PAYNE family photographs

Sofia Stillwell Payne

Sofia was born in Indiana, where she married William Payne in 1860. The couple made their home in Missouri. After William's death in 1879, Sofia moved to Nebraska, but by the 1880s, she had settled in Monona County. She died in 1920 in Onawa at the home of her oldest son, Andrew. Another son, Charles, who married Minnie Beatley, also lived in Monona County.




Below is a photo of Sofia Stilwell's daughter, Cynthia Payne Wolf(e)

William and Raymond pictured below are the children of the above, Cynthia.

William is on the left with the striped tie. Raymond is pictured with the dark tie. As a side note: Raymond later changed his name to Richard L. Maxwell. The L does not stand for anything; he just liked the way it looked with the rest of his name. ~~Photos and notes contributed by Kelly

An unknown school in
Monona County, Iowa
circa 1910s

Four children of Charley and Minnie Payne are pictured: Andrew Meredith (Ned) (born 1904), far left, back row; Violet (b. 1902) in front of Ned; Opal (b. 1908) third from left, front row; Forrest (b. 1907) front row, far right.

Charles Winfred Payne
Minnie Arzella Beatley

Mapleton, Monona County, Iowa