Beatley family photographs

John Beatley, Jr.

John was born in Ohio and settled in Center Township in the late 1850s with his brother James. His first wife was Elizabeth Berry Beatley, who was the widow of his nephew Augustus Beatley, one of the first pioneers of the county. John and Elizabeth had one daughter, Rosa (1865). In 1873 he married Sena Hittle and they had six daughters: Mary Lucinda (1874) married Charles Barnard, Lydia Isabell (1875) married Charles Trimble, Perlina Ann (1877) died infancy, Minnie Arzella (1879) married Charles Winfred Payne, Sophorona Angeline (1881) married Clifford Parr, and Schlinda Lillian (1884) married Warren Ray. John died in Kennebeck Township at age 72.

Sena Hittle Beatley

John Beatley's wife was born in Indiana and grew up in Monroe County. She came to Monona County in the late 1850s with her brother-in-law and sister, Harrison and Lydia McNeill. After John died she remained in the Castana area. Her daughter Minnie Payne was a life-long resident of Monona County. This photo was taken by the John Lindsay & Co. of Castana and Moorehead.