No.5, Sec. 29S; Putney, Perrin, Stolley 1884-1946.

Alice (Stolley) Crews has written a description of Spring Valley #5 as it was in 1916-21:
“It was a one-room building with three windows on each side.  The entry was a narrow hallway where the water pail & wash basin were kept.  For years water was carried from the farm across the creek. Eventually a well was dug in the schoolyard.  The heating stove was in the center of the room with seats on both sides.

On nice mornings the teacher hung out the flag and took it down after school.  She also started the fire, swept the floor, kept the room in order, supervised the children during noon and recesses, dusted the erasers unless the children took turns doing it.

Programs by the pupils for the public were held occasionally.  Sometimes as a fundraiser, a box social was held.  The money was used for new maps, books, supplies, as the teacher wished.”

NOTE: This early building was later burned.

~Source: Centennial History, Moorhead, Iowa 1900-2000