~Monona County 37 Biographies submitted by Eric & Marcia Driggs
Source: History of Western Iowa, 1882

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Adams, J. Q. Thurston, J. R. Kelsey, W. H.
Butler, G. H. Douglas, John Kenyon, D. B.
Butts, James MD Eva, W. J. Freeland, N. F.
Cameron, J. R. Garrison, J. Koon & Dimmick
Cassidy & Whiting Hamilton, Porter Martin, T.
Chapman, J. R. Holbrook, B. D. & Chas. Morgan, M.
Cummings, I. Morrison, H. E. Perkins, C. G.
  Holliday, Samuel  
  Hurst, A. G.  
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Rice, J. D. Stebbins, Richard MD Wight, A. G.
Roberts, W. E. Billings, Mary J. Woods, W. G.
Rust, D. Thurston, J. R. Barber, Matilda
Morley, L. A. Walton, T. C.  
Sawyer, P. Warner, George E.  
Cunningham, M. T. Whiting, N. A.  
Scott, W. F. Whittier, Lyman  
Snyder, B. B.    
Snyder, James S.    
Somers, John W.    


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