So many of the early settlers of this county were veterans of the Civil War, it seems fitting that this opportunity should be embraced to leave some record which may be preserved for future reference. The old soldiers themselves have nearly all passed away, having answered to the final roll call. However, there are many sons and daughters of the veterans remaining who will be interested in this record. The L. G. Ireland Post, of Sibley, was named after Captain L.G. Ireland, who was a homesteader in the eastern part of the county. This post was organized in the early day and was for many years a strong, flourishing and influential organization.
The post obtained permission, under a ninety-nine-years' lease, to erect its hall on the southeast corner of the court house square. A few years ago the old soldiers, realizing that their numbers were getting to be few, and in hope of passing their building into hands that would care for it in years to come when they had all passed over the great divide, gave the building and assigned the lease to the Sibley free public library. The building is now serving a good purpose and is being well cared for. As far as can be gathered at this late date the following is a list of the old soldiers who appeared in this county or affiliated with this post:

Wallace M. Moore, corporal, Company E, Ninety-first Pennsylvania.
Sylvester A. Wright, sergeant, Company C, One Hundred and Twelfth New York Infantry.
Harvey Walters, private, Company H, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
John H. Douglass, corporal, Company K, First Iowa Cavalry.
D.J. Spencer, private, Company B, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry.
Charles M. Bailey, sergeant, Company A, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
Thomas O. Wilbern, private, Company C, One Hundred and Fifty third Illinois Infantry.
George Carew, private, Company G, Sixth Ohio Cavalry.
Enoch C. Jenkins, private, Company B, Twenty-eighth Iowa Infantry.
Augustus O'Neill, corporal, Company A, Forty-third Wisconsin Infantry.


Jackson Blair, private, Company H, Sixty-third Indiana Infantry.
Asel W. Mitchell, private, Company G, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry.
Eldred Huff, captain, Company A, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
William Neyemeyer, private, Company C, Eighty-sixth Illinois Infantry.
Phillip Proper, private, Company C, Forty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
John P. Hawxhurst, lieutenant. Company H, Forty-third Wisconsin S.S.S.
Charles Armbright, musician, Company C, Fifth U. S. Cavalry.
Robert Stamm, sergeant, Company E, Second Iowa Infantry.
Edward Lindsey, private, Company C, Eighth Illinois Cavalry.
H.G. Doolittle, sergeant, Company K, Fifth Iowa Infantry.
Charles M. Richards, private, Company D, First Michigan.
Alphonso Hall, private. Company D, Third Wisconsin Infantry.
B. D. Churchill, private. Company A, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
Amos Buchman, private. Company (i, Ninth Regiment Iowa Infantry.
Levi Shell, corporal, Company K, Twenty-third Wisconsin Infantry.
N. I.' Peters, private, Company C, One Hundred and Thirteenth Illinois Infantry.
Willis H. Gates, private, Company B, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
Alonzo B. Hall, private, Company A, Ninety-fifth Illinois Infantry.
J C. McGowen, captain, Company K, Twenty-third Iowa Infantry.
John F. Stamm, private, Company E, Second Iowa Infantry.
Charles A. Stevens, private. Company B, Forty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
Merritt R. Winchester, sergeant, Company H, Eighteenth New York Cavalry.
Albert Romey, private, Company F, Second Iowa Infantry.
William H. Morrison, private, Company A, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
Jacob Brooks, private, Company H, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
H. Goldsmith, private, Company E, Seventy-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry.
Simmeon S. Parker, sergeant, Company C, One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois Infantry.
Daniel D. McCallum, private, Company I, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.
Teel Nickloy, private; Company I, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.
Alien Cloud, private, Company H, Twenty-second Iowa Infantry.
Carlos P. Reynolds, corporal. Company G, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.


