Soldier Lutheran Cemetery, Monona County, IA

~A word of explanation regarding the color codes and arrangement of this cemetery:

There are four grids in order to chart the entire cemetery … and the grids are arranged physically just like a spread sheet … so that the map serves as a location guide. The cemetery is divided into four sections … A thru D. The colors on the spreadsheet correspond with the four sections of this cemetery. A is green, B is pink, C is blue and D is orange. Each section has so many rows of graves, indicated with A thru (up to)Z … then the graves are indicated for each row by the column  number …. 1 thru however many graves are in the row (section A has 11 columns, B has 65, C has 91, and section D has 107 columns.) Thanks to Dave Anderson for working so diligently on the this burial transcription and photographs for the cemetery! Sharon Mahlberg is credited with the grid map.

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