William Lewis Ring
ca. 1840 - 1845

William was born April 20, 1815, and died January 19, 1891. He was the son of Dr. Lewis Ring.

The Ring Home
ca. the turn of the century

The original location of the Ring home was about four miles north of the old townsite. The woman in the photo is most likely Mrs Ring. She was Sarah Elizabeth Ring, a first cousin that William married in Onawa December 11, 1867. She had been living in Rhinebeck, NY, and made the trip to be his bride. She was born March 14, 1837 and was 22 years younger than William. They had only one child, a son who died at birth. A large grave marker lists the three members of the family.

The photo of the house must be from about the turn of the century judging by the apparent age of Sarah, who died July 16, 1905.

The old Ring house of Mapleton was fixed up later as a museum. This photo labels the building as the "Woman's Civic Improvement Club House" Mapleton, Iowa

~photo submitted by Larry Lundeen, volunteer