Madison County



Grandview (Monroe Township)

by Herman A. Mueller


            This town was platted by John Bullock and Maxwell McCants August 15, 1855 and dedicated to the public December 4, 1855. The plat was approved by County Judge Pitzer, and recorded April 4, 1856 in Book E on page 337. It is described as beginning at the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 22-74-28, thence west 8.375 chains, south 11.50 chains, east 16.75 chains, north 11.50 chains, west 8.375 chains to the place of the beginning, Mr. Bullock owning the west half and Mr. McCants the east half of the town. At present, Robert Garrett owns the west half and Samuel Boling the east half of the old site. Mr. John Bullock was the father of Manville Bullock and John D. Bullock who lived many years in Monroe Township as respected citizens and died there. He was also the father of Marilda Witt of Winterset, Mrs. Mahala Tincher of Jackson Township, Warren County, Iowa. Mr. Samuel Boling says that two small buildings, a dwelling and a store were built, but the settlers being few, the store did not remain long. A few lots were sold, but as the town did not prosper the lots that were sold reverted, or were resold to the original owners.


Transcribed by Kent Transier


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