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Libby Albert R. Albert R. Libby (1955)
Libby Angela (Preston) Angela Preston Libby (1969)
Libby Bessie Pearl (Kleatsch) Bessie Pearl Libby (1970)
Libby Carol Lee Carol Lee Libby (1955)
Libby Charles W. Charles W. Libby (1952)
Libby Cleo Marie (Gilbert) Cleo Marie (Gilbert) Libby (1976)
Libby Dale Frank Dale Frank Libby (2009)
Libby Effie Jane (Bigwood) Effie Jane (Bigwood) Libby (1962)
Libby Ella Mae (Murphy) Ella Mae Libby (1932)
Libby Elmer E. Elmer E. Libby (1983)
Libby Elmer Walter Elmer Walter Libby (1992)
Libby Elosia Mae (Jacobe) Elosia Mae (Jacobe) Libby (2014)
Libby Ernest "Ernie" Leroy Ernest "Ernie" Leroy Libby (2013)
Libby Francis W. Francis W. Libby (1995)
Libby Frank Byron Frank Byron Libby (1964)
Libby Frank R. Frank R. Libby (1955)
Libby Fred G. Fred G. Libby (1950)
Libby Harold C. Harold C. Libby (2002)
Libby Jeremiah R. Jeremiah R. Libby (1904)
Libby Mamie (Brown) Mamie Brown Libby (1988)
LIbby Margaret Jean (Hulin) Margaret Hulin LIbby (2004)
Libby Margaret Neva (Oglesbee) Margaret Neva (Oglesbee) Libby (2017)
Libby Mary Elizabeth (Stafford) Mary Elizabeth (Stafford) Libby (1942)
Libby Merle Merle Libby (1993)
Libby Sarah Bertha Sarah Bertha Libby (1914)
Libby Susan Rachel (Moulding) Susan Rachel (Moulding) Libby (1934)
Libby William Harry William Harry Libby (1940)
Libby William T. William T. Libby (1939)
Libby Zelma (Harrell) Zelma (Harrell) Libby (2014)
Lienemann Alfred Alfred Lienemann (1981)
Lienemann Brachter B. Brachter B. Lienemann (1932)
Lienemann Brachter Peter Brachter Peter Lienemann (1900)
Lienemann Clara Marie Dorthea (Storck) Clara Marie Dorthea (Storck) Lienemann (1920)
Lienemann Clarence Edward Clarence Edward Lienemann (1967)
Lienemann Donald Clarence Donald Clarence Lienemann (2003)
Lienemann Elmer Earl Elmer Earl Lienemann (1997)
Lienemann Elmer Gerhard Elmer Gerhard Lienemann (1920)
Lienemann Emma (Scheele) Emma Scheele Lienemann (1995)
Lienemann Emma Augusta (Kading) Emma Augusta (Kading) Lienemann (1966)
Lienemann Esther Clara Esther Clara Lienemann (1920)
Lienemann John Paul John Paul Lienemann (1990)
Lienemann Katherine (Boos) Katherine (Boos) Lienemann (1958)
Lienemann Lloyd Edwin Lloyd Edwin Lienemann (2007)
Lienemann Marie (Rose) Marie Rose Lienemann (1989)
Lienemann Pete Pete Lienemann (1991)
Lienemann Peter, Jr. Peter Lienemann Jr. (1996)
Lienemann Peter B. Peter B . Lienemann (1920)
Lienemann Virgil B. Virgil B. Lienemann (1953)
Lienemann Walter Clifford Walter Clifford Lienemann (1973)
Lienemann Walter Clifford Walter Clifford Lienemann (2010)
Lienemann William Brachter William Brachter Lienemann (1932)
Lies Carol Joan (Smith) Carol Joan (Smith) Lies (2016)
Light Clifford E. Clifford E. Light (1944)
Light George William George William Light (1944)
Lightner Donald Hugh Donald Hugh Lightner (2003)
Lightner Goldie Viola (Algoe) Goldie Viola Lightner (2006)
Lightner Hugh E. Hugh E. Lightner (1968)
Likens Francis Alexander Francis Alexander Likens (1907)
Likens Jessie Jessie Likens (1898)
Likens John W. John W. Likens (1928)
Likens Leonard E. Leonard E. Likens (1886)
Likens Levi Levi Likens (1902)
Likens Rebecca (McGaughey) Rebecca (McGaughey) Likens (1896)
Likens Susan (Bossler) Susannah (Bossler) Likens (1919)
Likes Collins B. Collins B. Likes (1904)
Likes Elbridge Tidrick, Dr. Elbridge Tidrick Likes (Dr.) (1942)
Likins William H. William H. Likins (1917)
Lilie Carl F., Rev. Carl F. Lilie (Rev.) (1958)
Lilie Clara Clara Lilie (1994)
Lillie Marguerite LaBelle (Kalbach) Marguerite LaBelle (Kalbach) Lillie (2015)
Lilie Marie Doretha (Fricke) Marie Doretha (Fricke) Lilie (1974)
Lilie Marvin Paul Marvin Paul Lilie (1940)
Lilie Paula Frieda M. Paula Frieda M. Lilie (1949)
Lillard Donal R. Donal R. Lillard (1983)
Lillard Eva 'Gem' (Woodward) Eva "Gem" Lillard (2001)
Lillard Frank H. Frank H. Lillard (1961)
Lilley Arie (Simmons) Arie Simmons Lilley (1960)
Lilley Eliza Edna (DeWitt) Eliza Edna (DeWitt) Lilley (1916)
Lilley James Harvey James Harvey Lilley (1913)
