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This township is bounded on the north by Dallas county, on the south by Union township, on the east by Lee, and on the west by Madison. A portion of the northern part of this township belongs to the territory known as the "Quaker Divide," and has all its rare qualities of distinctive excellence. The general surface is quite diversified, however, and in some places is quite rough and broken, jeweled in places with remarkably fine farms. North Branch passes through this township, and is skirted with a heavy growth of timber. Badger creek also drains a part of the township, but there is little or no timber along its banks. Along North Branch are several good quarries of limestone, and some coal has been found in the banks along this stream.

Along the streams in this township the surface is generally rough and uneven, but a short distance back it takes the form of high, rolling prairie.

The first settlement was made in 1853, by William Payton, J. M. Brown and S. Baur. The next year George Gotshall, D. H. Rose and Thomas Nicholson settled in the township. The following season S. W. Nicholson, George Fisher, Wm. Schoen, and others came.

The township grew steadily from the first, and is now quite well settled. Considerable attention has been paid in this township to wool-growing. There are many fine orchards to be found in this township.

The following are the township officers: Justices - L. Renshaw, Almon Wright; Trustees - E. Hazen, C.C. Cook, John Hutchins; Constable - H. D. McComb; Assessor - H. A. Snyder; Clerk - J. C. Weede


Shown below is Jefferson Township as it appeared in 1875.  There were about 150 families living there at the time the map was made although only 30 are shown. The North River runs from Section 30 to Section 36. The watershed in the north part of the township empties into the Badger River, now known as Badger Creek. The map maker showed only the Payton and Jefferson-Gore cemeteries but the United Brethren cemetery was also functioning by 1875. 


Jefferson Township - 1875

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