Iowa State Gazetter and Business Directory, 1912-1913

BLENCOE. Population, 450. An incorporated town on the C. & N. W. Ry. in Sherman township, Monona county, 6 miles s. of Onawa, the county seat, and 42 from Sioux City. Originally settled in 1876. Has Adventist, Catholic, Congregational and Methodist churches, a graded public school, a private bank, and a weekly newspaper, the Blencoe Herald. Telephone connection. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Louise M. Brown, postmaster.

Backer W B, drugs.
Bader Bertha, teacher.
Bader Ethel V, teacher.
Baker Hettie M, teacher.
Barnard John, furniture.
Blencoe Bank, Wm McFarlane propr.
BLENCOE HERALD, Thomas E Brown Propr.
Blencoe House, J B Sawyer propr.
Brown John R, mayor.
BROWN THOMAS E, Publr Blencoe Herald, Real Estate, Loans, Ins and Justice.
Comfort Effa, teacher.
Cunninghan & Gray, hardware and grain.
Gierman W A, blksmith and agrl impts.
Grush W I, R R, exp and tel agent.
Hanscom Frank, blacksmith.
Harris W C, meats.
Heller Edward, well borer and windmills.
Hogue E L, hay and live stock.
Hopkins Alice, teacher.
Jefferey J E, barber.
Kellogg O Z, agricultural impts.
Kelsey Bros, general store.
Kinsella Grain Co.
Lee Bros, restaurant.
Lee & Rock, barbers.
McClintock Rev Arthur (Adventist).
McNeil Rev Francis (Catholic).
McFarlane Wm, propr Blencoe Bank.
Marley M, pool and billiards.
Nye-Schneider Co, grain elevator.
Perry Rev (Congregational).
Ralph J M, teacher.
Shea E A, general store.
Shea Ina V, teacher.
Steward Bros, livery.

CASTANA. Population, 400. An incorporated town on the C. & N. W. Ry., and on the Maple river in Kennebec township, Monona county, 12 miles northwest of Onawa, the county seat and 183 from Des Moines. Has Adventist, Christian, Congregational and Methodist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Times. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Telephone connection. W. H.Waples, postmaster.

Atkinson W E teacher.
Belles Mrs Ida, teacher.
Brewer Maud E, teacher.
Castana Mutual Telephone Co, P T Waples manager.
Castana Normal School, W B Atkinson joint prin.
Castana Public Library.
CASTANA SAVINGS BANK (Cap $50,000), W T Day Pres, C T Hansen Cashier.
Castana Times The, W C Newton publr.
Clemmensen Celia, milliner.
Cole Wm, drayman.
Davies Benjamin G, lawyer and justice.
Davis Joseph O, blacksmith.
Day Joseph B P, real estate.
Farwell Maynard M, mason and painter.
Gingles Wm W, physician.
Gordon Murray L, general store.
Green Bay Lumber Co, H S Mitchell manager.
Henneons Frank H, blacksmith.
Hoeg Bendt, meats.
Hokomok Hall, J B Day mngr.
HUSTON F A, General Store.
Iowa Telephone Co, M F Minthorn mngr.
Johnson Carl V, teacher.
Johnson Elizabeth, teacher.
Johnson J A Wm, teacher.
Jones F M, barber.
Lewis Arlington, fruit grower.
Lewis Daisy, teacher.
Lewis Hettie, teacher.
Lewis Laura, dressmaker.
Livengood Perry, poultry breeder.
McCall Betty A, teacher.
McGarr F A, livery.
Mathison Belle, teacher.
Minthorn Martin F, drugs.
Monona Co Telephone Co, Iva Otto opr.
Moss & & Payne (Wm Moss, Sterling Payne), live stock.
Newton Wilber C, publr The Castana Times.
Oldis Margaret, teacher.
Ordway John S, lawyer.
Payne Rose, teacher.
Powers Alice A, teacher.
Powers Elsie, teacher.
Pruden Jennie, teacher.
Rinehart Flossie, teacher.
Smith C F, carpenter.
Snyder Samuel S, R R, exp and tel agt.
Thomas May B, teacher.
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co, G H Lenter manager.
Utterback Alonzo L, painter.
Waples Preston T, stationery and news.
Waples P T & Mrs Wm H (Preston T and Mrs Wm H), poultry breeders.
WAPLES WM H, Mayor and Postmaster.
Waples Wm H jr, poultry breeder.
WAPLES & SONS (Wm H, Wm H jr and Eugene S), Hardware and Agrl Impts.
Weaver Della, teacher.
Weaver Emma, teacher.
Wiley Wm L, cattle breeder.
Willits S L, real estate.
Wyant F G, restaurant.

