1925 Iowa State Census 
Sheldon #5

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Sheldon #5

1925 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by: Don Harrington 

# Address Name Rel Sex Race Age Mar. Tenure HS Gr. Mo. R? W? Comments
1 Morfitt, Evlyn F. Wife F W 25 M ch 12 Y Y
2 Morfitt, Gilbert L Child M W 2 S
3 81 Lobbis, Anna Head F W 59 W A-R;E-15 6 Y Y Naturalized; 45yUS;40yrIa
4 Lobbis, Gertrude Child F W 24 S 6 Y Y
5 Lobbis, Anna Child F W 22 S 6 Y Y
6 Schwarz, Jno P. Head M W 27 M A-R;E-15 8 Y Y
7 Schwaz, Louise Wife F W 23 M 8 Y Y
8 Schwarz, Jno P. Jr. Child M W 3 S
9 40 Ball, Harry O. Head M W 35 M A-R;E-15 ch 9 Y Y
10 Ball, Mary Wife F W 35 M ch 10 Y Y
11 40 Ball, Vern Child M W 13 S 7 Y Y
12 Ball, Robt Child M W 12 S 6
13 31 Hicks, John W. Head M W 81 M A-O;B-R;C-4000;F-3000 6 Y Y
14 60 Hicks, Mary Wife F 6W 62 M ch 1yr Univ Y Y Naturalized; 60yUS;55yrIa
15 12 Hicks, Charlie Child M W 14 S ch 9 Y Y
16 Shepley, Lee U. Head M W 61 W A-O;B-R;C-7000;F-5000 4yr Univ Y Y
17 37 Shepley, Laura Child F W 25 S 4yr Univ Y Y
18 48 Soaf*lan, Rebecca F W 74 W 6
19 Bowen, Richard O. Head M W 62 M A-O;B-R;C-6000;F-5000 8 Y Y
20 Bowen, Martha Wife F W 58 M 1yr Univ Y Y
21 Bowen, Nellie Child F W 38 S 6
22 Bowen, Lester Child M W 27 M 3yr Univ Y Y
23 37 Sias, Frank Head M W 72 M 8 Y Y
24 31 Sias, Anna Wife F W 72 M A-O;B-R;C-3000;F-1000 1yr Univ Y Y
25 40 Murray, Peter Head M W 35 M A-O;B-R;C-8000;F-5000 1yr Univ Y Y
26 73 Murray, Agnes Wife F W 35 M 2yr Univ Y Y Naturalized; 30yUS;25yrIa
27 Murray, Ethel Child F W 32 S 3yr Univ Y Y
28 Murray, Pauline Child F W 26 S 3yr Univ Y Y
29 Murray, Florence Child F W 28 S 3yr Univ Y Y
30 73 Sias, Lester M W 49 S 6 Y Y Naturalized; 40yUS;35yrIa

# Birthplace Father Birthplace Age Mother Birthplace Age Married in Miltary Occ. Church
1 Iowa Coles, Frank Ohio Mundy, Cynthia Ohio Ohio C-ch
2 Iowa Iowa Iowa
3 Holland B*oons, Henry Holland Don't know Holland ****** C-ch
4 Iowa Lobbis, Christian Holland C-ch
5 Iowa
6 Iowa Schwarz, Carl Holland VanDeSchoon, Roda Iowa F-ch
7 Iowa Harnack, August Iowa Hoffman, Martha Germany Iowa C-ch
8 Iowa Harnack, Louise Iowa Schwarz, Ira P. Iowa Iowa
9 So Dak Ball, W. S. South Dak Newcomb, Cora Iowa S. Dak F-ch Cong
10 Iowa Kramer, Wm Germany Beslin, Susan Penn Penn C-ch Cong
11 So Dak So Dak Iowa
13 New York Hicks, John New York Cleveland, Susan N Y A-Civil War;B-Army;C-Wisc;
14 Canada Rogers, S. R. England Ot*ich, Cath Ireland Canada C-ch
15 Illinois Shepley, Upton Maryland Gus, Sarah Penn Penn
16 Iowa Shepley, L. M. Iowa Rostman, Adda Kentucky Penn F-ch
17 Pennsylvania Bowen, John C. Wales Griffith, Dorothy Wales C-ch
18 Wisconsin Perry, John Wales Morrus, Margaret Wales
19 Ia US US D-ch
20 C-ch
21 Iowa
22 Iowa
23 Penn Sias, Wesley Penn Phesant, Margaret Penn Penn F-ch
24 New York Damon, E. H. N. Y. Hicks, Sarah New York N Y C-ch
25 Wisconsin Murray, Patrick Ireland Laughten, Briget Ireland D-ch
26 Ireland Sullivan, Tim Ireland C-ch
27 Iowa Murray, Peter Wisc Murray, Agnes Ireland F-yes
28 Iowa Murray, Peter Wisc C-ch Catholic
29 Wisc C-ch Catholic
30 Ireland Ireland F-ch Catholic

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