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This is one of the best townships in the county, although there is not much to be said about it from an historic standpoint. It is bounded on the north by Penn, on the south by Webster, on the east by Douglas, and on the west by Adair county. It is drained by North river, which passes through it from west to east. The general surface is that of the best farming land to be found in all this part of the country - a high, rolling prairie of unsurpassed fertility. Timber and stone are convenient, and excellent water abounds.

The township was first settled in 1850, by Alfred Rice and a man named Phelon. These men sold their claims to the next new-comers, Willis Rose and Samuel Bunn. The next settler was O. B. Bissell.

The township settled up rapidly, and has grown steadily almost from the outset.

The first school was taught by the Rev. John E. Darby, who lived in this township for several years.

The following are the present township officers: Justices - H. Lee, Wm. Mabbitt; Trustees - Wm. Norman, J. S. Phillips, M. W. Brown; Constable - G. M. Shuck; Assessor - John W. Eppard; Clerk - O. B. Bissell.

The Union U. P. Church was organized September 4, 1869, with the following original members: Samuel and Elizabeth Thompson, Alex. and Martha Bell, Samuel and Maggie Ralston, W. B. McKemson, Jennette McKemson and others, to the number of thirty five. Rev. T. C. McCaughan was pastor until June, 1875. He was followed by James Sawhill, the present pastor. The church building is a frame, cost $1,500, and was dedicated June 1, 1873. The present membership is eighty-two. Joseph Baird, Wm. Reed, Alex. Bell and J. C. Allen are elders; James Beck and J. W. Moore, deacons.


Shown below is Jackson Township as it existed in 1875.  Although only 7 families are shown, there were about 110 families living in the township at the time.  Jackson is traversed by the North River which enters the township in Section 6 and exits in Section 12.  The township is also bisected by Howerton Creek which enters in Section 19 and exits in Section 25, eventually emptying into the North River in Section 17 of Douglas Township.  The map maker included 3 cemeteries of which one in the southwest corner of Section 8 is not on any current maps.  Two towns are also shown, North River and Maple Grove, both of which vanished before 1900.

Jackson Township - 1875

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