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This township is bounded on the north by Union, on the south by Walnut, on the east by South, and on the west by Lincoln.

It is drained principally by Middle river and Jones creek. The former stream passes through the northern part of the township from west to east and the latter runs through the southern part of the township.

On the divide in this township is the well known "Hoosier Prairie" so named because its first settlers hailed from the Hoosier State. The greater portion of this piece of land is different from that found in any other part of the county. It is mostly level, flat prairie. Near the streams, however the surface is much broken. Some coal has been found in this township and the supply of limestone is inexhaustible. Springs of fine water are numerous.

This township was first settled in 1847. Wm. Alcock, Henry McKinzie, David Bishop and John Wilkinson were the first settlers. Ephraim Bilderback established here the first blacksmith shop in the county. Among the settlers who came soon after those just named were John Rogers, M. C. Deboard, John Landers, Whitby Allen, John Hinkle, Joel Graves, Wm. Hogg, Josiah Struthers, Josiah Smith, Isaac Debusk, John Hinkle, John S. Holmes and Wm. Bowsly.

There are a number of schools and churches in this township. We have heretofore seen that the pioneers of this township took an unusually active part in the affairs of the county. The same public spirit exists today.

Considerable attention has been paid to stock-raising in this township with marked success.

The present officials are: Justices - Annon James, W. R. Mattox; Trustees - Peter Rallston, J. T. Jones, J. T. Blair; Constables - John M. Moak, Isaac Ray; Assessor - John Dryden; Clerk - L. Thornbrugh


Shown below is Scott Township as it appeared in 1875.  The township was one of the more heavily populated of the county with approximately 240 families in residence. The town of Buffalo in Section 7 thrived from the 1850s to about 1880 and was known for the "Buffalo mill" located along the Middle River.  Of the two cemeteries shown, the map maker included only the King Cemetery even though the Beardsley Cemetery had been in use since the 1850s.

Scott Township - 1875

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