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Stanfield George M. George M. Stanfield (1915)
Stanfield John - Infant child of Infant Stanfield (1897)
Stanfield Maggie Jane (McCauley) Maggie Jane (McCauley) Stanfield (1960)
Stanfield Mahala Jane Jane Stanfield (1924)
Stanfield Salathiel D. Salathiel D. Stanfield (1915)
Stanfield William Milton William Milton Stanfield (1956)
Stanford Erastus Erastus Stanford (1938)
Stanford Hannah Jane (Pearson) Hannah Jane (Pearson) Stanford (1919)
Stanford Joyce Elaine (Dean) Joyce Elaine (Dean) Stanford (2015)
Stanford Marion Melvin Marion Melvin Stanford (2008)
Stanford Stacy Miles Stacy Miles Stanford (1957)
Stanford Vicki Jo (Jackson) Vicki Jo (Jackson) Stanford (2013)
Stanley Alfretta (Dean) Alfretta (Dean) Stanley (1942)
Stanley Bert - infant of Infant of Bert Stanley (1895)
Stanley Bertha A. (Aldrich) Bertha A. Stanley (1983)
Stanley Beverly "Burch" Beverly "Burch" Stanley (2006)
Stanley Charles Albert Charles Albert Stanley (1940)
Stanley Chester W. Chester W. Stanley (1954)
Stanley Chettie Irene (Mapes) Chettie Irene (Mapes) Stanley (1972)
Stanley Christopher J. Christopher J. Stanley (1902)
Stanley Cletus L. Cletus L. Stanley (1974)
Stanley Clifford Albert Clifford Albert Stanley (1943)
Stanley Clifford C. Clifford C. Stanley (1983)
Stanley Dale Dale Stanley (2011)
Stanley Delma E. (Harlan) Delma E. (Harlan) Stanley (1987)
Stanley Dorothy I. (Wheeldon) Dorothy I. Stanley (1984)
Stanley Earl Earl Stanley (1932)
Stanley Earl George Earl George Stanley (1932)
Stanley Edward Alpheus Edward Alpheus Stanley (1958)
Stanley Eileen Mae Eileen Mae Stanley (1943)
Stanley Elihu B. Elihu B. Stanley (1907)
Stanley Erma Harriet (Golightly) Erma Harriet (Golightly) Stanley (2008)
Stanley Frank Frank Stanley (1969)
Stanley Freeda "Marie" (Kessler) Freeda "Marie" (Kessler) Stanley (2011)
Stanley George Raymond George Raymond Stanley (1958)
Stanley Gladys I. (Town) Gladys I. (Town) Stanley (1996)
Stanley Glen Glen Stanley (1998)
Stanley Harold "Pete" Harold "Pete" Stanley (2005)
Stanley Imogene Ruth (Summerson) Imogene Ruth (Summerson) Stanley (2017)
Stanley Infants Infants Stanley (1932)
Stanley Ira Ira Stanley (1963)
Stanley Jack Junior Jack Junior Stanley (1925)
Stanley James Lloyd James Lloyd Stanley (1924)
Stanley Jimmy Jimmy Stanley (1991)
Stanley Josephine (Oldham) Josephine (Oldham) Stanley (1970)
Stanley Josiah Josiah Stanley (1908)
Stanley Laura (Kail) Laura (Kail) Stanley (1971)
Stanley Lawrence C. Lawrence C. Stanley (1977)
Stanley Lawrence Wayne Lawrence Wayne Stanley (1986)
Stanley Leatha Izeta (Keesey) Leatha Izeta (Keesey) Stanley (1961)
Stanley Lizzie (Hawley) Lizzie Hawley Stanley (1953)
Stanley Mabel Emma (Mleynek) Mabel Emma Mleynek Stanley (1919)
Stanley Margaret Ann (Wolverton) Margaret Ann (Wolverton) Stanley (1940)
Stanley Mary Ellen (Hanrahan) Mary Ellen (Hanrahan) Stanley (2003)
Stanley Mary Emily (Ladd) Mary Emily (Ladd) Stanley (1911)
Stanley Mary Margaret Mary Margaret Stanley (1918)
Stanley Murl Charles Murl Charles Stanley (1932)
Stanley Myrtle May (Hall) Myrtle May (Hall) Stanley (1986)
Stanley Nettie Jane (Clague) Nettie Clague Stanley (1972)
