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~Last Update 8/5/2022

August 2022

8/5/2022 -- Completed Once Again -- Now in 2022 -- CORK Family Cemetery, near Turin, Iowa. Wow, it has been 12 years since a Mother/Dau Team received permission from the property owners at that time & the ladies labored, cleaning up & photographing the cemetery. NOW - in the Summer of 2022, Volunteer Ethel Cunningham received permission from the 2022 Owners to enter the remote family cemetery. The 2022 Owners paved the way by "weed wacking" & assisting with the clearing of the up & downhill sloped overgrowth! AWESOME RESULTS! Please browse the cemetery link above--you'll find a comparison of the work effort in 2010 & the 2022 effort to photograph & document the Tombstones. Search the links given on the web page. You might find one of your Ancestors lurking "resting" there!

June & July 2022

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May 2022

5/17/2022 -- [Completed list to date] **Iowa Veterans Cemetery - Monona Co. Veteran Burials
* * * located at Van Meter, IA — in Dallas County
**County lists created by Researcher, Conni McDaniel Hall

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January - April 2022

***April 2022 Monona County website PASSED the 2022 IAGenWeb Spring Review!

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November & Dec 2021

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October 2021

10/30/2021 -- Onawa Cemetery Burial Records -- letter B **Complete Record** includes over 700 names--Thanks to Connie Swearingen for researching & updates. Linda Ziemann transcribed & reformatted the B list for posting!

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***10/19/2021 Monona County website PASSED the 2021 IAGenWeb Fall Review!

September 2021

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August 2021

8/8/2021 -- Monona County Divorce Records from Year 1935 ~Complete Record / Transcription provided by L. Ziemann. (Includes 32 Divorce records from 1935)

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