The Diary of Edna A. (Wheeler) Hopkins, 1871

Contributed by Linda Fisher, the gggranddaughter of Edna Wheeler, and transcribed by Mary E. Boyer (and reformatted by Al Hibbard). Edna, the daughter of Daniel and Caroline Wheeler, married Joseph Jay Hopkins on 21 September 1870 in Knoxville. This diary begins less than three months after their wedding and ends with the birth of their first child.

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January 1, 1871 (Sunday) this the beginning of a New Year we spent (that is JAY and I) in going to several meetings at our school house after which we came home and had oysters and chicken pie and ? for supper of which we eat a good supply. It is a beautiful day with the exception of a little wind from the South. I went to my writing desk to get a lead pencil and found a new one. A New Years present from Mother. Quite a surprise. I wrote a letter to Eva Warren, also one to Florence Speer. jay wrote one to Chancey Beecher.

January 2, 1871 (Monday) in the morning the first order of exercise was washing. For dinner we had the rest of our oysters. After dinner I mopped and then me and J went over to Mr. Kelly's and made a call to see Mrs. Kelly, she being sick but getting better. Came home found a rag bag in the rocking chair in front of the stove, placed there by Lissie Aldrich and then she went home. School commenced again and Bob Mulky (the school teacher) here boarding this winter, on hand again tonight. Willie Kelly over this evening a while. Jay drawing chips today. Pa helped him. Beautiful day and evening. moon shinning brightly.

January 3, 1871 nice day but very clean air. Quilted very little. After dinner went over to Uncle Sams, (Jay having been there to dinner) (found him there). James, Lissie, Jay and I all went over to Mrs. STOCKMAN'S "wood bee" and got ? to death nearly. All the Lyttle tribe was there, I guess. Jay got a letter from Livonia and husband. In the evening I read some old love letters of Jay's and I thought as I read them if Jay thought as much of me as she did of Jay, My happiness would be complete and I sincerely hope he does. Eat so much at the "wood bee" that I felt uncomfortable to go to bed.

January 4, 1871 (Wednesday) did house work and then Ma and I went over to Will Aldrich's and staid until half past 2pm. Jay was at work ? the creek from Hanging Rock for Joe Lyttle and Johnny went and got him to come to Charity's to dinner which was a good one. In the evening Jay and I and Bob went to singing school. James and ? and Will and ? and Dan Leavengood rode with us. Clear and cold today. Ma's birthday 49 years of age.

January 5, 1871 (Thursday) quilted today all day after the morning work was done. Ettie Kelly brought me a note John Ora saying that Jay and I might just ? will come to the party at MR. William's after prayer meeting. Jay did not come home until after meeting and then it was nine o'clock, to late to go. I worried for fear something had happened to Jay, and did not go to meeting myself. Pleasant day, Jay to work for Joe Lyttle today.

January 6, 1871 (Friday) quilted in the forenoon, Jay to work for Joe Lyttle again today. Frank Kelly came down at noon to let me know that his Mother would be ? over to see us in the afternoon. She came and Mr. Kelly came to supper. Jay came just as supper was ready. In the evening Jay and I went over to Mrs. Joe Lyttle's. Willie Kelly and Bob Mulky stopped to cut Willie's hair with our shears after school. Cold and pleasant.

January 7, 1871 (Saturday) did not have time to quilt any today. Did house work in the forenoon. Mended stockings and mended Jay's old mittens in the afternoon. By the evening Ma and George, Jay and I went to hear a M. R. Minister by the name of Kearn at our school house, Rode home with John Kelly's folks. Pleasant day.

January 8, 1871 (Sunday) in the morning it snowed a little and discouraged us about going to meeting but it cleared off and we went to Sarah Mitchells and took dinner and went to meeting again in the evening. Brother Reed preached in the morning. Brother Erret in the evening. Uncle Sam and Aunt Aletha rode home with us and also Mary Kerr as far as their house. Got home about 9 1/2 in the evening. It was very cold. In the evening the snow came down.

