1925 Iowa State Census 
Sheldon #51

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Sheldon #51

1925 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by: Don Harrington 

# Address Name Rel Sex Race Age Mar. Tenure HS Gr. Mo. R? W? Comments
1 Kamstra, William Child M W 4 S
2 Kamstra, Peter Child M W 3 S
3 Kamstra, Simon Child M W 1 S
4 Clark, Frank Head M W 46 M A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-3000 B 8 Y Y
5 Clark, Pearl Wife F W 41 M B 12 Y Y
6 Name crossed out
7 Name crossed out
8 Mann, Chas J Head M W 56 M A-O;B-F;C-3000;F-2000 C 10 Y Y
9 Mann, Minnie V Wife F W 42 M C 11 Y Y
10 McIntire, Isaac, N Head M W 61 M A-O;B-M;C-5000;D-4000;F-5000 C 4yr univ Y Y
11 McIntire, Edith Wife F W 56 M C 12 Y Y
12 Erkes, Alida Head F W 60 W A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-2500 C 8 Y Y
13 Erkes, Jacob Child M W 16 S C 9 Y Y
14 Flentje, Henry Head M W 58 M D 1 yr univ Y Y Naturalized;50yrUS&45yrIa
15 Flentje, Sophia Wife F W 51 M C 12 Y Y
16 Flentje, Edward Son M W 26 S C 12 Y Y
17 Flentje, Walter Son M W 21 S C 9 Y Y
18 Kost, Esther Child F W 20 S C 11 Y Y
19 Lynch, Patrick V Head M W 33 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-1500 C 12 Y Y
20 Lynch, Leone B Wife F W 28 M C 12 Y Y
21 Lynch, Patrick B Child M W 1 S C
22 Ellerbroek, Co**elis Head F W 58 W A-O;B-F;C-3000;F-3000 C 9 Y Y Naturalized;40yrUS&35yrIa
23 Ellerbroek, Amy Child F W 15 S C 9 9 Y Y
24 Ellerbroek, Jacob Child M W 23 S C 12 Y Y
25 Brillman, H L Head M W 33 M 8 Y Y
26 Brillman, Lilian Wife F W 31 M A 6 Y Y
27 Brillman, Mary Child F W 7 S A 2 9 Y Y
28 Brillman, John H Child M W 4 S Y Y
29 Sohl, Henry C Head M W 64 M A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-5000 A 8 Y Y Naturalized;60yrUS&56yrIa
30 Sohl, Amstena Wife F W 56 M A 8 Y Y Naturalized;50yrUS&45yrIa

# Birthplace Father Birthplace Age Mother Birthplace Age Married in Miltary Occ. Church
1 Iowa Kamstra, Peter Holland Jounstra, Lillie Holland Holland 1st
2 Iowa “ “ “ “
3 Iowa “ “ “ “
4 Indiana Clarke, William Indiana Campbell, Amelia Scotland Indiana D Methodist
5 Iowa Kelly, Ezkell Ohio Higgins, P*l*inda Iowa Iowa C
6 Illinois Bailey, Stephen England Ingram, Eliza England Illinois Methodist
7 Iowa Cottingham, John England Claplan, Phyllis Iowa Iowa F Methodist
8 Iowa Mann, James Scotland Fafley, Isabell Iowa Iowa F
9 Virginia Huston, Geo W Penn Coover, Mary Penn Penn C Congl
10 Iowa McIntre, James C Indiana Wilson, Martha Indiana Iowa B Christian
11 Iowa McCrea, J P Penn Bonett, Matilda W Va Iowa C Christian
12 Holland Stientjes, Johnnes Holland Baas, Roelfren Holland Holland C 1st
13 Iowa Erkes, Jacob Holland Stientjes, Alida Holland Iowa Lutheran
14 Germany Hentje, Henry Germany Maybom, Dina Germany Germany F Lutheran
15 Illinois Hahne, William Germany Shuma**, Lena Germany Illinois C Lutheran
16 Iowa Flentje, Henry Germany Hahne, Sophia Illinois Illinois D Lutheran
17 Iowa “ “ “ “ D
18 Illinois Foote, Frank Germany Haahie, Matilda Ill Illinois C Lutheran
19 Illinois Lynch, Pat Ireland Don't know Ill Ill F Catholic
20 Iowa Baxter, Thos J Iowa Hogan, Mary Iowa Iowa C Catholic
21 Iowa Lynch, Patrick N Illinois Baxter, Leone Iowa Iowa
22 Holland Van Das, Leonard Holland Maris, Anna Holland Holland C 1st
23 Iowa Ellerbroek, Peter Holland NanNis, Cornelia Holland Iowa
24 Iowa “ “ “ “
25 Holland Brillman, Chris Holland _____, Mary Holland Iowa F Congl
26 Penn Buhite, Fred Penn Sykes, Mary Penn Holland C Congl
27 Iowa Brillman, H L Holland Buhite, Lillian Penn Michigan Congl
28 So Dakota “ “ “ “
29 Germany Sohl, Peter Germany Rusch, Annie Germany Germany D Lutheran
30 Germany Schutt, Klaus Germany Wormke, Eliza Germany Germany C

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