Stanley Peter Ladd Peter Ladd Stanley (1925)
Stanley Ralph Frank Ralph Frank Stanley (1979)
Stanley Richard G. Richard G. Stanley (1994)
Stanley Sarah F. Sarah F. Stanley (1892)
Stanley Sharon K. (Noack) Sharon K. Stanley (2001)
Stanley Thomas Elwood Thomas Elwood Stanley (1927)
Stanley Viret Emmanuel Viret Emmanuel Stanley (1939)
Stannard Carlon Asa Carlon A. Stannard (1930)
Stannard Cynthia (Cook) Cynthia (Cook) Stannard (1909)
Stanton Barclay Barclay Stanton (1943)
Stanton Charlotte (Hill) Charlotte (Hill) Stanton (1923)
Stanton David David Stanton (1900)
Stanton Doris L. (Reed) Doris L. (Reed) Stanton (2014)
Stanton Florence H. Florence H. Stanton (1982)
Stapes Evelyn (Foster) Evelyn Foster Stapes (1986)
Stapes Harley Harley Stapes (2008)
Stark Eva Leona (Gorrell) Eva Leona (Gorrell) Stark (1939)
Stark Florence M. (Bellows) Sprinkle Florence M. (Bellows) Sprinkle Stark (1924)
Stark Lucien Lucien Stark (2012)
Stark Nancy Belle (Bruce) Nancy (Bruce) Stark (1932)
Stark Naomi Marie (Sampson) Naomi Sampson (Simpson) Stark (1984)
Stark R. Wayne R. Wayne Stark (2015)
Stark Robert W. 'Bob' Robert (Bob) Stark (1994)
Stark Sarah A. (Ruth) Sarah A. (Ruth) Stark (1904)
Stark Solomon Walter Solomon Walter Stark (1931)
Starkey Mary Mary Starkey (1897)
Starr Charles G. Charles G. Starr (1937)
Starr Frank E. Frank E. Starr (1931)
Starr James Baxter James Baxter Starr (1922)
Starr Jane (Purcell) Jane Starr (1945)
Starr Margaret Jane (Likins) Margaret Jane (Likins) Likins Starr (1896)
Stauffer Catherine (Guthrie) Catherine Guthrie Stauffer (1930)
Stauffer James James Stauffer (1915)
Stauffer John John Stauffer (1898)
Stauffer Joseph Joseph Stauffer (1922)
Stayton Fred G. Fred G. Stayton (1963)
Stearns Sarah (Wennerstrum) Sarah Stearns (1993)
Steddom Hubert Hubert Steddom (1988)
Steddom Marjorie Launa (Jamison) Marjorie Jamison Steddom (2000)
Steel Child Child Steel (1872)
Steel Shirley Ann (Gamble) Shirley Ann (Gamble) Steel (2016)
Steel William William Steel (1891)
Steele Arloene (Shell) Arloene Shell Steele (1987)
Steele Byrum W. Byrum W. Steele (1970)
Steele Clara Louise (Whitmore) Clara Louise (Whitmore) Steele (1931)
Steele Dorothy Eola (Means) Dorothy Eola (Means) Steele (1939)
Steele E. A. E. A. Steele (1876)
Steele Edward Edward Steele (1982)
Steele Elizabeth Elizabeth Steele (1883)
Steele Hugh H. Hugh H. Steele (1949)
Steele James C. James C. Steele (1952)
Steele James L. James L. Steele (1940)
Steele James Putman James Putman Steele (1936)
Steele Jane (Graves) Jane (Graves) Steele (1904)
Steele Jay Jay Steele (1969)
Steele John G. John G. Steele (1908)
Steele John Thomas John Thomas Steele (1940)
Steele Joseph Joseph Steele (1920)
Steele Katherine Hannah (Cochran) Katherine Hannah (Cochran) Steele (1896)
Steele Mabel C. Mabel C. Steele (1947)
Steele Sarah (Calhoun) Sarah (Calhoun) Steele (1914)
Steele Stephen Stephen Steele (1920)
Steele Tammy Jo (Hansen) Tammy Jo (Hansen) Steele (2010)
Steele Thomas Thomas Steele (1931)
Steele Winnie Maud (Humphrey) Winnie Maud (Humphrey) Steele (1939)
Steen Floyd H. 'Pete' Floyd H. 'Pete' Steen (1969)
Steen Hunter A. Hunter A. Steen (1950)
Steen Ruth (Benson) Ruth Benson Steen (1987)
