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By Herman A. Mueller


        This town was surveyed and platted by William Davis, Surveyor, October 12, 1855 at the request of William W. Keeney, the chain carriers being Ethan E. Pindell and William Richardson. This plat is on file in the Recorder's Office, but was never recorded. The description of the survey is as follows: beginning at the northwest corner of Section 15 - Township 74, Range 29. Thence south 11.50 chains, east 11.50 chains, east 11.50 chains, north 11.50 chains, west 11.50 chains; thus making the plot forty six rods square (13.225 acres). This town was divided into four blocks of eight lots each. Each lot was 65 feet by 132 feet, the streets were 66 feet wide, and alleys 16 feet wide. The streets running east and west were Clay, Washington and Monroe; those running north and south, Jefferson, Polk and Webster. This town was in the northwest part of Section 15 Grand River Township at present occupied by a part of the original plat of Macksburg, lying east of the public park, a part of Barker's Addition to Macksburg, and a part of the farm now owned by Captain E. C. Barker.

        Captain Barker says nothing was done except the staking out of the town. He thinks a Mr. Hurd laid out the town, but the plat shows that it was Mr. Keeney. Rev. Hiram Pearce of Afton who was an old settler of Grand River Township, remembers the laying out of the town, but he says no attempt was made to build it up, or anyone to start a store. Macksburg has superseded this lost town.


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