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The township is bounded on the north by Lincoln township, on the south by Union county, on the east by Walnut township and on the west by Grand River.

The surface of this township is generally rough and broken, and there is considerable waste land. In places, however, are as fine spots for farming as could be desired. The township is drained mainly by Clanton creek, which passes through the center from west to east. Along its banks there is a fine body of timber and also quarries of good limestone.

This township is well watered, and has been found better adapted to stock-raising than to farming. The former business has been pursued with considerable success.

An Irishman named Malone, and James Britton and Isaac Nichol, are among its earliest settlers. They settled here as early as 1852. William Boling, John Bancroft, Lewis and George Linton, Phillip and John Moore, William Claim, kWilliam Berry and John Berry settled in the township in 1853 and 1854. Frank kBosworth, Samuel Hamilton, N. Clark and H. Harris settled here soon afterward.

The following are the officers of this township: Justice - J. J. Berry; Trustees - Z. Bertholf, S. J. Callison, Walter Needs; Constables - W. L. Wilson, James H. Berry; Assessor - S. H. WAtkins; Clerk - J. L. Peters.


Shown below is Monroe Township as it appeared in 1875.  There were about 100 families living there at the time the map was made although only 1 is shown. Clanton Creek is the primary watershed in the north half of the township and South Clanton Creek in the south half.  Both of them eventually empty into the South River in Warren County. Of the three cemeteries active in 1875, only the Hamblin cemetery was shown by the map maker. Clanton and Kasson were small towns in 1875 that eventually were abandoned.

Monroe Township - 1875

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