Samuel Collett, private, Company G, Thirteenth Indiana Cavalry.
D. H. Tyler, private. Company K, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry.
Henry C. Allan, private, Company M, Eighth Illinois Cavalry.
John Gray, private, Company H, Sixteenth U. S. Regulars.
Wallace A. Spencer, private, Company A, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
F. M. Spencer, private, Company D, First Wisconsin Infantry.
Henry L. Clappsaddle, private, Company C, Thirty-eighth Illinois Infantry.
J. M. Taylor, private, Company K, First Nebraska Cavalry.
Andrew V. Randall, corporal, Company A, U. S. Veteran Volunteers.
Benjamin F. Taylor, sergeant Company H, First Missouri Infantry.
Henry C. Mo rev, private, Company H, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
Hiram Neill, private, Company A, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.
Jacob B. Lent, private, Company I, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry.
William E. Ripley, private. Company M, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
Theodore J. Stage, private, Company B, Twenty-sixth Illinois Infantry.
George W. Bean, private, Company H, One Hundred and Forty-first Ohio Infantry.
Hiram Burt, private. Company E, One Hundred and Eighteenth New York Infantry.
D. L. McCausland, private, Company C, One Hundred and Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry.
Hugh Jordan, corporal, Company H, Eighteenth Iowa Infantry.
John H. Daugherty, private, Company E, Second Iowa Infantry.
Abram Shapley, private, Company H, Sixteenth U. S. Regulars.
William Kearn, private. Company M, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry.
J.C. Irwin, private, Company A, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
William Yahn, corporal. Company B, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
Thomas Findley, private, Company K, Twenty-first Ohio Infantry.
John F. Glover, sergeant, Company D, Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry.
James S. Reynolds, private, Company G, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.
H. B. Clemens, sergeant. Company I, Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry.
S. Schutz, sergeant, Company K, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.


C. W. Bowen, private, Company K, One Hundred and Third Ohio Infantry.
H. H. Bowen, private, Company L, Third Wisconsin Cavalry.
David Averill, private, Company A, Thirty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
J. A. Argo, private, Company E, Eleventh Iowa Infantry.
P. L. Piesly, corporal, Company C, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.
J. H. Fenton, private, Company I, Ninth Iowa Infantry.
Robert Smith, private, Company C, Twenty-fifth Iowa Infantry.
Jeremiah Ferguson, private. Company G, Second Michigan Artillery.
George Coppersmith, private, Company K, Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry.
Orvis Foster, private, Company B, Forty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry.
Henry Babcock, private, Company H, Ninety-sixth New York Infantry.
H. H. Russell, musician, Company K, Fifth U. S. Cavalry.
James H. Lyons, private, Company E, Thirty-sixth Iowa Infantry.
C. R. Mandeville, private, Company G, One Hundred and Fifty-third Illinois Infantry.
C. W. Camer, private, Company I, Second Iowa Cavalry.
D. J. Jones, private, Company B, Thirtieth Wisconsin.
E. N. Moore, lieutenant. Company H, Fourteenth Wisconsin.
Henry H. Hoffman, private, Company L, Twenty-second Wisconsin.
J. L. Jones, private. Company I, Forty-sixth Wisconsin.
M. G. Eckerman, private, Company H, Second Iowa.
Peter Philben, private, Company G, Twelfth Wisconsin.
L. C. Chamberlain, private, Company G, Twentieth Wisconsin.
William Turnbull, private, Company E, Sixty-fifth New York.
William Edwards, sergeant. Fifth New York Battery.
W. W. Barnes, private, Company G, Twelfth Michigan.
Ezra Pokett, private, Fourth Iowa Battery.
A. Jarr, private, Company K, Twentieth Iowa.
George Argobright, private, Company C, One Hundred and Twentyninth Illinois.
Lewis Bowland, private, Company I, Thirtieth Wisconsin.
Joseph K. Shaw, private, Company E, Twenty-seventh Iowa.
James S. Patterson, private, Company C, One Hundred and Thirty-second Ohio.
George M. Lenehan, corporal, Company B, Forty-sixth Illinois.
I. E. Cleveland, private, Company I, One Hundred and Forty-first New York.
John S. Robinson, private, Company A, Ninth Indiana Infantry.


