1925 Iowa State Census 
Sheldon #17

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Sheldon #17

1925 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by: Don Harrington 

# Address Name Rel Sex Race Age Mar. Tenure HS Gr. Mo. R? W? Comments
1 81 Struyk, Lena Head M W 41 M A-R;D-3000;E-30 8 Y Y Naturalized;10yrUS&Ia
2 Struyk, Nellie Friend F W 46 S 8 Y Y Naturalized;10yrUS&Ia
3 Struyk, Tillie Wife F W 29 M ch 12 Y Y
4 34 Roberts, Mrs James Head F W 74 W A-O;B-F;C-7000;F-2000 8 Y Y
5 Hindt, Arthur Head M W 5* M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-1500 6 Y Y
6 Hindt, Emma Wife F W 40 M 8 Y Y
7 Hughes, Delia Head F W 69 W A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-1500 6 Y Y
8 Hughes, Bert M W 45 S 8 Y Y
9 Hughes, Fred M W 41 S 8 Y Y
10 81 VanDiepen, Klaus Head M W 65 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-3300 8 Y Y Naturalized;41yrUS&Ia
11 VanDiepen, Mary Wife F W 66 M 8 Y Y Naturalized;41yrUS&Ia
12 83 Alfstad, Harry K Head M W 40 M A-O;B-F;C-4000;F-1200 8 Y Y Naturalized
13 Alfstad, Rena Wife F W 40 M ch 12 Y Y
14 22 Alfstad, Maynard Child M W 13 S ch 9 9 Y Y
15 Alfstad, John Child M W 5 S Y Y
16 22 Dykstra, Albert Head M W 37 M A-R;E-30 6 Y Y
17 Dykstra, Ella Wife F W 37 M 8 Y Y
18 92 Dykstra, Della Child F W 1 S
19 Pearson, Anna Head F W 62 W A-O;B-F;C-8000;F-4000 8 Y Y Naturalized
20 Pearson, Mabel Child F W 27 S 1 Y Y
21 12 Campbell, Ed Head M W 69 M A-O;B-F;C-3000;F-1000 6 Y Y
22 Campbell, Anna Wife F W 69 M ch 12 Y Y
23 48 Baudler. Fred C Head M W 68 M A-O;B-F;C-8000;F-3000 ch 12 Y Y
24 12 Baudler.Emma Wife F W 62 M ch 8 Y Y
25 Baudler.Annie Child F W 35 S ch 2yr Univ Y Y
26 Powers, Frank A Head M W 57 M A-O;B-F;C-3000;F-1000 7 Y Y
27 37 Powers, Alverda Wife F W 51 M 7 Y Y
28 12 Peters, Chas B Head M W 40 M A-O;B-F;C-9000;F-5500 6 Y Y
29 12 Peters, Dena Wife F W 44 M 6 Y Y
30 Peters, Charles Child M W 14 S 8 Y Y

# Birthplace Father Birthplace Age Mother Birthplace Age Married in Miltary Occ. Church
1 Holland Struyk, H Holland Holland Holland F-Yes Chris Reformed
2 Holland Holland Don't Know Holland Holland C-Yes Chris Reformed
3 Chris Reformed
4 Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio
5 Iowa US Ia F-Yes
6 Iowa Roberts, James Penn C-ch
7 US F-Yes
8 Iowa Ohio F-Yes
9 Iowa F-Yes
10 Holland VanDiepen, Abram Holland Bouma, Susie Holland Holland **t Reform
11 Holland Nard**on, Dick Holland Vanhelden, Annie Holland Holland C-ch **t Reform
12 Norway Alfstad, K**t Norway Don't Know Norway Norway F-ch Methodist
13 Iowa Pearson, Peter Sweden Hattborg, Anna Sweden Iowa C-ch Methodist
14 Minn Alfstad, Harry K Norway Pearson, Rena Iowa Iowa
15 Iowa “ “ “ “
16 Iowa Dykstra, Do**e Holland VanPatten, Ella Holland Iowa F-Yes **t Reform
17 Minnesota Julson, Nels Norway Hansen, Bessie Norway Minnesota C-ch **t Reform
18 Iowa Dykstra, Albert Iowa Julson, Ella Minnesota Minnesota **t Reform
19 Sweden Sweden Valstenn, Sarah Sweden Sweden C-ch Lutheran
20 Iowa Pearson, Peter Sweden Hopburg, Annie Sweden Sweden B-Yes Methodist
21 Illinois Campbell, Andrew Scotland Fennesy, Malinda Scotland Canada retired Methodist
22 Illinois Rogers, N E Ohio Adams, Eliza Ohio Ohio Methodist
23 Wisconsin Baudler, Conrad Germa ny Bloom*s*ak, Christine Germany Germany
24 Illinois Long, Joseph Penn Wishman, Mary A Penn Penn
25 Iowa Baudler, F C Wis Long, Emma IIll Iowa B-Yes Evangelical
26 Iowa Powers, A S Ohio Chase, Emali** Michigan Ohio F-Yes Methodist
27 Penn Goodyear, Benj Penn Ram*, Catherine Penn Penn D-ch Methodist
28 Illinois Peters, Chas Germany Gartg*, Christina Germany Illinois retired Congl
29 Illinois Wubenan, Henry Germany Hessemins, Gertrude Germany Germany C-ch Congl
30 Iowa Peters, Chas E Ill Wubenan, Dena Ill Congl

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