David William Bowers family photograph

~Longtime residents of Whiting, Iowa, Monona County, and LeMars, Iowa, Plymouth County

All these family members, except for Rosezella Bowers Moon, are buried at Hite Cemetery in Whiting.
I am presently trying to fill out the Bowers history and would appreciate any information. I can be contacted at kallengs@frontiernet.net
Thank you,
Roxie Bowers Wellman

Some pictures are large and may take a while to download

Left to right, back: Charles Henry (m. Celia Packwood); Rosezella Mae (m. Frank Moon); Fred F. (m. Elma Osborn) - my grandparents; Bertha Alice (m. Ira Sudduth).
Left to right, seated: David William Bowers; Carl David (m. Cressa Barnard); Almina Rachel Lash.

The little boy standing far right beside Bertha Alice is Adrian Lawrence (m. Florence Trenhaile)





My great-grandparents David William Bowers and Almina Rachel Lash. It seems to be a studio portrait taken for a milestone event. They were married in 1874 and Almina died in 1922, so it couldn't be a 50th wedding portrait. ~submitted by Roxie

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