Ashton Cemetery, Monona County, Iowa

Submitted by volunteer, Connie Swearingen - August 2016

Abbreviation Key

h/o husband of w/o wife of s/o son of
d/o daughter of p/o parent or parents of three numbers separated by dashes represents AGE at death: yr-mo-da

These are a few burials listed in the Monona County Courthouse of the former Ashton Cemetery, near Whiting.

Last Name First Name Middle Birth Death Notes
Streck Lloyd Carl 25 Oct 1931 26 Oct 1931  
Hunter Mary M   25 Dec 1891  
Matheson Baby     10 Mar 1901  
When George H   31 Aug 1935  
Gibson Barry Wilson   26 Jul 1935  
Brown J H.F. 21 Jan 1869 12 Nov 1914  
French Samuel A 18 Jun 1843 11 Sep 1908  



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