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Allen, May (dau of Rev/Mrs. Allen) Barbara Day
Allen, Rev. Nelson McDowell Barbara Day
Allen, Sarah "Nettie" nee'Gordon (wife of Rev. Nelson Allen) Barbara Day
Anderson Dave Anderson
Athey Jerri J. Cole Linke
Baker T. A. Cavaneau-Terry
Barnard Jon Hittle
Berg Ruth Pickle
Booher Cheryl Cabana
Booher Cindy Leister
Boutwell Linda Logue
Bowers Roxie Bowers Wellman
Brockmeier E. Mack
Browning Larry Lundeen


Cavaneau T. A. Cavaneau-Terry
Cohrt Wayne Daily
Cole Jerri J. Cole Linke
Coon Michael Alan Lewis malewis (at) calcentral (dot) com
Crawford Brenda Zuniga
Davis Larry Vredenburgh
DeLashmutt Linda Seward Walker
Dorothy Cindy Leister
Dunlop Jerri J. Cole Linke
Dunn Cindy Roddick


Fairchild Widget Shannon
Fromke Aaron J. Hill


Gordon, Andrew F. Barbara Day
Gordon, Rebecca (nee' Tennell or maybe Fennell) *Mrs. Andrew F. Gordon Barbara Day
Harlan LaVonne Aldag
Heisler John Heisler/MeMe Mueller
Hieber Bonnie McMahon
Hittle Jon Hittle
Hughes Diane Bettridge


Jacobsen Cindy Roddick
Jenkins Larry Lundeen
Johns, Renny & Nancy Knight Johns Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Johnson Chris Steiger


Kee Bonnie McMahon
Keith Jerri J. Cole Linke
Kinsley Bruce Gillett
Knight Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Knutson Dave Anderson
Lee Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Lewis Michael Alan Lewis malewis (at) calcentral (dot) com
Lindgren Donna Dyhrkopp Clarke
Lundeen Larry Lundeen


Mc Caleb Jim Hunt

Mc Intosh, Sarah (Polly)
b. KY 1800
Mother of Anna Myars and Jemima Polly
Lived Monona Co. in 1880

LaVonne Aldag
Mc Near C.A. Metzler
Myers Betty Nees


Mingus Bruce Gillett
Moore Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Morton Cindy Roddick
Nelsen Dave Anderson
Nepper Allison Nepper Hales
Newkirk Brenda Zuniga
Newman /Merilda Newman married Samuel Packwood, 1846-1911, in October 1874 in Monona County. Eve Lebo
Niemann Cindy Leister


O'Conner Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Ordway Allison Nepper Hales
Orr Bruce Gillett

Packwood /Merilda Newman married Samuel Packwood, 1846-1911, in October 1874 in Monona County.

Eve Lebo
Pauley Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Peabody Connie Swearingen
Polly Sandra Richardson
Polly LaVonne Aldag


Rathbun Diane Bettridge
Reilly Carol Ritchison Walker
Reynolds Cheryl Cabana
Rice Travis Henderson
Rickman Amy Brandt
Ring Gil Leach
Rude Michael Alan Lewis malewis (at) calcentral (dot) com


Sammin Thomas J. Reisdorph
Selleck Widget Shannon
Severson Marjorie Mountainsong
Severson Dave Anderson
Seward Linda Seward Walker
Smothers Larry Lundeen
Sorensen/Sorenson Donna Dyhrkopp Clarke
Spaulding Connie Swearingen
Spaulding Jerri J. Cole Linke
Steiger Chris Steiger
Strunk Bruce Gillett
Swenson Dave Anderson
Thoreson Chris Steiger
Tryon Linda Logue


Vredenburgh Larry Vredenburgh


Weidt Linda Martin
Wiggs T. A. Cavaneau-Terry
Wiggs Sherilyn & Michael Johns
Wilt Don Wilt
Winter Cindy Leister
Woodworth Lin Ziemann
Ziems Allison Nepper Hales
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