"South Jordan Cemetery"

~~Formerly known as "The Black Cemetery"

“Adam Mier who had been an officer in the Northern Armies (Civil War) offered asylum to a group of black people.  They lived in Loess Hills caves on his property.  In time death visited these black people and because of prejudice there was no place for their burial.  Adam Miers solved the problem by donating about half acre of his land for a cemetery.  This has always been taken care of by the Jordon Township Trustees”. ~this account is credited only to a “B.J."

History of the Blacks in Monona County, Iowa (check out this history link for The Black Cemetery)

Solitary Black Cemetery, Loess Hills, Monona County - The Daily Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, IA (more history)

Location: Intersection of Peach Ave & 260th St, which is approximately 4.5 miles north & west of Moorhead, Iowa, Monona County.
Underground RR haven for SLAVES; 88 people in the area.
20 buried here; 14 stones.

1957 Jordon Twp Cemetery #19 Sec. of Jordon Twp.

Earliest burial: 8 mo. old boy July 6, 1884
No stone for "Old Adam"
Dixon, Mrs. Elizabeth Nov. 1, 1892, 18 years
Feige, Brenda Sue 23 Jan 1947-11 Jan 1988
Meeker, James E. Oct 1830-13 Feb 1907, 75 years
Miers, Elizabeth Sept. 30, 1892, 92 years
Miers, Mariah Nov. 9, 1889, 78 years
Rickman, Rossie R. July 6, 1884, 8 mos old
Stewart, E. L. June 30, 1889, 87 years
Stewart, Lillie May Nov. 13, 1896, 16 years
Stuard, Geo. W. April 1, 1884, 49 years
Wallace, Mrs. Mary E. Aug. 16, 1890, 43 years
Caretakers of this cemetery:
Perry Moore (caretaker for years)
Jordon Sunshine 4-H Club
In 1990, mowed by Jordon Twp Trustees

~Contributor Connie Swearingen has shared the information & photos, which is now posted for this cemetery. Per Connie the burial list she submitted is a paper from the United States Post Office and it clearly states 10 Sept 1933 was the date that the first reading done for this cemetery. In 1933, there were several more tombstones for the graves in this cemetery.


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