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Weems Alyce B. (Ayres) Alyce Ayres Weems (1983)
Weems Cleo Pearl Cleo Pearl Weems (1986)
Weems David D. David D. Weems (1956)
Weems June Elizabeth (Ayres) June Elizabeth (Ayres) Weems (1975)
Weems Norval H. Norvel H. Weems (1919)
Weems Percy B. Percy B. Weems (1985)
Weems Richard Richard Weems (1931)
Weems William R. William R. Weems (1951)
Weese Dorothy M. (Parker) Dorothy M. (Parker) Weese (2009)
Weese Herbert E. Herbert E. Weese (1990)
Weesner Agnes P. (Young) Agnes P. (Young) Weesner (1988)
Weesner Charles "Chuck" Charles "Chuck" Weesner (2014)
Weesner George George Weesner (1970)
Weesner Hilda L. (Hastie) Hilda Hastie Weesner (1984)
Weesner Robert Preston Robert Preston Weesner (2003)
Weesner Rolland P. Rolland P. Weesner (1992)
Weeter Mary Iola (Holder) Mary Holder Weeter (2006)
Weeter Wayne “Beep” Wayne “Beep” Weeter (2008)
Wegner Catherine Isabelle (Mueller) Sayre Catherine Isabelle (Mueller) Sayre-Wegner (2006)
Wehrkamp Albert H. Albert H. Wehrkamp (1952)
Wehrkamp George Henry George Henry Wehrkamp (1926)
Wehrkamp Walter Walter Wehrkamp (1929)
Wehrle Elizabeth (Robinson) Elizabeth Robinson Wehrle (1982)
Weibel Alice Amanda (Clinger) Alice Amanda (Clinger) Weibel (2013)
Weide Vera L. (Neely) Vera L. Weide (1989)
Weidman Agnes (Donahue) Agnes Donahue Weidman (1929)
Weidman Blair H. Blair Weidman (1966)
Weidman Doris Berniece (Stockert) Doris Stockert Weidman (1992)
Weidman Frank P. Frank P. Weidman (1935)
Weidman Soloman A. Soloman A. Weidman (1949)
Weidmann John Edward John Edward Weidmann (1911)
Weidner Edith Elizabeth (Erp) Edith Erp Weidner (1916)
Weidner Natalie Jayne Natalie Jayne Weidner (1994)
Weigel Vera (Olson) Vera Olson Weigel (1992)
Weikum Christy Faye Christy Faye Weikum (1962)
Weil Barbara E. (Miller) Barbara E. (Miller) Weil (1968)
Weil Conrad Conrad Weil (1894)
Weil John Peter John Peter Weil (1995)
Weil Margaret (Doheny) Margaret (Doheny) Weil (1926)
Weil Margaret Veronica (Lynch) Margaret Lynch Weil (2003)
Weil Mary (Miller) Mary (Miller) Weil (1930)
Weil Mary Ann (Doheny) Mary Ann (Doheny) Weil (1938)
Weil Peter John Peter John Weil (1954)
Weinhold Bertha (Benge) Bertha (Benge) Weinhold (1968)
Weinhold George

George Weinhold (1968)

