In the early 1900s a two-room school house was built on the edge of Ticonic, Iowa. It replaced a one-room school house which stood near where the Ticonic United Methodist church stands today.

Originally Grades 1-8 were taken at the Ticonic Independent School. It was organized so that the big kids were in one room and the younger kids in the other. Later years, Grade 1-6 were in one room and the other room was used for an art and lunchroom. Due to declining enrollment and consolidation by the State of Iowa, the Ticonic Independent School District became part of the Maple Valley Community School District in 1955.

For a few years the students in the area got to choose between Mapleton and Ticonic as to where they went to school. 1961 was the final year the school was open and Mrs. Jessie Patrick was the last teacher to teach there.

After the building was closed it was used by the Russell Woodward Family for picnics and gatherings. Finally in 1970 a lot of repairs needed to be made so it was necessary to tear the former Ticonic school building down.

Going to a country school like Ticonic left many fond memories in the minds of the former students. Recess was extra fun in the winter because the kids brought their sleds and got to go sledding down the big hill behind the school. If the weather was too bad to go outside, the kids could roller skate in the lunchroom.

Christmas programs drew standing room only crowds. Parents furnished refreshments and entertaining productions were performed by the students. The quality of education was considered very high. When the country students transferred to Mapleton for sixth grade, they were ahead of their classmates in learning.

~Above picture and information submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen
~Note from Mr. Lundeen: “Both my parents attended the Ticonic school.  I remember the school from my childhood as I went to the Grant Center school through the 4th grade.”  



Link to Ticonic School photos submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen.



Ticonic County School Group -- Abt. 1930

Please help identify the pupils & teacher of this group--Email the County Coordinator

Identified so far: Front row, far left (girl in plaid dress) is Viola Castle; Second row, third child from the left is Emma Castle; Third row, third boy from the right is Howard Castle.

~Above photo & identification of the Castle children submitted by a grandson of Emma Castle, Michael Snyder.