Steenhoek Duane E. Duane E. Steenhoek (1996)
Steenhoek Mark Lee Mark L. Steenhoek (1988)
Stegall Glen Mont Glen Mont Stegall (1990)
Stegall Grace (Cox) Grace (Cox) Stegall (1972)
Stegall Harry E. Harry E. Stegall (1973)
Stegall Margaret Elizabeth (Cox) Margaret Cox Stegall (1980)
Stegall Sol M. Sol M. Stegall (1944)
Stegall Viola L. (Ogden) Viola L. Stegall (1997)
Stegall Violet (Bebout) Violet (Bebout) Stegall  (1978)
Stegenga Lenora Irene (Slaughter) Lenora Irene Slaughter Stegenga (1999)
Stegenga Pearl (Strain) Pearl Strain Stegenga (1972)
Stegenga Waldo R. Waldo R. Stegenga (1988)
Steilen Agnes Diane (Hartley) Agnes Diane (Hartley) Steilen (2017)
Steinbaugh Angelina R. (Breckenridge) Angelina (Breckenridge) Steinbaugh (1936)
Steinbaugh Sarah Frances (King) Overton Sarah Frances (King) Overton Steinbaugh (1927)
Stemen Alma (Ilgenfritz) Alma (Ilgenfritz) Stemen (1935)
Stepanek Enos Enos Stepanek (1896)
Stephens Arminta Elizabeth Arminta Elizabeth Stephens (1927)
Stephens Charles Franklin, Sr. Charles Franklin Stephens, Sr. (1997)
Stephens Dalace Gaylene (Ringberg) Dalace Gaylene (Ringberg) Stephens (2017)
Stephens Floyd Wesley Floyd W. Stephens (1986)
Stephens Joel R. Joel R. Stephens (1913)
Stephens Kelcie Marie Kelcie Marie Stephens (1995)
Stephens Larry M. Larry M. Stephens (2002)
Stephens Max Gregory Max Gregory Stephens (2017)
Stephens Nancy B. (Hamilton) Nancy B. (Hamilton) Stephens (1884)
Stephens Patricia Lou "Pat" (Orwan) Patricia Lou "Pat" (Orwan) Stephens (2013)
Stephens William Albert William Albert Stephens (2006)
Stephenson Bessie (Lowe) Hamack Bessie Lowe Hamack Stephenson (1980)
Stephenson Blanche E. (Jennings) Blanche Jennings Stephenson (1988)
Stephenson Brad Brad Stephenson (1995)
Stephenson Burla Raye (Camp) Burla Camp Stephenson (2001)
Stephenson Claude Claude Stephenson (1897)
Stephenson Clifford Wayne Clifford Wayne Stephenson (2012)
Stephenson Elizabeth (Young) Mrs. Elizabeth Stephenson (1944)
Stephenson Elmer Elmer Stephenson (1980)
Stephenson Francis P. Francis P. Stephenson (1994)
Stephenson Frank A. Frank A. Stepheson (1967)
Stephenson Frederick Arnburgh Frederick Arnburgh Stephenson (1895)
Stephenson Harold Everette Harold E. Stephenson (1988)
Stephenson John E., Sr. John E. Stephenson, Sr. (1975)
Stephenson John Elsworth John Elsworth Stephenson (1987)
Stephenson Lora (Ridout) Lora Ridout Stephenson (1991)
Stephenson Marie M. (Wilson) Marie M. (Wilson) Stephenson (1928)
Stephenson Mary Rose (Villier) Mary Rose Stephenson (1948)
Stephenson Milton E. Milton E. Stephenson (1934)
Stephenson Robert T. Robert T. Stephenson (1995)
Stephenson Roxanne Louise (Watkins) Roxanne Watkins Stephenson (2002)
Stephenson Sophia (Battice) Sophia (Battice) Stephenson (1923)
Stephenson William David William David Stephenson (2000)
Stephenson William Robert William Robert Stephenson (1932)
Stephenson William Robert, Jr. William Robert Stephenson, Jr. (1983)
Sterman Emma Dean (Faught) Emma Dean (Faught) Sterman (1958)
Sterman Wilbur F. (Dr.) Dr. Wilbur F. Sterman (1925)
Stessman Blanche (Davis) Blanche (Davis) Stessman (1997)
Stessman Robert H. Robert H. Stessman (1998)

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