GRANT CENTER. Population, 20. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry. and on the Little Sioux river, in Grant township, Monona county, 12 miles n. e. of Onawa, the county seat, and 4 from Rodney, the nearest banking point. Exp., U. S. Tel.. W. U.

JACOBSON I A, General Store.

KENNEBEC. A country postoffice on the Ill. Central R. R. in Kennebec township, Monona county, 6 miles n. e, of Onawa, the county sent and banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am, W. H Foster, postmaster.

FOSTER W H, Railroad, Exp and Tel Agt.
Hurst Charles, hay.
SIOUX GRAIN CO, W H Foster Mngr. General Store, Hay, Grain and Live Stock.

LOSSING. A discontinued post office in Monona county, 15 miles n. w. of Onawa, the judicial seat, and 6 from Whiting, whence it has rural delivery.

Dunagan T A. general store.

MAPLE LANDING. A discontinued rural postoffice in Monona county. Has delivery from Whitney.

Briggs C E, general store.
Carlson O B, blacksmith.

MAPLETON. Population, 1,400. An incorporated town located on the Maple river, on the C. & N. W. Ry, and on the C. M. & St. P. Ry. (depots 14 mile apart), in East Mapleton township, Monona county, 24 miles n. e. of Onawa, the judicial seat, 45 s. e. of Sioux City. and 162 n. w. of Des Moines. Has churches of the Catholic, Episcopal, German Lutheran, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian denominations, a graded public school, water works, fire department, an opera hall, 2 banks, a driving park, etc. A weekly newspaper, the Press, is published. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am, and U. S. Telephone connection. Charles E. Carmody, postmaster.

Anderson Charles, general store.
Arlington Hotel, L. H O'Neil propr.
Barney Loren, harness.
Beechler Miles M, agricultural impts.
Berry A G, mnfr ice cream.
Blew Bertha, teacher.
Bowman S H Lumber Co, W T Mitchell mngr.
Boyd L S, billiards.
Bridges John T, livery.
Bridges Lewis L, bus and baggage transfer.
Bruner Lewis E, carpenter.
Bryan Rev R S (Methodist).
Burrough Hazel, teacher.
Burson Thomas O, drugs.
Butler Allee, teacher.
Butler Lizzie, teacher.
Carhart Bros (Charles E and A Benjamin), hardware.
CHAPIN H V, Propr Mapleton Press.
Chapman Clarence L, real estate.
Chrisman & Chrisman (Herring, Charles E and Wm H, lawyers.
Christensen Chris, blacksmith.
Christensen & Putzier (Johan Christensen, J F Putzier), saloon.
Cubine H, livery.
Conyers C W, blacksmith.
Cox Cora, dairy.
Dean Ellsworth C, shoemaker.
Downing & Co, grain.
Duschl John F, jeweler.
Eckblade J E, bakery.
Ely Mrs Addie, teacher.
Erickson J, jeweler.
Ferdin C E, blacksmith.
FIRST STATE BANK (Capital $40,000). John R Welch Pres, C C Jacobsen Cashr.
Fouts Mabel, teacher.
Frum Mrs C C, millinery.
Fuller Eugene V, grocer.
Frock D E, photographer.
Gilkerson Ina, teacher.
Gillispie Hamilton S, physician.
Green Bay Lumber Co, Julius Halboch mngr.
Griffin Francis, physician and drugs.
Hahn Henry, shoemaker.
Hammond J C, mngr W U Tel Co.
Hancock Fred H, real estate.
Hanson N L, physician.
Hawley Mrs Jennie, propr Monona House.
Hayungs Fritz, clothing.
Iowa Telephone Co, Franels Griffin, mngr.
JACOBSEN C C, Cashr First State Bank.
Jividen Charles, agt Standard Oil Co.
Johns Cecil H, barber.
Johnson Adah, teacher.
Keaggy Rena, teacher.
Lamp Peter, propr Mapleton Milling Co.
Lampman Mary E, teacher.
Larnson Bros, drugs.
Leathers Wm M & Co (Wm H Leathers), clothing.
Lee Nora, teacher.
Lutz Thomas B, lawyer.
Lydin G E, photographer.
McKnight Jesse, restaurant.
McMullen Edna R, teacher.
McVicker Bros (F and E P), barbers.
Maple Valley Telephone and Telegraph Co, W H Leathers pres, C H Smith sec, T B Lutz treas.
Mapleton Bank (capital 50,000), Charles I Whiting pres, Edward Quick cashier.
Mapleton Cornet Band, H V Chapin, dir.
Mapleton Gas Co, W H Leathers pres, C C Jacobson sec.
Mapleton Milling Co, Peter Lamp propr.
Mapleton Realty Co, John Welch pres.
Mark D W, meats.
Miller M H, general store.
MONONA HOUSE, Mrs Jennie Hawley Propr.
Neola Elevator Co.
Newell Alpha, teacher.
Nurse H F, dentist.
Odell Sylvester, hardware.
O'Neil Loren H, propr Arlington Hotel.
Peak Frank S, tinsmith.
Perry E W & Son (Wm A), general store.
Pierson Leroy D, machinist.
Quick Edward, cashier Mapleton Bank.
Rawlings Mrs George, teacher.
Roach Mrs C A, teacher.
Robinson John, agt C. M. & St. P. R R.
Scott James E, Ins, Justice and mayor.
Shaver Rufus C, carpenter.
Simmons Wm A, grocer.
Smith Burleigh M, dentist.
Spencer Nellie, teacher.
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co.
Tygart Leona, teacher.
Wakely H J, railroad, exp and tel.
Weaver G L, teacher.
WELCH JOHN R, Pres First State Bank.
Welch & Jacobson, insurance.
W U Telegraph Co, J C Hammond.