Emery J. Benson, corporal, Company A, One Hundred and Sixty-sixth Ohio.
E. P. Smith, private, Company B, Second Iowa Cavalry.
Conrad Hattendorf, private, Company D, Twentieth Indiana.
Fred. Glade, corporal. Sixteenth Illinois Battery.
Eberhert Kayzey, private, Company D, Forty-eighth Wisconsin.
A. H. Hall, private, Company B, Twenty-third Wisconsin.
Samuel Beckwith, private, Company F, Forty-eighth Wisconsin.
Aaron Cox, private, Twenty-fourth Indiana Battery.
P. B. West, private, Company B, Sixty-fifth Illinois Infantry.
John Klampe, private, Company B, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
D. H. Tyler, private, Company K, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry.
N. P. Johnson, sergeant, Company A, First Light Artillery.
A. L. Burnell, sergeant, Company C, Second Illinois Cavalry.
L. B. Barnes, private, Company H, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry.
C. A. Fisher, corporal, Company D, Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry.
J. D. Roberts, private, Company I, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
G. L. YanEaton, private, .Company A, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
E. Smalley, private, Company C, First Illinois Light Artillery.
David Whitney, private, Company G. Fifteenth Vermont Infantry.
J. F. A. Snyder, private, Company I, Ninety-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry.
W. H. Green, corporal, Company E, Eleventh Iowa Infantry.
Thomas Burt, sergeant, Company G. Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry.
Chris Hudson, private, Company G, Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry.
John Ditto, private, Company I, Tenth Illinois Cavalry.
A. Richards, musician, Company G, Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry.
R. Meyers, private, Company G, Ninety-third Illinois Infantry.
William Mowthorp, private. Company F, Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry.
A. G. VanBlarcom, private. Company A, First Michigan Artillery.
A. J. Coulton, private, Company A, Fifth U. S. Infantry.
George E. Perry, private, Company B, Forty-first Wisconsin Infantry.
E. Mulnex, private, Company E, Ninth Iowa Infantry.
S. H. Westcott, corporal, Company A, Second Vermont Infantry.
S. A. Colburn, private, Company C, Thirteenth Michigan Cavalry.
J. L. Robinson, private, Company F, First Maine Heavy Artillery.
Samuel Smith, private, Company G, Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry.
C. H. Morrison, private, Company A, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
W. H. Irwin, private, Company F, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.


N. P. Churchill, private, Company A, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
J. W. Dickerson, corporal, Company K, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
R. L. Norris, private, Company H, Thirty-fifth Ohio Infantry.
Harmon Runyon, private, Company K, Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry.
Henry W. Reeves, private, Company A, Fourth Iowa Cavalry.
J. C. Stilson, private, Company B, Eleventh Vermont Infantry.
Thomas P. May, sergeant, Company G, Seventeenth Michigan Infantry.
Fuller Sisk, private, Company K, Sixth Iowa Infantry.
Jacob F. Pfafr", corporal, Company H, Twenty-second Iowa Infantry.
Henry Dunkleman, private, Company A, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.
M. V. Beede, sergeant, Company F, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.
Darwin D. Hulbert, private, Company H, Sixteenth New York Infantry.
N. W. Emery, sergeant, Company E. First Vermont Infantry.
Cornelius Teal, surgeon, Company B, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry.
George Taylor, private, Company D, Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry.
Oliver Burton, private, Company F, One Hundred and Second Illinois Infantry.
W. P. Underwood, private, Company B, Twenty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
A. M. Culver, private, Company H, One Hundred and Forty-first Ohio Infantry.
William R. Lawrence, private, Company C, First Wisconsin Infantry.
Joel W. Home, private, Company C, One Hundred and Seventh Illinois Infantry.
John Coughlin, private, Company I, Forty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry.
M. Evans, surgeon, Ninety-sixth Illinois Infantry.
George L. Nixon, private, Company C, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
W. P. Rhodes, private, Company A, Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry.
J. B. Meade, private, Company K, Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry.
J. B. Lucas, corporal, Company C, Fourth Wisconsin Infantry.
Orlando J. Clark, lieutenant, Company K, Thirty-fourth Iowa Infantry.
John B. Like, private, Company K, U. S. Marines.
Alden Carpenter, private, Company I, Forty-ninth Massachusetts Infantry.
Nicholas Klees, private, Company K, Fifth Iowa Infantry.
Walter Wooldridge, private, Company K, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
C. W. Freeman, private, Companv E, Ninth Mounted Battery.


