Partially Identified Photos

This group of pictures was acquired many years ago at an auction in Monona County, Iowa. Names written on the back, in some cases, were difficult to read. So, there could be mistakes in the spelling. In a couple of cases, the person who wrote the name apparently wasn’t sure what the last name was.

The 1905 graduation picture didn’t have names, however, another photo on this site does. I must add, in reference to the graduation photo, that one of the other pictures in my group, shows a Roy Gordon (or Gordor) that looks like Ralph Andrews in the other 1905 graduation photo on this site.

I feel that persons in these photos could all be relatives of some sort. Some seem to be taken in the same studio—maybe at Soldier or Moorhead.

I will be most happy to give any or all of this collection to any interested possible family member.

~This group of partially identified photos has been submitted by volunteer, Ruth Pickle. Email Ruth if you can identify anyone in the pictures or make corrections on spellings, etc. Ruth is more than willing to make these photos available to anyone for the asking.


Frank Anderson ??

Ralph Andrews Or Roy Gordor (Gordon or Gardner family?)


Ariel Ballentyne

Elsie Jones Bell


Lizzie Callistskaw

Cuaurery, Nelson & wife (not sure of spelling)


Floyd Gardner, (John's Boy)

Roy Gordor (or Gordon or Gardner?)


Lois, Orville, Fred Harlow


Minnie Knauss


Josee Lasuer "Josephine" wife of Charley Ballentyne [dau of Wm & Sharon, born 1885]

Earl Lewis & wife Elsie Jones Bell


Earl Mann or Earl Vredenburg


Nelson Girls-Carrie, Agnes & Olga


Mrs. Putmann, Mrs. Lewis (or Lasuer), Mrs. Ballentyne, & a baby (4 Generations ?)


Unknown Couple

Unknown Family


1905 Moorhead Class -- (Another posting on this site of the same photograph.)

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