MOORHEAD. Population. 250, An incorporated town on the C. & N. W. Ry., and on the Soldier river, in Spring Valley township, Monona county, 20 miles e. of the county seat, and 60 from Sioux City. Has Christian, Latter Day Saints and Methodist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Moorhead Times. Tel, W. U., Exp. and Am. Telephone connection. C. W. Blackman, postmaster.

Bailes Madeline, teacher.
Bailor Bertha, teacher.
Ballantyne Myrtle, teacher.
BLACKMAN & SON, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco.
Bowie Louls L, physician.
Cohrt T E, painter.
Conyers Iva, teacher.
Crandall Hattie, teacher.
Green Bay Lumber Co.
Henrickson Carolina, teacher.
Henrickson Cella, teacher.
Hundshl K P, R R, exp and tel agt.
Jennings Ettie, teacher.
Larson Anna, teacher.
Larson Lillie, teacher.
Lasley & Shanahan, livery.
La Suer Josie, teacher.
La Suer W, justice of peace.
Lindgren-Lewis Co, general store.
McElwain J B, publisher Times.
McLaughlin Gertrude, teacher.
Magness A C, hotel.
MOORHEAD STATE BANK (Capital $30,000), J B Moorhead Pres, T Rhone Wilson Cashier.
Moorhead Times, J B McElwain publr.
Mortensen J, hardware and mayor.
Mustard & Parker, hardware.
Neal Lulu, teacher.
Nelson H, blacksmith.
Nickolaisen Rose N, teacher.
Nye & Schneider Co, grain elevator.
Parker F R, harnessmaker.
Perrin Dora, teacher.
Richards Millie F, teacher.
Richards Ray, teacher.
Rogers, barber.
Skow Laura, teacher.
Stewart Anna, teacher.
Stewart Drug Co.
Strand S & Co, general store.
Thoreson Josephine, teacher.
Wood Angie E, teacher.

ONAWA. Population, 2,100, county seat of Monona county, is located on the C. & N. W. and Ill. Central R Rs., 37 miles s. of Sioux City, 59 from Council Bluffs and 200 from Des Moines. Has 7 churches, excellent schools, electric light, water works, fire department, 2 hotels, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Democrat and the Sentinel, and a monthly publication, the Emancipator. Stage daily to Decatur. Exp., Am. Tel., Postal and W. U. Telephone connection. W. R. Prewitt, postmaster.