January 9, 1871 (Monday) washing this a.m., quite a good sized one too. Got dinner ready and then sit down to write in this book. Jay did not come so I went down to tell him that James wanted him in the afternoon. I quilted some. Got a letter from Alice Burlingame. Jay got the first "Evangelist" that he ever took having signed for it one year. While Sam came over in the evening. cold and pleasant. Ma and I did a little mending in the evening. Mr. ? and a boy came to see Pa's foot.

January 10, 1871 (Tuesday) got up early and Jay and James went down on the "white-branch" logging today. Mr. Merriman came in morning to see if we did not want some beef. In the afternoon he brought it. Those was 85 lbs., of beef at $.01 a lb., and 110 lbs. of buckwheat flour at $3.75 per hundred. So dark we could not see to quilt.

January 11, 1871 (Wednesday) Jay and James to work hauling logs. Very warm today. Too dark to quilt. In the evening James, Jay and I went to singing school on foot. Ora and Willie had gone. But Ora came home with Jay and I.

January 12, 1871 (Thursday) Jay and James to work in the timber. Lissie came over and quilted and I cut her new dress. Jones men stayed here allnight with about 250 logs. There was 6 men to supper and 5 stayed allnight. They ? and talked until 9 o'clock and then went to bed. We made a bed on the floor in both rooms. Tonight it commenced sleeting and snowing and kept on until it was good sleighing.

January 13, 1871 (Friday) Lissie came over again today and I finished fitting her dress for her, and she quilted for me. James and Jay were at work in the timber and James came home with Jay to supper. Jay drew a load of coal in the forenoon.

January 14, 1871 (Saturday) cooked today. Jay and James at work in the timber In the evening James and Lissie, Jay and I went to singing school in James Sleigh. It was my first sleigh ride this year. A good singing tonight if they had whispered a little less. Cold and clear.

January 15, 1871 (Sunday) special meeting at our school house. When we got home found Alf. Mitchell and family at our house. They stayed until most of night. In the evening Mr. Merriman and family came down to see us. We popped some and had a good visit.

January 16, 1871 (Monday) did not wash today. Pa and I went to town with Alf. Mitchell and Sarah and rode back with Charlie Aldrich in the same sleigh. Took our "coffee mill" to town to get fixed and came home and forget it. Bought groceries at J. Hanks. James and Jay at work in the timber today again.

January 17, 1871 (Tuesday) we washed today. Jay and James at work in the timber. I expected to go to singing but Jay did not get home in time to go. Quilted allday steady.

January 18, 1871 (Wednesday) quilted all day. Jay and James as usual to work in the timber hauling logs. Tonight they came home in good season and we all went to meeting in the evening, but no minister.

January 19, 1871 (Thursday) today Brother Reed and ? came and we had a good meeting in the evening and Jay went before breakfast over on the "white Branch" to see to his ax and log chains. Jay drew a couple loads of coal from the bank.

January 20, 1871 (Friday) Jay and James worked in the timber today. In the evening we went to meeting, when we came home our skunk had got himself in a trap. Jay's a pot shot. I think had busted.

January 21, 1871 (Saturday) Jay went over to Mr. Kell's and got a calf that he had bought of Mrs. Lyttle for $7.50. Jay and George went tot he brush and worked all day. Pa and Ma went over to meeting in the morning. We went over to meeting in the evening and heard Brother Bly. Mr. Langh and wife came home with us and stayed allnight.

January 22, 1871 (Sunday) we all went to meeting a half past ten. Brother Reed preached. In the evening Brother Bly preached to a crowded house.

January 23, 1871 (Monday) Jay worked in the brush. We washed and put on the quilt and took it off again, for we would not have time during the meetings.

January 24, 1871 (Tuesday) Pa, Ma, Jay and self went to town. Did some trading. We rode over and took a view of the place where the A. K. and D. railroad is to be. Quite a good many hands and teams to work already.

January 25, 1871 (Wednesday) we all went over to meeting at Uncle Sam's. We had a good social meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Britton and Mr. and Mrs. Merriman and children came home with us to supper. We all went to meeting in the evening. Nice day.

January 26, 1871 (Thursday) no meeting today but a funeral at Mr. Cody's. George, wife was buried. Ma and Pa went to the funeral. I went over to the grave. All seemed to feel very badly. In the evening we went to meeting. Brother Bly and Reed came home with us and stayed allnight. A nice day and good meeting.

