Timber Ridge Cemetery

This cemetery was formerly known as Vander Linden Cemetery. It is near the north overlook by the dam at Lake Red Rock. If one parks in the parking lot by the north overlook and then walks down to the bike trail, take a right. Shortly after turning, there is a hiking trail on the left. Take it and within a 1/4 mile one can find the cemetery off to the left.

From 1862 until 1915 the cemetery was called the Vander Linden Cemetery. This name was given since the land that the cemetery is on was owned by Leendert Vander Linden.

Below is a list of those buried found among the items left by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk Rus.

In 1915 the remains of the following were moved to Lot # 110 in the Oakwood Cemetery in Pella, IA:

The cemetery was restored by Charles L. Rus in 2005.

If any one has any knowledge or information about any one buried here please contact:

Charles Rus

Contributed by Charles Rus on March 21, 2013. Entered by Al Hibbard.