Walters Cemetery

Walters Cemetery Photo
(town of Pershing in background)

The Walters Cemetery is located in Section 34, Township 75, Range 19 near the present town of Pershing in Marion County, Iowa. The original size of this family burying ground was about 66' X 165'. However, it is now about 40 feet square. There was once a 16' lane leading from a county road G62 to the cemetery. The cemetery is now land-locked by surrounding farmland.

Conrad Walters and wife Sarah deeded the cemetery to the trustees of the Methodist Church of Knoxville Circuit on August 27, 1855. Possibly there was once a church at this site.

During the fall of 2004, my husband Ronald and I restored this cemetery. We probed the entire area trying to locate missing stones and reset all the stones that were available. The cemetery has not been maintained for many decades and has been over run by cattle and farm machinery. Many of the stones were in several pieces and hard to read. Some stones that were there when the cemetery was read in 1976 are now missing. Hopefully, what is left of the cemetery will be maintained in the future.

This list is the result of reading the stones and some research. Also, descendants of the Walters family provided some information. Anyone having additions or corrections to this list is encouraged to contact me.

--Margaret Gee

Surname First/Middle Maiden Birth Date Death Date Marker Notes
Unknown         Yes Footstone with initials D J
Bridges Edith A Walters 15 Apr 1832 25 Apr 1864 Yes w/o Julius S, d/o Conrad and Sarah Heaton Walters
Camplin Sarah E   abt 1847 1864 Yes d/o John & Rachel Heaton Walters Camplin
McKenzie Keith       Yes s/o W & EE, 7m, 18d. No death date on stone
Mount Nelson D   22 Jul 1822 29 Apr 1855 Yes Possibly a brother of Rebecca Mount Walters
Walters A J   29 Apr 1854 20 Oct 1856 No information from a descendant of Walters family
Walters Alvin E   11 Nov 1858 25 Feb 1861 Yes s/o of Isaac H & Elizabeth May Walters
Walters Byrd C   29 Apr 1856 20 Oct 1856 Yes s/o Isaac H & Elizabeth May Walters
Walters Conrad   23 Nov 1794 28 Jul 1870 Yes h/o Sarah Heaton Walters
Walters Edwin B   8 Jun 1863 17 Sep 1863 Yes s/o James Milton & Elizabeth W Babb Walters
Walters Elizabeth W Babb 10 Sep 1834 14 Sep 1863 Yes w/o John Milton Walters
Walters Esther W   17 Aug 1834 23 Aug 1855 Yes d/o Conrad & Sarah A Heaton Walters
Walters Icher       No information from a descendant of Walters family
Walters John C   16 Apr 1848 19 Oct 1850 Yes s/o James M & Rebecca Ann Mount Walters
Walters Laura   9 Jul 1854 11 Aug 1855 Yes d/o James M & Rebecca Ann Mount Walters
Walters Mary Ellen     1 Jul 1860 Yes d/o James M & Belinda M Walters
Walters Rebecca Ann Mount 6 Aug 1820 8 Aug 1855 Yes w/o of James M
Walters Samantha   Jan 1852 7 Aug 1864 Yes d/o Isaac H & Elizabeth May Walters
Walters Sarah Ann Heaton 1798 21 Dec 1864 Yes w/o Conrad, death date from Brobst Diary
Walters Sarah Line   16 Apr 1857 16 Mar 1858 Yes d/o James M & Belinda M Walters

Contributed and copyrighted by Margaret Gee on December 2004 and reformatted by Al Hibbard on 6 Oct 2013