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This township is bounded on the east by Crawford, on the west by Douglas, on the north by Jefferson and on the south by Scott.

There is no township in the county, nor indeed in the State, superior to this in natural advantages. The surface is divided in about the proper proportion between rich prairie and heavy timber land. It is dotted with handsome groves, has excellent water and a good supply of stone.

Some of the first settlers in the county came to this township. Among them were those excellent people the Guye family, P. M. Boyles, John Beedle, Amos Case, John Evans, J. Wilhoit and John Wallace. In 1847 Leonard Bowman, David Cracroft, Alfred Q. Rice and Henry Rice located in this township. Basil Pursell, James Brown, George Magnus, John B. Sturman and Charles Farris came about the same time or a little later.

This township is now well settled up and its natural advantages thoroughly improved.

The following are the township officers: Justices - Jesse M. Wright, J. R. Davis; Trustees - Alfred Higgs, F. M. Gentry, James Guye; Constable - James Etchison; Assessor - Adam Graham; Clerk - J. E. Misseldine


Shown below is Union Township as it appeared in 1875.  The township population consisted of about 180 families at the time the map was made. The Primitive Baptist Cemetery was the only one included by the map maker.  The Fidler Cemetery is of note as it was one of the county's oldest with at least one burial in 1846.  Unfortunately, the cemetery has been farmed over and the location shown on the map is an approximation. The Des Moines to Winterset branch line of the Rock Island and Pacific railroad courses through the southernmost part of the township.

Union Township - 1875

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