January 27, 1871 (Friday) Brother's Reed and Bly went over to Uncle Sam's in the morning. Jay and I went up to Mrs. Merriman's to meeting in the morning. In the evening Mr. George, Jay and I went to meeting ? and Lissie rode with us. I felt rather sad when I got home but Jay and I went to bed and had a good talk after which I went to sleep and slept soundly. A pleasant day.

January 28, 1871 (Saturday) I stayed at home. Ma and Pa went to meeting in the morning. No one but George went in the evening. Finished my novel today. Pleasant day.

January 29, 1871 (Sunday) attended meeting at the "Old Grange" again today. Brother Reed preached a good ?. after which we all repaired to the water to attend to the ordinance of baptism. Mr. and Mrs. ? being the candidates. Enoch Mulky and Wife and Ida Mae Reynolds came home with us to supper. We all went to meeting again in the evening and listened to an able discourse from Brother Bly. This was the last meeting. The weather misty and wet. Sarah Stockman was married this evening to Mr. Warfel in town.

January 30, 1871 (Monday) washed today. Jay at work in the brush. In the afternoon I went over to Mr. Kelly's and I brought home a couple of brooms with me. It snowed in the afternoon and evening.

January 31, 1871 (Tuesday) Jay and James at work in the timber today. Jay got home at 6 1/2 pm had supper and then Mr. Auten came and stayed the evening. Beautiful day. Ma and I put on the quilt and quilted all day long very steady. I quilted more than any day before.

February 1, 1871 (Wednesday) James and Jay at work in the timber again today. Aunt Aletha and ? came over and we got the quilt off. pa went to town with Lissie and Albert and got a couple of letters for Jay from Chancey Beecher with a draft of $211.79 in one of them and Pa also got my school money from Dr. Young. When Jay came home and fooled him about the money. I just jumped and hollered when we took the quilt off an also when the money came. Snowed in the afternoon.

February 2, 1871 (Thursday) in the morning Jay and I went over to Uncle Sam's with a pig and Jay and James butchered ours and two for James, and Lissie and I cleaned intestines and all work about the butchering done in the house. In the afternoon Jay and James went to the timber to work. At night Jay brought up the ? and concluded not to work anymore at present. Cold day cutting west wind.

February 3, 1871 (Friday) doing house work and sewing in the forenoon. After dinner I went down to John Kelly's awhile. Susy Sarines no better. Jay went to town today to get his drafts cashed and pay debts, which he did. In the evening we went to Will Aldrich's house. Called to Mr. Kelly's to pay a debt also to Thomas Kelly's to pay Willie. Had a pleasant time and got home about ten o'clock. Beautiful day and a lovely night and we enjoyed.

February 4, 1871 (Saturday) after doing up the house work and the morning was sewing and mending all day. In the evening Jay and I went to singing school. It was the last night. Lissie and Julia and Hite Mitchell and Ora, Frank, and Willie Kelly went with us. The singing school cost the boys 25 cents a piece. Beautiful day.

February 5, 1871 (Sunday) did up the work in the morning. Washed Jay and my self and then sit down and wrote a letter to Fannie Glidden. Jay posted books, etc. It snowed and hailed in the morning and then got colder. had supper - ate very hearty. Jay wrote a letter to sister Livonia and a good one too.

February 6, 1871 (Monday) washed in the morning and cut out for myself a chermise. After supper Ma and Pa went over to Mr. Kelly's and spent the evening. Frank came over and stayed allnight with George. Pleasant day. Jay at work in the brush. I went down at night and escorted my DEARLY BELOVED to the house.

February 7, 1871 (Tuesday) brought our clothes in and finished drying them. Sewed all day on my chermise or rather part of the day for I made Jay a pair of mittens in the afternoon. In the evening Jay and self went over to Uncle Sam's awhile. James not at home. I brought a little vinegar to make some pickles and Lissie called here a few moments just at night. Cloudy day. Jay at work in the brush today. Pa drawing (rails or nails?) from the "English".

