County Farm Cemetery

The Marion County Care Facility is located in Section 14, Township 75N, Range 20W about a mile southwest of the Knoxville city limits.

Burials were made on the grounds up until the early 1920’s. There are no grave markers, and the exact location of the cemetery is not known. My mother-in-law worked there when she was a girl and she says the cemetery was “a little way southeast of the summer kitchen.” The original home has been replaced with a nice modern facility and it could possibly be situated on top of the cemetery.

The list of burials below is the result of my research. There are probably many more buried there. The information was taken from the following resources:

Funeral Home Records
Marion County Death Records
Family records

For some of the burials, I do not have absolute proof they are buried here. I have tried to cite my sources in the notes.

--Margaret Gee

Surname First/Middle Birth Date Death Date Notes
Barry James Henry 1822 17 Dec 1897 Book 3, p. 27, Marion Co Death Records
Betterton Thomas abt 1845 14 Jul 1911 66y, Bybee & Davis Funeral Home Records
Blain Absolam   29 Jan 1920 97y, Evans-McCleery FHR says he was buried at the County Farm Cemetery
Boyingard Henry abt 1856 Jun 1893 37y, Vol 1, p. 128, Marion County Death Records
DeVore James 1832 28 Jan 1906 74y, d: Poor Farm, may be buried at Liberty Cemetery (unmarked)
Douwden Julia abt 1861 3 Jan 1899 38y. Marion County Death Records. Book 3, p. 131.
Fisher Alexander   5 Apr 1909 67y,11m,1d. Book 3, p. 175, County Death Records, Funeral Home Records
Glenn Larina   28 Nov 1906 82y. Book 3, p. 191, Marion County Death Records.
Gray William 17 Mar 1816 29 Apr 1904 Obit says died at Poor Farm, bur: Butte Cemetery SE of Tracy, Mahaska Co
Hail/Hale Edward   18 Dec 1903 Ref; Obit says buried at Poor Farm Cemetery. FHR Evans McCleery
Hammond Jennie   22 Nov 1884 25y. Marion County Death Records. Book 1, p.50. Single.
Hitchcock Lorenzo 1832 13 Jun 1921 Evans-McCleery Funeral Home Records, Book 6, p 135
Hollingsworth Mrs   Jan 1894 died at poor farm, location of burial unknown, maybe Red Rock
Horricks William H abt 1849 2 Apr 1911 Ref: obit, blind, murdered by another resident
Johnson James H   19 Jan 1872 death notice in Knoxville Voter 19 Jan 1872, no proof he is buried here
Kitterman Alexander   29 Dec 1898 70y Book 3, p. 28, Marion County Death Records.
Loyd Elizabeth   8 Feb 1882 62y. Book 1, p. 28, Marion County Death Records. Single
McCambridge Daniel   26 Mar 1895 58y. Book 2, p. 8, Marion County Death Records. b. Ireland, Coal Miner.
Miller Harriett   1870 death notice in Knoxville Voter 4 Aug 1870, no proof she is buried here
Morgan Allen W 1870 17 Dec 1903 abt 33y, was buried in the paupers field at the poor farm, FHR Evans McCleery
Musselman David 1837 10 Oct 1913 was inmate at time of death, need to check death records for burial location
no name     Jan 1900 Evans-McCleery FHR
Padgett Anna   19 Nov 1880 45y.
Patterson Willliam 1845 24 Aug 1926  
Reynolds John 1840 26 Jun 1925 married, wife may be here also??? Evans-McCleery FHR, Bk 7, p. 197
Robey Sarah   10 Nov 1905 Evans-McCleery Funeral Home Records, d: Poor Farm burial place unknown
Shepherd Elire   1870 death notice in Knoxville Voter 4 Aug 1870, no proof she is buried here
Van Maviers? Mary   21 Dec 1910 68y, Book 3, p.569, Bybee & Davis FHR
Walker Elizabeth   7 Oct 1898 66y. Book 3, p. 573, Marion County Death Records.
Wilson William J   24 Jul 1915 Abt 70, Evans-McCleery FHR, b: Ireland

Contributed and copyrighted by Margaret Gee
December 2004