Dutch Research

The following links point to online resources that will be useful if you're tracing families from or back to the Netherlands. If you have a link to recommend for this page, please email its URL to the county coordinator.

Cyndi's List: Netherlands -- Always the place to begin and to return to for links to resources on any genealogical topics.

What's in a Dutch Name? -- An article by Muriel Kooi, transcribed by Nancee McMurtrey Seifert, on Dutch surnames.

Dutch/English Names -- A sampling of the Dutch version of English names and vice versa. Also, see http://www.traceyourdutchroots.com/roots/names.html

Hollanders of Iowa by Jacob Van der Zee, 1912 -- If your ancestors came from Holland to Marion County, then this is a story you'll want to read.

Wie Was Wie Iedereen heeft een geschiedenis (formerly Genlias) -- Now in Dutch! This database is adding birth, marriage, and death records from the official Dutch Civil Register. The records go back to 1811 or even earlier in some cases and up to the mid twentieth century. You'll find directions for searching the database, news about additions and other items, and short articles on genealogical research. Indispensable.

Trace Your Dutch Roots: A Guide to Genealogical Research in Holland -- This is part of a site maintained by Henk van Kempen to publish the results of his own research. Sections include identifying the main sources for research in Holland; tracing Dutch ancestors online; using Genlias; common pitfalls; and a case study. He has also begun a bi-monthly newsletter and a blog.

Dutch Genealogy Online -- What you'll find here: online resources, CDs you can buy, research tips, a discussion list, and links that include worldwide resources and archival records. [NOTE: their site was down last time checked: http://www.dutchgenealogy.com/]

Dutch Research Center -- Provides research information (e.g., on names, Dutch history and customs, printed genealogies, and church records) and links (primarily to genealogies, but also to Dutch-English language resources, societies, and message boards or mailing lists).

The Basics: A Guide to Finding Your Dutch Genealogical Roots -- Part of the Dutch Heritage website done by Vanderheide Publishing. The Basics by Tony Hofstee has 25 chapters that introduce you to the records available, naming practices, using the LDS resources, Dutch calendar differences, and more.

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