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This township is bounded on the east by Warren county, on the west by Scott township, on the north by Crawford, and on the south by Ohio. It is drained by Clanton, and its tributary, Jones creek, the former stream passing through the center from the southwest to the northeast. Along this stream there is a fine belt of timber that will compare favorably with any in the State. It abounds in fine oak trees especially. There are a number of small streams which water nearly every section of land in the township. Stone abounds in the banks of Clanton creek, and some coal has been found along Brush creek.

This township is one of the oldest in the county and we have spoken of its early history heretofore in connection with the early settlement of the county. After the Clanton colony the earliest settlers were George Hartman, Isaac Young, N. S. Alcock, David Smith, the Casons, the Casebiers and others who came as early as 1851.

The township is now thoroughly improved and settled in every part. One of the finest farm houses in all this section of the country is that of Hogan Queen which is located in this township. It is a large two and a half story building and is situated in a beautiful grove.

The village of St. Charles, of which full mention is made elsewhere, is located in this township.

The present township officers are: Justices - B. C. Gulliams, C. W. Thompson; Trustees - A. O. Scott, Elza Blair, Daniel Chadd; Constables - Daniel Chadd, T. T. Hoff; Assessor - Wesley Roberts; Clerk - T. W. Stiles.


Shown below is South Township as it appeared in 1875.  The township was the most heavily timbered of the county in that era. Despite all the woodlands, the township had about 200 families in residence in 1875, making it one of the most populated in the county. Of the six active cemeteries in 1875, the map maker left all but Close off the map.

South Township - 1875

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