Klein Cemetery

The Klein Cemetery is located about 4 miles west of Pella on Hwy. 163. Turn left onto 190th Ave. Go about a mile and you will see a small green "Klein Cemetery" sign. There is a group of barns and pole barns here. Turn right onto a field road and take it about 1/2 mile back into the field. This is a bumpy road; do NOT attempt if it's at all wet. Those buried in this cemetery were immigrants to Pella in the 1840s. The Kleins were a notable early family in the Pella area. Contributed by Valerie Van Kooten.

All those listed here have a marker.

Surname First Name Maiden Born Died Comments
Den Otter Martha Van Marel   25 Sept. 1906 w/o A.A. Den Otter; aged 59 y, 6 mos. "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled the ??? His love had given and though the body slumbers, Here the soul is safe in heaven."
De Rues Mathew     1 Aug. 1911 s/o N and C De Rues
De Vries Sietsche   14-Jan-05 6-Mar-05 mother
Klein Adriana de Leeuw 1 Apr. 1814 5 Sept. 1884 w/o Antone Klein; d/o W and A de Leeuw. Born in South Holland. Aged 70 y, 5 m, 5 d.
Klein Antone   3 Nov. 1820 28 Aug. 1882 Born in South Holland; aged 61 ys, 8 ms, 28 ds. s/o G & H Klein
Klein Garret   31 May 1793 10 Aug. 1855 s/o T and M Klein; born in South Holland. Aged 62 y, 2 m, 10 d.
Klein Gerret C., Jr.     26 Sept. 1899 Aged 73 y, 10 mo, 26 d. "Dearest father, thou has left us. We thy loss deeply feel. But it is God who has bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal."
Klein Gerrit   26 Apr. 1856 26 July 1856 s/o of M&J Klein
Klein Harry T.     5 Aug. 1891  
Klein Henrietta Heikop 17 Dec. 1791 6 Jan. 1877 w/o Garrett Klein. d/o A and T Heikop. Born in South Holland. Aged 85 y, 20 d.
Klein Johanna   30 Apr. 1829 11 Oct. 1913 Johanna, our mother; "Meet in heaven, we have met." Shares stone with Martin
Klein Martin   2 July 1836 4 Feb. 1909 Shares stone with Johanna
Klein Peter   11 Jan. 1867 4 Feb. 1870 s/o M and J Klein
Onstink Anna     8 Jan. 1903 w/o Wm. Onstink, 32 y, 9 m. "Suffering sore long time, they bore physicians in vain. Till God did please to give them ease and took them from their pain."
Onstink Tuenis H.     8 Feb. 1902 s/o W&A Onstink; aged 2 y, 5 m. Shares stone with Anna
Plete Lubbertus   23-Jan-05 25-Feb-05 Hendrika, 1851-1882" also on stone.
Van Ginkel         Large cement square marking both Van Ginkel graves; no dates.
Van Ginkel Mrs.       Large cement square marking both Van Ginkel graves; no dates.
Van Peursem Henriette   26 Mar. 1902 26 Mar. 1902 Children of M&K Van Peursem
Van Peursem Henriette   28 Aug. 1905 28 Sept. 1906 Aged 1 y, 1 m. Share stone with sister by same name
Vriezelaar Mathew C.   12 Aug. 1911 12 Aug. 1911 I. and S. Vriezelaar

Contributed and compiled by Valerie Van Kooten and her Central College class
Summer 2010. Reformatted by Al Hibbard on 17 April 2013.