1925 Iowa State Census 
Sheldon #42

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Sheldon #42

1925 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by: Don Harrington 

# Address Name Rel Sex Race Age Mar. Tenure HS Gr. Mo. R? W? Comments
1 Chapin, Robt Child M W 3 S
2 Chapin, Dale Child M W 1 S
3 66 Peakman, Amy Head F W 61 S A-O;B-F;C-3000;F-2000 C 10 Y Y Naturalized;50yrUS&Ia
4 Whalley, Walter M W 48 M C 12 Y Y Naturalized;39yrUS&Ia
5 Whalley, Lilian F W 50 M C 10 Y Y Naturalized;40yrUS&Ia
6 31 Fredericks, Richard Child M W 20 S C 12 Y Y
7 12 Hochstatter, John Head M W 64 M A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-2000 6 Y Y
8 61 Hochstatter, Ellen Wife F W 62 M 6 Y Y 45yrUS&Ia
9 Hochstatter, Ed Child M W 21 S C 9 Y Y
10 Hochstatter, Lena F W 30 S 8 Y Y
11 81 Wienda, Rudolph Head M W 63 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-2500 8 Y Y 25yrUS&Ia
12 Wienda, Katie Wife F W 59 M 8 Y Y 24yrUS&Ia
13 40 Wienda, Theressa Child F W 15 S C 10 9 Y Y
14 VanSteenwyk, A W Head M W 30 M A-R;E-20 C 10 Y Y
15 13 VanSteenwyk, Ina Wife F W 29 M C 9 Y Y
16 VanSteenwyk, Allen Child M W 4 S
17 VanSteenwyk, Donald Child M W 1 S
18 12 McGrath, John J Head M W 64 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;D-4000;F-2000 6 Y Y
19 McGrath, Adeline Wife F W 55 M 6 Y Y
20 McGrath, Emma Child F W 19 S 11 Y Y
21 24 Neiman, William Head M W 34 M A-R;E-20 8 9 Y Y
22 Neiman, Myrtle Wife F W 31 M 8 Y Y
23 Neiman, Glen Child M W 3 S
24 12 Jenkinson, Ben Head M W 53 M A-O;B-F;C-8000;F-6000 8 Y Y
25 Jenkinson, Sena Wife F W 51 M 8 Y Y
26 Jenkinson, Laverne Child M W 21 S 8 Y Y
27 69 Schletje, C Head M W 72 M A-O;B-F;C-5000;F-3000 8 Y Y Naturalized;64yrUS&Ia
28 Schletje, Katie Wife F W 69 M 8 Y Y Naturalized;56yrUS&Ia
29 Wasner, W H Head M W 24 M 8 Y Y
30 Wasner, Anna Wife F W 25 M C 10 Y Y

# Birthplace Father Birthplace Age Mother Birthplace Age Married in Miltary Occ. Church
1 Iowa Chapin, Ray Minn Robbins, Laura Iowa Iowa
2 Iowa “ “ “ “ C
3 England Peakman, Richard England Sivetes, Mona England England C Congl
4 England Whalley, Cuthbert England Fleming, Clara England England D Congl
5 England Peakman, Richard England Switson, Maria England England C Congl
6 New York Fredericks, William New York Peakman, Lillian England Iowa Congl
7 Illinois Hochstatter, John Germany Felgus, Anne Germany Illinois Catholic
8 Germany Cortenbeen, John Germany Hoemier, Katie Germany Germany Catholic
9 Iowa Hochstatter, John Germany
10 Iowa Hochstatter, John Germany Kortenban, Lena Germany Ill Reform
11 Holland Wienda,Theo Holland Langerny, Fanny Holland Holland Reform
12 Holland Hofma, Sam Holland Lamme*sma, Lena Holland Holland C
13 S Dak Wienda, R Holland Hofma, Katie Holland S Dak
14 Iowa VanSteenwyk, W A Iowa Veldh***n, Frances Iowa Iowa D Methodist
15 Indiana Sedgwick, C W Indiana Owens, Alice Indiana Indiana C
16 Iowa VanSteenwyk, R W Iowa Sedgwick, Ina Indiana Iowa
17 Iowa “ “ “ “
18 Illinois McGrath, Dennis Ireland Shannahan, Kate Ireland Ireland Catholic
19 Illinois Knatz, Peter Germany Heider, Mary Germany Illiniois C Catholic
20 Illinois McGrath, John J Illinois Kratz, Mary Illinois Illinois Catholic
21 Missouri Mich*erma, Henry Indiana Decker, Alice Indiana Indiana E Methodist
22 Iowa Morfit, Irvin Penn Philby, Luanda Iowa Iowa C Methodist
23 Iowa Neiman, Wm Missouri Morfit, Myrtle Iowa Iowa Methodist
24 Illinois Jenkinson, Ben England Willey, Mary A England Illinois
25 Illinois Seggerman, Jasper Germany Ludeman, Rosey Germany Illinois C
26 Iowa Jenkinson, Ben Illinois Seggerma, Sena Illinois Illinois
27 Germany Schletje, John Germany Don't Know Germany Germany Lutheran
28 Germany Tescha, Dedrick Germany Steffens, Anne Germany Germany Lutheran
29 Iowa Wasner, Jur*ir Netherlands Heemstra, Katherine Netherlands Iowa D Reform
30 Iowa Vandenberg, D Holland Aalfe, Ruth Holland Iowa C

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