Allsbrow Stephen, propr Park Hotel.
Alton Milling Co. R B Ropes agt.
American Express Co, J F Miller agt.
Anderson Agnes, teacher.
Anderson John W, lawyer.
Anderson Sara J, teacher.
Armstrong Edwin C, clothing and shoes.
Armstrong Rhetta Edna, teacher.
Armstrong Mrs Susie, millinery.
Austin Rollin, jeweler and optician.
Bailey Josie M, teacher.
Bails Madeline, teacher.
Bakke Ed E & Son (Edward E and Oscar C), shoes.
Bakke Emily, teacher.
Bakke Sievert E, wagonmaker.
Bakken Rev G H (Norwegian).
Barton Wm B, agt I C R R.
Battin J F, coroner.
Benjamin Nelson, city marshal.
Bennett J Frank, painter.
Bennett Olive J, teacher.
BENSON WILBUR J, Real Estate and Loans.
Black & Woodruff (M L Black, John Woodruff), carpenters.
Blanchard Claude E, county auditor.
Blotcky Isaac E, general store.
Bordner W E, nurseryman.
Brandin John, furniture.
Brown Wm D, lawyer and real estate.
Burgess Albert W, justice.
Burgess & Walrod (Albert W Burgess, Claude D Walrod), lawyers.
Busby Benjamin, live stock.
Busby Ethel, teacher.
Busby Olive, teacher.
Butcher James, shoemaker.
Butler Chester L, drayage.
Cady Charles B, tinsmith.
Caldwell Claude A, real estate and loans.
Campfield Grace, teacher.
Carr J I, photographer.
Chicago & Northwestern Ry., Bertram Fenn agt.
Christianson Alma, teacher.
Christianson Emily, teacher.
Christenson Bros (Albert T and Nels), meats and live stock.
Christie Mrs M A, mngr Iowa Tel Co.
Clark Charles E, osteopath.
Clatterbaugh & Bearce (Mrs Mildred M Clatterbaugh, Miss Althea L Bearce), dressmakers.
Cody Edward S, real estate.
Cody Thomas A, saloon.
Cohen Harry, grocer.
Collett George H, barber.
Conlin Edward L, lawyer.
Cooper Cyrus E, lawyer.
Cope Charles W, dentist.
Corr Edward D, drugs.
Courtright Daniel T, billiards.
Craford Mercedes, teacher.
Craven H L & Co (Hughston L Craven), real estate and insurance.
Davis & McCoy (Charles Davis, Thomas A McCoy), billiards.
De Garmo Wm, saloon.
Douglas Henry E, physician.
Douglas John, jeweler and optician.
Dunn Julia, dressmaker.
Eberle Wm, jeweler and furniture.
Emancipator The (monthly), F E Leake editor, State Organization of the Marshal Clubs publrs.
Evans H Edward, fruit grower.
Everson John, harnessmaker.
FAIRFIELD ALBERT, (Established 1890). Complete Set Abstracts Monona County, Real Estate Bought and Sold. Loans Negotiated. Notary Public, Abstracts of Title Examined. Insurance Written, Farm and City.
Fairchild Robert V, dep county surveyor.
Faus Curtis F, general store.
Fenn Bertram I, agt C & N W Ry.
Fessenden Helon B, real estate.
Fletcher S R, apiarist.
Ford Fred G, notions.
Flink Enoch J, confectioner.
Flink John, mason.
Gantz Herman E, billiards and bowling.
Gardner Ella M, teacher.
Fuller Lewis T, mngr W U Tel Co.
Fyock Daniel E, photographer.
Giermann Otto, blacksmith.
GOSSARD T L & C B (Thomas L and Blanche). Publrs The Onawa Sentinel.
Gray John A, grain elevator.
Green Mrs Sarah, milliner.
Hagen L V, carpenter.
Hagan Pearl, teacher.
Harlow Henry, mayor and live stock.
Harmon Reuben, physician.
Harper B, clerk of county court.
Harrington Edna, teacher.
Harrington Rose, teacher.
Hawkins Will, real estate.
Heitman Amos J. saloon.
Heitman Blanche, music teacher.
Heitman Wm E, baker and grocer.
Henderlider Earl A, dentist.
Hervey Hy, barber.
Hilton Theodore, drayage.
Hoffman Andrew H, county recorder.
Holbrook C E & Co (Charles E and Charles H Holbrook), lumber and coal. Holbrook Perry S, civil engineer.
HOLBROOK & BRO (Capital $50,000; Bernard D and Parker K Holbrook), Parker K Holbrook Cashier, General Banking, Loans, Real Estate and Insurance.
HONAN EDWARD M, Propr Hotel Monona.
HOTEL MONONA, E M Honan Propr. Modern Throughout, Steam Heat in Every Room, Headquarters Commercial Men.
Holtze H W, principal High School.
Howard & Bakke (Seth A Howard, Edward E Bakke), grocers.
Hubbard Charles, flour mill.
Hyer Frederick, meats and grocer.
Hyer Lillian, teacher.
Illinois Central Ry, Wm B Barton agt.
Iowa Telephone Co, Mrs M A Christie mngr.
Jetmundson Inga, teacher.
Jetmundson Selver, restaurant.
Johnson Elizabeth, teacher.
Johnson G A, mason.
Johnson Mary, teacher.
Jones Harry C, propr Onawa Steam Laundry.
Karr James I, painter.
Keitges Nicholas, tailor.
Keller A E, shoemaker.
Kilburne Ida E, teacher.
Kindall Azariah, lawyer.
Kindig Oscar A, machinist.
Kintigh John E, county treasurer.
Koontz Luella, teacher.
Kratz Henry, apiarist.
Large Susan, milliner.
Lark F Edwin, county supt of schools.
Larson Eric, carpenter.
Leach Lois, dressmaker.
Leake Rev Ervin F (Christian).
Lebey & Rinehart (L N Lebey, P L Rinehart), cigar mnfrs.
Lee Rev Vinton (Congregational).
Lenter Wm, blacksmith.
Lindsey & Hervey (John H Lindsey, Henry C Hervey), barbers.
Linse Rev John (German Lutheran).
Loomis John H, mngr Trans-Mississippi Grain Co.
McCaskey Mary, music teacher.
