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Little Adelbert D. Adelbert D. Little (1968)
Little Alberta Rae (Fosher) Alberta Rae (Fosher) Little (2008)
Little Bessie Laurel (Hardisty) Young Bessie Hardisty Young Little (2007)
Little Burton D., MD Burton D. Little, MD (1931)
Little Charles V. Charles V. Little (1991)
Little Clarence V. Clarence V. Little (1939)
Little Donald Donald Little (1939)
Little Donald W. Donald W. Little (2008)
Little Edith P. Edith P. Little (1895)
Little Geneva (Addy) Geneva Addy Little (1994)
Little Grover Guy Grover Guy Little (2002)
Little Harold Junior Harold Junior Little (1994)
Little Hazel M. (Cox) Hazel M. (Cox) Little (1996)
Little Hiram Hiram Little (1917)
Little Hiram A. Hiram A. Little (1906)
Little Hiram Charles Hiram Charles Little (1970)
Little Ida Esther (Harrison) Ida Esther Harrison Little (1931)
Little John Arthur John Arthur Little (1973)
Little John Hartwell John Hartwell Little (1913)
Little Laurel B. Laurel B. Little (1962)
Little Margaret "Maggie" (Bigwood) Margaret "Maggie" (Bigwood) Little (1931)
Little Mary J. (Allen) Mary J. (Allen) Little (1923)
Little Mary Jane (Strong) Mary Jane (Strong) Little (2015)
Little Nina Elizabeth (Forbes) Nina Elizabeth Little (1974)
Little Phoebe Esther (Sweet) Phoebe Esther (Sweet) Little (1927)
Little Ronda S. (Kay) Ronda S. (Kay) Little (2015)
Little Russell Guy Russell Guy Little (1976)
Little Russell Junior Russell Junior Little (2003)
Little Sarah Frances (Allen) Sarah Frances Little (1944)
Little Thomas W. Thomas W. Little (1945)
Little Thomas Whitley, Jr. Thomas Whitley Little Jr. (1915)
Little Virgil A. Virgil A. Little (1976)
Littleton Grace (Hartman) Robinson Grace (Hartman) Robinson Littleton (1970)
Litton Burton C. Burton C. Litton (1918)
Litton Chester Chester Litton (1904)
Litton Clara Fay Clara Fay Litton (1919)
Litton Clarence Clarence Litton (1944) 
Litton Douglas Arnold Douglas Arnold Litton (1905)
Litton Eric J. Eric J. Litton (1919)
Litton Everett Everett Litton (1952)
Litton Harlan Harlan Litton (1941)
Litton Harlan - infant of Infant of Harlan Litton (1900)
Litton James Arthur James Arthur Litton (1951)
Litton John W. John W. Litton (1901)
Litton Louisa (Fleming) Kensler Guye Louisa (Fleming) Kensler Guye Litton (1907)
Litton Martha J. Martha J. Litton (1930)
Litton Martha Jane (Duff) Martha Jane Litton (1932)
Litton Minnie Minnie Litton (1898)
Litton Myrtle (Rollstin) Myrtle (Rollstin) Litton (1911)
Litton Nelson Nelson Litton (1910)
Litton Robert Robert Litton (1915)
Litton Wallace Wallace Litton (1890)
Livezy Zulu (McBride) Zulu (McBride) Livezy (1877)
Livingston Augusta E. (Lucas) Augusta Lucas Livingston (1991)
Livingston Blanche May (Ham) Blanche Ham Livingston (1995)
Livingston Calvin Boyd Calvin Boyd Livingston (1957)
Livingston Chester Hardin Chester Hardin Livingston (1921)
Livingston Clarence Clarence Livingston (1973)
Livingston George W. George W. Livingston (1983)
Livingston Goldie Leota (Holloway) Goldie Leota Livingston (2005)
Livingston Hugh F. Hugh F. Livingston (2013)
Livingston Jack B. Jack B. Livingston (2007)
Livingston Jennie Linn (Ball) Jennie Linn (Ball) Livingston (1936)
Livingston Malcom Malcom Livingston (1993)