February 8, 1871 (Wednesday) Jay to work in the brush in the forenoon. It commenced snowing about 9 am and continued until about 5 pm. Quite a storm for this winter. In the forenoon Pa drew a load of (rails or nails?) and in the afternoon Jay and Pa got G. Kelly's sleigh and drew a load. James called at noon. Jay went down to Tom Kimblains to see about a sleigh just before supper. Got the work done up at 8 pm and wrote in the book and then went to bed. Eddie Aldrich staid with George allnight.

February 9, 1871 (Thursday) Jay and James at work in the timber down on the creek hauling logs. Went to work at 8am and got home at 8pm. We waited supper a long time and finally ate. Jay, I think, must have thought of the motto "work while the sun shines" and "hauled logs while the snow lasted". I went over to Uncle's after dinner and found him alone. Beautiful day and nice sleighing.

February 10, 1871 (Friday) Jay and James in the timber in the forenoon and in the afternoon Jay helped James draw in some hay. Snowed a little and was pleasant nearly all day. Willie Kelly came over in the evening to get some books to read and Jay and I went home with him and spent the evening. Mrs. Kelly at town spending the week, the rest at home. I received a letter from Mary Weeks.

February 11, 1871 (Saturday) did up t he work or rather helped and then got ready and went to town with James's folks. Jay went to the Christian Church to the consultation meeting and then went down street and done our trading and to then to Mr. Dawson's and had supper and then came home. Splendid day.

February 12, 1871 (Sunday) in the morning shaved my husband. went to Social Meeting at our school house. James and wife, Jay and I went up to Mr. Morringson to supper. Mr. Brittons folks were there also. Jay and I stopped to ? a little while. Did not take off our things. Came home and went to bed at 8 o'clock. Beautiful day.

February 13, 1871 (Monday) we washed and got part of the clothes hung up and the wind blew so we had to bring them in and dry them. Tom Gillaspy came home with George and stayed allnight. James and Jay working in the timber today. We ate before dark. I had to get supper for Jay at 8 o'clock in the evening, tried to get him a good supper and I guess I did. Pleasant day.

February 14, 1871 (Tuesday) Mrs. Post and Sallie Kelly came to see us in the morning. Lissie Aldrich sent over and wanted us to come over and help eat the "old dead Gobbler" and so we all went over and ate him. In the evening James and Lissie, Mr. and Mrs. Merriman, Will Kelly and wife, Jay and I went up to Mr. Hons and stayed until after midnight. There was 24 there. Mrs. Hon got us a splendid supper. Had a little breakdown coming home, but nothing serious. Pleasant day.

February 15, 1871 (Wednesday) In the afternoon we went down to see Charity and I finished washing the white woolen clothes. Did my ironing, mopped, got supper and done my work. Jay painted and drew his stripe down to his fence and then went after Ma. Thawing and ruining the sleighing.

February 16, 1871 (Thursday) baked and ? in the forenoon. Got ready and took Jay's dinner to him down where he was at work on his fence and then went over to Charity's. Mr. and Mrs. Welcher and his mother were there. They went away about 3 o'clock. Jay came over to supper and came home with me. We had a good talk about future affairs coming home. thawing again today.

February 17, 1871 (Friday) Ma and I cleaned "pantry". Jay at work on his fence down in the brush. In the afternoon I washed out some sock yarn, sewed and?. Thomas Kelly called just at night a few moments. Rained last night in the night it thundered and lightening. In the afternoon it grew cold and at night froze hard.

February 18, 1871 (Saturday) did Saturdays work. Afternoon Jay and I went over on to our farm and looked out at building spot and a splendid one too. Better then I thought could be found. We came home and I drew a plan of our house that is to be. Building "castles in the air".

February 19, 1871 (Sunday) went to meeting at the school house. Pa staid at home alone. After meeting we went to the water to see Miss Willis baptized. The creek was very high. Jay and I then went home with Enock Mulky to supper. His wife was not well and did not go to the meeting. Seeing them so cozy and snug all by themselves made me wish we were down in the ? with a new house and Iowa barn. Went to meeting in the evening. Brother Bly preached both day and evening. Ma went to Will Sangh's to supper and went home with Mrs. Sangh and stayed all night.

