a daughter, Vera A., was born under marriage to second wife, Enlisted June 11, 1861, at Pickering, N. Y., in Company B, Thirty-fifth New York Volunteer Infantry; appointed Corporal November 1, 1861: Sergeant, September 18, 1862: mustered out June 5, 1863, and re-enlisted June 30, 1863, in Company A, Twentieth New York Cavalry; discharged July 31, 1865, near Manchester, Va. Resided at Sheldon until his death, February 3, 1904. Member A. F. & A. M. His first wife and three children are buried at Sheldon.

Burke, Dr. F. Resides at Maryville. Mo.; born January 24, 1839. at Quincy, Ill. ; father, Louis M. (born February 22, 1797, in Pennsylvania), mother, Isabella Whitford (born July 30, 1804, in Pennsylvania). Married to Minerva Ellis November 23, 1864. Enlisted August 2, 1861, at Des Moines in Company D, Second Iowa Cavalry, First Brigade, Third Division, Sixteenth Army Corps, Western Army; in battles of Fort Pillow, Corinth, Iuka, Rooneville, New Madrid. Pine Bluff, Grierson Raid, Jackson; injured at Memphis, Tenn.; promoted to Eighth Corporal January 1, 1863; to Sixth Corporal May 1, 1863; discharged October 16, 1864, at Davenport, Iowa. Settled in this county in 1872, residing two miles east of Primghar in Highland Township. Member Methodist Episcopal Church and G. A. R.

Burnell, A. Livingston. Resides at Prairie Hill, Mo.; born July 16, 1843, at Havana, Ill; father, Erasmus (born at Northampton, Mass.), mother, Lavina (born at Lairdsville, Pa.). Married December 31, 1868; one daughter, Hettie Leota. Enlisted July 31, 1861, Havana, Ill., in Company C, Second Illinois Calvary; re-enlisted as veteran; served in battles: Holly Springs, Hatchers Run, Ivy Farm, Spanish Fort, Fort Blakely; discharged January 3, 1866, at Springfield, Ill. Settled at Sheldon 1894. Member Methodist Episcopal Church since 1866; A. F. & A. M. since July, 1864; Master Prairie Hill Lodge No. 566; member Eastern Star; M. W. A.; Royal Neighbors; served as Captain of Independent Cavalry Company in Sioux and O�Brien Counties, 1882-1884, when company was assigned to Sixth Regiment I. N. G.; served in I. N. G. eleven years.

Burnett, Robert. Born 1841, in Indiana; parents were born in France. Enlisted April, 1861, in Company E, Twenty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry; discharged August, 1861. Resided at Sheldon, where he was member G. A. R., from whose records this statement is secured.

Burnam, Horatio P. Born November 1, 1846, in New York state. Enlisted February 29, 1864, at Waterloo, Iowa, Company B, Twelfth Iowa Volunteer Infantry; discharged January 20, 1866, at Memphis, Tenn. Died January 10, 1905, and buried at Sheldon, Iowa.

Burnham, William H. Born at Princeton, Ill., November 11, 1839; father, Stephen (born at Argyle, N. Y.), mother, Hettie Ann (born March 9, 1804). Married to Elizabeth James September 18, 1866; children: Hiram, Grant, Ella. Enlisted February 11, 1864, at Dover, Ill., Company B, Ninety-third Illinois Volunteer Infantry; transferred to Company D, Fortieth Illinois Infantry, June, 1865; wounded in battle Altoona, Ga., October 5, 1864; discharged July 24, 1865, at Chicago. Died at Fulda, Minn., October 9, 1902, and buried at Princeton, Illinois. Settled in O�Brien County about 1892.

Burnside, Albert C. Born 1844 in New York state. Enlisted September 22, 1862, at Eden, Fayette County, Iowa, Com­pany C, Sixth Iowa Infantry; discharged October, 1865, Sioux City, Iowa. Came to O�Brien County in 1869.

Burnworth, James. Resides at Calumet, Iowa; born Huntington County, Indiana; father and mother born in Ohio; mother was Sarah Menwines. Married August 11, 1868; children: William, Charles, R., Oscar L., Fannie, Dessie and Bertha. Enlisted November 20, 1863, Company D, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; served in battles Resaca, Ga., and Kingston, N. C.; wounded at Nashville, Tenn.; discharged August 29, 1865, at Charlotte, N. C. Settled in O�Brien County, 1904, at Calumet. Member G. A.R. and M.W.A.

Burroughs, Jasper N. Born October 31, 1838, Delaware County, Ohio; father, John W., mother, Lydia Slack (both born in Ohio). Married to Nancy J. Eatherton July 2, 1864; children: John F., Cora M., Jasper N. Enlisted at Tankton, Delaware County, Ohio, and served in Civil War, but company and regiment have not been obtained. Settled in O�Brien County spring of 1870, southeast 1/4 section 30, Liberty Township. Died March 3, 1884, and buried at Erie, O�Brien County, Iowa.

Burroughs, John F. Resides 1007 E. Sixth Street, Pueblo, Colo.; born Orange, Vt., January 16, 1842. Married December 16, 1869; one child: C. F. Burroughs. Enlisted May 18, 1864, at Peoria, Ill., Company G, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry; discharged October 28, 1864, at Peoria. Settled in O�Brien County, section 10, Grant Township, spring of 1871. Was county supervisor 1874-1875.

Butler, John H. Born at Rodgeville, Ohio; father, John D. Butler (born Loraine County, Ohio), mother, Acsah Barr (born January 23, 1821, Elyria, Ohio). Married Mary E. Stewart November 28, 1875; children: Minnie E., Cora E., Hattie A., Herbert, Carl J., Stewart H. Enlisted October 8, 1864, Company F, Fifteenth Michigan Infantry; made corporal August 1, 1865; received injuries which ultimately caused his death; discharged at Little Rock, Ark., August 13, 1865. Settled at Sheldon in O�Brien County. Died at Sioux Falls, S. D., June 4,1905. Member Joe Hooker Post, G. A. R.,Sioux Falls.

Butler, J. D. Born at Lorraine County, Ohio, May 31, 1820; father, John D. Butler (born August 6, 1794, New York state), mother, Deborah Jennings (born March 10, 1794, Vermont). Married Acsah Barr, January 1, 1844; children: John H. (who served in Civil War, record last above), Mary O, Harriet A., Charles, and J. B. Enlisted September 21, 1861, Bedford, Ohio, Company D, Forty-first Ohio Infantry; transferred to Company B, Regular United States Veteran Engineers, July 29, 1864. Settled in O�Brien County, at Sheldon, March 30, 1880. Died July 26, 1889, and buried at Santa Monica, Cal. Was member Christian Church and G. A. R.

Butler, Richard. Born 1845, in New York state. Enlisted September 19, 1862, at York, Delaware County, Iowa, in Company G, Sixth Iowa Cavalry; discharged Sioux City, Iowa, October 17, 1865. Member Hartley Post G. A. R. Came to O�Brien County about 1876.

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