** Moorhead Iowa Cultural Center of the Loess Hills**

~Monona County -- Historical Photographs -- Archives

~Random Photos found in a box purchased at a Moorhead IA Auction years ago-- ~Submitted by the Moorhead Iowa Cultural Center.

A - C Photographs



Frank Anderson ?

Ralph Andrews (quite likely) from the 1905 Moorhead Graduating Class with his wife & child?



Photograph of Josee (Josephine) Lasuer Ballantyne - Born 1885

Married: Charley Ballantyne of Soldier, Iowa

They had a son, Charles Ballantyne II.

Four Generations - Quite Likely

Identified as: Mrs. Putman, Mrs. Lewis (or Lasuer) Mrs. Ballantyne & young daughter

Photo below - Ariel Ballantyne "Isn't her jewlry lovely!"


Lizzie Calistskow (Elderly Woman in rocker)


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