February 20, 1871 (Monday) I did up all the work in the forenoon and then put up a dinner for Jay and went down to the bushes and carried it to him and then went over to see Susy Laurimer a little. Came back to the bushes where Jay as and stayed until he came up, then got supper and we went up to the McReynolds Schoolhouse. Ma rode home with James's folks and Jay and I stayed allnight to Mr. McReynolds. had a good meeting and a good visit after meeting.

February 21, 1871 (Tuesday) In the morning after breakfast I went into Mrs. Mass's room a little while. About noon Mrs. McReynolds, Jay and I went home with Mr. Hon, Jay and I went over to Mr. Langh's and stayed until time to go to meeting. Went to meeting and heard Brother Bly preach. Louis Clark and wife came foreword. Jay and I went home with Mr. Langh and stayed there also. Jay and I slept in the parlor.

February 22, 1871 (Wednesday) After breakfast Brother's Reed and Bly called. We went to meeting and then to the water to see Mr. Clark and wife baptized. Jay and I went to meeting. Brother Reed preached the only sermon he preached during the meeting. The last night of meeting, so Jay and I concluded it was about time we were going home to stay awhile. Ma rode up with James again tonight and rode home with us. Pa also went tonight.

February 23, 1871 (Thursday) Ma and I washed today in consequence of being at meetings all this week. Ma finished Jay's sock for me. The wind blew so that we could not hang out our clothes today. Jay at work trimming and piling brush. The wind blew and he stopped piling brush and went over to Merrimans after a load of posts.

February 24, 1871 (Friday) We rinced and hung out the clothes today. We dried them in the house the wind being quite strong today. Jay finished nailing on strips on his fence today. In the afternoon he worked in the brush. Sam Aldrich staid all night with George. Willie Kelly called. Will Lyttle came and staid until 11 o'clock and talked over the plan for our new house on "East Avenue".

February 25, 1871 (Saturday) baking and ironing today. I went over to Mr. Kelly's in the morning and got a little sweet milk.

February 26, 1871 (Sunday) we all but Pa went to meeting at our schoolhouse. Lou Clark got up and talked at our schoolhouse. We came home had supper and then Jay and I went on horseback over to Will Lyttle's. Joe came over there. Jay brought home a lot of grape cuttings. Kit did not act very well coming home and so I traded horses with Jay and rode Doll home.

February 27, 1871 (Monday) we washed, got dinner and went and met Jay. After dinner our folks butchered a pig. ma and I took care of the "outtails" and ?. I wrote in this book, knit and various other things. Jay and I set out our grape cuttings.

February 28, 1871 (Tuesday) Pa, Ma, and I went to town. Uncle Sam came over to have us do a few errands for them. I went tot he Post Office and found 2 letters for Jay. In one was a draft fro Chancey Beecher of $59.60. Dr. Young went with me to the Bank and I got the Draft's cashed. The other letter was from Sister Livonia. I took back my tea cups and saucers that I had bought at Cherry's and got heavier ones and paid $10.00 more. Leave for home by the way of Antens to look at a cow Pa talked of buying.

March 1, 1871 (Wednesday) EIGHTEEN TODAY. My first birthday after becoming a married woman. although I am young I regret not the step I have taken. This morning Pa, Jay and George went down to Mr. Anten's and got Pa's new cow. Paid $40.00. Jay drew three loads of posts from Merriman's. Ma and I went to visit Mrs. Merriman and Pa came to supper. We found Sallie Kelly there but she didn't stay for supper. Came home about 10 o'clock pm. Frank Kelly staid with George all night. It lightening and thundered and rained in the night.

March 2, 1871 (Thursday) finished footing Jay's sock. The first pair. Looked up some carpet magazine. Lissie and Bennie came over and spent the afternoon and we went for James to come over to supper. I commenced footing another pair of socks for Jay. Damp rain this forenoon and pleasant in the afternoon and a nice evening overhead.

March 3, and 4 (Friday and Saturday) no entries.