McClain Edward, drayage.
McCoy Mrs Agnes, dressmaker.
McDavitt John, painter.
McDonald Jessie, teacher.
McElroy & Reddin (Homer S McElroy, Edelbert S Reddin), blacksmiths.
McKee Helen, teacher.
McNamara R T, county surveyor.
McNeal Rev Francis (Catholic).
Macomb Thomas T, physician.
Madden Wm J, restaurant.
Mann Arthur W, real estate and ins.
Mail Order Printing Co The, W Roscoe mngr, printers and binders.
Marley Michael A, farm implts and buggies.
Marshall Fred J, justice and insurance.
Marshall Winifred, teacher.
Mason Angie, teacher.
Maulsby Addie, teacher.
Menin & Mosow (Aaron Menin, Jacob Mosow), confectioners.
Messing Gottlieg, carpenter.
Meyer H G, real estate.
Miller Joseph F, agt Am Exp Co, mngt Postal Tel-Cable Co and cigars.
Mitchell & Johnson (Brutis I H Mitchell Howard O Johnson), harness.
Moad J A & Son (Joseph A and Ralph), carpenters.
Moen Clothing Co (Edward C and Ole A Moen).
MONONA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. (Capital $5,000) (Member Abstracters' Assn of Iowa), Azariah Kendall Pres, C H Bindbury Sec, P K Holbrook Treas.
Monona County Fair Assn, W R Prewitt sec.
Monona House.
Moore A J, physician.
Moore Joseph F, hay presser.
Moorehead Hardy, vet surgeon.
Morley Howard C, apiarist.
Murphy John R, cattle breeder and supervisor.
Murphy Mary, artist.
Mustard Zada, teacher.
Myers Wm R, real estate.
Nelson Bernard, painter.
New State Telephone Co (Sioux City), George Mummey mngr.
Newhy Miles W, lawyer.
Norton Lois, teacher.
Norton Vera, teacher.
O'Gorman Michael, vet surgeon.
Oliver Bros (Frank G and Fred L), real estate and insurance.
Oliver Evelyn, teacher.
Oliver George W, hardware.
Oliver John F, judge district court.
Oliver & Buckley (Frank Oliver, W Buckley), insurance.
Olson Olga, teacher.
Onawa Commercial Club, E C Armstrong secretary.
Onawa Cornet Band, S W Kieser leader.
Onawa Democrat (weekly), Wm H Wonder publisher.
Onawa Electric Light Plant and Water Works, city owner, H B Strunk supt.
Onawa Implement Co (Liniger Implement Co, Omaha, Neb), Harry L Morrison mngr, impts and carriages.
Onawa Improvement Co, Addison Oliver pres, P K Holbrook sec and treas.
Onawa Opera House, S T Skidmore mngr.
Onawa Public Library, Maud E Oliver librarian.
ONAWA SENTINEL THE (Weekly. Established 1885). T L & C B Gossard Publrs, Official Paper Monona County. Subscription $1.50 Per Year.
Onawa State Bank (cap $50,000), Addison Oliver pres, Charles H Huntington cashier.
Onawa Steam Laundry, H C Jones propr.
O'Neil Rev F (Catholic).
Paine Louis, barber.
Park Hotel, Stephen Allshrow propr.
PEMBER M T & M A (Morgan T and Merrit A), Hides, Pelts and Furs.
Pike C S & Co (Charles S Pike), poultry powder.
Popejoy Mabel, teacher.
Popejoy Wm T, plasterer.
Postal Tel-Cable Co, J F Miller mngr.
PREWITT W R, Postmaster.
Prichard Jacob A, lawyer.
Pullen Keats A, cement bldg blocks.
Pullen Malden B, undertaker.
Rasmussen Hans, restaurant.
Rawlings Edward, sheriff.
Richards Rey W N (Methodist).
Riedeman Bros (Wm H and Charles B, restaurant.
Robinson Mrs Sarah M, artist.
Robinson Wm H, furniture.
Robinson Mrs W H, artist.
Ropes Jesse L, house mover.
Ropes Richard B, flour and feed.
Ross Benjamin F, lawyer.
Ross Bros (George H and Wm M).
Ivery Roy Archibald B, prin Manual Training School.
Samson Bros (Herbert D and Charles), painters.
Schindler Gabriel, restaurant.
Schopp John M, barber.
Sears Bottling Works, L C Albright propr, bottlers.
Sears Leonard C, machinist and mnfr bottle washers.
Seaton & Baker (E A Seaton, George Baker), hay dealers.
Selleck Martin F, drugs.
Sheldon Edna, teacher.
Shull J & W C (Minneapolis, Minn), Edwin W Miller mngr, lumber and feed.
Skidmore Shirley T, pianos.
Sloan Maud E, teacher.
Smith Wesley L, lawyer.
Standard Oil Co, Windsor Martin agt.
Sumpter Nellie E, teacher.
Swift & Co, Louis R Kells mngr, produce.
Sykes Fred, carpenter.
Sykes Harry, music teacher.
Taylor John, barber.
Taylor John G, auctioneer.
Tellier F E, prin of school.
Tenney Florence, teacher.
Terry Clara, teacher.
Thomson John A, physician.
Thurston Charles A, hardware.
Thurston Wm W, grocer and baker.
Todd & Son (Quinton and Emory), grocers and meats.
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co, J H Loomis manager.
Twining Edward T, physician.
Underhill Charles E, lawyer and ins.
Underhill George, city clk and weigh-master.
Vanderwert M J & Son (Marion J and Bernard), notions.
Walker & Ford (cap $5,000), Fred L Walker pres, dry goods and grocers.
Walrod C D, lawyer.
Western Union Tel Co, L T Fuller mngr.
Whitmore Thomas, carpenter.
Wight A G & Co (Abner G Wight, Erastus J Terry), marble works.
Williams James C, barber.
Wise John F, saloon.
Wolf Michael, shoemaker.
Wonder Wm H, publr Onawa Democrat.
Woodfield Charles L, supt of schools.
Woolsey Mrs Emma, dressmaker.
Woolston Bertha, teacher.