W. W. Barnes, corporal, Company G, Twelfth Michigan Infantry.
George Jameson, private, Company C, One Hundred and Fifty-first Pennsylvania Infantry.
Michael J. North, private, Company C, Second Illinois Cavalry.
Andrew Culver, corporal, Company H, One Hundred and Forty-first Ohio Infantry.
Elmer R. Hazen, corporal, Company D, Third Iowa Infantry.
William H. Lean, corporal, Company G, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry.
Andrew Miller, corporal, Company B, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.
William B. Anderson, private, Indiana Battery.
Sylvester S. Anderson, private, Company C, Twenty-first Indiana Battery.
Franklin Regarlh, private, Company I, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin.
Lorenzo L. Sweet, sergeant, Company I, Thirty-seventh Iowa Volunteers.
S. W. Brown, corporal, Company B, Sixty-third Ohio Volunteers.
Douglass Cramer, private. Company K, Third Wisconsin Infantry.
Jacob Larahty, private, Company E, Twenty-third Illinois Infantry.
A. V. Stevens, private, Company K, Twelfth Wisconsin.
Sylvester Bailey, private, Company H, Thirteenth Iowa.
Samuel Brown, private, Company L, Forty-third Wisconsin.
G. W. Meader, private, Company D, Sixteenth Michigan.
William Hicks, private, Company H, First New York Artillery.
William P. Lane, private. Company H, Fiftieth Wisconsin Artillery.
E. S. Bennett, private, Company L, Eighth Illinois Cavalry.
J. G. Protexter, private, Company P), Twelfth Illinois Infantry.
George Heldt, private, Company C, Thirty-second Ohio Infantry.
Samuel L. Lyons, private, Company C, Forty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry.
James Ruston, corporal, Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Illinois Infantry.
Wesley Cheney, private, Company C, Fourth Iowa Infantry.
I. C. Stewart, private, Company H, One Hundred and Second Pennsylvania Infantry.
James Holland, private, Company H, Twenty-second Wisconsin.
Francis Cole, private, Company H, Twenty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
PatrickCarey, private, Seventeenth Mounted Infantry. E. Chilson.


Thomas Powers, sergeant, Company C, Fifth Mounted Artillery.
Herman Neynes, private, Company I. Forty-second Wisconsin.
William Cramm, sergeant, Company A, Seventh Mounted Infantry.
John A. Burns, corporal, Company B, Seventeenth Illinois.

There are many other veterans of the Civil War who lived here whose names do not appear on the foregoing roll. At this late date it is difficult to procure all of these names. The old roll of Ireland Post has the appearance of having lost the last page of names. Of those that can be recalled, the following names should appear:

Col. William Shafter. of the regular army, was a resident of this county a short time and lived in Sibley one summer.
Lieutenant George H. Perry, of the One Hundred and Forty-sixth New York Infantry, and father of Mrs. W. J. Miller, spent the last years of his life in Sibley and is buried in the Sibley cemetery.

Other old soldiers are as follows:
John H. Dagle, William Dagle, Nicholas Boor, Benjamin F. Webster, H. Bowersock, J. M. Wilson, B. F. VanCleve. David Wood, George L. Spaulding, Rev. John Webb, Rev. Ira Brashears, John Kittle, William Horton, James W. Carson (Kit), Nicholas Klees, Dave Underhill. J. F. Clark, William R. Belcher, Edward McMannes, Charles Shaw, Miles Hamlin, W. S. Albee, J. C. Rickabaugh, John Smith, J. H. Bahne, John Worden, Samuel A. Dove, William A. Doolittle, Huston A. Doolittle, Capt. R. J. Chase, Clark A. Perry, John I. Perry, Wernstrom, DeForrest Bennett, J. W. Reagan, Wallace Rea, Chauncey H. Bull, Chris Dormann, Frank Quiggle, William Schadt, William Shipley, M. D. Hadsell, Phil. Ladenburger, Valentine Quinnett, Captain L. G. Ireland (Maine), Captain E. L. Kenney (Minnesota),and Captain D. L. Riley (Second Wisconsin Cavalry), Dr. J. M. Jenkins, Dr. C. L. Gurney, L. M. Garner, John B. Curl, W. B. Keniston, John F. Bendon, Orvil O. Bunker (died April 5, 1914. at the age of eighty-nine years), John Thomas and James Hall.

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