March 5, 1871 (Sunday) Ma, Jay and I attended Social meeting at the upper schoolhouse. We went to Mr. John Langh's to supper. had a good supper. Jay went over to Will Langh's a few moments. Got home before dark. The wind blew today. At night when we came home the wind had subsided. In the night a little before midnight Ma heard a call to go to Will Aldrich to attend to "business"

March 6, 1871 (Monday) Jay and Pa went with Mr. Hon down to his timber and Jay bargained with Hon for 15 acres of timber at 33.00 an acre and we to go to town tomorrow to draw writings. Jay and I went down in the brush and I helped him pile and ? all the afternoon. Ma came home in middle of the afternoon from Wills. Mr. Hon eat dinner with us today. Pa drew a load of lumber from the Mill for Jay. Nice day.

March 7, 1871 (Tuesday) Jay and I went to town today with Mr. John Langh. Jay got a deed of him and his wife for ? of timber. I got tired of waiting so long, I got the ? for 18 yards of carpet $2.25 a bunch and I bought 70 cents worth of dye stuffs to color carpet rags.

March 8, 1871 (Wednesday) we washed today, quite a washing. Afternoon Jay and I took the team and went to ? and bought a dozen chickens for $2.50. I called to Joe McReynolds and staid until Jay got the chickens. It rained going ? all the way, but stopped before we came home. Got home a little after dark. In the forenoon Jay worked in the scrubs.

March 9, 1871 (Thursday) got up this morning and found that the ground was covered in snow. ma and I colored madder red, yellow and started green. Jay went over to Will Lyttles in the morning. ? back. Came home and drew ? the rest of the day. In the evening Jay and I went ofver to Mr. T. Kelly's for kings of vegetables and two kinds of everlasting flower seeds.

March 10, 1871 (Friday) Pa and Ma went to town. They brought me a letter from Fannie Glidden saying that her father was dead. We mourned Uncle Smith's loss very much. A peddler eat dinner with Jay and I. I bought a lace collar and a bunch of shoestrings. Jay bought a pair of ? Pleasant day. I staid alone in the fore noon. In the afternoon George was here for school did not keep in the afternoon.

March 11, 1871 (Saturday) Jay at work in the scrubs all day today. I worked hard all day at everything almost. Mr. Auten was here in the evening. Snowed today a sugar snow.

March 12 thru March 19 no entries (Sunday thru Sunday)

March 20, 1871 (Monday) indulged.

March 21 thru 24 no entries (Tuesday thru Friday)

March 25, 1871 (Saturday) did quite an amount of work in the forenoon. Brother Bly was here to dinner. Ora came over with the mail and told us Susy ? was dead. After dinner George took me down to Mr. Kelly's and I help fix her dress to be buried in. Jay cam down and we sit up, also Ora Kelly and John Brice. We got along very well. Did not sleep much of any. It was along night. I wet a cloth on her face six times after the family went to bed.

March 26, 1871 (Sunday) Ora and I got breakfast as soon as it begun to grow light. George came after us in the morning about 7 o'clock. We came home, ate breakfast and then went to bed. Was disturbed once by Addie Painter coming after a bonnet. Went to bed again and slept until our folks came from meeting. Ma went down to Mr. John Kelly's after supper.

March 27, 28, no entries.

March 29, 1871 (Wednesday) our folks went over to Mr. Kelly's to clean up our seed wheat. George went down to Will's Aldrich and helped to finish putting in there wheat and then Charlie came home with him and was here to dinner. Jay went over to see James awhile. I was helping to do up the dishes and then he and I went over to Mr. Kelly's, Mrs. Kelly gave me 17 kinds of flower seeds ad 3 watermellon seeds. Choice kind, came home, went to bed.

March 30, 1871 (Thursday) Charlie Aldrich and John here today helping Jay put in wheat. Move about 2 yds. besides trimming gooseberry bushes. Ironing and ?. Jay received a letter from Mary Weeks saying that on the 22nd of this month Jay's sisters had sent him a barrel of fruit. Lissie called here with the mail.

March 31, 1871 (Friday) no entry.