Livingston Margaret Lucille Margaret Lucille Livingston (1912)
Livingston Mary Jean Mary Jean Livingston (1950)
Livingston Truman O. Truman O. Livingston (1975)
Livingston William C. William C. Livingston (1929)
Llewellyn Audrey Jeanette (Stringer) Audrey Jeanette Llewellyn (2006)
Lloyd Edgar M. Edgar M. Lloyd (1895)
Lloyd Parker James Parker James Lloyd (2012)
Lochrie Kathryne (Peters) Kathryne (Peters) Lochrie (1961)
Lochrie Stanley Stanley Lochrie (1956)
Lockart Dale Dale Lockart (1996)
Locke Emily Alice (Fosher) Emily Alice Locke (1947)
Locke Harry Bruce Harry Bruce Locke (1976)
Locke Hazel (Cooper) Hazel Cooper Locke (1996)
Locke Opal M. (Jordan) Opal Jordan Locke (1979)
Locke S. S. Locke (1875)
Locke Robert Robert Locke (1906)
Locke Vern Vern Locke (1961)
Lockridge Peggy Sue (Barnes) Peggy Sue (Barnes) Lockridge (2017)
Lodge Bethelin (Scrivner) Bethelin (Scrivner) Lodge (1905)
Lodge Doris Mary Doris Mary Lodge (1947)
Lodge Mary (Hill) Mary (Hill) Lodge (1878)
Lodge Nell (Cody) William and Nell (Cody) Lodge (1955)
Lodge William William Lodge (1927)
Lodge William William and Nell (Cody) Lodge (1955)
Loehr Anna Anna Loehr (1992)
Loehr Clarence E. Clarence E. Loehr (1908)
Loehr Daniel M. Daniel M. Loehr (1951)
Loehr David Warrum David Warrum Loehr (1984)
Loehr Etta C. (Reed) Etta C. Loehr (1957)
Loehr Grace Margaret (Davidson) Grace Davidson Loehr (1964)
Loehr Hope Anna (Rippey) Hope Anna (Rippey) Loehr (1912)
Loehr Katharine Katharine Loehr (1999)
Loehr Mary Louisa (Trautwein) Mary Louisa (Trautwein) Loehr (1951)
Loehr Noble Warrum Noble Warrum Loehr (1926)
Loehr Willard Willard Loehr (1933)
Loest Richard C. "Dick" Richard C. "Dick" Loest (2008)
Loftus Bridget Bridget Loftus (1906)
Loftus Dolores Jane (DuPuy) Dolores Jane (DuPuy) Loftus (2015)
Loftus Katherine 'Kate' (Hanrahan) Katherine 'Kate' Hanrahan Loftus (1938)
Loftus Marri Barbara (Dykes) Marri Barbara (Dykes) Loftus (2001)
Loftus Michael Michael Loftus (1890)
Loftus Michael Michael Loftus (1948)
Logan Alice L. Alice L. Logan (1928)
Logan Cleo Cleo Logan (1998)
Logan Donahue Donahue Logan (1958)
Logan Ernest Edward Ernest Edward Logan (1971)
Logan Martin S. Martin S. Logan (1951)
Logan Robert Amos Robert Amos Logan (1929)
Logsdon Addie Lenora (Grandfield) Addie Lenora (Grandfield) Logsdon (1934)
Logsdon Christopher C. Christopher C. Logsdon (1924)
Logsdon Martha M. (Dawson) Martha M. (Dawson) Logsdon (1900)
Logsdon Thomas Thomas Logsdon (1889)
Lohner Darlene Mae Darlene Mae Lohner (2007)
Lohr Earl Francis Earl Francis Lohr (2013)
Long D. R. Handy D. R. Handy Long (1992)
Long Daniel Daniel Long (1906)
Long Darrell L. Darrell L. Long (2002)
Long Della (Buel) Della (Buel) Long (1946)
Long Gladys Trivey Gladys Trivey Long (1978)
Long Ina A. (Bloom) Ina Bloom Long (1978)
Long Jacob Jacob Long (1940)
Long Jerry G. Jerry G. Long (2010)
Long John John Long (1890)
Long Maggie Maggie Long (1890)
Long Matilda (Johnson) Matilda (Johnson) Long (1905)
Long Rachel Adda (Rinard) Rachel Adda (Rinard) Long (1900)
Long Roger L., Sr. Roger L. Long, Sr. (2012)
Long Ruth Ruby (Hazen) Ruth Ruby (Hazen) Long (2016)
Long Samuel Samuel Long (1899)
Long Tina Eileen (Auten) Tina Eileen (Auten) Long (2016)

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