Mahaska County Cemeteries


SEC 6 or 7 Garfield Township

A slope mine area. Later site was destroyed by strip mining. Now lost (1975). Records of burials in Mahaska Co. Mortuary records. 1915 Iowa Highway Map marks this site, abandoned. No other records available.1  Fishville. Location undetermined. Established February 11, 1885, William Parmley; discontinued July 18, 1886.2 List reconstructed from sources listed at bottom of page.

Bk Rcd Pg Name Sex Race               Age
    Y        M        D
Birth Date Death Date Cause of Death Notes
Berkes, dau of Phil F 1 1             19 Dec 1885
Chase, Francis (Frances) F 1 6 0 19 Sep 1888 Cholera Infantum dau of Solon
Clarkson, son of Till M 0 0 0 26 Aug 1899
Diass, Gertie F 0 5 31 Jul 1895
Wilson, dau of Robert F 0 0 3 05 Jun 1892

1Mahaska County Cemetery Index F-W, Oskaloosa Public Library
2Postmarked Iowa, Guy Reed Ramsey, J-B Publishing Company, Crete, Nebraska, 1976, page 295.

Columns labeled "Bk"=Book, "Rec"=Record, "Pg"= Page refer to information contained in County Death Record Books

Compiled by Susie Keller-McCain, October 2023.