April 1, 1871 (Saturday) pleasant day. At work in the forenoon and in the afternoon Jay and I, James and Lissie took our team and went to town. The boys to the Masonic Lodge and Lissie and I stayed to Will's. We all went down to Sarah Mitchells to get our supper and they were not at home, so we eat about as much as we wished and then Lissie to the "soup bowl" and set it on the kitchen table. We got home about one o'clock next morning. Keith McKinnis rode home with us.

April 2, 1871 (Sunday) we all went up to the McReynold Schoolhouse to meeting. Came right home from meeting, when we got to Mr. Britts a heavy storm of wind and rain came up and the sky was black and angry. It rained and hailed until we got past Mr. Merriman's. When we reached home found that it had barely laid the dust at home.

April 3 thru 13, no entries (Monday thru Thursday)

April 14, 1871 (Friday) Charlie and John here at work today for Jay. Pa and Ma and George went to town and I staid at home and kept house. Baked bread and various other things. Our folks got home at half past 2 in the afternoon. Very nice day indeed.

April 15, 1871 (Saturday) working in the forenoon and in the afternoon I helped Jay set out crab apple trees back of our building place., and then I went over to John Kelly's to spend the afternoon. Emma went away to make Mrs. Post a farewell visit as she would not have. But I got a long with Nina. Jay came over to supper and we came home after dark. It rained a very little coming home. Pleasant day. Charlie and John to work today.

April 16, 1871 (Sunday) we all went up to the other schoolhouse to class meeting. Mr. Merriman went with us. We all went to Brother John McReynolds to dinner. Spent a very pleasant few hours there and then came home. Jay, when we came home came by the way of Joe Lyttles and in the evening went over to John Blacks both to get help to scrub. A beautiful day. I made my summer shawl for the first time this season, rather early but not in the least uncomfortable.

April 17, 1871 (Monday) no entry.

April 18, 1871 (Tuesday) in the night it rained and lightening terribly.

April 19, 1871 (Wednesday) cold and damp after the shower. Cold all day. Jay at work hauling scrubs. Charlie and John came to work. John went up to Will Laugh's and got a breaking plow for Jay. Jay and James went out just at night and started the breaking plow on to the 7 acres that jay had cleared next to Pa's.

April 20, 1871 (thrusday) cold wet stormy day. Snowed some. Jay did not work this forenoon. He went over to Will Lyttle's but found him not at home. Came home by the way of Uncle Sams and stayed there awhile. Came home and picked some horseradish greens for dinner. Mr. Thomas Kelly and Mr. Fuller called this a.m. Jay went to work in the scrubs this afternoon. Jams came over to see him after he had got to work and did not come in the house or make his errand known. More pleasant in the afternoon.

April 21 thru 30, 1871 no entries. (Friday thru Sunday)

May 1 thru 31 no entries.

June 1, 1871 (Thursday) Jay to work at home this forenoon, plowing out corn on our place. I went down there and planted 8 rows of corn, beans with the corn. I rode Kit up at noon and Jay walked. "no potatoes for dinner". I hope Jay may always be as good to me as he was this afternoon. In the afternoon he went over and planted corn for James. I went after the cows by the way of the stone quarry. Emma Kelly called this evening to invite Ma and I down tomorrow to a wool picking.

June 2, 1871 (Friday) I went down this morning and sprinkled ashes on our melon and squash vines and then I went over and see Jay a little while and then came home. Jay at work plowing corn.

June 3 thru 30, 1871 no entries.

July 1, 2, 3 1871 no entries.

July 4, 1871 (Tuesday) staid at home and washed today. Jay cut grass at home and at Mr. Kelly's. In the evening Jay and I went down to the fireworks to town and took Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly and Frank and George with us. Took supper at Lissie Mitchells. Got home a little after midnight. Enjoyed ourselves very well although the fireworks did not amount to much.

July 5 thru 8, no entries (Wednesday thru Saturday)

July 9, 1871 (Sunday) did not go to church. Staid at home. Jay and self took a ramble over to our place and crops looked well. We had reason to feel proud of our new farm and the first crop. s we came back Pa and George and Jay put the cape on the wheat shocks. The wind having blown them off the day previous. Jay wrote two letters, one to Brother Frank and one to Chancey Beecher, and I wrote one to Fannie Glidden. We went a horse back after the cows at night. Found them across the creek.

