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Kenny John John Kenny (1965)
Kenoyer Emma A. Emma A. Kenoyer (1984)
Kenoyer Harvey Franklin Harvey Franklin Kenoyer (1979)
Kenoyer John L. John L. Kenoyer (2014)
Kenoyer Terry Lynn Terry Lynn Kenoyer (2013)
Kenoyer Wanda Mae Wanda Mae Kenoyer (1955)
Kensler Henry Henry Kensler (1898)
Kent Absalom Jackson Absalom Jackson Kent (1892)
Kent Elzara "Billye" (Kauble) Elzara "Billye" (Kauble) Kent (2007)
Kent Frederick H. Frederick H. Kent (1918)
Kent Frederick Henry (Fred) Frederick Henry (Fred) Kent (1978)
Kent Harold David H. David Kent (1976)
Kent Harold W. Harold W. Kent (1976)
Kent Harry D. Harry D. Kent (1958)
Kent Marion L. (Fastnacht) Marion Fastnacht Kent (1988)
Kent Mary Olive (Roderick) Mary Roderick Kent (1959)
Kent Olive Augusta Olive Augusta Kent (1911)
Kent Sophronia Augusta (Smith) Sophronia Augusta (Smith) Kent (1919)
Kent William Roderick William Roderick Kent (1983)
Kenworthy Allen Allen Kenworthy (1932)
Kenworthy Alverda Janette (Wroe) Alverda Janette (Wroe) Kenworthy (1961)
Kenworthy Avis Marie (Compton) Avis Marie (Compton) Kenworthy (2011)
Kenworthy Bruce R. Bruce R. Kenworthy (1976)
Kenworthy Chester Arthur Chester Arthur Kenworthy (1920)
Kenworthy Eli William "Will" Eli William "Will" Kenworthy (1923)
Kenworthy Eliza, Rev. Rev. Eliza Kenworthy (1904)
Kenworthy Harris W. Harris W. Kenworthy (1990)
Kenworthy Huldah Jane (Cook) Huldah Jane (Cook) Kenworthy (1947)
Kenworthy Jesse W., Rev. Jesse W. Kenworthy (Rev.) (1891)
Kenworthy Matilda ( Compton ) Matilda (Compton) Kenworthy (1905)
Kenworthy Matilda "Mattie" Mary (Mckibben) Matilda "Mattie" Mary (Mckibben) Kenworthy (1918)
Kenworthy Robert Troy Robert Troy Kenworthy (1953)
Kenworthy Ruth Mae (Harris) Ruth Mae (Harris) Kenworthy
Kenworthy Sarah Vesta (Dwiggans) Sarah Vesta (Dwiggans) Kenworthy (1953)
Kenworthy Thomas C. Thomas C. Kenworthy (2013)
Kenyon David P. David P. Kenyon (1871)
Keown Agnes (Field) Agnes Field Keown (1951)
Kephart Alvin Martin Alvin Martin Kephart (1979)
Kephart Anderson Franklin Anderson Franklin Kephart (1994)
Kephart Edna Edna Kephart (2009)
Kephart Evelyn Glee (Hulbert) Evelyn Glee Kephart (1998)
Kephart Harold LeRoy Harold LeRoy Kephart (2016)
Kephart Irene Elizabeth (Mabbitt) Irene Mabbitt Kephart (2002)
Kephart James Allen James Allen Kephart (1993)
Kephart Joe Joe Kephart (2012)
Kephart Marvie Ellen (Smith) Marvie Ellen Smith Kephart (1948)
Kephart Mary Elma (Hulbert) Mary Elma Kephart (1997)
Kephart Susanna A. (Daniel) Susanna A. (Daniel) Kephart (2002)
Kephart Talitha Talitha Kephart (1871)
Kephart Thomas Thomas Kephart (1911)
Kephart Thomas Thomas Kephart (1942)
Kephart Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Kephart (1995)
Kephart Wayne "Red" Franklin Wayne "Red" Franklin Kephart (2008)
Kephart William William Kephart (1924)
Kepley Meredith Donnelle (Link) Meredith Donnelle (Link) Kepley (2016)
Kern Byron Byron Kern (1944)
Kern Mary Elizabeth (Huglin) Mary Elizabeth (Huglin) Kern (1927)
Kerns Albert I. Albert I. Kerns (1929)
Kerns Catherine (Longnaker) Catherine Kerns (1944) 
Kerns Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann Kerns (2017)
Kerns Fern O. (Bond) Fern Bond Kerns (2000)
Kerns Gerald W. Gerald W. Kerns (2000)
Kerns Isaac Isaac Kerns (1889)
Kerns Madelyn Mildred (Wenck) Madelyn Mildred (Wenck) Kerns (2017)
Kerns Maurice James Maurice James Kerns (1996)
Kerns Merl LeRoy Merl LeRoy Kerns (2003)
Kerns Orin R. Orin R. Kerns (1959)
Kerns Permelia (Smith) James Permelia (Smith) James Kerns (1910)
Kerns Rebecca (Furrow) Rebecca (Furrow) Kerns (1887)
Kerns Russell Lynn Russell Lynn Kerns (1999)
Kerns Sylvia (Cornelison) Sylvia (Cornelison) Kerns (1898)
Kerns Verlin Leroy Verlin Leroy Kerns (1968)
Kerns Walter A. Walter A. Kerns (1980)
Kerr Brice Deane Brice Deane Kerr (1974)
Kerr Cordis Maybelle (Hall) Cordis Hall Kerr (1969)
Kerr Cornelia (Hutchinson) Cornelia (Hutchinson) Kerr (1888)
Kerr Deane Fulton Deane Kerr (1979)
Kerr Diane L. (Osborn) Diane L. (Osborn) Kerr (2009)
Kerr Helen N. (Flinn) Helen N. (Flinn) Kerr (2009)
Kerr Ilo Edith (Fulton) Ilo Fulton Kerr (1961)
Kerr James Johnson James Johnson Kerr (1910)
Kerr John J. John J. Kerr (1880)
Kerr Kenneth Kenneth Kerr (1958)
Kerr Leroy J., Sr. Leroy J. Kerr, Sr. (1962)
Kerr Lillian Margaret (Langlo) Lillian Margaret (Langlo) Kerr (2013)
Kerr Margaret (Brown) Margaret (Brown) Kerr (1939)
Kerr Randy Deane Randy Deane Kerr (2012)
Kerr William William Kerr (1934)
Kersey Ethel (Cole) Ethel (Cole) Kersey (1955)
Kesner Lucy Belle (Strong) Maulsby Lucy Belle (Strong) Maulsby Kesner (1981)
Kessler Laura Ethel (Sayre) Laura Ethel (Sayre) Kessler (1972)
Kessler Leo R. Leo R. Kessler (1991)
Kessler Waldo Reed, Rev. Rev. Waldo Reed Kessler (1948)
Kester Florence Florence Kester (1999)
Kesting Mabel (Tyer) Mabel Tyer Kesting (1973)
Ketman Isaac J. Isaac J. Ketman (1957)
Keul Jeff Jeff Keul (1994)
Key Norma L. (Mapes) Norma Mapes Key (1993)
Key Vern Leroy Vern Leroy Key (2006)
Keyes Ruth Elizabeth (Allen) Ruth Elizabeth (Allen) Keyes (1926)

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