PREPARATION. A discontinued postoffice on the C. & N. W. Ry., in Spring Valley township, Monona county, 18 miles s. e. of Onawa, the judicial seat, and 3 from Moorhead, the nearest banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

RODNEY. Population, 275. An incorporated town on the Litle Sioux river, and on the C.. M. & St. P. Ry., in Grant township, Monona county, 18 miles n. e. of Onawa. the judicial seat. There is a private bank here. Stage 3 times daily to Smithland, fare 25 cents. Improved farm land ranges in price from $50 to $60 per acre. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Telephone connection. W. A. Smeaton, postmaster.

Allen J R, saloon.
Allison A S, physician.
Barber C J, sorghum and honey.
Barber Frank, housemover.
Barber N G, broom mnfr.
Bauman Henry, broom mnfr.
Browning G J, constable.
Christensen & Jensen (J Christensen, S P Jensen), blksmiths and genl repairs.
CLEVELAND L W, General Store.
Cowan I E, physician.
Edgar Mrs Saidee, music teacher.
Edgar W R, real estate.
Fisher A E, jeweler and mayor.
Hansen Rev W A (Congregational).
Harris Della, dressmaker.
Henderson B W, furn and hardware.
Hotel Arlington, George Pelletier propr.
Hoxie Elsie M, teacher.
Iowa Telephone Co.
Larson J L, R R, exp and tel agt.
McManamy Bert, barber and restaurant.
Neola Elevator Co, H Nibel mngr, grain.
Nolen Bros, livery.
Patterson J W, live stock.
Pelletier Co, restaurant.
Pelletier George, propr Hotel Arlington.
Pelletier Mercantile Co, general store.
Renshaw De Etta, milliner.
Renshaw Mrs Ella, grocer.
Rodney Cornet Band.
Rodney Savings Bank (capital $10,000), S B McDiarmid pres, J A Rogers cashr.
SMEATON WM A, Confectionery and Books.
West Anderson, feed mill.
Williams Elma, teacher.
Woodward O P, poultry breeder.

SOLDIER. Population, 300. On Soldier river and on the C. & N. W. Ry., in Soldier township, Monona county, 18 miles s. e. of Onawa, the county seat. Has Christian and Norwegian Lutheran churches, and bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. A. E. Sickles, postmaster.

Bakken Rev G H (Lutheran).
Boe L K, barber.
Boe Ole K, harnessmaker.
Carritt Claire, teacher.
Flynn Ella G, teacher.
Flynn May E, teacher.
Gilbert Johnson, hotel.
Green Bay Lumber Co.
Iowa Banking Co (capital $15,000), James F Toy pres, George U Kieffer cashier.
Johnson J C, chairman bd supervisors.
Junger Dr E C, drugs.
Knutson Clara E, teacher.
Libner & Anderson, general store.
Norby & Dawson, general store.
Palmer L A, R R, exp and tel agt.
SICKLES A E, Postmaster.
Sickles Mrs L N, restaurant.
Skow Ole, undertaker.
Soldier Valley Savings Bank (capital $10,000), Jas F Toy pres, Geo N Kieffer cashr.
Sunde A A, blacksmith.
Thoreson T S, real estate.
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co, elevator.
Wingate Ada, teacher.