Lilley John Ellis John Ellis Lilley (1940)
Lilley Peter Ratscheler, Dr. Peter Ratscheler Lilley, Dr. (1905)
Lilley William Lincoln William Lincoln Lilley (1912)
Lillibridge Belle (Mains) Belle (Mains) Lillibridge (1952)
Lillibridge Franklin Wayne Franklin Wayne Lillibridge (1930)
Lillibridge Harriett Rachel Harriett Lillibridge (1943)
Lillibridge William A. William A. Lillibridge (1957)
Lillie Dean E. Dean E. Lillie, Winterset (1996)
Lillie Eugene Gene Eugene "Gene" Lillie (1993)
Lillie Helen (Endres) Helen Lillie (2004)
Lillie Pamela (Peterson) Pamela Peterson Lillie (1982)
Lillis Patrick H. Patrick H. Lillis (1897)
Lincoln Barbara Ann Barbara Ann Lincoln (1966)
Lincoln Robert E. Robert E. Lincoln (1973)
Lincoln Virginia C. (Thomas) Virginia Thomas Lincoln (2005)
Lindberg Alvar Swede Alvar "Swede" Lindberg (1993)
Lindberg Goldie (Bogue) Goldie Bogue Lindberg (1997)
Lindberg Gwendolyn "Tillie" (LaBron) Gwendolyn "Tillie" LaBron Lindberg (2007)
Linden Melvin L. Vander Melvin L. Vander Linden (2016)
Lindgren Gary A. Gary A. Lindgren (1961)
Lindquist Charles August Charles August Lindquist (1901)
Lindquist Charles J. Charles J. Lindquist (1908)
Lindsay Shirley Lee (Shutt) Shirley Lee (Shutt) Lindsay (1990)
Lindsey Ilene L (Schaff) Ilene L (Schaff) Lindsey (2009)
Lindsey Susan A. (Rankin) Susan A. (Rankin) Lindsey (1913)
Lindsey Susan Marie (Mauk) Susan Marie (Mauk) Lindsey (1987)
Lindsey William William Lindsey (1907)
Lindsley Marie Marie Lindsley (1983)
Lindsley William S. William S. Lindsley (1943)
Liner Susie (Wight) Susie (Wight) Liner (1960)
Lineweaver Carrie (Wilhemina) (Beck) Carrie Wilhelmina (Beck) Lineweaver (1953)
Lineweaver Dale Eldon Dale Eldon Lineweaver (2002)
Lineweaver Ellis E. Ellis E. Lineweaver (1968)
Lineweaver Lenore Alexander Lenore Alexander Lineweaver (1999)
Lineweaver Louris W. Louris W. Lineweaver (1997)
Linge Bessie A. (Rhodes) Bessie A. (Rhodes) Linge (1973)
Linge Thorvald N. Thorvald N. Linge (1985)
Lininger Kenneth Blunck Kenneth Blunck Lininger (2004)
Link Alta Charlene ( Stanley) Alta Charlene (Stanley) Link (1975)
Link Eleanor (Johnson) Eleanor (Johnson) Link (1901)
Link John John Link (1930)
Link John McGee John McGee Link (1934)
Linkletter I. E., Rev. I. E. Linkletter (Rev.) (1950)
Linn Alma Grace Alma Grace Lynn (1911)
Linn Capitola Belle (Wight) Capitola Belle (Wight) Linn (1908)
Linn Duane M. Duane M. Linn (2015)
Linn Earl Glenn Earl Glenn Linn (1943)
Linn Earl Glenn "Buzz" Earl Glenn "Buzz" Linn (2015)
Linn Joyce Bernice (Lenocker) Joyce Bernice (Lenocker) Linn (1927)
Linn Juanita (McLarnand) Juanita (McLarnand) Linn (2008)
Linn Myrtle M. (Libby) Myrtle M. (Libby) Linn (1967)
Linnane James James Linnane (1962)
Linnane John John Linnane (1950)
Linnane John - son of Son of John Linnane (1895)
Linnane Margaret (McLaughlin) Margaret (McLaughlin) Linnane (1950)
Linnane Mary Mary Linnane (1896)
Linnane Mary Mary Linnane (1949)
Linnane Thomas Thomas Linnane (1907)
Linquist John John Linquist (1876)
Linsley Arthur G. Arthur G. Linsley (2012)
Linsley Fern Marie (Brenton) Fern Marie (Brenton) Linsley (1980)
Linsley John Harrison "Harry" John Harrison "Harry" Linsley (1990)
Linsley Twyla Ruth (Smith) Twyla Smith Linsley (1986)
Lint Edna (Reimann) Edna (Reimann) Lint (1947)
Linton Susan (Falke) Susan (Falke) Linton (1894)
Linville Robert E. Robert E. Linville (1959)
Lippincott Albert Albert Lippincott (1877)
Lippincott Edward G. "Eddie" Edward G. "Eddie" Lippincott (1911)
Lippincott Elizabeth Dyer (Hoover) Elizabeth Dyer (Hoover) Lippincott (1918)
Lippincott Josiah Wilkins Josiah Wilkins Lippincott (1903)t
Lippincott Polly (Bilderback) Polly Bilderback Lippincott (1909)
Lippincott William William Lippincott (1934)
Lippy Emma Virginia (Esterline) Emma Esterline Lippy (1932)
Lippy Peter Milton Peter Milton Lippy (1933)
Lisher Rosa J. (Acheson) Rosa J. (Acheson) Lisher (1895)
Lister Michael Lee Michael Lee Lister (2012)
Litchfield Commodore Fillmore Commodore Fillmore Litchfield (1994)

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