Weinrich Phyllis H. (Schoen) Phyllis H. (Schoen) Weinrich (2012)
Weir John John Weir (1883)
Weir Thomas Perkins, Dr. Dr. Thomas Perkins Weir (1924)
Weis Willa (Thompson) Boyd Willa (Thompson) Boyd Weis (2013)
Weiser Gretchen Irene (Sandusky) Gretchen Irene (Sandusky) Weiser (2002)
Weiss William John William John Weiss (2014)
Weitrich Gaile A. Gaile A. Weitrich (1956)
Welch Albert E. "John" Albert E. "John" Welch (1986)
Welch Albert G. Albert G. Welch (1872)
Welch Albert Waitley Albert Waitley Welch (1951)
Welch Alice M. Alice M. Welch (1936)
Welch Alta (Stanley) Alta (Stanley) Welch (1936)
Welch Archibald M. Archibald M. Welch (1913)
Welch Betty (Potter) Betty Potter Welch (2004)
Welch Blanche Blanche Welch (1945)
Welch Blanche (Hircock) Blanche (Hircock) Welch (2011)
Welch Byron A. Byron A. Welch (1985)
Welch Carrie (Fry) Carrie (Fry) Welch (1965)
Welch Charlotte Bridge (Mead) Charlotte Bridge (Mead) Welch (1888)
Welch Clarisa Elliott Clarisa Elliott Welch (1931)
Welch Cumine Goldie (Johnson) Cumine Goldie (Johnson) Welch (1962)
Welch Dale E. Dale E. Welch (2004)
Welch David Thompson David Thompson Welch (1930)
Welch Della Irene (Harris) Della Irene (Harris) Welch (1970)
Welch Dorothy J. (Fryer) Dorothy Fryer Welch (2001)
Welch Earl Earl Welch (1941)
Welch Elizabeth Ann (Hann) Susan Elizabeth Welch (1949)
Welch Estel Verle Estel Verle Welch (2010)
Welch Frank E. Frank E. Welch (1964)
Welch George George Welch (1879)
Welch Helen Josephine (Monroe) Helen Josephine Welch (2002)
Welch Henry George Henry George Welch (1986)
Welch Hugh Mills Hugh Mills Welch (1982)
Welch James Henry James Henry Welch (1913)
Welch James P. James P. Welch (2001)
Welch Joan E. (Gordon) Joan E. (Gordon) Welch (2017)
Welch John F. John F. Welch (1958)
Welch John T. John T. Welch (1923)
Welch Juanita Ilene Laurel (Fischer) Juanita Ilene Laurel (Fischer) Welch (2014)
Welch Larry Martin Larry Martin Welch (2009)
Welch Laura Lee (Fife) Laura Lee (Fife) Welch (2010)
Welch Leona Arlene (Huggins) Leona Arlene Welch (1998)
Welch Leonard E. Leonard E. Welch (2000)
Welch Lois Eve (Mease) Lois Mease Welch (1977)
Welch Lorna I. Lorna I. Welch (Rev.) (2005)
Welch Lydia Ann (Fisher) Lydia Ann (Fisher) Welch (1890)
Welch Mable May (Lucas) Mable May Welch (1977)
Welch Mamie Mae (Laugherty) Mamie Mae (Laugherty) Welch (1956)
Welch Margaret L. (Haymond) Margaret Haymond Welch (2000)
Welch Marjorie J. (Anderson) Marjorie J. (Anderson) Welch (2015)
Welch Martin Martin Welch (1957)
Welch Mary A. Mary A. Welch (1944)
Welch Maude (Burns) Maude Welch (1943)
Welch Maude (Worthing) Maude (Worthing) Welch (1930)
Welch Nelle (Burns) Nelle (Burns) Welch (1955)
Welch Nettie F. (Mills) Nettie Mills Welch (1967)
Welch Pearl (Macumber) Pearl (Macumber) Welch (1969)
Welch Pearl Samuel Pearl Samuel Welch (1951)
Welch Roland Sanson Roland Sanson Welch (1998)
Welch Richard "Bones" Richard "Bones" Welch (2014)
Welch Richard D. Richard D. Welch (2017)
Welch Ronald Wayne Ronald Wayne Welch (2006)
Welch Samuel Samuel Welch (1894)
Welch Sanson Hazlett Sanson Hazlett Welch (1930)
Welch Sarah (Harshburger) Sarah (Harshburger) Welch (1909)
Welch Seldon J. Seldon J. Welch (1974)
Welch Solon Chase Solon Chase Welch (1954)
Welch Susan (Hazlett) Susan (Hazlett) Welch (1901)
Welch Wanda Pauline (Wulff) Wanda Pauline (Wulff) Welch (2012)
Welch Wano LaVerne Wano LaVerne Welch (1980)
Welch Wayne Lucas Wayne Lucas Welch (1991)
Welch Willard Willard Welch (1958)
Welcher Naomi LaVonne (Boblett) Naomi LaVonne (Boblett) Welcher (2015)
Welcher Sandra K. (Bittenger) Sandra K. (Bittenger) Welcher (2010)
Weldon Bibianne 'B' (Hazlitt) Bibianne 'B' Hazlitt Weldon (1996)
Weldon Ken W. Ken W. Weldon (1989)
Weldon Michael J. Michael J. Weldon (2002)

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