TICONIC. Population, 175. On the Little Sioux river and on the Ill. Central R. R., in Monona county, 13 miles n. e. of Onawa, the county seat. Has a Methodist Episcopal church and a bank. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Telephone connection. A. L. Baker, postmaster.

BAKER A L, Postmaster and Mngr D A Baker & Co.
BAKER D A & CO, Hardware, Harness and Furniture.
Castle George, contractor.
Cleveland T F, blacksmith.
Elwick Rev F E, (Methodist).
Forker T B, drayage.
Hobbs, R R, exp and tel agt.
Jenkins W R, real estate.
Larson Anna, principal of school.
Linderman T W, mason.
Lundeen Blanche, teacher.
McMaster G E, insurance.
Maxwell Roy, livery.
O'Connor Sam, barber and billiards.
Oliver Evelyn, teacher.
Rasmussen C, well borer.
Sioux Grain Co, grain and seeds.
Tomlinson S H, general store.

TURIN. Population, 200. On the C. & N. W. Ry., at the junction of the Little Sioux and Maple rivers, in Belvidere township, Monona county, 7 miles east of Onawa, the county seat. Has a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Telephone connection. Jens M. Clemmensen, postmaster.

Bowman S H Lumber Co, Frank Wettsterl mngr.
Busby Nellie, teacher.
Clemmensen Elsie, teacher.
De Garmo Wm, saloon.
Edward M A, mason.
Fitzpatrick Anna C, teacher.
Hicks L T, meats. Lebey L H, cigar mnfr.
Liff Olaf, live stock.
McMammamy H, barber.
Rasmussen J P. carpenter.
Reese F A, general store.
Knudsen & Mathiasen, blacksmiths.
Knuthon Fred, carpenter.
Roberts W E, R R, exp and tel agt.
SEBOLDT L J, Mayor and Livery.
Trafton W H, constable.
Turin Bank, W T Day pres, J H Peters cashier.
Wettsterl Frank, mngr S H Bowman Lumber Co.
Wolf D A, general store.

UTE. Population, 500. An incorporated village on the C., M, & St. P. and C. & N. W. Rys. (depots 4 mile apart), and on Soldier creek, in St. Clair township, Monona county. 23 miles east of Onawa. the County seat, and 135 from Des Moines. Has Adventist, Catholic, Christian, German Lutheran and Methodist churches, a bank, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Ute Independent. Exp., Am. and U. S. Tel., W. U. Telephone connection. W. C. Buskirk, postmaster.

Ainsworth Ansel, drayage.
American Express Co, Leo P Beck agt.
Barker Lee, well borer.
Barnon John & Co, general store.
Bass Robert W, drugs.
Beck Leo P, agt C & N W Ry and Am Exp Co.
Booher Bertha & Mary, milliners.
Booher Elma, teacher.
Box Loren H, agt C. M & St P Ry, U S Express and W U Tel Co.
BUSKIRK WM C. Publr Ute Independent and Postmaster.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, L H Box agent.
Chicago & Northwestern Ry, Leo P Beck agent.
Christianson Chris, carpenter.
City Hotel, C T Torrey propr.
City Meat Market, S C Thompson & Co proprs.
Clemon Elma, teacher.
Clemon Rozella, teacher.
Cook Henry F, saloon.
Crary S D, county attorney.
Crary & Crary (Samuel D and Wm D), lawyers and insurance.
Cummins Isaac, justice.
Cummins Sadie, music teacher.
Cunningham Wm J, well borer.
Davis Charles, painter.
Dorothy Archibald H, carpenter.
Dorothy Bros (Edward and Wright), threshers.
Dorothy E Perry, hdware, furn and undertaker.
Dorothy Minnie, teacher.
Dorothy Mrs W G, poultry breeder.
Downing C P, grain and live stock.
Downing John A, civil engineer.
Edginton Henry, supervisor.
Edwards Earl, swine breeder.
Gillespie J A, principal of schools.
Gooch Edward B, horse breeder.
Gooch Hazel, teacher.
Gooch Pearl, teacher.
HARKER JAMES R, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.
Henry Elmer, swine breeder, 2 miles n.
Hitchens Alice, teacher.
Hitchens Clara, teacher.
Hitchens Samuel T, hdware and harness.
HOLMES D A, Mayor.
Hong Carrie T, teacher.
Hotel Mowrer, Edward A Shurtleff propr.
Iowa Telephone Co, Robert Boot mngr.
Jacques L A, barber.
Jewell F. baker and confectioner.
Jewell F J. restaurant.
Jensen Lars N, swine breeder, 2 miles w.
Kagerah Carl, general store.
Lawson Thomas J, physician.
Loyd Edd, teacher.
Luth John, painter.
McCall Verde, thresher.
McMaster Maud, teacher.
Meadows Mrs R B, carpet weaver.
Miller Andrew L, general store.
Miller John L, notions and flour.
Nye, Schneider, Fowler & Co, George Hockman agt, lumber, coal, grain and live stock.
Patrick Alfred, teacher.
Ordway Frank B, cattle breeder.
Rickman John C, drayage.
Shipley George, barber.
Shurtleff Edward A, propr Hotel Mowrer.
Smith Rose E, teacher.
Smith Wm V, carpenter.
Soldier Valley Mutual Telephone and Telegraph Co, S D Crary pres, R Boot mngr.
State Savings Bank (capital $30,000), B T Booher pres, T C Torreson cashr.
Stewart Benjamin C, physician.
Stewart Lumber Co, Robert Boot agt.
Sumer James R, carpenter.
Taylor H C (Methodist).
Thoreson Josephine, teaches.
Torrey C T, propr City Hotel.
United States Express Co, L H Box agt.
Ute Brick Yard Co.
Ute Cornet Band.
UTE INDEPENDENT (Weekly), Wm Buskirk Publr.
Ute Produce Co.
Ute Opera House.
Way John C, mason.
W U Telegraph Co, L H Box mngr.
Wilkins Mrs Amos, dressmaker.
Wilkins A K, teacher.
Wilkins Dorothy, teacher.
Williams & Sumner (Frank Williams, Lemuel B Sumner), blacksmiths.
Wilson Norman C, insurance.

