Montgomery County, Iowa

Cemetery Maps


Cemetery location data provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates. The coordinates are entered into Google Maps, providing the maps you view linked below. You can use these maps to generate driving directions.
Cemetery Latitude Longitude Location Township
Arlington Cemetery 40.998�N 95.009�W   Washington
Bakers Cut Cemetery 40.908�N 94.958�W   East
Bolt Family Burying Ground 41.036�N 94.994�W   Douglas
Buckner Cemetery 41.160�N 95.344�W   Lincoln
Carlisle Cemetery 40.923�N 94.984�W   East
Center Ridge Cemetery 41.145�N 95.278�W   Lincoln
David Farm Cemetery 40.925�N 95.376�W   Red Oak
Douglas Township Cemetery 41.136�N 94.975�W   Douglas
Elliott Hillside Cemetery 41.141�N 95.154�W   Pilot Grove
Evergreen Cemetery 41.023�N 95.221�W   Red Oak
Farm Creek Cemetery 41.132�N 95.419�W  
Findley Cemetery 40.958�N 94.957�W   East
Frankfort Cemetery 41.027�N 95.133�W   Frankfort
Gomer Cemetery 41.117�N 95.308�W   Lincoln
Grant [Milford] Cemetery 41.141�N 94.991�W   Douglas
Hewitt/South Cemetery 40.985�N 95.234�W   Grant
Indian Burial Ground 41.097�N 94.975�W   Douglas
Indian Graveyard 41.096�N 95.183�W   Red Oak
Laire Property Cemetery (NOTE: This cemetery no longer exists. The graves were moved to Lowman Cemetery, Pleasant Twp., Cass Co. in 1989.] 41.096�N 95.222�W   Red Oak
Lowens Cemetery 41.053�N 95.376�W  
Mamre Cemetery 40.986�N 95.091�W   Scott
Mamrelund Cemetery 40.981�N 95.096�W   Scott
Mission Cemetery 41.005�N 95.060�W   Frankfort
Memorial Cemetery / Morton Mills  41.083�N 95.008�W   Douglas
Mrs. Frank Hacffich & Infant. 41.073�N 95.156�W   Red Oak
Old East Cemetery 41.144�N 94.979�W   Grant
Pilot Grove Presbyterian Cemetery 41.079�N 95.070�W   Pilot Grove
Pilot Grove Center Cemetery 41.119�N 95.100�W   Pilot Grove
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 41.160�N 95.344�W   East
Red Oak Junction Cemetery 41.023�N 95.221�W   Red Oak
Saint Clair/Lowe Cemetery 41.060�N 95.204�W   Red Oak
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 41.045�N 95.228�W   Red Oak
Salem Cemetery 40.973�N 95.309�W   West
Sciola Baptist Cemetery 41.034�N 94.986�W   Washington
Shank Cemetery 41.002�N 95.192�W   Red Oak
Tabor Cemetery 41.059�N 95.059�W   Frankfort
Villisca / Rosehill Cemetery 40.939�N 94.975�W   East
Walnut [Hascall] Cemetery 40.952�N 95.374�W   West

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