Look-Up Help In Monona County

To any volunteers for Monona County:

I thank you all KINDLY for your willingness to share and help out your fellow researchers. Your kind deeds will not go unnoticed. I would love to hear from any of you. Email me Linda Ziemann


Jake Harding -- "Thanks to Jake for his expertise & willingness to HELP."

Jake says, "Add me as a volunteer look-up on the Monona County IAGenWeb. Reach me at the following email address: jwhrwh1@gmail.com . I will lookup anyone Monona County related. It is possible that some families I have already worked on and some information may be obtained from my database Hardingmyers.tribalpages.com

I am related to half the county, so I have almost everyone on my tribalpages in some form."


1890s Monona County History Book -- Lue Baker has volunteered to do look-ups using her family copy of this book. Thanks, Lue!

VITALS -- Email: Connie Swearingen


Karen Olson has volunteered to do look-ups for researchers from the lists she has for Graceland Cemetery (Blencoe) and Heisler Cemetery (located between Danbury & Mapleton.) Her transcriptions of these cemeteries were done in 2001 for Graceland and 2002 for Heisler. Please email Karen using the email address below; remember to type it with @. Also put these words in the subject line, so Karen will get your request. Subj line: Monona County Cemetery

k62husker at q.com

I will do “Look Ups” in Spring Valley, Preparation, Ingemann, Mission, and South Jordan (Colored) Cemeteries.  I have photographed or have access to photographs to most of the stones in the cemeteries.  I will also drive out to the cemetery or talk with the records keepers of those cemeteries. ~Email: Ruth Pickle

Connie Swearingen -- will do cemetery lookups.

[Thanks so much to Connie for volunteering her services. She charges a nominal fee to cover gasoline, time and copies. That is understandable.]

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