WHITING. Population, 600. An incorporated town located on the C. & N. W. Ry., in West Fork and Ashton townships, Monona county, 8 miles n. w. of Onawa, the judicial seat, 29 miles from Sioux City, and 180 from Des Moines. It has Catholic, Christian, Congregational and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school, an opera house and a bank. Ships grain, live stock, produce, hay and poultry. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Telephone connection. Edgar O. Beanblossom, postmaster.

Arnold M E, restaurant.
Atwood Roy, barber.
Beanblossom S O, furniture.
Bigelow Eva L, teacher.
Brown Cora, teacher.
Carter Blanche, teacher.
Cassady E M & Co, grain.
Cassady Opera House, H A Towne mngr.
Cassady & Son (E M and R N), live stock.
Cassady & Whiting, grain elevator.
Cassady & Whiting Co (Edward Cassady, Wm C Whiting), general store.
Cochran J W, livery.
Crawford Dorothy, teacher.
Cutler Marcia, teacher.
DAILEY A T & SON, Hardware and Grocers.
Depue Anna, teacher.
Dishlef A, shoes.
Durmon Sybil, teacher.
Easton O J, poultry breeder.
Fegenbush Lelah, teacher.
Fegenbush Minnie, teacher.
Gillis S, propr Harris Hotel.
Graves Frankie, teacher.
Graves Minnie, teacher.
Graves W T, bakery.
Gray Bertha, teacher.
Gray Ethel, teacher.
Harkness George A, veterinary surgeon.
Harris Hotel, S Gillis propr.
Heaps Rev A R (Congregational).
Hoit Jefferson N, physician.
Holloway Harvel, billiards.
Hull Lina, milliner.
Hutchinson W J, carpenter.
Kesterson John, carpenter.
Kinsley Lillie, teacher.
Koon W A, justice.
Larson Will, blacksmith.
Lawrence Alice, teacher.
Lawrence Ruth, teacher.
Linden Freda, teacher.
McBeath Wilson, live stock.
McCandless Lillie, teacher.
Marshall Lotta E, teacher.
Martz Gertie, teacher.
Merritt Hallie, teacher.
New State Telephone Co, Geo Mummy mngr.
Morgan Alice, supt of High School.
Packwood Celia, teacher.
Patterson A M & Son (A M and L A), general store.
Peterson John P, grocer.
Peterson Maud, teacher.
Polly Elsie, teacher.
Polly Ethel M, teacher.
Prose Margaret, teacher.
Prose Sudie, teacher.
Rathbun Daisy, teacher.
Rust David, drugs.
Shendwin Frank, feed barn.
Smith E A, lawyer.
Smith E J & Son (Edmund J and E A), hardware.
Smith F E, grain elevator.
Spearman Fred S, physician.
Stuart R L (Methodist).
Thomas James J, drugs.
Templeton John, barber.
Thorp Alfred P, painter.
Tippens Martin L, carpenter.
Towne H A, poultry.
Watson G, drayage.
Watkins C L & Co (Charles L Watkins, E M Cassady), harness.
Whiting Bank, E M Cassady pres, W B Whiting cashr.
Whiting W C Lumber Co (W C Whiting, O J Easton & Son), lumber and Impts.

Source: Iowa State Gazetter and Business Directory, 1912-1913

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