1925 Iowa State Census 
Sheldon #77

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Sheldon #77

1925 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by: Don Harrington 

# Address Name Rel Sex Race Age Mar. Tenure HS Gr. Mo. R? W? Comments
1 31 Ayers, Mary J Head F W 86 W A-R;E-25 6 Y Y
2 Ayers, Stella May Child F W 54 S D 2yr univ Y Y
3 Ayers, W S Head M W 54 M 8 Y Y
4 48 Ayers, Nellie Wife F W 54 M D 12 Y Y
5 31 Wellman, George Head M W 69 W D 5yr univ Y Y
6 Wellman, Bessie Child F W 42 S D 2yr univ Y Y
7 Wellman, Maude Child F W 43 S 8 Y Y
8 Nelson, Frank Head M W 28 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-3000 D 4 yr univ Y Y
9 Nelson, Margaret Wife F W 27 M D 2yr univ Y Y
10 Nelson, Shirley M W 3 S
11 Jongward, Herman Head M W 36 M A-R;E-25 8 Y Y
12 Jongward, Alice Wife F W 29 M C 12 Y Y
13 23 Jongward, Shirley Child F W 2 S
14 81 Brinkman, D H Head M W 61 M A-O;B-F;C-10000;F-8000 C 12 Y Y 25yrUS&Ia
15 Brinkman, Rena Wife F W 62 M 8 Y Y 25yrUS&Ia
16 Brinkman, Rena Child F W 18 S C 12 Y Y
17 Chandler, F H Head M W 37 M A-R;E-25 D 4yr univ Y Y
18 Chandler, Frances Wife F W 35 M D 4yr univ Y Y
19 Chandler, Howard Child M W 10 S 6 9 Y Y
20 Chandler, Louise Child F W 7 S 2 9 Y Y
21 Chandler, Marrian Child F W 7 S 2 9 Y Y
22 12 Lohr, L O Head M W 41 M A-R;E-25 C 12 Y Y
23 Lohr, Margaret Wife F W 43 M C 12 Y Y
24 Lohr, Mildred Child F W 20 S D 2yr univ Y Y
25 Lohr, Marjorie Child F W 18 S D 2yr univ 9 Y Y
26 Lohr, Helen Child F W 15 S D 2yr univ Y Y
27 Lohr, Robt Child M W 11 S 6 9 Y Y
28 Lohr, Mary Phyllis Child F W 5 S 1 6
29 Mackenstadt, J C Head M W 46 M A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-4000 8 Y Y
30 Mackenstadt, Ruby Wife F W 42 M C 12 Y Y

# Birthplace Father Birthplace Age Mother Birthplace Age Married in Miltary Occ. Church
1 New York Scott, Saul New York DeGo*ff, Diana New York New York Congl
2 Iowa Ayers, Chas Wisconsin Scott, Mary J New York Wisconsin B Congl
3 Iowa Ayers, G H Wisconsin Scott, Mary J New York Iowa F
4 Wisconsin Hollenbeek, H C Vermont Coltern, Ellen C Congl
5 New York Wellman, Horace New York Boynten, Letha New York New York B
6 Iowa Wellman, Geo New York Wellman, Isabell New York New York B Congl
7 Iowa “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ C
8 Iowa Nelson, Frank Sweden Anderson, Julia Sweden Iowa B Methodist
9 Iowa Myers, W H Illinois Richard, Anna Illinois Illinois C
10 Iowa Nelson, Frank Iowa Myers, Margaret Iowa Iowa
11 Iowa Jongward, ***ish Iowa DenHartog, Effie Iowa Iowa WorldWar;B-ArmyInf;C-Ia Methodist
12 Iowa Reany, Jas Illinois Gere, Eva Iowa Iowa
13 Minn Jongward, Herman Iowa Reaney, Alice Iowa Iowa
14 Holland Brinkman, Henry Holland Baas, Gertie Holland Holland
15 Holland Westra, Donald Holland Houtsma, Bertha Holland Holland
16 Iowa Brinkman, D H Holland Westra, Rena Holland Holland
17 Iowa Chandler, A L Penn Dunn, Henrietta Penn Illinois B Methodist
18 Iowa Horn, J C Penn Miller, Elizabeth Indiana Indiana C
19 Iowa Chandler, F H Iowa Horn, Frances Iowa Iowa
20 Iowa
21 Iowa
22 Illinois Lohr, Jacob Illinois Gearhart, Mary Penn Penn D Methodist
23 Iowa Brewster, Lewis Canada McGregor, Mary Canada *** C
24 Iowa Lohr, L O Illinois Brewster, Margaret Iowa Iowa
25 Iowa “ “
26 Iowa “ “
27 Iowa “ “
28 Iowa “ “
29 Iowa Mackenstadt, H J Germany Stevens, Jenette Iowa F
30 Iowa O'Daniel, H H Illinois Shettern, Isabell Iowa C

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