July 10, 11, no entries

July 12, 1871 (Wednesday) Pa and I went to town. I looked at some sewing machines. Jay at work to T. Kelly's today. In the afternoon gave ?. I acted as nurse to the best of my ability and he was almost well at night.

July 13, 1871 (Thursday) I cut Lissie Aldrich's new ? alapaca dress. She and Bennie (Bonnie) were here to dinner. Mr. Clark agent for the Singer Sewing Machine called and left an $85 dollar machine. I agreed to let him in course of a week when he would call to see. I am to sell my watch to buy the machine if I can.

July 14, 1871 (Friday) at work on the machine today. Aunt Aletha at our house visiting. Jay at work to Hopkins this forenoon and in the afternoon at home drew in some hay and I helped mow away.

July 15, 1871 (Saturday) in the morning George, Ma and I went berrying. Got about 3 quarts of berries. Came home and sewed on the machine allday. Jay at work too. Thomas Kelly harvesting oats. Pa went to town along with Lissie and Albert.

July 16 thru July 31 no entries.

August 1 thru August 31 no entries.

September 1 thru September 30 no entries.

October 1 thru October 26 no entries.

October 27, 1871 (Friday) did up the work in good season and ready to sew at 8 o'clock. Jay and Pa went to the saw mill for a load of lumber.

October 28 thru October 31 no entries.

November 1 thru November 30 no entries.

December 1 thru December 4 no entries.

December 5, 1871 (Tuesday) felt bad today and Jay went down to the Will's and got Aunt Aletha to come and stay with me as he wanted to go to Pilla the next day.

December 6, 1871 (Wednesday) Jay, Will Aldrich, Will Lyttle, Joe Lyttle and Thomas Kelly all went to Pilla. Started before daylight. I did not feel any better today. Sewed all day. aunt Aletha is to sleep with me tonight. (this morning my heart was made glad. My husband told me that he loved me. OH! How much those words mean to me. They helped so much to endure the dreadful pain I am enduring and will still have to endure).

December 7, 1871 (Thursday) no better but worse today, but I sewed most all day. Jay and the rest of the men came home, bringing home four loads of lumber for Jay's house. The lumber was of best quality.

December 8, 1871 (Friday) felt bad all night. Today I felt very bad all day. Jay talked of going to Pilla this morning but gave it up on account of the lateness of the hour that he would have started.

DECEMBER 9, 1871 (SATURDAY) AFTER A NIGHT OF TERRIBLE PAIN AND ANXIETY AT THE HOUR OF SEVEN IN THE MORNING A LITTLE DAUGHTER WAS BORN TO US WHICH FILLED OUR HEARTS WITH DELIGHT AND MADE THE WHOLE HOUSE GLAD. No one with me and Jay but Aunt and Dr. Witheral. Doctor's charge $10.00. Last night was a night never to be forgotten and I do not think Jay will. I bore it without a thought of regret although I made considerable fuss, but that I could not help.

December 10, 1871 (Sunday) Will's folks and James's folks came to see me and the baby. Baby as good as can be.

December 11 thru December 28, 1871 no entries.

December 29, 1871 (Friday) Pa and Ma and James Aldrich and wife went to John Kerrs visiting and then to town in the evening to Church to hear Brother Bly preach. Jay and I changed the plan of our house and concluded to go back on the old plan again and go according to our means which I think is the better plan.

December 30, 1871 (Saturday) this evening Pa and Ma went down to Mr. Autins and after George went to bed Jay and I named the baby CARRIE ABIGAIL HOPKINS. She is three weeks old this morning.

December 31, 1871 (Sunday) Jay and Ma went to meeting with James's folks. Had a rabbit for supper that George killed yesterday. today is the last of the year and tonight I am happy. I have a little 3 week old baby to love and cherish. We love the little thing and she grows better looking everyday.

(MEMORANDA) spent for our darling CARRIE $13.70 for the first outfit. Well we might for she is our first born and the SWEETIST BABY IN ALL THE COUNTRY, (we think) and we love her more and more every day.

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